Civil Rights, Integration and The Peace Mission Movement. The Journey from 1867 to 2003


'Nevertheless We, According to His Promise, Look for New Heavens and a New Earth, Wherein Dwelleth Righteousness." --- 2nd Peter, 3:13



The Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord






Because of the unparalleled work of FATHER DIVINE in establishing complete unity between the so-called races of man without aggression, compulsion or violence, but by adherence and obedience to the Principles of Truth as demonstrated in HIS Life and Teaching, we have asked for and received permission to reprint some of HIS Proposals, Pronouncements and Excerpts of HIS Messages.

Throughout this section you will notice that as FATHER DIVINE called for positive action in creating real brotherhood and unity among men and nations soon thereafter the action, generally, took place. To get the most from the following it should be gone through sequentially knowing that the Hand of GOD may sometimes seem slow but it is always sure.



The first photograph of

The first photograph of FATHER DIVINE.

  1. Dates Pertinent to the Life, Work and Mission of FATHER DIVINE starting with 1867. Highlighting important events in the Era FATHER DIVINE. Because of the abundance of misinformation that is prevalent in many writings about FATHER DIVINE these dates that we present here should correct some of these errors.
  2. This Article from the Encyclopedia of American Religions Presents an Accurate, Though Brief, Picture of the Peace Mission Movement.
  3. A New Era. The Dawning of this New Consciousness 'The dispensation in which we are now living is a dispensation of a New Era."
  4. The Pioneer of Civil Rights. Coming through with Love untouched when the flame of race hatred was raging, HE proved the reality of the Gospel of CHRIST.
  5. Segregated Terms Have Been Used Through The Ages, But Men Have Not Realized The Detrimental Effect They Had on The People - FATHER DIVINE
  6. MOTHER DIVINE Writes Robert Weisbrot, Author of the Book "FATHER DIVINE the Struggle for Racial Equality"
  7. FATHER DIVINE Went Through Thirty Two Lynch Mobs to Bring about this Brotherhood - MOTHER DIVINE
  8. Excerpt - From The Word of GOD Revealed - FATHER DIVINE'S Experience With Racialism in Sayville, Long. Island, N. Y.
  9. We Shall Have Civil Rights From Shore to Shore and from Land to Land. - Declares FATHER DIVINE
  10. "I Shall Unify The Nations. "Out of One Blood God Created All Nations to Dwell upon the Face of the Whole Earth." - FATHER DIVINE
  11. The Persecution of the Jews and The Promised Land.
  12. "It is Essential that This Nation Have a New Birth of Freedom." - FATHER DIVINE
  13. This is the Script of a Recording made during the Study of The Declaration of Independence The Bible of the Rights of Man.
  14. Civil Rights Observations, 1964. The Sermon on the Mount, The Lord's Prayer, Buddha's Eight Fold Path, Moses' Ten Commandments and countless other instructions have been Given. Without the Spirit of World Brotherhood There Can Be No Safety for Anyone Anywhere.
  15. Father Divine's Victorious Work in Civil Rights by - J. Austin Norris, Attorney, Member, Board of Tax Revision, Philadelphia.
  16. Facts and figures about Father Divine's Work in Civil Rights That Have Been Encountered While on this Journey to the Celestial City, to Heaven on Earth. Speech, in part, by Mr. Philip Life, Given at the FATHER'S DAY Celebration in The Holy Communion Banquet Hall of The Divine Trace Hotel, 20 South 36th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania September 10th, 2002
    "I Am not a race, creed nor color: but as a Supernatural power, as Infinite Spirit, as Universal Mind Substance I came - I Am redeeming the children of men." FATHER DIVINE
  1. Integration, 1952. FATHER DIVINE'S Spirit Moving in the Land.
  2. It Would Be Wonderful If That Day (Martin Luther King Day) Was Really Made Sacred by Demonstrating, Finding a Way to Demonstrate, What His Dream Was." - MOTHER DIVINE

Testimony of Mr. Roger Klaus, - the Speech of MOTHER DIVINE - and speech of Professor Leonard Primiano, Cabrini College, given Sunday, January 19th, 2003 in Recognition of Martin Luther King Day. Plus the Story of Joseph Isaac King.

  1. "FATHER DIVINE Should Run for President" - So Reported The Savannah Journal.
  2. An Aroused World Conscience. Examine Your Conscience. - President John F. Kennedy's charge to the nation.
  3. Father Divine's Words Fulfilled "Racism Shall Be Wiped Out"
  4. The Supreme Court Decision. and Father Divine's Statement. About the Decision.
  5. The Righteous Government Platform. These are excerpts relative to Equality. You can get the entire Platform.
  6. Excerpts That Pertain to Civil Rights.
  7. "A New Birth of Freedom Under God" Listen, with us, to the voices of the new world, the sounds of an awakened world conscience, the voice of God speaking through men. "We Have Taught Division Long Enough and We Will Not Tolerate it. " - FATHER DIVINE
  8. "We Know No Races, Creeds Nor Colors." 'Unless Men Bring Themselves into Subjection to the Law of God, They Are Not Fit Subjects to Govern Themselves." - MOTHER DIVINE
  9. The Bill of Rights
  10. The Civil Rights Bill
  11. Long Strides in Civil Rights."It Is the Judicial That Has Shown the Greatest Awareness That the Time Is Now in Civil Rights."
  12. "Branch Rickey, said at the time they were attempting to do this (integrate baseball), if FATHER DIVINE could do it he could do it."
  13. FATHER DIVINE in His own inimitable way broke down the total segregation that pervaded the Hotel Industry in the United States.
  14. Excerpt of Father Divine's Message on Filibustering."I propose that all constituents of the divers; representatives in Congress propose a bill to outlaw filibustering in violation to the majority vote."
  15. "All Members Lynch Mob are Guilty." 'What we want is something to curb the spirit of violence in the way of lynching and rioting . . ." - FATHER DIVINE, March 4th, 1940.
  16. "I Shall Have One Nation Universally." - FATHER DIVINE
  17. "I Have Been Introduced in Government in the Name of Civil Rights." - Father Divine.
  18. Prejudice Will Kill You (Reprint from New York Herald Tribune)
  19. "All Shall Have Free Access for Transportation and to Immigrate from One Country To Another." -Father Divine.
  20. President Johnson Urges New Immigration Law. Father Divine Reviews His Proposals for Peace and Brotherhood
  21. One Nation, One Language, One Flag, One Speech. Unite the three Americas.
  22. Father Divine's Letters and Some Replies To Mr. J. A. Woodson of the Treasury Dept., To Mrs. Frank Gary. And Senator Javits' Letter Against Filibustering and Supporting Civil Rights Letter to Mr. Roy Wilkins Regarding State Laws. Mr. Roy Willkins' Reply to Letter Re. Federal Intervention. Father Divine's Letter to Dr. Marcus Bach. Dr. Bach replies.
  23. The Good Seeds of Brotherhood Are Coming to Fruition."These seeds are finally springing up in the minds and hearts of thinking men." - FATHER DIVINE. Some day, somehow, everywhere mankind will live in peace and brotherhood.