Father Divine Should Run for President

Reprint: -- The Savannah Journal, Savannah. Georgia, July 7, 1940




There are those who have criticized Father Divine and condemned his movement, but despite what has been said and written, he stands today as the greatest and most powerful single force in America. There is only one other man, in the world who ranks with the little man of peace in Harlem, and that is, Hitler. The difference between the two is: Father Divine believes in right, in peace, and a form of Government in which all enjoy Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hitler believes in war, bloodshed - uses his power destructively instead of constructively.

Recently newspapers carried an item in which Father Divine wired President Roosevelt that this Government should

'purchase all of the Allies' holdings in and on the Western Hemisphere, subtracting all of their war debts from the purchase price we have to pay the Allies. This is proposed for immediate first aid defense. A letter of explanation follows.'

That was June 13th. On June 17th the newspapers of the country carried articles to the effect that the United States Government had moved to unite the 22 nations of the Western Hemisphere.

In addition to this Father Divine has called practically all of the Senators on the carpet about their attitude towards the Anti-lynching Bill.

There is not another single individual in the United States who has the following which he has, and who operates as many enterprises. Because of his recognized ability to organize, the Journal suggests that he announce himself as a candidate for the Presidency of the United States either as a Democrat or a Socialist.

There is not the slightest doubt about him giving the other candidates a bitter fight. "Peace" is going to be the issue, and the whole world knows exactly where he stands on that. Again, he has a remedy for the unemployment situation. Not one of his thousands of followers are on relief.