"HE . . Paid the Price Going on Calvary's Cross, and Then Going South
and Going Through Thirty Two Lynch Mobs to Bring about this Brotherhood
That We Are Enjoying "--- MOTHER DIVINE

The Unity Mission Church, Bible Institute

The Unity Mission Church, Bible Institute.




MOTHER DIVINE Addresses the World During The Seventh Anniversary Celebration Of The Marriage of The Lamb And The Bride Whilst at The Holy Communion Table of the Unity Mission Church, Home And Training School Bible Institute 1530 North Sixteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., Wednesday, April 29th, 1953 A.D.F.D., Time: 3:05 p.m.



"FATHER DIVINE has lifted up a standard for this people, and all nations can be redeemed and emancipated if they would but copy after the fashion that HE has shown them!

. ". . . And unless they learn of this brotherhood, this democracy, this Virtue that molds men and women and nations together, they will perish!

All mankind must come into this recognition! It is not a case of whether you want to or not! GOD is here! GOD Almighty is here! HE Who came treading the winepress all alone, and of the people there was none to help! (Unrestrained applause resounds.)

Christendom knows that these same forces, that have tried since FATHER let His Presence be known on this earth, those same forces that have tried to destroy HIM legally, politically, are the same forces that did crucify the Body of JESUS CHRIST nineteen hundred years ago! (FATHER exclaims: "It's true!") And they would do it today if GOD Almighty was not here in the Fathership Degree and had paid the price going on Calvary's Cross, and then going south and going through thirty two lynch mobs to bring about this brotherhood that we are enjoying today!

("So glad!" exclaimed FATHER.)