"I Shall Unify Them (the Nations) so Effectively by the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS until that Law will Motivate the Whole Machinery of the Human Race."

"I Came to Bring an Abolition to That Line of Demarcation and to the Word that is Discriminatory in Itself Which Tends to Low-rate Some and Exalt Others."


An Excerpt: FATHER DIVINE'S Message Given Whilst at The Holy Communion Table Circle Mission Church of Philadelphia,
764-772 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monday evening and Tuesday morning,
November 2, 1943 A.D.F.D., Time: 1:55 A.M.


At the conclusion of the exercises of the Presentation to FATHER DIVINE of the Silver Cup of Distinction, and Annual Award by the Inter Urban League, held at the O. V. Catto Elks Auditorium, FATHER invited the sponsors and the representatives of that occasion to dine at the regular Midnight Banquet. Many accepted the invitation and were present to hear Our LORD of HOSTS, FATHER DIVINE, assert or declare HIS STAND regarding the discriminatory practices here and elsewhere; and how HE will put this issue through without the aid of man!

FATHER also points out in this Message how HE will eradicate that vulgar word that the Afro-Americans are called by, from the vocabularies of men and even from the dictionaries, and establish a common understanding among all peoples, thus bringing about the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of GOD on earth, for which all have prayed.

During the Banquet services, while FATHER was delivering this glorious Message, HE presented to the public a display of a beautiful Gold Loving Cup which stands about three feet high that had been awarded to HIM some time ago, by the Nurses Unit of The Peace Mission Movement.

For the benefit of one and all, this glorious Message is transcribed for your upliftment and spiritual enlightenment.


(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the following is FATHER'S Glorious Message:)



PEACE, EVERYONE: Here we all are again! There I sit and stand, in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim, and of Purpose among you I AM, unifying the children of men just as no man can, bringing them back into the Garden of Eden from whence they were driven. Aren't you glad! That Message as given is well worth considering. Apparently I cannot but stress it over and over again in an act to bring an abolition to vulgarity and the usage of that vulgar name in our vocabularies and in our dictionaries.

The very name by which you are called, I mean a good many of us, it is not only discriminatory in itself, but it is low-rating. It low-rates the person in the consideration of the hearers and of those who are of business, profession, labor and trade.

For this cause, as it was in the beginning of the creation, they were all of one language and of one speech. I shall bring them back to the Standard of expression where we will be real citizens of a Universal Brotherhood of man and the conscious realization of the Fatherhood of GOD.

When this is done, beloved ones, you will no longer have an occasion to fear race riots, lynchings and confusion among the nations. I shall Unify them so effectively by the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS until that Law will motivate the whole machinery of the human race. Aren't you glad!

Then we shall have a Righteous Government! Races, colors and creeds will no longer be considered and you will not be low rated and disgraced in consideration because of complex ion. Aren't you glad! For this cause, every nation, language, tongue and people shall love ME! It is written:

'Out of one Blood God created all nations to dwell upon the face of the whole earth.'

That Blood is it that is in These Veins. (FATHER refers to Himself.) I AM as much of one as I AM the other, therefore, I Came to bring an abolition to that line of demarcation and the word that is discriminatory in itself, which tends to Low rate some and exalt some. Can you not see the Mystery!


FATHER Came To Give Religious Liberty

It was very explicit in MY Personal experience in that place that is commonly known as My Home Town, New York City. I say it is commonly known as that because I Came to America that I might be called an American because it had its foundation of Spirit and of Democracy as it was sought diligently by the Pilgrim Fathers. They came to this country seeking religious Liberty. They could not get it, but I came to give it! Aren't you glad!



Therefore, we shall Unite all nations with Bonds of Love, create and re-create real Americanism and bring about that for which you all have prayed:

'Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be done.'

That is to say, let a Government come forth into expression where GOD'S Dominion is enacted. In other words, let the Kingdom or the Government of Heaven come to the Earth Plane to teach the people how to live and express a real citizenry of Brotherhood and a citizenry of Fatherhood. Motherhood is included, for GOD is your FATHER MOTHER GOD. With or without a Bodily Form, GOD is your FATHER for which and to whom you prayed to let this Kingdom Come, a Government that will be controlled Universally by the CHRIST consciousness as humanity imbibes it and enthrones the CHRIST on the throne of their minds.

You read in the book of Psalms in one of David's Psalmic predictions, he declared:

'Righteousness and judgment are the habitation of His Throne.'

When and wheresoever Righteousness shall have been accurately established, CHRIST will be enthroned there.

'Wheresoever a king reigns, there is where his kingdom is.'

When He is reigning I mean CHRIST as LORD of Lords and as KING of Kings He brings all things into subjection to Him and it is a peaceful, a quiet, a loving, a successful and prosperous Reign. Aren't you glad! It is a prosperous Reign! It is a successful Reign!


Good Government Has Been Sought Through Men

You know at times, you have sought in other words, tried to get men elected to the office of the President that you thought would bring about Good Government, one whom you thought would be the most perfect in your consideration; but this of which I AM now speaking is the Reign of CHRIST on the Earth among the children of men; ONE Whom you love so well, shall reign as LORD of Lords and as KING of Kings enthroned on the throne of the minds of the children of men. I mean Universally and each and every individual will eventually have all of their powers brought into subjection to HIM and CHRIST will Rule and Reign over them. Then it will be the same as it is here everywhere.

Why is it, it is so beautiful here where I AM? It is because CHRIST REIGNS! You prayed to let the Kingdom Come and the Will be done, speaking absolutely unselfishly and impersonally. He first told you,

'Righteousness will exalt the nation,'

but he said,
'Sin is a reproach to any people.'

Hence, He said on another occasion:

'Righteousness and judgment are the habitation of His Throne.'

The teaching of all religion and all Righteousness has been trying, it has been an issue to try, to establish Righteous Judgment in the hearts and minds of the children of men so CHRIST could come in them and on the throne of their minds and rule over them and their business, profession, labor and trade as He does here.

When this is done, with or without a politician, as I continue to say, we shall have a Righteous Government. I know they don't want it, but we shall have it! Truly might have Isaiah declared;

'Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given and the Government shall be upon His Shoulder
He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace.'

The Government is upon His Shoulder and He will not be discouraged until He shall have brought all Government Universally into subjection to Him where CHRIST on the throne of the minds of the children of men shall Reign as LORD of Lords and as KING of Kings. That is a beautiful Reign of CHRIST depicted, is it not? CHRIST on the throne of each and every individual, ruling and super-ruling supremely, for He shall be exalted above all of the kings on the throne of your minds and all others thereon shall be dethroned.


Pass The Anti-lynching Bill Without Politicians

We shall have it just as I have it here all over this wide extended plane, and I AM not begging them to do anything else again! Aren't you glad! I beseeched them, the politicians I mean, in Washington and others, to pass the Anti-lynching Bill and bring an abolition to segregation and discrimination legally, but they would not do it! So I AM going to do it Myself! The politicians would not do it! I shall do it with or without a politician! If they wish to come along with ME, it is all right! Jesus the CHRIST, as the First-born among many brethren, Came not by the will of man, nor by the will of the blood, neither came He by the will of the flesh, but by the Will of GOD! He could not be born by the will of man!

This Truth could not be born by the will of man! It must break that mortal shell of mortal limitation and come out of its barriers and its limited legalistic concepts and revel in the glorious liberty of the sons of GOD. This is the Purpose for which I Came to you all! Aren't you glad! It is a glorious Life to live when you live in the Actual Presence of GOD and you are conscious of it.

I need not say more, for I do not wish to bore you, but I sincerely, conscientiously and most devotingly wish to show you how marvelous it is to live in such an atmosphere continually. All things automatically come forth into expression by the recognition and the realization of GOD'S Actual Presence and especially when you willingly obey Him and bring your bodies into subjection


Presentation Of Silver Cup

To those of MY members, followers and friends here who happened not be with us in the early part of the evening, I wish to say: I had the honor and pleasure of having the presentation of a Silver Cup given by the Inter Urban League, endorsed and verified by the Chamber of Commerce. This, I highly appreciate, as I said over there. Not because I AM seeking honor, yet I have been honored. Not because I AM seeking something for nothing, yet the appreciation and the consideration is really more than something money can buy. Aren't you glad! Therefore, I wish to again thank those who are concerned and desire to show MY appreciation by bringing about that for which you all have prayed. Aren't you glad!

I mean to bring about such existing conditions in and under MY Jurisdiction, in other communities and bring about success and prosperity and the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose and we shall eventually express a real citizenry. If we express a citizenry of America and Americanism, it will just be a citizenry of Americanism and Americans, and it will not be a race, or creed or color. Aren't you glad! Ignorance has robbed you long enough!

Last night in Newark, New Jersey, it was MY Pleasure to have the Honor once again to dedicate and consecrate a model Church and Home. It was the first opening of this Church that had been renovated there, and of course, I hope in this week's issue of The NEW DAY you may hear what I had to say. I will not reiterate just now all MY inspirational declaration and yet, a positive declaration such as I AM presently making, but you will hear of it and get it more distinctly, no doubt, verbatim in this week's issue of The NEW DAY.

A little while ago I asked MY stenographers, did they have it transcribed and was it ready for proof reading? But they said not, because we were up practically all night last night. After returning here in the early morning we served a Banquet after we had had a little converse with the different ones; had some correspondence to get out and yet, we served a Banquet among ourselves before we returned to our places of abode of relaxation whichever.


All People Shall Love One Another

So it is a privilege to live in the very atmosphere such as this that dispels discord, creates within you harmony where there was negation, and Peace and Pleasure and Life and Love, one for the other, regardless to your complexion or so-called color. I shall have all people, yea, all peoples to "love ye one another".

I would not try to make laws and enforce laws legally that would carry out the plan and purpose of our Constitution, but I shall impregnate the hearts and lives and the minds of the children of men until they will do those things I mean make laws and enact laws and carry out laws by enforcing laws according to the Constitution and its Amendments and according to the Declaration of Independence.

When this is done, you shall have the Law of the spirit of Life in you that was in CHRIST JESUS. It shall free you completely, for Paul declared it freed him. It is just as operative and expressive for all others as it was for Paul, the Apostle. Aren't you glad!

'It is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in CHRIST Jesus who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit, for the Law of the Spirit of Life in CHRIST Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.'

By this Law, I mean to free all nations, languages, tongues and people, for I will impregnate them with the Spirit and the Meaning of it. I thank You.





March 14, 1950 A. D. F. D.

By Intuition And by Scientific Geographic Inspiration I Am Moving in All Nations and I Am Bringing All People Together. I Have Broken That Line of Demarcation, but it Is Only Being Shown Gradually in the Present Different Demonstrations.

REV. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D. D.

(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)





That the whole humanrace is essentially one,

'of one blood GOD formed all nations,'

has been attested both by Scripture and by science. The Righteous Government of FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission stands for and actually produces such an organization of society. It is founded upon the recognition of the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of GOD. Its watchword is Peace, and it actually established Peace among the Nations by eradicating prejudice, segregation and division among the people and promoting the welfare of every living creature.
(This excerpt is reprinted from FATHER DIVINE'S Righteous Government Platform, Section on Principles. - January, 1936



"We Shall Have the Same Rights, Not Only Equal, But the Same" - FATHER DIVINE

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