From The Righteous Government Platform of
FATHER DIVINE'S International Peace Mission Movement
That Pertain to Civil Rights
As Adopted by the International Righteous Government Convention,
of The International Righteous Government Department,
Held in New York City January 10th, 11th and 12th, 1936 A.D.F.D.





Editor's Note: Many of the measures which the following document advocates have already been incorporated into city, state and federal governments of the United States but much more of it needs to be adopted if our country is to survive as it was envisioned by our founding fathers.



PEACE TO ALL! We, the interracial, international, inter-religious, interdenominational and non-partisan co-workers of FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission and its Department of Righteous Government, greet all mankind with PEACE!

In the light of this New Day and Dispensation in which we are now living since the advent of FATHER DIVINE - Whom twenty-two million have recognized as their Savior come to earth again in Bodily Form - we are advocating Righteousness, Justice and Truth in every walk of life. Therefore, we request the cooperation of all governments in legalizing these qualities, and the participation of all right-thinking people in universalizing a Righteous Government.


Principles Section

That the whole human race is essentially one, and "of one blood GOD formed all nations," has been attested both by Scripture and by science. The Righteous Government Department of FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission stands for and actually produces such an organization of society. It is founded upon the recognition of the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of GOD. Its Watchword is "Peace," and it actually establishes Peace among the nations by eradicating prejudice, segregation and division from among the people and promoting the welfare of every living creature. From this angle we emphatically protest against the persecution of the Jews in Germany and all other countries, and the oppression of all minorities.

This Movement stands for and demands an equal opportunity for every individual without regard to race, creed or color, in accordance with the declaration made in the Constitution of the United States, that all men are created equal. It stands for the Life and Teaching of JESUS THE CHRIST exactly as HE lived it.

We realize that the division of society into political nations has led through the ages to continuous warfare and widespread poverty and distress. Therefore we do not identify ourselves with any nation or people, but we do endorse and support the Constitution of the United States as the Foundation for all governments to build upon. Under the Constitution of the United States, all men can worship GOD according to the dictates of their own conscience, and are guaranteed the right to individual liberty. This has been indicated by FATHER DIVINE as a Divinely established Order for the coming of the Kingdom of GOD on earth.

On every hand however tendencies can be seen that are undermining the individual liberty and equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They are creeping in behind prejudicial and discriminatory laws and ordinances; through the New Deal legislation, and through such laws that deprive the individual of the right to sell his goods for little or nothing if he chooses; through the compulsory insurance laws; the intimidation of workers by the labor unions; the laws imposing compulsory medical treatment, and the like. Concerning the preservation of the Constitution from these reactionary tendencies, FATHER has recently said:

'There is an issue today observed, that had not been observed so vividly as it is now. . ..Laws and by-laws of practically every kind have arisen through the prejudiced representatives of politics among the politicians, that are actually undermining the Constitution of our great country. Just think of laws that are not according to the Constitution, and brought about under the Constitution, which are in complete violation of the Constitution. If GOD would allow it to continue, they would eventually undermine the Constitution completely, and the government of our civilization would be a failure.'



1. Immediate repeal of all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, local and national, in the United States and elsewhere that have been passed contrary to the spirit and meaning of the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments.

2. Immediate legislation in every state in the Union, and all other states and Countries, making it a Crime to discriminate in any public place against any individual on account of race, creed or color; abolishing all segregated neighborhoods in cities and towns, making it a crime for landlords or hotels to refuse tenants on such grounds; abolishing all segregated schools and colleges, and all segregated areas in churches, theaters, public conveyances, and other public places

3. Immediate destruction by both nations and individuals of all firearms and instruments of war within their borders, saving those that are used for law enforcement. (The true followers of FATHER DIVINE will refuse to fight their fellowman for any cause whatsoever.)

4. Legislation making it a crime for any newspaper, magazine, or other publication to use segregated or slang words referring to race, creed or color of any individual or group, or write abusively concerning any.

6. Abolishment of capital punishment in all states and countries.

8. Legislation to abolish lynching and outlaw members of lynch mobs in all states and countries.

9. Legislation making it a violation of the law to withhold any kind or classification of work from any civil service employee on account of race, creed or color, provided he or she is qualified to do such work.

13. Immediate repeal of all laws and ordinances, governmental rules and regulations requiring individuals to designate themselves as being of a race, creed or color in signing any kind of papers; this to apply especially to immigration, citizenship, passport or legal papers.

14. Legislation making it unlawful for employers of skilled or unskilled, technical or professional help, to have different wage scales or salaries for what they term different races, creeds or colors, or to discriminate in any way in the hiring of help.


Economic Section

6. Laws to be altered so that equal opportunity is allowed to all, that every worker be allowed access to the land, to the tools and materials needed for the carrying out of his individual talent, for the welfare of himself and of society.


Educational Section

1. The doors of all educational institutions to be open and free to all for universal education, with same rights for all to higher technical and professional training.

2. The abolishing in all educational institutions, and from books used for educational purposes in such institutions, of all references to racial conflicts or differences, and national glory through military feats, etcetera, with legislation making it a misdemeanor for any educator to teach such to his classes.


Political Section.

2. Immediate abandonment of the political patronage system and appointment of all Civil Service employees strictly according to their qualifications and service, and their standing on the list, without regard to party, race, creed or color, and without the intervention of political leaders.