"It Is Father Divine's Desire That His Children of Every Race, Every Creed and Every Color
Live and Work and Be Together Just as They Are Here in this Beautiful Assembly,
Where We Know No Races, Creeds Nor Colors!"

"Unless Men Bring Themselves into Subjection to the Law of God, They Are Not Fit Subjects to Govern Themselves."


Peace Center and Nazareth Missions' Church, Home and Training School, NYC -
Published - The New Day 5/16/53 A.D.F.D., Pg. 11

MOTHER DIVINE Said: (In part)

"True Americanism! It is the Salvation of All the World, for FATHER DIVINE Said:

'Eventually the Symbol of the Flag of Free shall be seen in every land, Americanism, Christianity and Democracy!'

Peace Center/ Nazareth Missions Church,
128th St., NYC

 Peace Center/ Nazareth Missions Church, 128th St., NYC



And if people want to be free, they will have to imbibe and live Real Americanism, because when the Constitution of the United States was formed, and the Declaration of Independence, they were the Inspiration and Blessings of GOD HIMSELF! a Government that was DIVINELY INSPIRED, wherein people could live Free and Independent and not have to be under subjection to any person, but they could govern themselves; but they must be brought into subjection to the LAW of GOD; because unless men bring themselves into subjection to the LAW of GOD, they are not fit subjects to govern themselves.

" They don't know how to govern themselves. But as they let GOD'S Spirit and GOD'S Mind Abide in them, then HE will deal in the Affairs of men, and under HIS Jurisdiction everybody can be free and Independent! Everybody can have the Abundance of the Fullness of All good Things! There will be no more wars, no rumors of wars; there will be no panics, no famines and no destruction by bombs; and there will not be any destruction by the Cosmic Forces of Nature, because FATHER DIVINE has shown the people it is because of their prejudice, one toward another, their malice and their hatred, why the Cosmic Forces work Destructively in the land! why the planes will not stay in the air, the trains will not stay on the track! because they are going in opposition to the Will and the Plan of Almighty GOD! For it is HIS Desire that HIS Children of Every Race, Every Creed and Every Color Live and Work and Be Together just as they are here in this beautiful Assembly, where we know No Races, Creeds nor Colors! We don't even designate each other by any discriminatory term! It's so Wonderful.

"If the world would only come and see and pattern after this beautiful example, this living example that FATHER DIVINE has given them! That is why we know that eventually the World will have an Everlasting Peace because FATHER DIVINE has given them a workable pattern! It is something that is Tangible! It is not just a philosophical dream, FATHER has made Utopia a REALITY. What men have dreamed of for centuries and tried in their meager way to bring about but did not have the authority, did not have the dominion to do, because they had not paid the price! But FATHER DIVINE paid the Price, and it is to HIM that all the Honor and all the Glory goes for bringing about this Brotherhood of man and this Fatherhood of GOD! for when HE presented HIS Body thirty-two times before the lynch mobs in the South HE said HIS Children would eat together whether they liked it or not, and we thank HIM for this Beautiful Day that we are living in, when men are beginning to realize that they are their brother's keeper; that they must be unselfish; that they must live the Golden Rule and put it into Practice!" - MOTHER DIVINE



" ....... Then I say. we shall have one language. and one speech! We shall have one flag and one country! In the Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose I come as a little leaven, leavening the whole lump, that the children of men might be unified together and that there shall be no division among them!" - Father Divine



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