"By Filibustering the Senators Are Causing Our Government and The Constitution and Its Amendments
to Be Looked upon as an Unjust Scale" - FATHER DIVINE

Excerpt of FATHER DIVINE'S Message Given in Philadelphia at 528 South 16th Street, February 10, 1940 A.D.F.D.


Outlaw Filibustering

FATHER Serving at
Rockland Palace, NYC

FATHER serving at Rockland Palace, N.Y.C.



Now there is another proposal I wish to put before the world. I propose that all constituents of the divers; representatives in Congress propose a bill to outlaw filibustering in violation to the majority vote; for that is what filibustering is. It is an act in Congress by those who desire to overthrow the majority vote, to overthrow it! Therefore propose I a bill that will outlaw all filibustering and will stop filibustering from every angle expressible, and let there be a majority vote to control the government or control the proposal or bill that may be introduced in Congress!

I know that there are those under the sound of MY Voice who are not so much legal and political minded, but MY Spirit will bring the understanding to you as you subjugate your hearts and your minds to the fundamentals of Righteousness and are willing to stand; for it matters not what opposes!

Stop and consider. if there is a continued custom of filibustering the government, you will pay - I could say, you are paying out of your pockets to these Congressmen, thousands and millions of dollars to get up there and fight against the Constitution and its Amendments, to hold up the whole Senate for days and days And even weeks, fighting and filibustering against some bill that is presented that a majority vote would carry!

They are trying to overthrow it without the majority ruling according to our American form of government!

What is the use to vote if you are going to vote for a majority and as a majority to get a just balance on the scale of justice and your votes actually overbalance the other, and some filibuster is dickering with the scales and putting something else on the other side of the scales; what good is it for you to vote if such continues? Trying to balance the scales -can you not see the mystery? Trying to balance the scales when the majority vote has overbalanced in one way as a just and an accurate scale!


Solomon's Words

What said Solomon concerning the mystery of which I AM now speaking?

'An unjust balance is an abomination in the sight of GOD!'

They unjustly balance the scale of justice in the Senate and in the Lower and in the Upper Houses by allowing filibustering to go on in opposition to the majority vote after there has been a vote for each and everyone to say what he stands for, and still allow some radical who is un-American to rise in the act of filibustering against such a bill that has been introduced that a majority vote has carried. Can you not see that such an act of injustice is an injustice to all government and even to, your own conscience if you would permit it to continue?

In this present introduction of this bill, Anti-lynching Bill, it passed by a majority vote: but if you allow some radical or some person who is representing the spirit of un-Americanism to rise in opposition in the act of filibustering to prohibit the Bill from passing when it has actually passed by the majority vote, can you not see it is an injustice to American society and it is an unjust act for those who are in authority to allow such to go on!

I know these are hard sayings and I know a good many of you are afraid. I have nothing to be afraid of! We will not tolerate it! We shall have a Righteous Government


A Law Against Filibustering

Take cognizance of this thought, and each of you - followers, friends and others - petition your representatives to make a law to that effect. Throwing bills out and pigeon-holing bills that are just and right, and they are actually overbalancing the opponents or the opposition by the majority vote; for when the Scale of Justice shall have been enacted and they interfere with the Scale and try to overbalance it when it has actually been overbalanced in one way by the majority vote - whatsoever it has overbalanced by the majority vote -why, there should be a law against any person or persons in the Senate or Congress, in the Houses, filibustering against it, trying to overbalance that just balance' Such is an abomination in the sight of GOD and in all justice.