"I Have Been Introduced In Government In the Name of Civil Rights.
As a Principle God Is Reigning Now."

Our FATHER'S Message given at the Holy Communion Table of the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School
764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA Monday, August 11, 1952 A.D.F.D., Time -- 4:00 P.M.

A Happy Uncle Sam

A Happy Uncle Sam.


During the Holy Communion Service, many inspirational songs of praise and thanksgiving were sung, in the which was one very stressful to be considered, "Uncle Sam got converted, Hallelujah!" It was on this inspirational composition that our beloved Pastor based His Sermon; for it does say in the Word, that the husbandman shall be the first partaker of the fruit.

After FATHER had converted His followers and made them Righteous, HE converted nations and governments. Thus, through Uncle Sam's conversion, as FATHER so beautifully and profoundly depicts, which took place after the followers were converted and stood as a Sample and Example for HIM, this nation stood out as a leader for all nations, for it expressed an example of true Americanism, and Americanism shall lead all nations onward to Victory!

For Thy profound Words of Wisdom, Almighty GOD, we humbly thank Thee!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the following is FATHER'S profound Message, with FATHER speaking as follows:)


PEACE EVERYONE! It is a marvelous privilege to live in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose. I retrace your thoughts back to a quotation often stressed by your humble Servant in Genesis 11:6 --

'And the LORD said, Behold, the people is One, and they have all One Language and this they begin to do; now nothing can be restrained from them to do that which they have imagined to do.'

All Christendom and even Judaism before Christendom, they have been trying to unite the people! All of the politicians and other representatives of society, both of business, profession, labor and trade, those who are representing religion and other expressions of our great society, yet they have been striving for many years to get the people together. Apparently it was something within or lying dormant in the subconsciousness of the children of men to let them know if they are united together and are One in reality, with them all things would be possible! They have failed to accomplish whatsoever they endeavored in a great measure because the majority of them did not stop to consider and realize that was the Mystery and the Key to all success, all prosperity and all happiness -- to UNITE!

As I have long since declared, UNITE! UNITE! UNITE! Or UNIFY! UNIFY! UNIFY! If these, the allied nations of the earth politically, would have united together consolidatedly conscientiously and sincerely, the Victory would have been won over the opposing forces of the armies and the navies of the aggressor nations, but as it is written:

'I will take a worm and thresh the mountain.'

The most insignificant among the nations I AM bringing into expression and causing the Spirit of GOD'S Presence and the Presence of GOD'S Spirit to be reckoned! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty GOD!" came the eager reply.)

So then, it is a privilege to be here. A little while ago when we were singing that song in reference to the message of Uncle Sam going from continent to continent, they knew we were somewhat looking for the article with the heading, "The Sower" and the picture of Uncle Sam as he was stepping from continent to continent by inspiration and by interpretation, carrying the Message of Democracy from shore to shore and from land to land! Therefore, it has been pictorially drawn as a sketch of how Uncle Sam is sowing the seeds of Righteousness in the weary war-torn countries and elsewhere. And it went on to say in one of the compositions, Uncle Sam has been converted!

Not until thousands and even, yea, untold thousands of MY adherents began to pay their old back bills and to adjust matters satisfactorily according to the conversion that Jesus gives -- for that is the kind of conversion that real, true Christians under Jesus are converted! You see the Mystery? When Zacchaeus saw Jesus coming, he ran and climbed up the sycamore tree and said, if he had wronged any man by false accusation, he would restore him fourfold! Not only so, but when Zacchaeus got converted he also said,

'Half of my goods I will give to the poor!'

It shows most definitely that true converts of true Christianity will restore their pledge to the debtor and will pay all their back bills! It shows you more definitely that they will, so freely as they have received, so freely give! Therefore, after Uncle Sam had heard so much about My following going back paying back all of their old back bills when they could not find the credit debtors to whom they were due -- they even so much as paid Uncle Sam, yea, untold thousands of dollars to the United States Treasury in the time of the extreme emergency, causing Uncle Sam to know that it is a reality in this Doctrine of Truth!

Therefore, Uncle Sam got converted and he went back and paid all his old back bills! It never happened until I exerted this Faith, My Work and Mission among the nation. Uncle Sam went back to pay the Indians untold millions, as far as the average person is concerned. It is untold to them, yet it has been publicized. One Indian Tribe I believe he paid back, for back money that was due them recently, eighty-one million dollars or something of that sort. Another Tribe as a record as given, as we have on record as for information, he paid thirty-one millions and eight hundred thousand dollars! UNCLE SAM GOT CONVERTED! President Truman signed for the paying of the Indians! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, GOD Almighty!" sanctioned the audience.) That was since President Truman was in office! Not only so, but many things have been instituted in government such as I called for! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, LORD! So glad!" came the eager reply.)

This City, this City of Brotherly Love, yea, now the Countryseat of the World, has changed its political administration! GOD IS DEALING IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN! Civil Rights and FEPC have been instituted in the most of the States of the Union since GOD is dealing in the affairs of men! Therefore, those who are prejudiced and bigoted do not want this Truth to have free access for expression, because I will bring about Equilibrium. Not only Equality but I will bring about Equilibrium, and all of the nations of the earth and every individual will get an equitable adjustment by the presence of Equity dealing in the affairs of men!

Many people once thought or took it to be as though CHRIST would come, as it did come, as a Person, and that CHRIST would merely be sitting upon some throne to rule the nations of the earth physically, but oh, how glorious it is to realize, GOD deals in the affairs of men and HE has been introduced in Business, Profession, Labor and Trade, with the Spirit of Equity and Justice for all of them! Therefore, as a Principle and not necessarily as a Person, GOD is reigning now! The same as the principle of mathematics rules the world of accounts, so the Principle of Life, yea, the PRINCIPLE of LIFE with or without a Body rules the affairs of men! The principle of mathematics actually rules the world of accounts, therefore, we know that GOD deals in the affairs of men and none shall slightly hinder HIM! Aren't you glad! ("We are so glad, GOD!" echoed the assembly.)

I would like to say to our visiting guests, fret not yourselves because of the workers of iniquity! I AM changing governmental affairs! I have been introduced in Government in the name of Civil Rights and I shall be introduced in Government in the name of Righteousness, Equity and Justice for all! I may not be seen as a Person; it is immaterial to ME! I AM carrying out My Plan and Purpose to the letter and all shall receive of My Spirit and My Presence!

Even if all of the writers and publishers refuse to publicize anything in the defense of Democracy, or in the defense, as it may be termed, of something of whom they dis-recognize, I AM fully capable of carrying out My Plan and Purpose! I say, I will carry it out to the Letter without a letter of the English alphabet! Even though the publications may be printed in English and even if it is printed in Spanish, German or any other language, GOD is quite proficient universally to carry out His Plan and Purpose to the letter with or without them!

But I do appreciate any just thinking person as these ladies who are desirous of publicizing the Truth! If they do not allow you to do it, I will DO it even if I have to go in the White House again as I did in the present Administration and the door was shut! And I instituted Civil Rights, Equity and Justice for all and instituted Integration in the Army and the Navy, in the Air Corps and in all of the Armed Forces! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, LORD, so glad!" sanctioned the enthusiastic audience.) Not only in all of the Armed Forces, but in all of the different Business and Institutions of Government, in our Schools of Higher Learning and in all Places, since I got in and the door was shut! I AM Instituting and Integrating Equity and Justice among this people and none shall slightly hinder ME! I shall carry out My Plan and Purpose to the Letter!

For this cause I rejoice to say, as it was written concerning Pharaoh, for this cause GOD raised up Pharaoh to spread His Name throughout the whole earth! Every knock is a boost! Every criticism is a praise! I do not have room to receive my ingathering in this and in any of my places the universe over! It is wonderful! It is wonderful! It is wonderful!

But I do appreciate and think it is marvelous for anyone, not for a selfish purpose, not to be biased in a selfish way for selfish aggrandizement, but just for equity, justice and truth! I rejoice in those who are willing to and actually do stand for Righteousness and Unbiasedness in the way of mankind!

Let us live in this recognition. I need not say more, for I have long since declared,

'I shall preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions and I shall put My Spirit in the masses, yea, in the people and I will cause them to walk in My Statutes!'

I can speak more in deeds and in actions in our Chief Executives! I can speak more in deeds and actions by putting My Spirit in their statutes -- in their statute books -- putting the Spirit in them, after putting It in them, even though they may apparently ignore ME as in Person; for I have said,

'Transcend Personality, Individuality and all of the Personages in consideration and recognize the Impersonality and the Un-individuality of the Reality of whatsoever it may be, and it will be with or without you or with or without ME Personally!'

I thank you.




Enact-the Bill of Rights.

In every State in the Union, in every community, in every home and at every private banquet table
impregnate equality-to safeguard democracy. - FATHER DIVINE