The six Hotels of the Peace Mission Movement
that Broke the United States Hotel Industry's Policy of Universal Segregation.

The Brigantine Hotel -
Dedicated to True Americanism.

The Brigantine Hotel - Dedicated to Democracy.

  1. The Beautiful Brigantine Hotel initiated the end of hotel segregation in The United States in 1941. As with all six Peace Mission hotels the ownership was integrated, the management was integrated, the staff was integrated and of course the guests were integrated.
  2. The Pine Brook Hotel, formerly the Belmont Hotel and Country Club, in Pine Brook New Jersey.
  3. "The Majestic Divine Lorraine Hotel in 1949 carried the banner of an unsegregated United States Hotel Service forward"
  4. The Luxurious Divine Tracy Hotel for 57 years spread the word of True Americanism throughout the world showing the way of brotherhood and peace and declaring there shall be no division among us."
  5. "The Grand Divine Riviera Hotel was the example of true brotherhood in Newark, New Jersey."
  6. "The Historically Famous Divine Fairmont Hotel , New Jersey, once visited by Presidents broke the hotel barriers for all people in Jersey City."