The Beginning of a New Consciousness

A New Era Began - A Great Change Took Place.

Father and Peninnah Divine
Serving the Holy Communion Table
at Hope Farm, Ulster County, New York

Father and Penninah Divine Serving the Holy Communion Table at Hope Farm, Ulster County,
New York



The recognition of FATHER DIVINE as being GOD by the first Mother Divine (They married on June 6th, 1882) had ushered in a New Dispensation, for now, GOD HIMSELF was known to be in the flesh. HE said in a Sermon given in 1940:

'The dispensation in which we are now living is a dispensation of a New Era. . . . This is A.D.F.D., for it shall be stamped so vividly in the memory of humanity that in the future, they will realize that which has been spoken and recognized and realized by you all!'

Let us go back to a few years before 1945 to find the answers. During the early thirties, One appeared on the public scene in Harlem Who was apparently insignificant, a Christian minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, rescuing the huddled masses of people from poverty and hopelessness. But in fact, here was One demonstrating the Life of CHRIST far greater than even Jesus could do in His day. Here was One lifting up the consciousness of rich as well as poor to experience new mental and spiritual heights of awareness, coupled with the demonstration of physical phenomena and material abundance. Here was One answering the prayers of the lowly masses by healing the sick, raising the dead and providing food, clothing and shelter for the needy. Here was the Embodiment of GOD Consciousness.

It was in 1882 that FATHER DIVINE was recognized by One here in America to be the long awaited Living CHRIST, and in order to be His helpmate in spreading the Consciousness of GOD'S Presence in the earth, Peninnah, one of the Angels of the Kingdom, desired to be married to FATHER DIVINE and on June 6, 1882, They were united in Marriage.

By Her Love for GOD, the One Whom She recognized to be the Person of GOD, Peninnah, the first Mother Divine, consecrated Herself completely to the nurturing of the CHRIST in those who had the same conviction, and therefore wanted to live in Holiness and Virtue, abstaining from the tendencies and habits of the mortal nature. By this, untold thousands were converted to lives of righteousness.

It was this great positive Power of Virtue and Holiness generated by FATHER DIVINE, meeting the negative forces as personified in the Axis Powers of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hedeki Tojo, that provided the Resistance that culminated in World War II. The Righteousness engendered by FATHER DIVINE, which enlightened understanding, quickened intelligence and created a willingness to unify for the general welfare, gave the democratic forces victory.

FATHER DIVINE and MOTHER DIVINE have indeed implanted this Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Presence in those who accepted HIM as GOD. This GOD Consciousness will spread throughout the world and overcome the negative forces that seem so active in the world today.