"I Say, Tell All the Representatives of Government to Set Their House in Order' Which Is to Say, Set this House,
this Government and the Representatives and All of the States of the Union in Order."

"Bring An End to Segregation and the Rights of States That Are Unconstitutional."

Our FATHER'S Sermon given at the Holy Communion Table Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School
764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA., Wednesday, July 11, 1947 A.D.F.D., Time -- 4:28 P.M.



'FATHER DIVINE, Your Works be Crowned, Your Almighty Fame Proclaim;
Through all the Nations of the earth, Revered, Renowned Your Name!
YOU have taught us to love Old Glory, Enact the Virtues for which she waves;
We'll Exalt Your Name forever, send Your Praises ringing through the air!
Behold the Fruits of Your Righteousness! Behold the Life of CHRIST conceived!
YOU have raised up a Righteous Nation unto the Glory of Your Holy Name!
For this Virginity Your Virgins exalt YOU, exalt Your Name, sing Your Praise!
For this Righteousness, we Praise YOUR NAME!'


(FATHER speaks as follows:)






PEACE EVERYONE! How good it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity and to bring about a closer relationship by Unity and Fellowship! That last number just sung is stressful to be considered in the midst of this people, among a perverse and crooked generation, yet I AM making this Declaration that this is the Indivisible American Race, a Standard that we have lifted in the fulfillment of that inspirational compositional prediction and yet a declaration! The words are applicable to our present unfoldment of this Mystery, for they are in operation here and now among this people!

You have pledged Allegiance to your Flag, the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands! The majority of you have stressed it and have, by the composition of the Pledge in words verbatim -- have declared that WE ARE ONE NATION, INDIVISIBLE! The composition brings out very explicitly that I have raised up a Righteous Nation by the Indivisibility of the Spirit of My Actual Presence and by the Work and the Mission in the midst of this people, by bringing an Abolition to all division mentally and spiritually and bringing an End to that which is termed as Races!

To those who have observed this unfoldment and demonstration, they can see and say with the composition, I have raised up a Righteous Nation! I shall not be discouraged and I shall not be disturbed until we shall have this Righteous Nation that I have raised up Universally established from shore to shore and from land to land and recognized by all mankind! Why? Because it is Interracial! It is International! Because it is Impersonal and because it is Unbiased in its Work and Mission! It works for the Good of all of the people and will establish your going in the land of the Living and express Democracy in action and cause Evangelism to be a Living Reality!

For this cause we do rejoice to say, we do not pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, but we pledge Allegiance to the Spirit and the Presence of GOD in the midst of this people, that has given this whole Nation a New Birth of Freedom! It may seem small presently, but eventually it shall be seen and known Universally that I have given this Nation a New Birth of Freedom as requested by our great national statesman, Abraham Lincoln! Aren't you glad?

It was essential for this Nation to have a New Birth of Freedom so that the Government by the people, for the people and through the people might not perish, for I see it perishing where they do not have the New Birth and where they are not One Nation, Indivisible! What a privilege to live in such a recognition and such a conscientious religious, political and national conviction, realizing, GOD in the midst of this people is mighty to save and actually deals in the affairs of men and None Can Hinder HIM! IF YOU WILL LET ME, I WILL LET YOU! In other words, IF YOU WILL LET HIM, HE WILL LET YOU, if you choose to speak from that angle of expression, for truly, from the beginning of the Creation, THERE WAS SOME LETTING! What said the Scripture concerning this Mystery when darkness covered the face of the universe and there was no light to be seen?

'The Spirit of the LORD moved out upon the face of the water and said, let there be light, and there was light,'

for it was some letting done!

This Same Spirit is speaking today and we shall let and let and let and there shall be more letting done! If you will let GOD, GOD will let you; yet it is not anything that you can do of yourself, but just let! Let go and let GOD and GOD will let you!

Upon this Foundation if you will stand, you will find this is the Real Indivisible Race of All Nations, Languages, Tongues and People that consist of this Indivisible Race that GOD has given the New Birth of Freedom!

For this cause we do rejoice. If it was not a New Birth of Freedom, even the Government itself would perish, for without it, it is Perishable! It was essential for our great National Statesman of that day to say, "That this whole nation might have a New Birth of Freedom so that the Government by the people, for the people and through the people might not perish from the earth!"

For this cause the Spirit of the Pilgrim Fathers and all of those of the past that were Righteous, they are assembled in these Audiences being reincarnated, reproduced and re- personified to give Perfection and Righteousness to those who seek it. Aren't you glad!

The Government has many things to overcome through the purifying process that is presently going on! Aren't you glad? I, in the Name of GOD, Whom you all say I AM, AM now making an Appeal to our Federal Government and the Representatives thereof, to get busy and purge our Government and our Nation of all adverse and subversive elements, for they be many of whom they call of their own subjects and even many of whom are supposedly Representatives of Government! So long as there is division motivated by prejudice and strife, it is a matter of impossibility to safeguard Democracy in these borders!

To our President of the United States of today, I appeal to you and every Representative and Senator in accord; for the Salvation of yourselves and your subjects here and at large, you had better make laws immediately to bring an end to segregation and discrimination and to bring an end to the Rights of States that are unconstitutional, to have their Sovereign Rights! This is an Appeal! This is a Demand!

The unjust Officials, not only in the Southern States, but in all States of the Union, that spell and execute Unrighteousness in Government and fail to give Justice and Equity to every subject of the Nation, I say, woe to the inhabitants therein and to those who participate with them! I have called for a Righteous Government and the Execution of Righteousness and Equity in all dealings governmentally, even socially and otherwise, or else their airplanes with such prejudice and division and strife will not stay in the air, and many more of them will not even leave the ground! Aren't you glad! Righteousness shall reign!

David in his Psalmic prediction speaking of this present dispensation and time in which we are now living, declared:

'The Lord Reigneth'

He declared:

'Righteousness and judgment are the habitation of His Throne.'

I have called for Righteousness and Judgment and Equity to be instituted and enacted in every activity as I did call for the FBI to go out and get those murderers of the ones of whom they lynched in the Southern States! They went and got them and then caused them to confess the crime and the unjust Officials allowed them to go free! Such outrages as those we will not tolerate longer! I will bring an end to it and I appeal to the Federal Government and its Representatives to cross the borders of all Sovereign States and break every State Law that is Unconstitutional, that will endorse murder, vice and crime such as that in many of these States of the Union! The Time is out for that!

I have raised up a Righteous Nation! This is the Nucleus of the Righteous Nation that I shall have from shore to shore and from land to land that shall be governed and controlled by the Constitution of the United States and by the Declaration of Independence! Not controlled by vice and crime and prejudice and division and strife and confusion, but shall be controlled by these two great Documents as mentioned in keeping with the two great religious Documents, the old and the new Testaments as synonymous with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and its Amendments! That is the Foundation upon which I AM building!

Over and above every other unconstitutional law of our Land and Country, we shall establish the Fundamentals according to the Fundamental! Aren't you glad!

For this cause, we appeal to the United States of America, the Federal Government itself; there must be a Law immediately to bring an abolition to unconstitutional laws in States that do not give the Constitutional Rights of every subject because of their sovereign rights! The sovereign rights of States that are murderers by State Government or endorsers thereof of murder, why, it should not be tolerated by our Federal Government, for the Federal Government should bring an abolition to such laws, rules and regulations that are unconstitutional in every State in the Union!

Segregation and Division and Strife will bring all such as you have most recently heard of, how those twenty-nine confessed murderers were acquitted in South Carolina!

Then I say to our Fellow Citizens and Representatives of Government and State and even the Representatives of the Federal Government it is detrimental for you to let those things go untouched and not be brought to an end! How do you, Representatives of our Federal Government, expect subjects of this Democracy that have been made the prey of vice and crime and murder and cut-throats, without protection in the Southern States, and then allow the Representatives of Justice, supposedly of the Courts, to endorse them in their murder? If you allow that to go on, there are millions in this country and in other countries will not raise a hand in the defense of this country in the case of another war! For what purpose did they fight? For the Redemption and the Emancipation of all of the oppressed people that they might have their Emancipation and at least have Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness which is Constitutional! We are not asking for more than that which is Constitutional!

By these Words I appeal to you, Fellow Citizens of our Government, and all of you Representatives who stand for Justice, Righteousness and Equity, take cognizance of what I AM telling you! Not just because the man was of a dark complexion that all of those murderers murdered, but matters not who they may be, give every subject under the sun, Justice and Equity, yea, everyone!

Until we get Justice and Equity in Government, in Business, in Labor and in Trade, and socially, intellectually and from every other angle expressible, we will stay our hand from doing many things that may be needed to be done apparently! Not only so, but we know, by the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose we can overcome every external enemy but the often rehearsed quotation of the Scripture in this is stressfully applicable:

Charity begins at home and spreads abroad.'

Overcome your common enemy, prejudice, here in this Country, yea, in this very City and in all other cities and States in the Union, but especially in the Southern States where the law in those courts endorses murder and verified it as if though to say it was just and right when they acquitted those confessed murderers because of their complexion!

The time is out for crime in Government, whether it be City, State or Federal Government; for you can plainly see the cosmic forces of nature and the wrath of Almighty GOD work havocly, upon those that are filled with prejudice and try to rule the Nation with violence and destruction because of their selfishness and because of their bigotry and prejudice on account of their races and their colors!

I said the airplanes will not stay in the air! And I have further declared that the trains will not stay on the track! The ships will not stay on the water! The Mouth of GOD has declared, this is not a supposition! I AM speaking volitionally, it is not by premeditation or pre- consideration, but I AM speaking volitionally as GOD speaks spontaneously as HE moves within and without accordingly!

Therefore I say, tell all the Representatives of Government to set their house in order which is to say, set this House, this Government and the Representatives and all of the States of the Union in Order, and demand Laws in accordance with the Declaration of Independence and in accord with the Constitution and its Amendments and every other State Law that is not in keeping with the Constitution and its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence; in short, which is not Evangelical, is not willing to give Justice and Equity to and for all according to the situation, why then, bring an end to such laws, and immediately do it!

It can be done by the United States Government if it has to make null and void all of the sovereignties of all unconstitutional States in the Union! They are unconstitutional and we can outlaw unconstitutional States' Government as well as we could outlaw the Klans and all other unconstitutional organizations! I thank you.