"We Shall Have Civil Rights From Shore to Shore and from Land to Land."

"I AM Universal . . . For the Benefit of All Mankind I Came" --- FATHER DIVINE


Our FATHER'S Sermon given whilst at the Holy Communion Table During the Sixth Anniversary of the
Marriage of CHRIST to His Spotless Church at the Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School of New York
103 W. 117th Street New York City, N. Y., Sunday afternoon, October 26, 1952 A.D.F.D., Time 2:10 P.M.


The dining room of
The Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School,
117th Street, New York City.

The dining room of The Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School of New York.




During the elaborate celebration of the Sixth Anniversary of the Marriage of CHRIST to His Spotless Rosebud Virgin Bride, many interesting testimonies came forth as well as songs of thanksgiving, praise and adoration. FATHER had an article and the text of President Truman's speech read, in which the President caught FATHER'S Spirit on Civil Rights and instituted it in Government. As he received the unction from the Holy One within, the Spirit of GOD Almighty, FATHER DIVINE, he was impelled to do so, as he said in part, that he felt a strong urge within to do so.

Therefore, read this profound Sermon and see how GOD is ruling and reigning and dealing in the affairs of men and government, for truly, this is His Administration, and all nations, if they live, shall be controlled by His Divine Guidance, for truly, HE has started the Pendulum of Equilibrium swinging in the defense of all humanity generally, that Peace may eventually be preserved universally.

For Thy Divine Guidance, Almighty GOD, we humbly thank Thee!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the following is FATHER'S profound Sermon, with FATHER speaking as follows.)




PEACE EVERYONE! Good Health, Good Will, a Good Appetite! Good Manners, Good Behavior, all Success and all Prosperity! Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness! These and all other blessings, we actually have them. But at this time I have arisen to say, this being the Sixth Anniversary Review of My Marriage to My Spotless Virgin Bride, a purpose for which a good many did not know; but it was for that purpose, yea, for this purpose.

For this cause I have drawn all nations, languages, tongues and people together, and for the benefit of all mankind I came! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty GOD!" exclaimed the multitude.) I thought of the last speaker saying,

'Go down and tell old Pharaoh to let My people go!'

In the modernistic day and of a most recent event, I did say, "Go down in Germany and tell old Hitler to let your people go!" For this was an issue as an expression of aggression and savagery and brutality; little did they think or know at that time that it was possible to put old Hitler down! But oh, how glorious it is to realize, GOD in the midst of you is actually putting aggression, and savagery and brutality down as never before!

To bring about this Universal Brotherhood of Man, I came to America that I might be called an American, as though being on American soil, the land of the brave and the home of the free, to set the people free from all inequality and division! For this cause it was essential for ME to present My Body even as did Jesus in the Sonship Degree, as a Living Sacrifice for the Redemption of mankind! But little did you think I mean the general public think that I would bring about the desired aim and purpose, especially those of the under-privileged, and as the last speaker mentioned, the minority groups. But I said, I shall break that line of demarcation and bring an end to localization and establish your going in the land of the living, where a man is a man, and not a color, or creed or a race! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, GOD Almighty!" came the eager response.) It looks something like it today, does it not? "Yes, Lord!" sanctioned the masses.

I AM bringing all nations, languages, tongues and people together! I have broken that line of demarcation as afore said, and I AM bringing an end to that Mason and Dixon line! After a while we shall have it all over this wide, extended plane, just as I have it at My right and at My left hand! This shall be accomplished, for the mouth of GOD has declared,

'let there be no division among you!'

I will not permit there to be any division among you, for Americanism, Christianity, Judaism, Democracy and Brotherhood are synonymous and I shall establish it to that end; but it may seem to be as if though there are many opposing forces, as I said through our Chief Executive the other day according to this article published in the Panama Tribune, "He had a great urge at a certain time to try to bring an end to intolerance, to savagery and brutality", after an experience of a man in the Armed Forces at that time, still in his country's uniform, because of his color or complexion whichever, he was beaten savagely and they plucked out his eyes, or words or acts to that effect.

That impressed President Truman so greatly to that extent, when I sent that Message, he was moved volitionally even as one who is a follower and a member religiously! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, GOD Almighty!" came the tumultuous shout.) He said he would bring an end to it, and he could not institute laws to bring an end to it through the Congress of the United States since they were in great power, in a way, but with MY SPIRIT and MY PRESENCE, he was impelled from the within to be persistent in his ambition to endeavor to bring it about! Therefore, he introduced in other words, organized a Civil Rights Committee and sent them out to gather all information necessary to bring it about!

As one of the speakers said a little while ago, those things did not happen until I came! But being persistent in his ambition and determined in his resolve, he has made for himself a great name, yea, the Name of GOD! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Lord!" shouted the masses.) For I made him a MINISTER of GOD to thee for good, according to Romans 13:4!

It is a privilege to know that GOD is in the midst of you and accomplishing that for which HE CAME and will not be discouraged, shall not be disturbed; but your sake this occasion is called forth yearly on the twenty-ninth day of April, a day that has been set apart as an International, Interracial, Universal Holiday to commemorate CHRIST being United to His Church! For it was written in the Scripture:

'Man shall leave father and mother and be joined unto his wife and they two shall be one spirit", in other words, "one flesh. This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning CHRIST and the Church.'

When My Marriage took place and GOD'S Administration began, I began there and then to work in government supernaturally, in business, profession, labor and trade, to get at corruption in higher up and in lower places, to get at it in schools of higher learning, to bring an end to divisibility and Unite the people together that they might express a real citizenry of a true Democracy, of Americanism and Democracy and Christianity and Judaism as synonymous; to bring them together in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose even as I have them jurisdictionally. Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty GOD!" came the happy response.)

When this is done, all of the oppression and suppression of the under-privileged and minority groups shall have come to an end; you will be able to live in peaceful and quiet resting places from shore to shore and from land to land!

We are happy to present to the world at large just a sketch of it, of Perfection as reflected as a Utopian Government to be established universally, but under the Constitution and its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence. It is a privilege to know GOD is actually dealing in the affairs of men! It is a privilege to know I may be silent Individually or as an Individual; I may not speak so much Personally or politically openly, but I AM speaking in their hearts, the politician's hearts and in their minds! I AM stirring them up as never before!

As one of the speakers said a little while ago, since nineteen thirty-two, when I made MYSELF known here in New York City and in the surroundings, things began to pick up there and then as it had never been! Aren't you glad! I hear many people say about the integration of different races in the department stores and apartment houses as sales ladies and salesmen, and different respectable positions as to what they have done, to convey it to ME and to try to get ME to think and even My immediate Staff, My Cabinet, to think that they have done something to bring it about, but I Know from whence it came! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, FATHER Dear, so glad! We know it's YOU!" exclaimed the multitude.)

There will be no division among the peoples of the different institutions and they are beginning to realize unity is the keynote to Salvation for any nation and for every nation! They are beginning to realize the only hope of success and prosperity and to have unlimited purchasing power as My followers do, is to UNITE together and bring an abolition to all division among them; for truly did GOD say at the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, when they were going about it in an erroneous manner, trying to build up into heaven erroneously, yet they were of one language and of one speech; they being united so consolidatedly, GOD said:

'Behold, the people is ONE, and they have all one language, and this they begin to do, now nothing will be restrained from them to do, that which they have imagined to do.'

Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty GOD!" came the response.) Because of the Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose, that for which I long since called for as I put it forth into expression and you are One in Reality, nothing can be restrained from you to do, that which you have imagined to do! Aren't you glad! ("Oh, so glad, Lord!" shouted the happy assembly.)

I said, I shall bring about that for which I came and Unite the nations of the earth! Not only unite the organization as a church, but to Unite the nations of the earth universally and to bring an end to all divisibility among them so that they might be One Nation Universally Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all!

For this cause I happen to call your attention to My request and petition as I had appealed to the "President of Today" at that time to cross all of the state lines and break every constitution that is unconstitutional of those states, for where there is a constitution of a state that is in violation to the Constitution of our Government, it is an unconstitutional constitution that must be broken! Aren't you glad! ("So glad!" came the eager response.)

Therefore, I AM going to repeal and bring an abolition to all state constitutions that are unconstitutional and I shall establish that which is known as Civil Rights from shore to shore and from land to land and all men will be able to live in peaceful and quiet resting places wheresoever they may be found even as I can where I AM!

Then I say, My Marriage to My Spotless Virgin Bride somewhat depicted as an expression of a complexion that would seem to be different, but to let you know and all peoples know that I shall bring an abolition to every expression of complexion in consideration in business, profession, labor and trade! Aren't you glad! ("So glad! So glad!" shouted the assembly.)

I AM bringing an end to that inhuman slaveric system of requesting you to give national origin and racial abstraction in signing any legal paper. All such was for the purpose of lowration, discrimination and segregation; to keep some down and put some up, but yet with all of their so-called intelligence from an intellectual and political and national point of view, they did not have sense enough to know they could not keep some down in the ditch unless they stayed down there with them themselves! Aren't you glad! ("So glad!" came the reply.)

That is why the Dixiecrats in the southern states, though they may be deemed as of the Caucasian race, yet they are illiterate, a good many of them more than those of the Afro-Americans and others that are called minority groups because they have had a desire to, and have striven to keep them down in the ditch! They are keeping themselves down there! Aren't you glad! ("Oh, so glad YOU are here!" came the shout.) But I have started something that I shall not be discouraged and shall not be disturbed in, nor retarded in My advances until I establish it as I have it right here, from shore to shore and from land to land. Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Lord!" came the happy shout.)

Then I say, let us live in this recognition and build upon this foundation, for the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose is the only Hope of Salvation and the only propitiation among us that will give Victory over every difficulty and over all adverse and undesirable conditions. Aren't you glad! ("So glad, GOD Almighty!" came the enthusiastic response.)

I have not done anything yet to what I will do! I need not speak a word, for I have long since declared:

'I will preach CHRIST in words, it is true, but more so in deeds and in actions and I will put My Spirit in the people and I will cause them to walk in My Statutes.'

It is immaterial to ME whether President Truman ever mentions My Personal Name or not. It is immaterial to ME whether any of them mention ME as a Person, or from a personal point of view or not. I AM going to carry out My Plan and Purpose to the letter! There will be no more divisibility among this Nation, for they must come to that place in consciousness and live and express it even according to our Pledge of our Allegiance to our Flag! One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, FATHER, GOD!" came the happy response.)

They must come to it! Therefore, it is immaterial to ME whether any individual recognizes My Personality or Individuality or not. I have requested you to transcend My Personality as well as all other personalities and all other individualities and recognize the Impersonality and the Unindividuality of My Majesty, which is Incorruptible, Undefiled and fadeth not away! The Invisibilization of My Ever and Omnipresence of which is Omnipotent and Omniscient, and universally it is it of which I AM carrying out My Plan and My Purpose to the letter and I shall universally establish it!

I need not preach CHRIST in words that can be heard, for I speak intuitively and inspirationally and when I AM inactive Personally, I AM just as operative and expressive Supernaturally and will work more effectively when I AM Personally inactive. See the mystery? Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Lord!" came the reply.) As I thought as we came down the highway, the turnpike, and we got to the station where they pay off, the toll gate, one man said one of them said, "Is this a parade or what?" We were just going to church last night, but I thought as I said, "Had it not been for ME, and My Work in President Truman instituting Civil Rights in the Army and the Navy and in all government forces, he would not have had his position he has! Just think of the drudgery and the hardships thousands have undergone until now, all because of previous conditions of servitude and because of racial abstraction and national origins. But I have come to bring an end to all such savagery and inhumanity and brutality such as that!

The brutes of the jungles may use their forces to destroy other animals, but it was not so from the beginning and it was not to be for that purpose. The brutes of humanity have striven to destroy all humanity that is not of their respective racial abstraction or national origin or complexion, all because of the lack of human Divine intelligence. They should know that they cannot expect to succeed and continue to have access and progress in the land unless they Unite together with all mankind.

But oh, how glorious it is! Whether they believe it or not, we have established it in the furthest parts of the world and all nations are beginning to recognize it; for just as it is right here, so it is in the war-torn and war zones of the European countries. Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Lord!" sanctioned the assembly.)

Where they have been suppressed and oppressed and under hardships, where they have been without food and comfort and convenience, when and wheresoever they recognize My Presence, as the last speaker said, the abundance follows in the wake of such a recognition! It may sound like fanaticism, but it is true. In the worst war-torn countries, in the zones of destruction where the scarcity of food is in the wake and in the lead and men cannot even supply themselves with a few pounds of food per week, even in Germany, and I might say even in England in some of the places, yet wheresoever I AM established and they recognize My Presence and believe it sincerely, insignificant as I may apparently be, the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply!

They recognize MOTHER'S Presence and Mine, even as I have unified MYSELF with the Heaven, as being the Heaven and the earth, and made Her My Expression in Unity and Tranquility, and those who recognize Our Presence in all other countries, My original composition as a motto for consideration is fulfilled in their experiences.

That original composition should be stressfully emphasized and advocated, rehearsed and rehearsed and demonstrated in your midst. It should be as a continued expression of a "rehearsion", to rehearse it daily in your consideration and convince yourselves to that effect. The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all supply and will satisfy every good desire!

Have I not been telling you that for at least twenty years, and have I not been demonstrating the abundance of the fullness of the Consciousness of Good? Have you not found no space vacant of the fullness thereof? In every manner expressible you can plainly see the Spirit of the Consciousness of My Presence produces the abundance of the fullness from every angle expressible. Aren't you glad! ("Yes, GOD Almighty!" came the happy response.)

When other employers cannot get help, even to say the simple things as domestic help and clerical help and the like, (Aren't you glad!) the abundance of the fullness of everything, plenty of stenographers, plenty of cooks and laundresses and plenty of automobiles in which to ride, and everything My Heart has desired! I have had lots of them to come to ME and say for years past, even before the majority of them knew of ME, they would say, "How is it that YOU can have so much help and have a bountiful supply of domestic servants and others to do Your bidding?" I said,

'The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all supply and it will satisfy every good desire.'

Then I find in My experience as afore said, the abundance of the fullness of the Consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. Aren't you glad! ("So glad! So glad!" responded the assembly.) All of the opposing forces of mortality, carnality and inhumanity, for it is an expression and they are expressions of inhumanity and not of humanity, for they express very inhumanly to try to bring an end to Righteousness, Equity and Justice. But I have established it so effectively, My Influence over these here would not permit them to smoke a cigarette! Aren't you glad! Would not permit them to steal a little straight dress pin! Why? Because I have impregnated them with Honesty, with Competence and with Truth, and I have established their going in the land of the living and they have become to be the personification of these attributes and characteristics!

So then I say, let these thoughts go home with you and wheresoever you go in any other country or at your home, you do not have to see ME Personally. You need not come near ME Personally! Aren't you glad! I have so many around ME Personally, I do not have room for them to stand! You may not even ever come near ME Personally. I need not go near you Personally, but hold ME in Consciousness conscientiously, sympathetically and harmoniously and I will be with you; and be conscious of My Presence with you as Omnipotent, Omniscient and yet, Omnipresent as well as Ever Present in every expression, seeing and hearing everything you do and everything you say! By such a conviction, I will give you the Victory over all adversities; for GOD'S Presence brings desirable results, while the "other fellow's" brings undesirable results! See the mystery? Do you all see that mystery?

GOD'S Presence moving out upon the face of the water; GOD'S Presence brought the desirable results, for IT said,

'Let there be light and there was light'

because GOD'S Presence was moving out on the face of the waters and GOD'S Presence said,

'Let dry land appear'

and dry land came forth into expression because it was GOD'S Presence speaking! Not so much in words after the manner of men, as you may think that GOD would speak orally, but the very Presence of GOD was speaking to His Own Creation and bringing into outer expression the desirable blessing of Creation because GOD was Present! (FATHER laughs His Mighty, Holy laugh, the laughter of GOD, and continues speaking:)

Then I say, the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is truly the Source of all supply and it will satisfy every good desire, and none shall lack in My Abundance who are in harmony with ME, for there is a-full and a-plenty for all!

Then I say, you have something to praise GOD for, even as I have! It is wonderful! As afore said, so many people wish they could get the desirable help and desirable clerical help and desirable stenographers and desirable domestic help and desirable farm labor and the like. My Spirit and My Presence will bring ME anything that life demands and anything I desire! Not only anything, but it shall bring the results from every angle expressible! The desirable results will result when and wheresoever I AM Present and recognized as being Present, for the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all supply!

I recall in the teens, in the nineteen hundreds and nineteen and nineteen and tens and all along from that time, people would come to ME and they would desire to get help and questioned: "Why is it and how is it YOU can have so many servants or co-workers or whatsoever they may have thought them to be?" and I said:

'The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all supply.'

I said, and if you be conscious of GOD'S Presence and live thus accordingly, the abundance of the fullness of the Consciousness of Good, you will find, and no space will be vacant of the fullness thereof.

Now I say, take ME along with you from a psychological and from a mental and spiritual point of view; but be honest in words, deeds and actions and in every transaction; I will be with you and will do by you as I do by ME, for I AM completely abundantly blessed and limitlessly free! I have no barriers or limitations, for I did say scripturally:

'If you continue in My Words, you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.'

I thank you.



PEACE, EVERYONE! We did not mean to bore you by taking up so much time, as the time seems to be quite well expired and there are many here still to eat as well as those who have dined, but I did wish to convey the thought for the consideration of what I had said, how the very Spirit of My Presence works and how you may see and know when I AM Personally absent or if I chose to cease to operate or express at this Church or any other Church, I AM here when I AM Personally absent and I AM just as operative and expressive, for I AM Universal! I thank you. Now aren't you glad? ("So glad, GOD Almighty!" exclaimed the assembly.) Those of you who desire to have a little souvenir, it doesn't amount to anything, but it might be an abstract expression as a sketch of a reflection of My Version. (FATHER holds up the place card and says:)

'Unite all nations with Bonds of Peace; in the Air, on the Land, on the Sea! UNIFY! UNIFY! UNIFY!'

You see the picture of both hemispheres and also you see the airplane representing how you go in the air; the train, on the land; and the ship, on the sea. Let ME be with thee! Those who have not dined and if you do not be seated to get the place card, no doubt you will be able to get a place card for consideration to commit to memory this very happy occasion in the Unification of all nations. I thank you. (FATHER pauses a moment and then says:) For this is the way it must be all over this wide extended plane!