Excerpt from the Introduction to The Word of GOD Revealed re: FATHER DIVINE'S Work and Mission.

First picture of FATHER DIVINE
taken in 1932 in Washington, D. C.

1932 Picture of FATHER DIVINE


Here, in the New World, (America) an amalgamation of all nations, tongues and people declared the right of every man to life, liberty and the reality of happiness. Here, the fulfillment of the dreams of philosophers among the ancients, of all men from ages back who lived close to GOD, were realized. The institution of the Law of the Spirit of Life which came through Jesus Christ, was molded into a framework for government by the people, for the people and through the people.

Under such a democratic form of government, GOD's Spirit was free to govern by love rather than by force. Man could follow his inner urge and bring the CHRIST to fruition.

But as the conglomerated states welded themselves into a nation and it grew and expanded, another form of tyranny began to creep in and the issue of slavery brought about civil war.

Again freedom won out and the slaves were emancipated though their plight under freedom was in many instances worse than in the days of slavery. Discriminated against on every hand, despised, spat upon, kicked and beaten, yes, lynched at the tree, these new citizens of "the land of the free," lacking even rudimentary education, lived under economic distress of the worst kind.

The situation not only became a hindrance to America's own development, but a festering sore within her inmost parts. . . . . .


Panic and Depression

While the sore festered and a segment of the populace was terrorized by such organizations as the Ku Klux Klan and by frequent lynching's not brought to justice because the arms of the law itself were perpetrators, America still prospered, pretending not to see or not even caring about the plight of some of its citizens.



An Excerpt from FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb


Installment 6

Editor's Note: Late Sunday evening, November 15, 1931, a very spirited praise meeting was in progress at FATHER DIVINE'S Sayville home on Macon Street. Disturbed neighbors called police. Mr. Lamb describes the scene.


"If one could die for the Truth they would live on in the Truth expressive through all mankind." This statement was made by FATHER at the morning meal after the Kingdom had been raided by local, state and county police, and we had all been arrested and held in court all night. The raid was made about midnight Sunday night in the midst of a great demonstration of the Spirit, while various Angels were singing in foreign tongues, dancing and praising GOD. The vibrations were very high and everyone was moved, until all were standing with their hands in the air. This demonstration at such a late hour was contrary to the usual custom, as we usually do not sing after eight o'clock in the evening, and not only that, the windows were open and the blinds were not drawn. This is the first time, in my recollection, that this has happened, as the curtains are usually pulled down and the windows closed at ten o'clock. Thus it was apparently FATHER'S Will, as HE was present at the table continually.

The house was first surrounded and hose lines were laid so that water could be poured in, if necessary, to quiet us down. The troopers came in several times by the front door, but could get no further than the front room for nearly an hour, as they were apparently held beck by FATHER'S Will to witness the demonstration. Finally, one went around and came in to the dining room by the back door and said he wanted to speak to FATHER. FATHER turned and said in a loud voice, "SPEAK" and the trooper bolted out the door like a flash. FATHER then quieted the demonstration and we all stood silent in the room for about ten minutes. FATHER said,

"I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me," and quietly led us into the front part of the house. There we found the State Troopers waiting, and they said we were all under arrest but preferred not to use any force.



The Suffolk Citizen


Many Witnesses Testify For and Against Him; Jury Recommends Mercy For ... Evangelist. Sentence Monday

The Rev. M. J. Divine of 72 Macon Street was convicted on Wednesday by a jury in the Nassau County Court before Judge Lewis J. Smith, on an indictment charging Him with maintaining a public nuisance at His local tabernacle.

The indictment followed a raid on the Divine establishment last winter when He and about eighty of His followers were brought before Justice Charles Duryea and charged with disorderly conduct, after neighbors had complained of loud noises coming from the house.


Jury Recommends Leniency

The jury recommended leniency and Divine was remanded to the county jail for sentence on May 31.

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An Excerpt from Installment 11


Retribution That Followed Wake of Persecution in Sayville

The following attests the law of retributive justice that is psychologically meted out according to the scientific functioning of the inexorable laws of GOD.

What newspapers failed to mention was that the death of Judge Lewis J. Smith came within four days after sentencing FATHER DIVINE and giving HIM the maximum penalty under the law of the court. His official statement revealed that he did not have time to go into the case, but took the counsel of critics and ill- advisers into consideration and quickly closed the case.

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