FATHER DIVINE Sowed the Good Seeds
His Words Could Not Return unto Him Void.

The Good Seeds Are Coming To Fruition


The Architect has flung trillions of good seeds in the name of God in every direction of the Universe. These seeds are finally springing up in the minds and hearts of thinking men everywhere; in government, education, industry.

Of what was President Eisenhower thinking when he said: "Peace, It's wonderful" - - - - borrowing a phrase from Rev. Major J. (Father) Divine. "I can't conceive of anything more important to the American people than security and peace in this troubled world".

Why did President Kennedy so urgently stress the immediate importance of Civil Rights legislation?

Why does President Johnson say in his state of the Union message to Congress and to the nation - "We must abolish not some but all racial discrimination. It is a moral issue and it must be met by the passage this session of the bill now pending in the House".

Why are so many new free nations springing up all over the world, particularly in Africa?

Why are corporations requesting vendors not to send them gifts or bribes?

Why is the hope for Peace so fervently spoken of and prayed for and worked for in 1964?

FATHER DIVINE sowed the good seeds, and they are coming to fruition from shore to shore and from land to land according to His promise that His words could not return unto Him void.

At Woodmont , in the hills of Southeastern Pennsylvania, a few miles from Independence Hall, a great American lives with a beautiful Virgin bride by His side. She is the perfect example of virtue, holiness, and beauty. Thousands of children in many lands call her Mother and strive to attain her spiritual grace.

The Mount of the House of the Lord at Woodmont

In Woodmont, as in thousands of homes and churches and extensions throughout the world which are operated in the spirit of the teachings of FATHER DIVINE, there is peace and plenty, joy and happiness and the fullest expression of perfect Brotherhood. Sin and sorrow, sickness and segregation are no more. Theirs is the New World created according to the Plans of the Great Architect, known as FATHER DIVINE.

To these holy dwellings have come rich and poor, sick and sound, Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Gentile, truth teacher, Buddhist, atheist and others,- only to learn that they are truly of one blood, created by one loving Father.

Here there is no strife and no division. They gather together in unity to love and praise God. The Christ spirit expressing itself through spiritualized bodies and minds moves freely in merriness, song and dance. The atmosphere is contagionized with germs of healing.


He is a free gift to all men everywhere. Those who love and follow Him have received their keys to the Kingdom of this good New World.

For more than fifty years the writer has watched the heroic building of the new world and has adored its architect, whose name is FATHER DIVINE.