"Segregated Terms Have Been Used Through The Ages, But Men Have Not Realized
The Detrimental Effect They Had on The People." --- FATHER DIVINE

Our Father's Message Whilst at The Holy Communion Table 1887-1889 Madison Avenue New York City
Wednesday, April 29th, 1942 A.D.F.D., Time; 6:00 p.m.



at Macon Avenue, Sayville, L.I., N.Y.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at Macon Avenue, Sayville, L.I., N.Y.

With our democracy constantly at stake the nation's heads still refuse to get at the root of the evil that is endangering it, division. Here and there some effort is put forth to appease a certain group on one or two small issues, but the core of the insidious cancer, prejudice, remains to corrupt our nation.

The testimony of a school teacher brought out one of the primary causes of division when she related that she had refused to identify anyone under the classification of a certain race or color, to fill the position of registrar, and thus forfeited the position rather than go contrary to her religious conviction, knowing that the use of segregated terms creates division in itself.

Referring to this issue in His glorious Message, our SAVIOR points out how the nation must unlearn the practices taught individuals since childhood in order that a Perfect Union may be attained and Victory result.


(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and FATHER'S Message follows:)

PEACE, EVERYONE! Good Health, Good Will and a Good Appetite; Good Manners and Good Behavior; all Success and all Prosperity! These and all other blessings of the foundation of the creation I AM re-speaking and re-creating and re-establishing where they are not established.

At this particular instance I have arisen to stress once again for your consideration the significance of harmonization. As you heard the reading of the Message in the different sermons given, it is a marvelous privilege to all of the peoples of civilization to get together now according to the very Spirit and the very Hand of Nature. The Spirit of GOD by creation and by the Hand of Nature created and brought into existence GOD'S creation. Hereditively and relatively you are relative to each other. You do not feel your real expression of your Creator until you contact the Source, the Supply and the System from whence cometh the supply; therefore, the system in itself of segregation and discrimination is not in keeping with the Creator and the Creative Forces of Nature.

As soon as you do one thing in harmony and in keeping with the Creative Forces of Nature, with the plan and the purpose of your Creator, you get the foretaste of Glory, the Substance of it. It will tell you in itself there is something better by endeavoring to do something in keeping and in harmony with the plan and the purpose of the Almighty.

Hence, by these crises, trials and tribulations and the misery, disappointment and failure the millions are undergoing, it has caused you and all government to have the actual need of harmony, of unity and fellowship. By this you seek it because you see without it you are failures. The crises will come upon you by the prediction of your own statement; by the prediction of your own representatives religiously and by every avenue of expression GOD Himself through His own creation is telling you without the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose, according to the Creative Forces of Nature and according to the Hand of Nature, you will be a failure.

I need not say more from that angle of expression directly, but I had thought to say when the speaker here at My right mentioned not using a segregate term, I mean the teacher who mentioned herself refusing to use a segregated term, a term that is used for the purpose of lowration and for discrimination; for the purpose of distortion and bringing about a division among the nations more and more daily; the Word has been used through the ages but men observed not the mystery of the psychological effect it had over and on the people. They did not know they were robbing themselves by being taught and allowing such to be in language.

Unite all nations in bonds of Peace

Unite all nations in bonds of Peace


The enemy of our democracy has used every method possible to bring about division and confusion among the nations; to create insurrection, division and strife by using segregational terms concerning each other, and millions of other methods they have devised and inspired men by or with, to undermine the real Kingdom of Peace. But oh, how glorious it is to realize I AM here now! If I did not have a letter of the English alphabet, I did not say I did not have one; I do not say I do not have one; but if I did not have a letter of the English alphabet I have and AM all Omniscience!

Then I say, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition; to know definitely Who is right down here with you. Look at the Works of His mystery; and the people cannot understand Him! But Unifying the people together, such in itself is an expression of GOD'S Omniscience according to His Plan and Purpose from the beginning of the creation.

The enemy has used every method and every agency at his or at their disposal or service to destroy the Peace, Harmony, Unity and Tranquility of humanity; but CHRIST your LORD and your SAVIOR, the Wayshower to salvation, came in the Person of Jesus as a Teacher of Salvation.

'His Name shall be called Immanuel,'

said the Predictor of Salvation,

'being interpreted, GOD is with us.'

Such a Name was a prediction in itself and truly CHRIST came on the earth in the Sonship degree to tell you that GOD was with thee. The very Name in itself was to tell you that, and the Mission by which CHRIST commissioned His disciples to go and preach the Gospel, Good News and Glad Tidings, which was to say, to tell the people GOD is with them, GOD is truly with you; to bring an end to every sense of division, for it was not so from the beginning.

In the beginning of the creation they were all of One Language and of One Speech; hence, they were all of One Nation and were all of One Tongue; but through self-exaltation, by trying to build a tower up into heaven, to the highest light of spiritual unfoldment, in selfishness and in self-exaltation, the language changed into languages many so that they could not understand it. They became different nations and a division of people. Hence, they were in Adam, driven from the Garden of Eden.

But what said the mystery concerning the driving or the drifting of mortality or the Adamic state of consciousness from the Garden of Eden, after it drifted away for the purpose of keeping that state of consciousness away from the Tree of Life. that is, the Adam consciousness or that state of consciousness, whichever, which would put forth his hand and take and eat and live forever? The Cherubim was put there to keep the way of the Tree of Life, in other words, put there to keep the way from the Tree of Life, lest Adam would put forth his hand and take and eat and live forever.

Man in the name of Adam lived subject to the laws of death and destruction until CHRIST came, but CHRIST came as the redeemer and the Savior of men to bring them back into the Garden from whence they were driven, back in fellowship with GOD in the Unity of the spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose. That was the mission of Jesus; therefore, He prayed it and said definitely: "I pray not that Thou shalt take them out of the world but that Thou shalt keep them from the evil."

So the division should be no more; but the enemy of salvation has tried to keep this great division, this great gulf between man and man, between GOD and man to keep them in confusion by keeping them divided one against the other. Hence, I thought when the speaker mentioned her refusal to allow herself to endorse a segregational term in reference to people, American Citizens, that term that is used for the purpose of lowration and for the purpose of keeping a division; the ignorance of so-called civilized people and even of a good many of our representatives caused such to come out in prayer, and yet we are saying daily officially: let there be no division among the American people!

We are saying it through our Chief Executive and through other statesmen and representatives, but so long as you teach your children and your pupils segregational terms to be used concerning yourself and your fellowmen, it is a gulf in itself; it has a psychological effect, not only a psychological effect but it has a moral effect to bring about a division mentally and spiritually, for your name is your nature and if you are divided by nature through your school, trying to live in such a recognition, you are susceptive to division physically because you have paved out the way mentally and spiritually.

You cannot unite together; it is foolishness to talk about it as long as you are divided mentally and spiritually and allow yourself to be many different nations, races, colors and creeds, the creation of the "other fellow" and not the creation of the Almighty. So long as you tolerate such it is a matter of impossibility for you to get together. It is folly to talk about it! To represent those segregational terms such as from your infancy you were taught, it divided yourself and others from your fellow citizens bringing about a discrimination in person to place you in another part of the city and your fellow citizens in the other part of the city, to create Jimcrowism, segregation and other discriminatory practices which are not American.

You have to do away with that learning you have learned and bring an abolition to every so-called division and segregational term that has been established for the purpose of lowration and for the purpose of segregation and discrimination. But oh, how glorious it is to know I AM bringing men and women, self-exalted and divided minds, to their knees, and causing them to see the folly of using discriminatory terms and continuing the discriminatory practices in speaking of American citizens.

Not one of you should sign your name as a "so and so", known as a "so and so." There is not any such a name of a race of people as "so-and-so" or "so-and-so." Such has been devised by the "other fellow" through mortality and through prejudice to keep the people divided; but I came to bring you together. Here is the sample and example I AM daily demonstrating what we shall have in the post-war days: a Utopian Government where all men shall be united together is not far distant. GOD Himself shall unite this people in answer to His Own prediction. Aren't you glad? There shall be no division among you.

"Let there be no division among you," but I AM getting at the Cause and the effect will wane of its own abnormal weight and will disappear into its nothingness from whence it came, and GOD alone from this angle of expression and from My own Ideas and Opinions shall reign as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings.

This is the sample, this is the example. We shall have a government in the future just as it is under My Personal jurisdiction in My Holy Communion Hall and at My Private Banquet Table, where the abundance of the fullness shall be supplied to each and all of the people. This is the kind of government we shall have; this is what I AM talking about, and there shall be no division among this people for I shall Unite them effectively according to the plan and the purpose of the Almighty.

Oh, how glorious it is to observe the mystery! It is more glorious to observe it when it is demonstrated explicitly, for I AM demonstrating it in the actuated words of expression. I AM telling you better than I could tell you merely by the lip service Personally.

This is the sample, this is the example; daily preaching and administering Perfection and demonstrating it in all of your communities; telling you of success and prosperity and how all government shall be when GOD shall have been selected and elected as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, Who shall reign on the throne of the minds of men and have free access over them.

I have men of labor, profession and trade come to ME from time to time, a good many statesmen, teachers of philosophy and the highly honored, respected intellectuals; a good many of them have not learned the first lesson that causes segregation. The very first word they say almost, they have not learned to eliminate the very word they say. They are ignorant, thinking they are intelligent because they may use some grammatical phrases, and they think their diction is perfect, but they are absolutely illiterate in consideration if they are not conscious of bringing about segregation by using segregational terms and continuing to endorse such an unholy thing. "Let there be no division among you." "I pray that they may be one even as we are one."

Even when the country as a nation drafted our Constitution and when we inscribed the inscription on our coin, E Pluribus Unum, it was an inspiration from the Infinite ONE to bring all of the people together in the Unity of the spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose, that there should be no division among us; but for the lack of understanding it is taught in your schools even until now, in violation to the Constitution; therefore, in this city it is distinctly understood not one of My followers was obliged to put down or sign a segregational term concerning his name for the Draft.

You are an American; you are American citizens by birth or by naturalization; therefore, be at least of the American Race, if you term it as races, but not a race and a color or the complexion of the skin, for who knows what dwells within? Hence, the discriminatory practices of calling different nationalities vulgar names has caused this nation to be a vulgar nation. Vulgarity has polluted the nation consciously or unconsciously, and if you are not thoughtful, at times some old preconceived idea or opinion will spring up in you and cause you to use a vulgar, unconstitutional term concerning yourself or some one of your fellow citizens.

Truly might have one declared, even concerning Jesus:

'He learned obedience by the things He suffered.'

The nation has been obliged to suffer much hardship, many trials and tribulations and even the present crises and conflicts of inhuman warfare to bring about the recognition and the significance of the Unity of the spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose and the coalition of a real cabinet of Brotherhood among men. Oh, how glorious it is to observe the mystery!

They must, they must, they must unite and be as One man at Jerusalem or else they will be failures. But the privilege is to overcome the enemy and you will overcome the enemy by overcoming that enemy within you; by overcoming all selfishness and prejudice and prejudicial tendencies within you by living soberly, righteously and GODLY; by expressing your citizenry accordingly. It will overcome the external enemy outside of you by overcoming the enemy within you. Hence the Unity of the Spirit will do it, first unifying with your CREATOR, your highest intuition within, by being governed by the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in Christ Jesus. By living soberly, righteously and GODLY among the people you will overcome all outside enemies and conflicters and you will not have an occasion to fret nor worry, for GOD Himself will be with you.

It is a marvelous thought to realize, as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. The Gospel did not exactly explain it definitely in that way, but as it was in the beginning, "all things were made by Him," it stops there and leaves you to get the interpretation. Since "GOD is His own interpreter and He will make it plain," things that have been hid for ages and hid from the wise and prudent but revealed to babes and sucklings, GOD is explaining it and them distinctly.

Live in this recognition; co-operate with that which is in evidence. You know you would rather have a government like this right here in this dining room than any other government devised and described by man; than any other administration that has been or shall come; an Administration of GOD'S Government on earth among men when GOD reigns in His own administration, so will it be from shore to shore and from land to land. We shall live in Peaceful and Quiet resting places and we will not study war any more. Aren't you glad? For at this time when it shall have been accepted whole-heartedly by all of the peoples of the earth, they will bring an end to all division and strife, and Hitlerism will no longer be considered in our lives. Aren't you glad? He will no longer have access for expression, for GOD Himself shall bind the strong man and shall spoil his corruptible and unholy goods! I thank you!