FATHER DIVINE'S Correspondence with government officials
re: the Standard HE has lifted.

"I Have Long Been Fulfilling the Proposal of Secretary of State Stettinius
as He Urges a World Rights Bill"

FATHER DIVINE at His office desk.

FATHER DIVINE at His office desk.







764-772 S. Broad Street Philadelphia 46, Pa.,

May 17, 1945 A.D.F.D.

Mr. J. A. Woodson, Chief,
Division of Bookkeeping and Warrants
Treasury Department
Washington 25, D. C.
My dear Mr. Woodson

I have your letters of the 9th and 15th advising ME of additional contributions from some of MY followers in amounts totaling one hundred seventeen dollars and fifty cents.

I encourage the people to express a real citizenry of Americanism by way of paying, their bills and working hand in hand with every man for the fulfillment of the Bill of Rights, for in these positive actions, they enforce law and order in their lives, in their communities and in the nation governmentally.

By this, you can see how I have long been fulfilling the proposal of Secretary of State Stettinius as he urges a World Rights Bill. The foundation has been laid and every right thinking representative of government at home and abroad can see the power of unity behind such a proposal. If they cannot see it theoretically, they can see it through the force of MY Activities in the amalgamation of millions of people of all nationalities, races, creeds and colors.

Then can we I see that the millions following ME have individually gained the reality of the four freedoms, for they are free from want and fear as they express honest freedom of speech and religious worship. By this, they prove their independence in the greatest terms of Democracy, and establish their rights of freedom even without the law, for they have a new birth of freedom under God.

If the proposal of Secretary Stettinius is adopted and made law in the United Nations Organization, it will be a force for good in winning the peace, and it will go down in history as legislation inspired by God, even as the Founding Fathers of the Constitution were inspired by faith and confidence in the Almighty.

The principle of Democracy remains the same and we can recognize it in every act of government that is made for the common welfare of every man everywhere. An International Bill of Rights will dissolve the division of nations, not merely economically, but socially and politically; yet through economic justice, where all trade barriers are broken down and every nation gives and receives a square deal, there lies the solution to social and political unity of the nations.

MY Work shall go on with or without the law, yet, it shall legalize Righteousness. as seen in a World Rights Bill; for Democracy Shall Not merely be an abstract principle, but a scientific working power in the land, that all men everywhere may become to be as this leaves ME, as I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful. Lively. Loving, Successful. Prosperous anti Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form.

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM

REV. M. J. Divine

(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)




"Civilization is Standing on the Threshold' of a New World Wherein Dwelleth Righteousness"


Mrs. Frank Gary
174 Spring Street Leonia, N. J.

My dear Mrs. Gary:

Your letter of the 15th is at hand and I AM glad to know that one of MY followers has completed payment of a loan she received in 1929, of one hundred eighty dollars, by making the final payment of twenty eight dollars to you.

Democracy must be a reality for all humanity that mankind can enjoy economic, social, political and financial liberty universally, even as MY true followers do, through living the Principles of real Americanism. The Spirit of Democracy actually eradicates all fear. Even as this present war reaches a conclusion with V-E Day behind us, you find the majority of the people fearing another war in the immediate future. Such fear of course, is not without foundation; for until men live the Principles of Democracy, Brotherhood, Christianity and Americanism, as being synonymous, there is no way to be at PEACE.

However, Democracy enacted as I have it jurisdictionally actually can and does free the people from fear. It frees them from fear of poverty, from fear of dependency, from fear of depressions, failures, lacks, wants and limitations for it establishes the Brotherhood of man where one serves all and all serve one. If you were convinced that every living person on earth was working for your welfare, for your good, you would not be afraid of them for you would have no cause to fear them; and if every person on earth could be convinced that you were working for their common good., they would not fear you. That is the mystery of real Democracy, a Government of E Pluribus Unum where one serves all and all serve one.

Mankind could not observe the reality of GOD in Government until I manifested it, Materialized it and made GOD a Reality for humanity by allowing: HIM to have access in business, profession, labor and trade and in every phase of human activities. Thus, I have established Righteousness for all civilization to behold and set forth a standard that all mankind must copy after if they are to have a just and lasting PEACE.

Civilization is standing on the threshold of a New World wherein dwelleth Righteousness, and those who will not throw off the mantle of alienism which they have worn and be clothed with the. Principles of Democracy, the Garment of Virtue, Brotherhood and Peace, cannot enter herein, for this is the wedding garment of which Jesus spoke.

Then I say, if, all men would copy after this fashion we would have a Righteous Government, and every living creature would enjoy this privilege of becoming to be even as this leaves ME as I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous And Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form.

Respectfully and Sincere. I AM


Better known as FATHER DIVINE





Jacob K. Javits, New York
United States Senate
Washington, D. C.
August 21, 1963

Miss B. Mary Love
1887 Madison Avenue New York, 10035

Dear Miss Love:

Thank you for your recent communication regarding civil rights.

As you know, I have long fought in the Congress for meaningful civil rights legislation and for an end to the coercive effect of the filibuster. I fully support the proposed legislation which the President has now sent to the Congress to meet the national crisis in civil rights which the Nation faces.

Enclosed for your information is a copy of the statements made by a group of Republican Senators, including myself, upon introduction early this year of comprehensive legislation based upon the twenty-seven legislative recommendations of the United States Civil Rights Commission. I call your attention particularly to my remarks which appear on pages 4843 to 4849. 1 am also enclosing for your information materials relating to our recent introduction of an additional measure, which it is increasingly clear is vital to the success of the civil rights struggle so deeply touching the American conscience and American destiny at home and abroad.

Your concern in this vital issue is deeply appreciated and shared, I assure you. I will work at it until every American, as required by the Constitution, has an equal opportunity to develop himself whatever may be his race, creed, color, or national origin.

With best wishes,


Jacob Javits, U.S.S.

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Righteous Government Department FATHER DIVINE'S International Peace Mission Movement

September 1, 1963 A.D.F.D.
Mr. Roy Wilkins
Executive Director, NAACP
New York City

Dear Sir:

Having listened to your interview with a news reporter last evening and having heard the statement which you made concerning federal intervention in the Alabama situation, I am writing to say that we are in complete agreement with your assertion, and that you are absolutely correct in so stating.

I am enclosing herewith a tear sheet from the weekly paper which carried a reprint of an appeal that was sent to the President of the United States in the year 1947 by Rev. FATHER DIVINE regarding those unconstitutional state laws which have been used to hamper and even to murder the underprivileged.

FATHER DIVINE has for lo these many years demanded the abolition of those unjust state laws and it must be done. Press on without malice, for this racial upheaval is only a forerunner of a united America with the same rights for all, granted and practiced in every department of our everyday American life.

FATHER DIVINE has united the apparent races in a divided nation, and HE has said, that as it is under HIS Personal jurisdiction and among the adherents of HIS Teaching, so shall it be from shore to shore and from the White House to the cabin in the cotton. This appeal made in 1947 has also been made in the form of stickers which we place on our mail, thereby taking the Message to the public at large.

Know that the struggle shall not be in vain and that victory is just around the corner.

Extending our best wishes.

Sincerely, B. M. Love




National Association for the Advancement of C- - d People

Twenty West Fortieth Street, New York 18, N. Y., Bryant 9-1400, October 9, 1963

Mr. B. M. Love
Righteous Government Department
Father Divine's International Peace Mission Movement
1887 Madison Avenue, New York 35P New York

Dear Mr. Love:

This will acknowledge your letter of September 17. We are encouraged to learn that Father Divine's International Peace Mission Movement supports our request for federal intervention in Alabama.

For your information I am enclosing a copy of my July 22 testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee.

With best wishes, I am

Sincerely, Roy Wilkins, Executive Secretary.




April 3, 1964, A.D.F.D.
Dr. Marcus Bach
Professor of Comparative Religion
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

My dear Dr. Bach:

It was MY pleasure to be watching Mr. Art Linkletter's television program on yesterday when you appeared as his guest.

I enjoyed your remarks concerning your experiences with the various religious groups, one of which was The Peace Mission Movement or The Kingdom as you spoke of it. It recalled MY Mind back to your visit of over eighteen years ago and Mother Divine and I, a s well as MY Staff, are happy to hear from you once again in this way.

May I wish for you continued success in all of your righteous endeavors and may I WILL that this will find you even as I AM, for this leaves ME Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every ATOM, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form.

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM

REV. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D.D.

(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)


Encls. 2 place cards




Marcus Bach
Iowa City, Iowa, April 14, 1964

Memo to: Rev. M.J.Divine, D.D.

There could not have been a better or a more welcome comment on my Linkletter appearance than your deeply appreciated letter. The broadcast created widespread interest and many people are writing to me, but there was something about your words that brought back fond and nostalgic memories. Life is made more precious by such remembrances.

Many things have happened to me and my work since we were together. I have had an opportunity for considerable travel and research and most of my impressions have been put into books and articles. I know that you have a policy not to accept gifts, but I sincerely trust that you and Mother Divine will accept a copy of my latest publication entitled ' LET LIFE BE LIKE THIS!" It is a collection of inspirational impressions gathered in various countries around the world and seeks to find the good, the true, and the beautiful beneath the seeming discord and tension of our time.

Bless you abundantly in your continuing service to mankind and when next I am in Philadelphia I surely want to pay my respect to you and your staff. From April 19 to May 22 1 will be speaking each Sunday in Carnegie Hall, New York, sharing some of my spiritual discoveries with audiences there.

Faithfully yours,

Marcus Bach

Author of: Strange Altars - The Dream Gate- Major Religions of the World, The Will to Believe - Report to Protestants - God and the Soviets - Faith and My Friends - Adventures in Faith - Let Life be Like This! - The Circle of Faith - Of Faith and Learning - Make it an Adventure - Had You Been Born in Another Faith - They Have Found a Faith - Strange Sects and Curious Cults - The Unity Way of Life

Quoting from Dr. Bach's telegram to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE on the occasion of their 18th Anniversary: "You are continually touching more and more lives; it is good to be living in your time" -

Marcus Bach