"Judaism, This Is Your Country!(America) Somewhere in and on the Borders of the Free
and under the Flag of the Free You Should Be, for this Is God's Country"

"Hear, O Israel! O Israel! Hear the Voice of GOD. Return unto ME and I Will Turn to You.'

Re:The Persecution of the Jews and The Promised Land.



Father Divine reviews parade
against persecution of Jews in 1939.

Father Divine reviews parade against persecution of Jews in 1939.





FATHER DIVINE came to bring the abundant life to all people by causing them to live in Peace and Brotherhood under the FATHERHOOD of GOD and in the Consciousness of GOD's Actual Presence with them. Therefore HE Personally stood in defense of all mistreated people, not the Afro-Americans alone. HIS was the lone Voice raised in the early 1930's in condemnation of the persecution of the Jews in Germany. It was not until the European countries saw themselves threatened by Hitler that they rose in opposition to him.


After the war in Europe had commenced, on October 6, 1940, FATHER DIVINE said:



'As you see and hear of what I AM actually doing among the children of men, you will understand better, for I will speak in actions better than I can tell you. . . . By the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose, I have the Sample, I have the Example, and I can show others how to do it. . . . I came to emancipate the under-privileged of all mankind. . . .
'Nearly ten years ago I sent out many demands to cease the persecution of the Jews in Germany and in all countries.'

It was on June 6, 1947 that HE spoke of how:



'Judaism gave us this Biblical history of which we now represent, and through Judaism came the Babe of Bethlehem, the Lord and the Savior of Christianity. And from all of them I came, enveloping the Old Testament, the New Testament and representing the two great political documents of our Democracy as synonymous.'


However, FATHER DIVINE did not fail to point out to the Jewish people that they had brought persecution upon themselves by failing to unify with the people in whose nation they found themselves. GOD unfolds HIMSELF in the lives of the people through the years, and in the time of Moses, it was essential that the belief in one GOD be preserved among the godless nations, and GOD required the Jews to refrain from inter-marrying and unifying with others. When Jesus came on the scene, He demonstrated the true union of man with his GOD his FATHER within and Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the world and preach to all peoples.

But because the Jews had not advanced in understanding as GOD unfolded HIMSELF through the years, they could not see and recognize Jesus, and until this day have remained back in the days of Moses religiously. Therefore when FATHER DIVINE came to emancipate all peoples, they could not see and recognize HIM any more than they had been able to see Jesus. On December 16, 1938 FATHER DIVINE said:


'Emancipation is now open to those called Jews by their accepting MY Message with the Spirit of Sincerity, forgetting their Adamic lineage and recognizing the Christ Consciousness as the Redeemer and Savior.

'GOD as a Protector, as a hen bird protecting her young, GOD has truly come to the children of men. This is now the hope and the only hope as a nation of all of the under-privileged. They cannot be lifted from these and other conditions saving as they recognize the Fundamental and receive the Lifter One Who can emancipate them. Then I say: Hear, O Israel! O Israel! Hear the Voice of GOD. Return unto ME and I will turn to you.'
'It should have been like that years and years back, but because of staying in that Adamic state of consciousness and refusing to obey the Voice of the Almighty as I spoke through the mouth of David and said: 'Forget about your own people and your father's house, My heart has been inditing a great matter. Mine eyes have seen the King. . . . My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.'
'I was willing and ready to write to them. But whilst I was speaking and writing through the Psalmic prediction to the forty-fifth Psalm of David, they would not hear MY Voice. They did not heed it and they will not hear it until now. For this cause they, as a nation, have been going through the trials and tribulations, persecution and through massacres and such like as that, by the savages of all of the divers countries, because they did not obey the Commandments of the Almighty.
' 'Forget about your own people.' Unify together as this country I came as a representative of the Fundamental 'E Pluribus Unum', 'In GOD we trust.'
The United States of America united all states together allegedly, and all of the peoples of America collectively, being some fifty-seven to fifty-nine nationalities, unified together to make up America; and yet not any one especially stressing his respective nationality, saving stressing and expressing Americanism, the great thing required to be an American citizen, to be really represented in this great republic, in this great democratic country of which we are stressing for Americanism through MY Spirit, to be converted and brought into actuality as a living reality, and no longer be Americanism, but be true Evangelism from this standard of expression going forth into and to all other nations, converting them into true Evangelism as is now called Americanism.'

Stressing the necessity of being born again everyone though here speaking of the Jews, FATHER said, May 11, 1938:


'There are those of the Jewish nationality under the curse from which I have striven to lift them and free them from such conditions, but they still are and will still remain under the curse so long as they hold on to the same disposition, the nature and the characteristics of those who opposed or crucified or endorsed the Crucifixion of Jesus. So long as they hold in with that spirit and that mind, as a nation or as an individual, they are still under the curse, and the curse befalls them wheresoever they go. They are mistreated by all other nationalities.

'They could be lifted from such conditions by being emancipated from their former disposition, from the nature and the characteristics as being termed "the Jews" who would hate Jesus, and unify themselves with all of the nations and recognize the Universal Brotherhood of man and the conscious realization of the Fatherhood of GOD. By this and only this, or such as this, will they be emancipated and freed from the curse completely such as they have been under since the Crucifixion of Jesus.'

In 1947 when so many Jews desired to return to Palestine and set up their own nation, FATHER DIVINE did not endorse it and on February 19, 1947 HE delivered a very powerful Message on this subject:


'I told the Jewish people I would not endorse it and I would not encourage it, and I will not help anyone or cause anyone to give another a penny to help get all of the Jews back to Palestine so they can be massacred. All of the Jews had better stay away from Palestine. They had better stay away from Palestine!

'MY followers could have given them millions and millions of dollars, just like they gave the United States Government millions and millions of dollars! Could have given them millions and millions of dollars! To go back to Palestine? They had never been there, the majority of the Jews that are foolish enough to want to go back there! Go back to be massacred by the Arabs and by Great Britain's subjects? I will not endorse it. . . .
'This is your country! Somewhere in and on the borders of the Free and under the Flag of the Free you should be, for this is GOD's country! Predestined to be!'