FATHER DIVINE, MOTHER DIVINE And The International Peace Mission Movement

Present to the World Peace!


International Peace Place Card


Rev. M. J. DIVINE, Better Known as FATHER DIVINE


Mrs.. M. J. DIVINE, Better Known as MOTHER DIVINE

Greet All Mankind with the Salutation Peace!

International Peace! In the Air, On Land and On the Sea.




"Sincerely wishing that you and those with whom you are concerned
might be even as I AM
for I AM well, healthy, joyful, peaceful, lively, loving, successful, prosperous and happy
in spirit, body and mind
and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone
and even in every atom, fibre and cell of MY bodily form"




FATHER DIVINE ends all of HIS letters of correspondence with the above statement which may be considered
as the ultimate purpose and goal of FATHER DIVINE, MOTHER DIVINE,
and The Universal Peace Mission Movement.
We want all mankind to experience these attributes of GOD and thereby bring about the establishment
of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth for every living being to enjoy.




The following is the Primary Index to the Thousands of Files on This, FATHER DIVINE'S International Peace Mission Movement's Internet Site






  1. Come, Look and Live. MOTHER DIVINE Welcomes You to the Wonderful World of FATHER DIVINE Enter into this New Dispensation. Learn the reason for the great disturbances in the earth today. The Secrets of the Ages are Yours for the Asking.
  2. The Peace Mission Movement- Section 1. An Overview. The Peace Mission Movement is a book with information totally endorsed by the Churches of the Peace Mission Movement and a must read. Section 1 and Section 2 were written by MOTHER DIVINE for inclusion in the book Montgomery County, The Second Hundred Years.
  3. The Peace Mission Movement- Section 2. Supplementary reading..
  4. Concisely What We Believe in The Peace Mission Movement as Explained by FATHER DIVINE! Some of the basic principles, as excerpted from HIS sermons, lectures, letters and the Church By-Laws, are Precise Instructions for Establishing the Kingdom of God Here on Earth. It is the Source of the tenets of the Peace Mission Movement.
  5. Tenets of the Peace Mission Movement are our Articles of Faith and our way of living the Christ Life.
  6. The Sacred Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride,the Marriage of Christ to His Church,the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE to His Spotless Virgin Bride.
  7. Churches of the Peace Mission Movement.
  8. The Creeds of the Peace Mission Movement. Our Rule Book of Life. Also learn what FATHER DIVINE says about the significance of these creeds.
  9. 'He (Father Divine) Stands Today as the Greatest and Most Powerful Single Force in America'. The Savannah Journal, Savannah, Georgia, July 7 1940.
  10. Fifty Years of Incredible History! A New Era-A Great Change. FATHER DIVINE came to transform our mortal nature into the Divine, and bring Heaven to the earth by condescending to unite HIMSELF with mankind.
  11. The FATHER DIVINE Era of Civil Rights With Outstanding Dates, from 1867, (The 1876 census record of DIVINE) to the Present as a partial History of FATHER DIVINE, HIS Work and Mission. This is FATHER DIVINE - Sowing the Good Seeds of The Equality of Mankind, and of International Peace. If you're writing about FATHER DIVINE or just interested in learning the facts about Him you must get this authentic section on dates so that you don't fall into the trap of errors that so many of the previous writers have.
  12. Learn how the six Divine Hotels that were owned and operated by the Peace Mission Movement broke down the policy of total segregation that was prevalent in all of the first class hotels in the United States.
  13. Philadelphia City Officials, in 1939, went to New York City and invited FATHER DIVINE to come to Philadelphia and FATHER came for a three day service at the north Broad Street Phillies (former) Ball Park and the Music Fund Hall at 8th and Locust streets, September 3rd, 4th and 5th, 1939. This three-day trip to the 'City of Brotherly Love was one of the finest experiences ever witnessed by any people. Then in 1942 FATHER DIVINE moved His headquarters to Philadelphia.   Philadelphians, do you remember the former Philadelphia Phillies Ball Park, The Baker Bowl, the ball park at 2600 North Broad Street here in Philadelphia?
  14. Special! Special! Special! Selected Sermons, that Reflect on the Problems That Highlight the News Today.
  15. The Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride. The significance of FATHER DIVINE'S Holy Marriage.

MOTHER DIVINE welcomes you to visit the Shrine to Life.

  1. MOTHER DIVINE Welcomes You to The Holy Sanctuary of the Body of GOD. Come, Walk On The Holy Ground. Come and Study The Portal of Life Eternal and the Inspiring Words of FATHER DIVINE Inscribed on the Walls of the Shrine and Learn the Significance of Them as Portrayed on The Great Bronze Door, The Portal of Life Eternal which transports each visitor from his ancient beginnings through the present into the glorious future of man. MOTHER DIVINE Bids You Visit The Shrine To Life and the Mount of the House of the Lord.
  2. The Mount of the House of the Lord, Woodmont. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow unto it." - (Isaiah 2: 2, 3.)
  3. Photographic History. Woodmont was built in 1892 at an estimated cost of $1,OOO,OOO by the Honorable Alan Wood Jr.
  4. Woodmont, now designated A National Historic Landmark. The Government of The United States, through The National Park Service acknowledges FATHER DIVINE and The PEACE Mission Movement.
  5. The New Day Digest. This issue dedicated to The Mount of The House of the Lord as a National Historic Landmark. It's special. Don't miss it. Included are many photographs. Miss Marie Rust, who is the Regional Director of the National Park Service stated: "There are 2,176 properties listed as National Historic Landmarks most of which are in the northeast region. I would say that this site is the Jewel in the Crown of those 2,176 Landmarks."
  6. Experience the outdoor Award Presentation Service and the official unveiling of the plaque in front of The Shrine to Life and the Holy Communion Banquet Service that followed on September 12, 1999 AD, 54 FD. It was a grand affair. Included are many photographs.
  7. When to Visit and How to get to Woodmont, The Mount of the House of the Lord and The Shrine to Life.

The House of the Lord

The Manor House
  1. To see and hear movies of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE go on-line to "http://www.youtube.com" and search Father Divine and select what you want to see.   Also at http://peacemission.info is more original film of the Peace Mission movement reproduced digitally by Sharif. Sharif also has audio recordings here and much more.
  2. This is audio and video produced by Will Leurs and Leonard Primiano in cooperation with the Peace Mission. It's outstanding and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Go on-line to "http://taylorstreetstudio.com/fatherdivineproject".
  3. This link to Sermons and more information about the Peace Mission is a little more difficult but contains much information. Go to Google; search; Aaron Hermes Enaharo; enter. You must then select what is appropriate from all the material that becomes available.
  4. Official State Historical Marker Erected at the Divine Lorraine Hotel. Another Spectacular Event in not only Peace Mission annals, but Also in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia History.
  5. Some Interesting Facts About FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE and The Peace Mission Movement and statements made by outstanding well known persons, guests, friends and followers.
  6. More Quotations, Declarations, speeches and testimonies of friends and followers, and References Regarding FATHER DIVINE, MOTHER DIVINE and the Peace Mission Movement. More outstanding Statements Made by Outstanding Organizations and People.
  7. Walter Clemow Lanyon, world renowned truth teacher's thoughts about FATHER DIVINE.
  8. Excerpts from Messages and Speeches of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, etc. Short Priceless Gems of Wisdom from God's Omniscience on many subjects in different categories.
  9. FATHER DIVINE'S Messages and Sermons, etc., in this Directive are designed as a helpful introduction to serious students learning about the doctrine and teachings and life of FATHER DIVINE, MOTHER DIVINE and Their followers. It references, by category, these sermons and messages, testimonies, speeches and articles by members of the Peace Mission and friends and visitors.
  10. More of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE'S Sermons and Messages as the Word of GOD. Testimonies, speeches and articles by friends, visitors. and members of the Peace Mission Movement in Abundance. These are also grouped in categories.
  11. The Word of GOD Revealed. FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb. A Wonderful look into that glorious and historic time during the Years of 1931 and 1932, in Sayville, Long Island, New York. This is a series of 70 installments of great spiritual enlightenment plus a very informative introduction and conclusion.


  1. Sayville's Home of the Soul is designated an Historic Landmark by the Township if Islip.
  2. The Miracle of Good Health. Interviews, sermons and office talks of healing and staying healthy given by FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE.
  3. See also the numerous testimonies of Health and healing in the Directive.
  4. Testimonials of the Miracles of GOD in this day and time.
  5. Righteousness Marches On. - The Righteousness of GOD is Marching Through the World. Some of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE'S many Letters of Correspondence.
  6. GOD'S Holy Communion Table, Its Nature, Significance, and Purpose. Re: Visiting Guests and Impressions.   An Index .
  7. Supplements to The New Day Publication Contain Varied Information For Anyone Interested in Learning about the Peace Mission Movement. These Supplements contain Sermons by FATHER DIVINE, MOTHER DIVINE and other Ministers, speeches by visitors and articles and testimonies of followers and friends. FATHER has said that they are an introduction to HIM and His Work.
  8. A pro and con review of books written about FATHER DIVINE. "REDISCOVERING GOD, Our International Treasure"
    by - Dr. LaVere Eloit Belstrom. A must read for all who are researching FATHER DIVINE.
    This volume endeavors to assist the seeker in rediscovery, or discovery whichever, by leading the explorer through the dank welter of denigrating books and articles written on the Peace Mission Movement to the sunlight of the enlightened works, which dwell on the positiveness of mainly FATHER DIVINE'S sociological and religious posture.
  9. Holidays - Holy Days. Sermons, Excerpts and Articles, etc. that pertain to the Various Religious and Patriotic Holidays.

The Home of the Soul, Sayville, Long Island, New York.

Home of the Soul, Sayville
  1. The Story of FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Missions in The Promised Land, Ulster County, New York." My Work and Endeavors Are Establishing an International Utopia; but First I Am Laying the Foundation of the Same by Inculcating Within the Hearts and Minds of Men the Principle of Peace, of Perfection and of Brotherly Love."-- FATHER DIVINE.
  2. Our Newsletter, Enlightenment! . A few special previous issues are published herein. These Issues contain highlights from years past and are a beautiful account of Marriage Anniversary and Holy Days Celebrations, with many pictures. It is a Source of information on current events as well as of Previous Peace Mission Activities, Speeches of MOTHER DIVINE and Guests, plus Testimonies of Followers and Interesting Articles and Information about those Events.
  3. Here is information about the Study Web Academic Excellence Award.

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