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Miscellaneous Testimonies & Statements


Leaving The Unity Mission Church Annex, Philadelphia, PA.

Leaving The Unity Mission Church Annex, Philadi;phia, PA.

  1. A Contemporary Religion. Father Divine, in His Establishment of Heaven on Earth, Has Answered Every Problem Which Confronts Man Today, Not Just Theoretically, but in Practice. Contemporary Religions
  2. We, HIS followers Recognize and Declare Father Divine to be the Person of the Perfect One.
  3. Eugene Del Mar Noted Author, Lecturer and Lawyer's Affidavit
  4. Recognized as The Reincarnation of the first Mother Divine Whom Father married in 1882. MOTHER DIVINE is Symbolic of the Union of Christ to His Church.
  5. Practical Answers. By giving up the "no harm" habits as Father Divine calls them, followers have been able to use money saved in a constructive way.
  6. Within My Knowledge There Never Has Been in this County, a Follower of Father Divine Who Has Stood Before The Bar of Justice Accused of Violating the Penal Laws of Our State. Harry I. Huber, Assistant District Attorney, Jamaica, L. I., N. Y.
  7. The Incomparable FATHER DIVINE His Magnificent Blueprint for Society.
  8. I know that my SAVIOR, Jesus CHRIST, has returned to the earth! Miss Blessed Mary Love
  9. He Is Accomplishing Something Which Is Worthy of the Highest Commendation! Judge Louis Goldstein, Kings County, N. Y.
  10. I Have Roughly Estimated That He Saves the City of New York about $2,000,000 Annually on its Home Relief Bill and an Enormous Amount in Police Administration. Lambert Fairchild, Former New York City Alderman and Prominent Politician.
  11. I Have Never Yet Sent One of Father Divine's Followers to Prison. Assistant District Attorney, Kings County, N. Y., Wilson
  12. The Incomparable FATHER DIVINE His Magnificent Blueprint for Society .
  13. FATHER DIVINE Brought Me Back,Through Jesus Christ, to the God of My Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!-the Eternal, Immortal and Invisible God That I Worshiped as a Child in Orthodox Judaism. Miss Deborah Newmind
  14. These Police Officers Standing Around Are Permitted to Be Here Tonight Because We Have Proven That it Is Unnecessary That They Should Spend Their Time Watching the Streets of New York, Judge Miles A. Page, Special Sessions Justice, New York
  15. The Twentieth Century's Christmas Gift to Humanity- FATHER DIVINE. The Most Reverend William Francis, Archbishop of The Catholic Church
  16. The Testimony of Mr. Elias J. Diana
  17. Celebrated Poet Says FATHER DIVINE Is Dean of the Universe
  18. I saw so many evidences in the south land which reminded me of FATHER'S Glorious Work
  19. The Circle Mission Church of Philadelphia.
    'It's an international magnet for all people. Some of its many activities are presented here. Very interesting article by Miss Pearl Vee." - New Day, Feb. 7, 1959; Page 24-26
  20. "Righteousness Marches On" Letters of Correspondence.
  21. The Festive Board That Extends Around the World is a Welcome Table Where No One is Turned Away.
  22. It is enough in The Sermon on the Mount to be the foundation of all organizations, of all religions and of all nations!
  23. "Letters from Two of Many Students and their Teacher"
  24. "My True and Faithful love ME more and more."
  25. "Rockland Palace Taken Over by Followers of Father Divine."
  26. Recognition of the King of Peace.
  27. Address by Mr. Joseph Hittner, Attorney of Brooklyn, N. Y.
  28. Address by Mr. David Diamond, Attorney of Brooklyn, N. Y.