The Peace Mission Movement by MOTHER DIVINE

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FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE in the Divine Tracy Hotel
FATHER andMOTHER DIVINE in the Chapel Dining Room.

  1. Basic Policy of Conduct. - The International Modest Code and re: Gifts and Tips.
  2. Witnesses of the Truth. - Four Affidavits Were Submitted to the Court in the Case Brought by Verinda Brown In 1937 Against Father Divine to Retrieve. Money That She Allegedly Gave to Him. - The suit was eventually denied by the court. These affidavits, as well as the preceding testimony of John Henry Titus, are presented here in defense of FATHER DIVINE'S incomparable service to the people, which was a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.
  3. I say HE is the Dean of the Universe. -- John Henry Titus
  4. FATHER DIVINE'S Sacrifice on September 10, 1965. MOTHER DIVINE Explains the Mystery.
  5. The Name - Reverend M. J. DIVINE - Setting the Record Straight. - The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. corrects its listing of FATHER DIVINE'S name.
  6. Deliberate Misrepresentation by the Press.
  7. Cause of Disasters.
  8. Jim Jones of Peoples Temple, Guyana, S.A.
  9. FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Proposals and Declarations - Made to the United States and Other Governments.
  10. The Righteous Government Platform. The Help Our Government Desperately Needs.
  11. Philadelphia City Council Commends the Peace Mission Movement.
  12. Concept of Marriage
  13. Epilogue - This Spiritual Journey.