Mission Activities. Open House at Woodmont
Continues from the First Sunday in April,
1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Through the Last Sunday in October



  1. Invitation to the Wedding Anniversary celebration of the Lamb and the Bride.
  2. Invitation to the Reviews of the Wedding Anniversary Celebrations of the Lamb and the Bride.
  3. FATHER DIVINE'S Library Ground Breaking Ceremony
  4. The Communion of The Holy Days of Woodmont, A. D. 2000
  5. "The Shrine to Life, the Portal of Life Eternal, Is Not Just a Monument, Not Just a Memorial, but it Stands as a Sacred Testament to What Has Taken Place and to What We Can Look Forward To!
  6. Guests from Singapore Inspired by Their Visit to the Peace Mission
  7. Learning about FATHER DIVINE and the Peace Mission
  8. Spiritual Significance Of The Mount of The House of The Lord.
  9. Sixty children, about 15 preschoolers and others in elementary school
  10. And it shall come to pass in the last days
  11. This Is a Spiritual Marriage That Involves Everyone Who Loves and Desires to Be Obedient to God and Do His Will.
  12. A Thousand Years Of Holiness And Virtue!
  13. The Birth of This New Heaven and New Earth
  14. The Peace Mission; A Phenomenon.
  15. Living a Perfect Life Here on Earth a Virtuous Life for God, a Life Where You Endeavor to Put 'Hands to Work, and Hearts to God!'
  16. You Will Be Loving Because God Is Love
  17. The A.I.A and Victorian Society Tour Peace Mission Properties
  18. We Are Calling All Nations to Come and See!
  19. "I Saw a New Heaven and a New Earth " Christ's Thousand Year Reign.
  20. Landmark Service at the Shrine. Photographs.
  21. The Significance of The Holy Days at Woodmont in A. D. 1999.
  22. The Order of the Ceremony at the Presentation of The National Historic Landmark Bronze Plaque to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE for the Mount of the House of the Lord at Woodmont.
  23. Woodmont's Manor House Toured. Photographs.
  24. "Come Ye, and Let Us Go up to the Mountain of the LORD"
  25. 'The Tabernacle of God Is with Men, and He Shall Dwell with Them."
  26. "When you ascend to the Mountain Top in Consciousness..."
  27. The American Brotherhood.
  28. This Government Was Bought with a Price
  29. The Golden Wedding Anniversary.
  30. The Fulfillment of Mankind's Desire to Live On Earth in Heaven with God.
  31. The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
  32. Year of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE'S Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary.
  33. This Marriage Gloriously Illumined the Reality of the Union of God and Man. October,1996 AD 51 FD
  34. Virtue and Holiness in Review
  35. Reverence for and The Recognition of FATHER DIVINE'S Sacrifice
  36. "American" the Noblest Title.
  37. The Name of GOD is a Strong Tower