"Blessed Are They Which Are Called to the Marriage Supper
of the Lamb and the Bride."

Mother Ann Was Receiving this New Revelation the Revelation of Living a Perfect Life Here on Earth, a Virtuous Life for God,
a Life Where You Endeavor to Put 'Hands to Work, and Hearts to God!'

"A Forest of Redwoods"

The Fifty Fourth Anniversary of FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage to His Spotless Bride, MOTHER DIVINE, was held on April twenty ninth and thirtieth at the Unity Mission Bible Institute in Philadelphia. Many Reviews of the Celebration followed.

The first Review came on May third at the Circle Mission Church in Philadelphia, from where FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE stole away to be married in Washington on April 29, 1946. They lived at Circle Mission Church for many years before moving to The Mount Of The House Of The LORD, Woodmont.

MOTHER DIVINE with a group of the Sabbathday Lake Shakers

MOTHER DIVINE with a group of the Sabbathday Lake Shakers.

This was a gala occasion! MOTHER DIVINE gave it an auspicious beginning by saying:

'I thank FATHER for all those who have gathered here this evening, and for those that the Spirit brought volitionally. I AM especially happy to have the Shakers here from Sabbathday Lake from all the way up there, just west of Portland, Maine. They are with us this evening, and must return to Maine tomorrow.'

The Eldress of the Shaker Family in Sabbathday Lake is Sister Frances Carr, who said:

'Upon arriving at Woodmont this morning, even before getting out of the car, I felt this wonderful, enveloping Love and it has continued through the day. We are so glad to be a part of this Celebration.

To the brothers from the Sabbathday Lake Community she said "Please Brothers, stand up!


A Humble Heart, A Contrite Spirit

Thereupon, the three brothers who made the trip with Sister Frances arose from their seats at the Holy Communion Banquet Table Brother Arnold, Brother Douglas and Michael Graham. The group expressed themselves in two Shaker songs which are eloquent indications of the kind of people the Shakers are Humble, Loving and Sincere. The words of the first song are:

'What shall I render to YOU, O my FATHER?
What shall I bring as a Tribute of Love, O my MOTHER?
A humble heart, a contrite spirit
A Virgin Life I'll bring unto Thee.'

The second song:

'Love is little; love is low.
Love will make our spirits grow
Grow in Peace, grow in Light.
Love will do the thing that's Right!'

Brother Arnold then revealed his thoughts upon being in Philadelphia again.

'The memory of what we received here four years ago at the Fiftieth Anniversary has kept us going ever since. However, it is a Reality that we are here with you tonight and we are so glad! Thank you for the Joy and the Love! Upon turning in from Spring Mill Road, we could feel the Love as we drove toward the Manor House at Woodmont. We knew that we were at Home!'

"Hands To Work, Hearts To GOD"

MOTHER DIVINE spoke again as follows:

'It is so very moving and significant to have the Shakers here with us. Historically, it is significant. As our Country was being born, Mother Ann was receiving this New Revelation the Revelation of living a Perfect Life here on earth a Virtuous Life for GOD a Life where you endeavor to put 'HANDS TO WORK, AND HEARTS TO GOD!' That means everything you do, you do to the Glory of GOD!
'The Shakers live in Community, just as we live in Community married to CHRIST, and endeavoring to let the Government of GOD rule their Community. It has prevailed through the centuries, and FATHER came in this Latter Day to universalize this Way of Life. It is the Foundation of the coming of the Kingdom of GOD on earth, which Jesus taught us to pray for 'Let the Kingdom come, and let the Will be done.'
'It is such a Joy to be able to celebrate the Marriage of CHRIST to His Church, the Union of GOD and man, the Fusion of Heaven and earth that will do away with all adverse and undesirable conditions, do away with all wars, panics and famines, and produce the Abundance automatically.'

The CHRIST Life Is A Life Of Joy!

Mr. Michael Graham spoke his thoughts as follows:

'I am just sitting here, so overwhelmed with so many feelings! Our hearts and minds are all connected. I was so excited that I could hardly sleep last night. There is one thing certain the CHRIST Life is a Life of Joy, Blessing and Privilege! I thank you for having these lessons shown to me tonight. I want to wish FATHER and MOTHER a very happy Anniversary! Please know how grateful I am!'

Three brothers from Liverpool in northern England were present at the Banquet Table Pastor Norman Robinson, Andrew Barrett, and Earnest Johnson. Pastor Robinson spoke, and concluded by singing two songs. One was, "The Water Is Troubled, My Friend. Step Right In," followed by, "There Is A River Of Life Flowing Out Of Me." The audience vigorously joined him.

Several others in the Congregation gave testimonies as well. This was a very lively, rousing Service. Many songs came forth which were sung with great zest and gusto. The Spirit of Praise and Joy overshadowed the crowd to the extent that some were moved by the Holy Spirit beyond their control. Others were tapping their feet to the rhythm of the songs, or were on their feet, singing and clapping their hands. The Dining Room was truly alive with the Joyous Spirit of the Presence of GOD!

The Divine Tracy Hotel was the scene of a Review on May fourteenth.

The Head Table with its five wings was completely filled with a carefree gathering of followers and friends of the Peace Mission. The Holy Communion Banquet Service began with the familiar Scripture from Ephesians and Revelation, followed by selections from the Rosebud Choir, in Honor of the Lamb and the Bride. The words of one of the songs conveyed the Holy mood of the evening.

I live I live again;
I live forever in the Hearts of men.
Virtue is My Name!
I step I step again;
I'm treading in the feet of Holy Men.
Virtue is My Name!
I ring I ring again;
I'm ringing in the Bells my Sweet Refrain.
Virtue is My Name!

Virtue Magnified

The inscription on a large rectangle of plexiglas which hung above the steps at the entrance to the Hotel is in harmony with these words. Its words are: "Virtue Magnified 54th Wedding Anniversary FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE." Perched at the top of the plate was a pure, white dove, as though to approve Virtue being Magnified. Alongside of the plate were three golden, oversize bells, decorated with lavender ribbons and garlands of white flowers.

The Divine Tracy Hotel is a rampart of Virtue, and the words of the song declare that Virtue will live forever in the hearts of men and in the sweet refrain ringing in the wedding bells year after year.

The Banquet Table was impeccably dressed with arrangements of pink roses, blue and yellow iris, lavender orchids, baby breath and yellow candles. On the Head Table and on each of the five wings, a flock of white doves quietly and peacefully reposed among vases of flowers. Over a doorway in the Banquet Hall were the words:

'Blessed Are They Which Are Called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and the Bride.'

On the long wall behind the Head Table hung large pictures of FATHER and MOTHER, festooned with a cluster of bells and purple streamers.

Food Imbued With Love

It was a tranquil scene, and yet it was inspiring to see the Banquet Table filled with people from everywhere, fellow-shipping together in kinship, partaking of the nourishing food that FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE passed down to them. FATHER has said that HE imbues the food with His Love and with His Spirit, which brings all those dining at His Table into profound accord.

The front of the large Place Favor for each diner showed FATHER DIVINE seated at the Holy Communion Banquet Table in the Bronx, New York, Church, with MOTHER DIVINE speaking as SHE stood at His Side. A beauteous, pale lavender orchid graced the front cover also. Inside were FATHER'S Words of 1946:

'I did not Personally go, but My Spirit went into a far Country and brought HER as a Sample and as an Example of a Spotless Lamb that was offered up, that none could refute or dispute. There and then the Foundation was laid for the establishment of the Kingdom, and the Church was the beginning of the establishment of the Kingdom.'

During the course of the Banquet Service, MOTHER DIVINE was prompted to speak by the remarks of those who spoke before her, who voiced the thoughts of Her Mind. Because it is important to understand the meaning of the Marriage, SHE stated that FATHER'S Marriage to HER illustrated the Marriage of the Spiritual Realm to the Material Realm, and FATHER'S Spirit overcoming human nature. SHE stressed also the Power of Virtue that is protecting this Nation, and that we must conform to the Law by which we were created.

Trees Of Righteousness

Isaiah 61:3 comforted the downhearted in these words:

'Give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.'

A missionary, Sister Gertrude Gaskins, stated that she is an oak tree, standing straight and tall at the age of 90, and she recited a poem about a tree being planted in GOD.

To parallel this statement, a regular participant in Peace Mission proceedings, Dr. Leonard Norman Primiano, ever ready with a clever retort, likened the followers in the Peace Mission to a "forest of redwoods!" Some redwood or sequoia trees, of course, are huge, growing to 36 feet in diameter, and standing straight and tall to a height of 385 feet, or about 38 stories, and live for several thousand years.

Chapel Dining Room's Religious Aura

On Sunday, May twenty first, in the Year 2000, there was another Review, held at The Mount Of The House Of The LORD, Woodmont, in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. The Chapel Dining Room in the Manor House lived up to its Name.

Never was there a Chapel that had such transcending overtones or such profound undertones. The deeply religious aura that pervaded the room was accented by saintly figurines in colorful vestments, standing on a ledge on all four walls near the Jacobean ceiling, as though extending their Blessings to all. The scene reflected the intense Virtue that the Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride was projecting to the planet.

The eloquently appointed Banquet Table was covered with a snow white Madeira tablecloth with matching napkins, at every place. In the middle of the Table was a large centerpiece of pink roses and white peonies. Above and below this centerpiece, were high, crystal candelabrums with pink candles.

In front of FATHER and MOTHER, seven tiny ballerinas danced before their LORD among the orchids lying on the Table, and at the far end, three more ballerinas danced, with two white doves looking on. There were more pink roses, lavender orchids and white peonies behind FATHER and MOTHER on the serving table.

Standing at each place setting was an exquisite, pale lavender Place Favor, showing FATHER and MOTHER on the cover, in full stride, entering the sun deck of the Manor House. Inside was a lovely picture of MOTHER. The reading described HER as GOD'S "Spotless, Virgin Bride, His Spotless Virgin without a Spot or Wrinkle the Sample and the Example, exemplified in the Spotlessness and Virtue, Purity and Holiness of the Bride!" The back cover shows the turret of MOTHER'S room in the Manor House.

Americanism Is Our Religion

After FATHER-MOTHER rang the silver dinner bell, MOTHER DIVINE said:

'I AM really proud of FATHER because HE stood for True Americanism and Internationality and Inter-raciality.'

Then SHE announced that the Rosebud Choir would sing several songs about Americanism, because "Americanism Is Our Religion and We Live It Each Day Of The Week" that being the first line of one of the songs. Among other songs was, "I Am An American; I Am An American, I Am," "Come Home, America!" "We Will Keep the Flag of Liberty Waving High," and "Old Glory, You're Glorious To Us.


Dr. Frenzella DeLancy is a professor at Drexel University. This was her first visit to Woodmont, but she frequents the Keyflower Dining Room at the Divine Tracy Hotel in Philadelphia. She said that she learned today how much Americanism is a part of the Peace Mission. She went on:

'Although you have been here for a long time, you seem so new to me. As I walk from the external world into the Keyflower Dining Room, there I find an earnest attempt at harmony and unity. This is so precious today, with the world so chaotic.'

Architect Robert Skaler, on behalf of the Victorian Society of America, extended Anniversary Best Wishes to FATHER and MOTHER. The Victorian Society held their Annual conference in Philadelphia, and MOTHER DIVINE graciously opened the doors of the Bible Institute, International House and Woodmont to them on May 13, so that the members, from every part of the United States, could behold the Victorian architecture that these buildings are famous for. Instead of visiting other Victorian sites, after meeting MOTHER DIVINE at the Unity Mission Bible Institute on the Philadelphia Tour, they were very desirous of joining the Main Line Tour and visiting Woodmont.

One of Woodmont's neighbors, Mr. Shawn Marcel, was seated next to Mr. Skaler. This is the first time he participated in a Holy Communion Banquet. He arose to say that he was touched by FATHER'S Messages of Peace and Interracial Harmony. They are as fresh today as when FATHER first delivered them. He said that such Messages are urgent getting along together and being close to GOD.

FATHER'S Ideals Are Practical

Dr. Leonard Norman Primiano is Professor of Religion at Cabrini College. He remarked that as advanced as our electronic communications system is, nothing is as effective as a personal contact. That is why coming to Woodmont and having an interview with MOTHER DIVINE is so vital. He said that MOTHER is the fulfillment of FATHER's Ideals that SHE is Living Proof that His Ideals are practical. Dr. Primiano sees how important MOTHER and the Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER are to the Peace Mission.

One of Dr. Primiano's students is Mr. Michael Coperstick. He has been in our midst before, but this is his first visit to Woodmont. He chose to come to Woodmont on this day, rather than attend the Commencement Exercises at Cabrini. He told of his dream about FATHER, which he interpreted as meaning that FATHER is reaching out to him. He expressed his appreciation at being able to drink at FATHER'S Well.

A guest at the Divine Tracy Hotel was seated at the Banquet Table Ms. Zidene Newkirk. She stated that staying at the Hotel has been a wonderful, uplifting experience during this period, which is a transitional part of her life. Being greeted with "Peace" when she returns to the Hotel at the end of the day is keeping her in a very high state of Consciousness.

FATHER'S Modest Code

The song with the words of FATHER DIVINE'S International Modest Code in it was sung by the Choir.

'No Smoking, No Drinking,
No obscenity, No vulgarity,
No profanity,
No undue mixing of sexes,
No receiving of gifts, presents, tips or bribes.'

The song caused MOTHER DIVINE to say:

'We do want a world of Peace and Joy, and the words of that song tell us how to gain it, by producing these positive characteristics. FATHER has said that smoking, drinking and similar acts carry the germs of vice and crime. The Modest Code may seem simple, but it is profound, and reaches deep into the fabric of human behavior. It is the strict Policy of our Hotels. FATHER has brought us together on this high Standard of Modesty and Respect for each other.
'I thank FATHER for all that HE has done to keep us aware of our Divine Nature, and what it means to be an Angel which is My Name. I trust FATHER that I can live up to it, and I thank HIM for the Honor and the Opportunity to lift up this Standard for the people. The Rosebuds, Crusaders and all the followers are also endeavoring to lift up this CHRIST Standard, whereas Secular Humanism is trying to water down religion.
'We are encouraged when others can feel the atmosphere created by the Consciousness of FATHER'S Presence and our Dedication. So strive on in Joy, everybody, and be Earnest!'

The Rosebud Choir then sounded the final notes of this Anniversary Celebration with the singing of the selection "Peace, Not War," and everyone departed with the words of the song ringing in their Minds "The Child That Was Born In A Manger Was Never A GOD of War!