"The Word of GOD Revealed" is a Compilation of Sermons, Messages, Articles, Testimonies
and Speeches By and About FATHER DIVINE
Taken from the Notebook of John Lamb Recorded in 1931 and 1932 in Sayville, L. I., N. Y.

The titles as presented here represent only a few of the many subjects in each of the 73 installments of this series.


Editors' Note: There are Seventy Installments plus an Introduction, a Conclusion and also added is a section re: the present recognition of FATHER DIVINE'S Work with an Historic Marker placed by the Township of Islip. Feel free to download and print any or all of them if you so desire.

Mother Divine reading the seventy installments of The Word of God Revealed plus the introduction are available on cassette tape and CD format also.

Each audio installment is approximately 1 hour and any or all of them can be had for our cost. E-Mail us for details at - fdipmm@aol.com.

The Word of GOD Revealed depicts in great detail how FATHER DIVINE taught us to live the Christ Life except for installments #8, #9, #10 and #11 which relate the story of the persecution FATHER and the followers experienced during this period.

Installments 1 through 70 were recorded in shorthand in 1931 and 1932 and transcribed, published and read by MOTHER DIVINE in the 1960's. The Introduction and the Conclusion installments, that open and finalize The Word of GOD Revealed, were created in the 1960's.


  1. The Advent of FATHER DIVINE. The tide of the times. FATHER DIVINE resided at 72 Macon Street, Sayville, Long Island, New York from the year 1919 until the year 1932. It was in 1931 and 1932 that John Lamb began recording the words FATHER DIVINE spontaneously spoke that are contained in The Word of GOD Revealed. Introduction

  1. Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, the Right-use-ness of Things.
    Father Divine. - Installment #1.

  1. John Saw this Day When He Saw the First Heaven and the First Earth Pass Away, For the First Heaven Was The Imaginary Heaven in the Skies from Which I Have Turned You Away.
    FATHER DIVINE. - Installment #2.

  1. I AM All That You Can Desire and I Am Knocking at the Door of Your Heart. - Installment #3.

  1. If a Man Looketh upon a Woman to Lust after Her, He Hath Committed Adultery with Her Already in His Heart.-- Jesus. - Installment #4.

  1. Run with Patience the Race That Is Set Before You, and Wait Patiently for Christ to Rise in You. - Installment #5.

  1. I Will Keep Him in Perfect Peace Whose Mind Is Stayed on Me. - Installment #6

  1. In All Their Afflictions He Was Afflicted, but the Angel of His Presence Healed Them. - Installment #7.

  1. If God Is for You, Who Can Be Against You?
    Re: Walter C. Lanyon and his book It Is Wonderful. - Installment #8.

  1. I Saw Many Offer FATHER DIVINE Money and Property in Return for the Blessings They Had Received, but HE Always Refused It. - Installment #9.

  1. Why this Terrible Discrimination by the Law? - Installment #10.

  1. Retribution That Followed Wake of Persecution in Sayville. - Installment #11.

  1. Galveston, Texas Flood, and Tar on Rockaway Beach on Long Island, NY. - Installment #12.

  1. Never Curse, but Always Bless, If You Desire to Be Blessed. - Installment #13.

  1. If You Try to Hold or Hoard up for Yourselves Finances, You Will Finally Close the Door and Inlet There. - Installment #14.

  1. `The Name of GOD Is a Strong Tower, and the Righteous Run Therein and Are Saved. - Installment #15.

  1. The Glory of GOD Is Revealed in You Who Walk Not after the Flesh but after the Spirit. - Installment #16.

  1. I Have Given My Body, My Life, My Service and Everything That I Am
    for the Purpose of Bringing about That Christ Consciousness .FATHER DIVINE. - Installment #17.

  1. The Kingdoms of this World Shall Have Become the Kingdom of Our God and of His Christ. - Installment #18.

  1. This Is the General Assembly of the Church of the First-born, Where the Spirits of Just Men Are Made Perfect by Subjugating the Body to the Christ Consciousness and Bringing it into Subjection to the Will of GOD. Installment #19.

  1. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: and No Man Cometh to the Father, but by Me. - Installment #20.

  1. When One Is Willing and When One Is Ready, God Will Act. - Installment #21.

  1. The Significance of the Name or Principle Is the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of the Spirit. - Installment #22.

  1. Every Eye must See Him and Know That it Is He That Liveth Forever and Ever. - Installment #23.

  1. The Name of GOD and Your Faith Are Sufficient To Save Your Body and Soul. - Installment #24

  1. Visualize Good And You Will Produce Good. - Installment #25.

  1. The Most Precious Treasure Is For Your Imaginations To Be Materialized. - Installment #26.

  1. I Have Established The Kingdom Of GOD That It Be Not Subject To Selfish, Man-made Rules Or Disciplines. - Installment #27.

  1. If You Let GOD Rule and Control You, You Shall Receive All Power. - Installment #28.

  1. The Very Spirit, Life and Sustenance Of Your Body Is GOD. - Installment #29.

  1. Thousands of Lives Depend On Your Representation of the Perfect. - Installment #30.

  1. Keep Your Eye On CHRIST, the Bright and Morning Star, As A Guide On the Ocean of Time. - Installment #31.

  1. The Gift Of GOD Is Within, Waiting For the Stillness Of the Conscious Mentality. - Installment #32.

  1. The Mortal Versions Bar the CHRIST From Developing Within. - Installment #33.

  1. There Is Nothing To Die About the Body But the Mortal Version of the Human Mind. - Installment #34.

  1. You Are the Reproduction of the Resurrection of CHRIST - On This Side of the Cross. - Installment #35.

  1. Life Eternal Is In the Opposite Direction From Your Will and Way . - Installment #36

  1. You Cannot Bring Forth the CHRIST Unless You Have Courage, Boldness and Zeal. - Installment #37

  1. Spirits of Just Men Are Made Perfect . - Installment #38.

  1. If One Wishes to Live in the Kingdom of God on Earth, Let Him Abide under the Jurisdiction of the Spirit and Mind of GOD. - Installment #39.

  1. No Need For the Perfect Expression To Die and Be Reincarnated. Live Exactly According to the Life and Teachings of Jesus the Christ as Recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.. - Installment #40.

  1. Self-denial Means Deny Your Preconceived Ideas and Opinions and All of Your Inclinations, Fancies and Pleasures and Everything Else. - Installment #41.

  1. Without A Sacrifice There Would Be No Deliverance
    Joy Mingled With Tears
    If You Make the Mental and Spiritual Contact, You Will Get Results
    I Have the Key to All the Hearts and All the Churches
    Roll Away the Complication Of the Stone---- Materialism and Carnality
    If You Are A Child Of GOD, You Will Not Want For Anything
    Gifts and Callings Are Free; Do Not Sell Them
    The Spirit Of the Abundance Of GOD Will Create and Multiply All Things
    GOD Came To Bring HIMSELF In Expression In Your Lives In All Of His Attributes . - Installment #42.

  1. Some Will Say, 'Where Does HE Get HIS Money From?'
    Love Beyond All Limitations and Undesirable Conditions
    Here Am I LORD, Send Me
    Answer To Perplexing Question Concerning Life and Death
    Why the Kingdom of Heaven Suffers Violence
    Bishop Lawson and Self-righteousness
    Prayer is the heart's sincere desire, uttered or unexpressed. - Installment #43.

  1. Copy After the CHRIST As the Ideal
    Be Free From Ancestors and You Will Be Free From Their Diseases
    I Came To Give the Chick A chance To Hatch Out
    Be Free From Ancestors and You Will Be Free From Their Diseases
    Copy After the CHRIST As the Ideal
    I AM Here Now Only For Your Sakes
    Parable of Two Men Who Jointly Owned a Cow . - Installment #44.

  1. You Have the Hope of Earth and the Joy of Heaven.
    You Are Happy Without A Penny for Tomorrow
    Come, Believe, And Receive According to Your Faith
    The Impersonal Is Ready Anytime to Reach Every Condition
    Know What God Is in Reality to You
    How David, Solomon, Jesus And Father Saw The Banquet Table
    Let God Think in You And Be Still and Then God Will Speak And Act
    We Advocate Divine Healing. - Not Faith Healing
    Why a Man Dies
    Let Your Real Self Rise in You. - Installment #45.

  1. GOD Is Your Five Physical Senses.
    Allow nothing to remain in you but that which is good and perfect and desirable
    Leave the Old World, the Old Wreck! Be Attached To The Spiritual
    Complete Community
    The Blood Has Paid It All, Has Brought Access To This Earth For The Children of Men
    The Law of The Spirit of Life Is The Law of Nature in Subjection To The Divine Mind
    GOD'S MIND Will Produce His Characteristics In Your Body
    Make Contact with GOD and You will Throw Away Your Canes and Walk In the Light . - Installment #46.

  1. Tune In On This Principle and Be Healed.
    GOD Is In The Mighty Power of The Spirit of Love
    You Can Be As JESUS Is If You Live The Life
    All of The Kingdoms Respond Immediately To The Voice of GOD
    I Came To Turn You Back To The Truth of GOD . - Installment #47.

  1. Come, guilty sinner, in whose breast a thousand thoughts revolve.
    I came to bring into your conscious realization, the Presence of GOD.. - Installment #48.

  1. You Must Get the Spirit of Truth to Get Converted. - Installment #49.

  1. GOD in the Midst of Thee. - Installment #50.

  1. I Will Be Home at MY Own Appointed Time and I Will Come In, in a Rightful, Righteous and a Legitimate Way. - FATHER DIVINE. - Installment #51.

  1. Isaiah, Chapters 42 and 43, IT IS WONDERFUL by Walter Clemow Lanyon, Chapter 3, and 'You are . . . the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and of truth, full of love and all honor . . .' FATHER DIVINE.. - Installment #52.

  1. You Are Healed Because You Believe. - Installment #53.

  1. I Was Made a Prisoner For Feeding and Clothing the Hungry. - Installment #54.

  1. Utilize Your Time To Bring A Better Fellowship Of Love. The Living Truth Will Last You While the World Is On Fire. - Installment #55.

  1. CHRIST Came In the Depths Of Humanity To Reflect HIS Greatness . - Installment #56.

  1. Some of FATHER'S Experiences At the Jail - Installment #57.

  1. Bring Forth the CHRIST and Manifest HIM To the World. - Installment #58.

  1. Prove Your Love . . . by Being of Practical Service to GOD and Man. - Installment #59.

  1. Blessings Come By Living the Exact Life of CHRIST. - Installment #60.

  1. Your Standard Will Show That You Have Been With GOD. - Installment #61.

  1. GOD Has No Responsibility For Those Who Do Not Live In Conformity To HIS Teachings. - Installment #62.

  1. GOD didn't tell you to go anywhere. You have been taught to get ready to go to Heaven. - Installment #63.

  1. If You Will Do GOD'S Bidding, You Will Be Abundantly Blessed. - Installment #64.

  1. Blessed Are They Who Will Bring Their Bodies Into Subjection.

  1. Your Faith in ME, as Though it is Me, Has Healed You.

  1. Material Blessings Are the Expression Of Spiritual Devotion To GOD. - Installment #67.

  1. The Impersonal Life of CHRIST Is the True Ideal of Life. - Installment #68.

  1. I AM Playing On the Hearts of Humanity. - Installment #69.

  1. Mold CHRIST in Your Likeness. Christ Will Condescend to Shape and Fashion Himself in the Likeness of You. - Installment #70.

  1. Conclusion
    Part 1 - Some Carried out the Report That They Gave Me Some Money. Now You Know You Didn't Give Me a Penny!
    Part 2
    - Re: Judge Smith's Decision and the Decision the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York Handed Down on January 3, 1933, Reversing FATHER DIVINE'S Conviction.. - Installment #71.

  1. There's a new consciousness in Sayville today. FATHER DIVINE'S Home in Sayville designated as a Historic Landmark by the Township of Islip, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York,
    1979 A. D. 34 F. D.