Creeds of the Peace Mission Movement,
The Rosebuds, Lillybuds, Crusaders and Woodmont Creeds

We The Rosebuds, Lillybuds, Crusaders and all True Followers of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE
Live by These Creeds


The Junior Rosebuds
Demonstrate on the Lawn
Palace Mission Church, Pine Brook Hotel,
Pine Brook, New Jersey

The Junior Rosebuds Demonstrate on the Lawn of the Palace Mission Church, Pine Brook Hotel, Pine Brook, New Jersey.


Within the Peace Mission Movement, in the six incorporated Churches, are four groups.

The Rosebuds are the feminine youth group who form the Rosebud Choir- the official singing ensemble of the Movement. They pattern their lives after the Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus. Their Creeds reflect the Life of Virtue which they live.

Lily-Buds are the senior feminine group. These are the sisters who have been redeemed from the mortal life and made virtuous as the Rosebuds are.

The masculine group are the Crusaders. They, as well as the Rosebuds, model their lives upon the Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus. Their Creed sets forth the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS, and is a document which government can use as a pattern by which to fashion its laws for the welfare of the people.

The rest of the true Followers make up the fourth group.

The Woodmont Creed more or less epitomizes the other three Creeds and articulates the components of the CHRIST Consciousness that Woodmont, The Mount of the House of the LORD at Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, manifests.

  1. "This is the Purging, Purifying Process Going On Now!" — FATHER DIVINE.

REVEREND M. J. DIVINE, better known as FATHER DIVINE, deems the Peace Mission Creeds a vital force in the lives of His Followers, as attested by His Words which follow.

"The Rosebuds', the Crusaders' and the Lily-Buds' Creeds and Documents. If you will read them and live them and commit them to memory and put forth your spirit and your mind with a determination to be one with them, I will be there every time, and give you the victory over every difficulty. . . .
"I desired each of you to learn all of the Lily-Buds' Creeds and Documents and Commandments, and read and learn all of the Rosebuds' Creeds and Documents and Commandments and Endeavors, and the same also, to read the Crusaders' -each of them to be read in stressful conviction, conscientiously and sincerely, until you can commit them to memory.
"They should be as your alphabet! You did not nor do not forget your alphabet so easily. Then why commit to memory some Document of your Redemption and yet forget it or cannot commit it to memory?
". . . if each of you will keep the Commandments and Documents and Creeds of all of these-for it takes all of them to give you the victory over all sickness and disease, sorrow, misery, disappointment and failure-and if you will but do it, I will be with you and continue to give you the victory." FATHER DIVINE

New Day, August 10, 1963,p.11. See Also Office Talk on P.12; Given Circle Mission Church, Philadelphia, February 2-3, 1956



A Rosebud's Heart

A Rosebud's heart is submissive, meek and sweet;
Is your great REDEEMER'S Throne;
Where CHRIST alone is heard to speak,
And where CHRIST alone reigns within;
Where CHRIST has been selected by them
To reign as LORD and KING;
Where every other thought of person or mankind
Has been completely dethroned for Him.
A Rosebud's heart is a heart of LOVE,
That is lost in the Will of GOD;
That will not doubt and will not fear,
But will sacrifice their all to GOD.
A Rosebud's heart is a heart that is WILLING
To suffer hardships and oppositions;
That will stand even with all the world of criticism
Being focused directly at them.
A Rosebud's heart is a heart so KIND,
That takes GOD in their minds,
And never, never, never, never Will attempt to leave Him behind.
A Rosebud's heart is a heart so TRUE,
That will do what CHRIST says do,
And will not doubt a Word He says,
No matter what others do.
A Rosebud's heart is a heart so STRONG,
That cannot be changed by men;
That looks diligently on the LORD,
And accepts Him alone as KING.
A Rosebud's heart is a heart where CHRIST alone shall reign,
Since CHRIST in thought And in all their minds
Has truly been enthroned.
A Rosebud's heart is a heart so TRUE,
That will not murmur nor complain;
That will not doubt and will not fear,
Matters not what others think.
A Rosebud's Heart is a heart that LOVES
The LORD with all they have.
'A Rosebud's heart is a heart for GOD,
That is what you all should claim.
You all should have a Rosebud's heart,
That is PURE, MEEK and SWEET;
A heart as the fertile, VIRGIN ground of Salvation
Where CHRIST will take His Seat.
A Rosebud's heart, it is so FINE;
A Rosebud's heart is filled with JOY,
That has the LORD entwined.
In the Rosebud's heart evermore;
That is, if they but will be TRUE
And do what I bid them do.
A Rosebud's heart that really is TRUE,
It takes no thought what it should do,
But will follow the LORD.
It is willing to suffer hardships and pain,
It is willing to labor and toil;



We Pledge Our Hearts to Love You,
Our Strength to Serve You,
Our Minds to Be Focused Directly Upon You,
Our Lips to Praise You,
Our Lives to Be Sacrificed Unto You,
Our Sacred Honor to Acknowledge You in All Our Ways,
That We May Be With You Throughout All Eternity,
One Spirit, One Mind And One Body,
Lost And Absorbed, Once And Forever, in Your Holy Will!



1. The 'Sweets' shall forever obey, cherish, respect and praise their LORD and Savior, FATHER DIVINE, above all else
2. We shall always have a kind word and smile for others.
3. We shall keep guile from our lips.
4. We shall have one mind, one aim, and one purpose-GOD, FATHER DIVINE.
5. We shall rejoice at the blessings of others.
6. We will endeavor to let our every deed and action express virginity.
7. We will deny ourselves and consecrate our heart, mind, soul and body to the Cause.
8. We will stand by our Conviction to love GOD even if all others oppose us.
9. We will never, no never condemn or find fault with anything our Savior may say or do.
10. We shall at all times recognize the all-seeing Eye of our LORD and be the same, knowing that HE is always in the midst of us.



'Real True Rosebuds are at all times submissive, meek and sweet; they have hearts where CHRIST alone is heard to speak and where Jesus reigns alone.
These are set apart and have made themselves a living sacrifice to GOD; therefore at times they are called 'The Sweets,' whereto all True Rosebuds are required to attain.
If they fail to come to this place in consciousness, and fail to express the Holiness of Jesus and the Virginity of Mary, and become to be the reproduction and re-personification of both it and them, the attributes and characteristics and Life they lived, they are not expressing a Real Rosebud's classification, neither are they Virtuous and Holy unto GOD.
To be Real ,True Rosebuds you must reproduce and re-personify the very Virtues of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus, and much more is required of those who are Real 'Sweets.'
To be true Virgins according to your real classification, you must be Virtuous in Spirit and mind as well as in your bodily form.
Therefore, the bitterness of anger, resentment and jealousy would destroy all of your Virginity, physically, spiritually and mentally; hence, Real True Virgins, which are Rosebuds in reality, they will not allow resentment, anger and prejudice, nor any other detestable tendency, to spoil their character.
If you are corrupt mentally, spiritually and physically, the honor of your Virginity, Honesty and Virtue will be completely annihilated, for you must have a Virtuous Spirit and Mind and be untouched by the Wicked One, and absolutely undefiled to be as MY Spotless Virgin Bride, for if you are not Virtuous in spirit, heart and mind, you cannot be Real 'Sweets.'
Therefore, I hope all who are concerned and interested in a Spotless, Virtuous Life will take cognizance of "The Sweets' Endeavor" and be able to reproduce and manifest in the fullest measure, all of 'The Sweets' Endeavors'; for this is your calling, all True Rosebuds, whereto you are called.
Therefore, abstain from all appearance of evil; refuse to anger, use obscenity, profanity or vulgarity. Serve the LORD your GOD with all your might and refuse to use any of your energy to fuss or fight." --- FATHER DIVINE



To copy after Your Ways, being not different nor odd;
To prove it is truth, when we say YOU are GOD.
To live pleasing to YOU is our hearts' desire;
To do only the things that YOU would admire.
To trust YOU in all things and never, never doubt, but
To know we'll always be cared for and never go without.
To follow diligently as YOU pave the way;
To never shrink, or even take a thought to go astray.
To uphold and stand with YOU, FATHER, no matter what may come;
To let Your Thoughts be our thoughts; yes, let all be one.
To hold back not one thing, 'though it may seem small;
To be not selfish, resentful or jealous at all.
To respect everyone, child or adult;
To never anger, never pout and to never sulk.
To claim not a thing, but be willing to share;
To be not aggressive, greedy or unfair.
To say not a word for selfish justification;
To keep Holy and Divine our every conversation.
To blame not another but repent for our own faults;
To stay ever in harmony in words, deeds and thoughts.
To speak only words we would want YOU to hear;
To think only thoughts we would say in Your ear.
To smile only smiles pleasing to YOU;
To touch only the clean things as YOU would want us to.
To step where Your Spirit has stepped before;
To give heart, mind and body for they are all Yours.
To write not a word we want YOU not to see;
To breathe not a breath hidden from YOU in secrecy.
To take not an object, then to YOU would not show;
To read not a word we wouldn't want YOU to know.
To make over others neither admiration or fuss, but
To show appreciation only to YOU, for what's done for us.
To listen not to idle gossip, what others might say;
To take no thought, nor plan for the next day.
To taste not a crumb that has been hidden from Thee;
To be ever thankful for things already received.
To spend not a moment if we thought YOU knew not where;
To make not a motion, made if Personally YOU weren't there.
To love, honor and reverence YOU wherever we may be;
To let YOU bear record of our presence or our absentee.
To make every word we speak real and true;
To ask not of another, but ask only of YOU.
To let nothing ever break us apart;
To keep YOU forever, The Sweet of our hearts, and
To be by all these things, united forever
To YOU; this is the Sweets' sincerest endeavor!



Blessed is the Rosebud that cherishes her FATHER'S Love above all else.
Blessed is the Rosebud who has and portrays momently a Rosebud's Heart.
Blessed is the Rosebud who has naught against her fellow brother.
Blessed is the Rosebud in whose mouth is found no guile or idle chatter. -
Blessed is the Rosebud who expresses her virtue in her daily deeds and actions.
Blessed is the Rosebud whose mind is staid in a positive direction.
Blessed is the Rosebud who is not wasteful but is practical and profitable.
Blessed is the Rosebud who does not always have the last word
Blessed is the Rosebud who denies herself with gladness.
Blessed is the Rosebud who is the sample and example of the teachings of JESUS CHRIST.
Blessed is the Rosebud whose happiness is the Body of God.
Blessed is the Rosebud who is respectable, quiet, sincere and truthful.
Blessed is the Rosebud who walks in the statutes of True Americanism.
Blessed is the Rosebud whose "All and All" is her Beloved FATHER DIVINE.






We will live every day without speaking a critical thought of any human being.
We will always think of others and not of ourselves.
We will let these bodies be a living sacrifice continually.
We will always keep this mind of CHRIST in us.
We will always be desirable.
We will never be aggressive, greedy or unfair.
We will never be exalted or selfish.
We will never be a pretender but real, real, real!
We will live so CHRIST will be seen in every way.
We will tell GOD everything and never try to hide.
We will always keep GOD'S Name Holy.
We will love everyone as GOD loves us.
We will have no division among us.
We will be courteous to everyone at all times.
We will never let anything come between our soul and our Savior.
We will praise YOU continually from the depths of these hearts.
We will always be mindful how we entertain strangers.
We will co-operate in every way.
We will always exalt GOD above everything else.
We will keep GOD'S Commandments at all times.
We will recognize GOD'S Deity at all times.
We will not justify ourselves for any cause whatsoever.
We will keep Your Commandments, FATHER, forever.
We will always love, honor, respect and obey our LORD and Savior above everyone else.



To keep Your commandments every moment of the day;
To praise YOU continually in every way;
To live pleasing to YOU at all times;
To let Your light in us always shine;
To never doubt YOU no matter what YOU may say or do;
To know every word YOU speak is real and true;
To never get angry or resentful at any time;
To always be sweet, loving and kind;
To always stay meek and lowly down at Your Feet;
To always remember YOU mean just what YOU Preach;
To stand true no matter what may come;
To always in us let Your will be done;
To love, honor and reverence YOU wherever we may be;
To stand to our religious conviction whatever the penalty might be;
To never be jealous of anyone;
To always rejoice at the blessings whenever they come;
To give our bodies a living sacrifice to YOU;
To do with them as YOU will to do;
To be willing to suffer for our hearts' conviction;
To be willing to stand no matter what the accusation;
To be willing to die at any time
To hold up the Name of FATHER DIVINE.
To always have a smile whether child or adult;
To prove our love for YOU in words, deeds and thoughts;
To never gossip, or backbite;
To never talk negative, fuss or fight;
To never criticize or be rude to anyone;
To always search ourselves and see what we have done;
To let YOU be first in everything;
To love and adore YOU and let Your praise ring;
To never complain or find fault anywhere;
To always be willing our blessings to share;
To live pure! holy! virtuous and clean;
To never live in races, colors or creeds;
To abstain from all human affection, fancies and pleasures
To stay away from mortality's versions;
To deny self and all its ways;
To give GOD all the praise;
To hold YOU in our hearts forever- This is the Lily-Buds' Endeavor.



We the Lilies of the Peace Mission Movement, do this night
Consecrate and dedicate our whole lives to the
Cause and Service of Almighty GOD, FATHER DIVINE.
To honor HIM, respect, love and obey HIM;
To do everything that is pleasing to HIM in every way;
To serve whensoever and wheresoever HE Wills or Desires us to;
To always be honest, sincere, competent, faithful and true.
To keep always HIS Name Holy, and in greatest and highest esteem;
To keep our thoughts pure, virtuous and holy And our words the same;
To walk circumspectly before the world, so that
It will see the Life of CHRIST Exemplified in us,
And glorify our FATHER here in Heaven on earth.
To harmonize with HIS Ideas and Opinions;
To keep company only with HIS Mind and Spirit;
To carry sunshine, gladness, peace and love everywhere;
To consecrate and dedicate every moment of the day
In sweet devotion and adoration;
To let our conversation be a holy one.
For this is the dedication and consecration Of heart, mind, body and soul.



To never argue, fuss or fight;
To always remember what YOU have done for us;
To always be honest, competent and true;
To do just what YOU would have us do.
To never give anyone an ugly look, but always
A smile, for we know that is YOU;
To never be exalted, but always meek and sweet;
To always remember what YOU Teach.
To never hate another for what they may do or say;
To never grow weary, or tired of this Holy Way;
To never condemn or find fault anywhere;
To always remember YOU are there.
To be just like YOUR Spotless Bride;
To be pure, clean, undefiled;
To always be willing in YOUR Spirit and Mind to abide;
To always be sweet; loving and kind.
To never hold friendly conversations with the opposite sex-
Only on business, as YOU have said;
To express holiness and virtue, wherever we may be;
To live all of this with YOU we plead;
For this is the Lily-Buds' Creed.





A True Crusader
Carries the Shield of Righteousness,
And wields the flaming Sword of Justice And his Armor is Truth.
A True Crusader Is the Spirit of Youth;
For he knows no defeat or oppression.
Every seeming failure to him is a Victory won,
And his Work is his FATHER's Mission. - FATHER DIVINE



C- Christians, the
R- Real Crusaders through True Brotherhood, of the
S- States of
A- America, for
D- Democracy,
R- Righteousness, and
S- Salvation of Spirit, Body and Mind For All!



Knowing that FATHER DIVINE is the One True and Living GOD, and Having a Conscious Conviction, Recognition and Realization of the FATHERHOOD of GOD and of the Universal Brotherhood of Man, Do hereby UNITE in our resolve to:

Build and maintain a Fraternal Brotherhood which is on record as an active, effective, integral member of FATHER DIVINE'S Inter-National, Inter-Racial, Inter-Denominational, Universal Peace Mission Movement, the Objectives of this Brotherhood being to:

1. Promote Unity among men throughout the world by achieving Perfect Unity among the Crusaders, through Evangelical Living and thinking together in the Fellowship of Spirit, Body and Mind;
2. Discover Abilities and Aptitudes in ourselves, and to stimulate, guide and use these Abilities and Aptitudes in the service of and for the benefit of all men, and to increase and extend these Abilities and Aptitudes to ever Higher Levels;
3. Formulate, in accord with FATHER'S Mind and Spirit, a Dynamic, Constructive Program of planned activities which, through Creation and Recreation, will consecrate and concentrate, during every moment of every day throughout Eternity, the Minds and Attention of all the Crusaders, their Love and Devotion, Ideas and Opinions, to and on the Fundamental-GOD, FATHER DIVINE;
4. Declare to the world through these activities, by Living accordingly as True Sons of GOD in every Thought, Word and Deed, the teaching of FATHER DIVINE-HIS Holiness, HIS Beauty, HIS Truth, Life and Love; And do hereby establish this, THE CRUSADER'S SELF-DISCIPLINE, as the Code of FATHER DIVINE'S Crusaders.





1. I know deep down in my heart that FATHER DIVINE is GOD-that HE is the Personification of GOD in a Bodily Form.
2. I believe in and accept as Divinely inspired, the King James Version of the Old and the New Testaments of the Holy Bible, and I embrace it as my Rule Book of Life.
3. I believe that FATHER DIVINE fulfills the Scriptural Prophecy of the Second Coming of CHRIST for the Christian World and the Coming of the Messiah for the Jewish World. 4. I believe in the FATHERHOOD of GOD and in the Brotherhood of man.
5. I believe in the Sacred, Holy, Spiritual Marriage of FATHER DIVINE, Who is our FATHER- MOTHER-GOD, to HIS Spotless Virgin Bride, MOTHER DIVINE, Who before the World was, Was Predestined to be, and now is the Symbol of the Church without Spot or Wrinkle.
6. I believe that the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE to MOTHER DIVINE was predestined to be; that it is the Marriage of the LAMB and the BRIDE; and that it Symbolizes the Marriage of CHRIST to the Church, the Union of GOD and Man, and the Fusion of Heaven and Earth.
7. I believe that FATHER DIVINE is my Real FATHER and that MOTHER DIVINE is my Real MOTHER and that I never had another.
8. I believe in the Actual Ever Presence and Omni-Presence of GOD and also in HIS Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnilucence.
9. I believe that the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply and that it always has and always will, as it does, Satisfy every Good Desire.
10. I believe that all things are possible with GOD and that HE will keep me in the Secret Place of the Most High if I TRUST HIM Wholeheartedly and make a Wide-Open Sacrifice.
11. I believe that I was with GOD before the World was; that I, in this physical body, will inherit Eternal Life; and that this physical body will never die if I live the Life of CHRIST and keep the Faith according to the Teachings of FATHER DIVINE.
12. I believe in the Life and Teachings of Jesus, the CHRIST, as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and especially as set forth in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount as given in the 5th, 6th and 7th Chapters of Matthew.



13. I believe that America was Predestined to be the Birthplace of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth.
14. I believe in the official documents of the United States of America-the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and Amendments-that they were Divinely inspired and that they take their places with the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible as instruments of the synonymous teachings of Democracy, Brotherhood, Americanism, Christianity and True Judaism.
15. I believe in the Flag of the United States of America and hereby Pledge my Allegiance to it and to the Republic for which it stands.
16. I believe that the Symbols of the Flag of the Free-Liberty, Unity, Freedom, Equity and Justice-shall be seen in every Land, as well as "Old Glory" itself, as concrete evidence of the True Significance of the Flag of the United States of America.



17. I believe that all men are created by GOD and come before HIM equal to and independent of each other in HIS Sight.
18. I believe that all men are endowed by their Maker and Creator with not only equal, but the same inalienable Rights, such as the Rights to Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness and such as the Freedom of Religious Worship, the Freedom of expression, the Freedom to assemble peacefully, the Freedom from want and the Freedom from fear.
19. I believe, further, that every man has the Right to live where he chooses, work where he is qualified, attend the school of his own choice, ride on any train, bus, trolley, taxi, boat or airplane, and use any public facility, such as hotels, restaurants, depots, parks, playgrounds, gymnasiums, swimming pools, golf courses, concert halls, museums, cultural exhibits and lectures-without respect to his so-called race, creed, color or nationality.
20. I believe that every man has the Responsibility, not only to claim and use these above mentioned Rights and Freedoms for himself, but also the Responsibility to accord these Rights and Freedoms to his fellow man and to protect his fellow man from being denied of them.
21. I believe that every man has the Responsibility to be completely independent, to support himself, to owe no man, neither to give or take gifts, tips or bribes, or to accept anything which he has not earned or paid for.
22. I believe that every man has as his Birth-right the Freedom and Liberty to stand alone, to live his own Life, to think, speak and act according to his own Highest Intuition and Volition, to recognize no master other than his GOD as revealed to him from within and therefore, to be Free from all ties and bonds of personalities, including those of friends, so-called mother, father, sister, brother, so-called husband, wife, son, daughter and other so-called kin.

Therefore, We, the Inter-National, Inter-Racial, Inter-Denominational Youth of FATHER DIVINE'S Universal Peace Mission Movement- Believe that it is our Reasonable Service to our GOD, to our Country, to our Church, to our fellow man and to ourselves, by living to the letter Daily, Lives of Virtue, Purity, Virginity and Holiness to present our bodies as Living Sacrifices in fulfillment of our official Religious and Political Documents.





1. The True Crusader shall love the LORD Our GOD, FATHER DIVINE, with or without a Body, with all his heart, soul, mind and strength, and shall forever obey, cherish and respect HIM above all else.
2. The True Crusader shall read and study the HOLY BIBLE and THE NEW DAY regularly, conscientiously and persistently with reverence and understanding, so that he may know the Word of GOD.
3. The True Crusader, as stated by FATHER, shall live exactly according to the Rosebuds' "Sweets' Endeavors" and exactly according to the "Sweets' Commandments," and exactly according to the Lily-Buds' Creeds.



4. The True Crusader shall love his neighbor as himself, be courteous to him, meet him with a smile and greet him with a kind word.
5. The True Crusader shall not fight his neighbor for any cause, no matter what his so-called race, creed, color or nationality.
6. The True Crusader shall not ridicule, condemn, discriminate against or persecute his neighbor for any cause.
7. The True Crusader shall live an unselfish life of service to all his neighbors, a life of giving rather than getting.
8. The True Crusader shall unify himself in Spirit, Mind, Aim and Purpose with all his neighbors allover the world.



9. The True Crusader shall live a righteous, useful, consecrated Life which is devoted to Holiness, Purity, Honesty, Love, Faith and Humility through self-denial and Thanksgiving and Praise.
10. The True Crusader shall be truthful and honest down to the smallest detail.
11. The True Crusader shall possess sufficient knowledge and competence to fulfill, to the satisfaction of all concerned, his obligations to his employer, his neighbor, his Church, his Country, his GOD and himself. He will be ambitious, industrious, intelligent and persistent.
12. The True Crusader shall be temperate and self-controlled in all things.
13. The True Crusader shall not exalt himself or indulge his ego.
14. The True Crusader shall owe no man. He will pay all his debts; he will pay cash on the spot and will not purchase on credit or the installment plan.
15. The True Crusader shall neither give or take gifts, tips, or bribes for the slightest cause, no matter how insignificant the matter may seem.
16. The True Crusader shall be completely independent and shall support himself in every way. He will not beg, borrow or steal. He will not accept vacation pay, social security benefits, pensions, insurance benefits or legacies-or anything which he has not earned or paid for, value for value.
17. The True Crusader shall not tempt GOD by insuring his life, his friends or relatives or his possessions.
18. The True Crusader shall not mistrust GOD by using material remedies, such as medicines, preparations, artificial supports and medical or surgical treatment, except as provided in the Church Discipline.
19. The True Crusader shall never engage in unnecessary conversation or sit correspondingly with the opposite sex.
20. The True Crusader shall not smoke, he shall not express vulgarity, profanity, obscenity or blasphemy; he shall not imbibe intoxicating liquors or drugs; he shall not gamble, wager nor patronize lotteries; and he shall not indulge in any lustful, sensual appetite either with himself or with the opposite sex.
21. The True Crusader shall not indulge in vicious gossip, destructive criticism or Godless chatter, nor shall he waste time through idleness or unseemly behavior, that he may be pleasing and desirable in the sight of GOD.
22. The True Crusader shall not attend, indulge in or harmonize with any form of amusement, entertainment, recreation, contest, exhibit, concert or program which does not express and portray the Evangelical Life which Jesus set before us.



23. The True Crusader shall attend Praise Meetings, Righteous Government Meetings and Holy Communion Banquets regularly, conscientiously and persistently and shall in every way uphold his church as his Higher Leading bids.



24. The True Crusader shall be a self-respecting, law-abiding citizen of his community, state, nation and world, and shall shoulder the responsibilities of citizenship so that he may earn the benefits of that citizenship.



25. The True Crusader shall be true to his Real Self by being one with his SAVIOR, GOD, FATHER DIVINE, Who is without the beginning of days and the end of Life, the Author and the Finisher-so that he shall be one with his neighbor and so that all the People will be One, whereby nothing good will be restrained from them.




Steps to Salvation-
What is required of me
If I am to work out my Salvation.


1. DESIRE. I must want Salvation. I must be willing and sincere.
2. REVERENCE. I must recognize and realize the Actual Ever Presence and Omni Presence of GOD in an Impersonal Form-and also recognize and realize HIS Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnilucence. I must have a Conscious Conviction of the FATHERHOOD of GOD to all peoples.
3. FAITH AND TRUST. I must have implicit Faith, unshaken Confidence and utter Trust in GOD-and this by hearing only, rather than by seeing.
4. THANKS AND PRAISE. I must continually give Thanks and offer Praise to our Father- Mother-GOD for all our Blessings.
5. VISION AND UNDERSTANDING. I must recognize and realize as a Truth/that the Word has been made Flesh. I must recognize and realize the Personified Presence of GOD in the Bodily Form of FATHER DIVINE.
6. WISDOM. I must seek Spiritual Discernment that I may know the right from the wrong-the good from the bad.



7. LOVE. I must Love and forgive everyone on the earth. I must have a conviction of the Universal Brotherhood of Man-of our One World and our One World Wide Family. I must dedicate my Life to unselfish service of everyone in the world.
8. HONESTY AND JUSTICE. I must be absolutely honest and just with myself and with everyone, in thought, word and deed.
9. CONFESSION AND SELF-DENIAL. I must confess every act of wrong-doing, wrong- speaking and wrong-thinking. I must deny every mortal, sinful thought, word and deed of self in every detail. I must give up all and live in willing obedience and complete surrender of Spirit, Body and Mind to the will of GOD.
10. RELAXATION. I must relax my conscious mentality whenever it is negative, so that the Spirit can have a free access within to reveal to me the thoughts, words and deeds which will rightly solve all my problems automatically.
11. VIRGINITY AND PURITY. I must live so that every thought, word and deed is virgin pure in its righteousness.
12. HUMILITY. I must be humble, patient, meek and sweet in every thought, word and deed.
13. EXPECTANCY. I must possess a seeking attitude-forever watching, listening and praying. I must live in the inspiration of breathless expectancy.
14.WORK. I must labor, but with wisdom and competence. Not only must my heart and mind be occupied with my FATHER'S Business, but my hands, as well, must be full and devotedly serving.






We,the Rosebuds, Lilly-buds, Crusaders, and all True Followers of FATHER DIVINE, knowing tat Woodmont, the Mount of the House of the Lord, is the Divine Blueprint of the perfect state of consciousness, realizing that , as Woodmont symbolizes the House of the Lord, just so do our bodies re[present the Temples of the Living God, and as He has declared that He will not dwell in an unclean temple, we are therefore resolved, that:

We Will as many nations, languages, tongues and peoples, go up to the Mountain of the Lord in Consciousness.

We Will learn of His Ways and walk circumspectly in His Paths.

We Will abide by His Word and His Law that He sendeth forth from Woodmont, the New Jerusalem.

We Will as ass nations adhere to His Judgments.

We Will as all nations accept His Rebuke to study war no more, and His Command to establish International Peace, in the air, on land and on the sea.

We Will walk in the light of His Way, for these are the last days for mortality. Personalities, individualities, principalities, nations and governments shall not rob Him of His Glory!

We Will stoop and drink freely of the Healing Waters of the Woodmont Consciousness.

We Will let the purging process of God's Commandments be written on the fleshly tables of our hearts, imbibing the Spirit and the Meaning of them, knowing that the letter killeth, but that the Spirit giveth Life.

We Will commit to memory and produce in our daily lives, all the Creeds, Documents, Covenants. The Sermon on the Mount, major portion of the Holy Bible and all other necessary Documents of FATHER DIVINE'S Universal Peace Mission Movement, for these are the steps that lead up to the Woodmont Consciousness.

We Will not have any false god's or doctrines before us; neither will we worship the works of our own hands.

We Will at all times give all Honor and Glory to the only True and Living God, FATHER DIVINE, Who is the Author and Finisher of all Perfection.

We Will Reverence and hold Sacred the Holy Body of GOD, FATHER DIVINE, ever remembering the countless Personal and Infinite Sacrifices that He has made and continues to make for our redemption. And at no time will we ever be guilty of measuring Him with the finite measure of a man.

We Will at all times acknowledge the Majesty of His Deity, the Power of His Name, the Holiness of His Body, the Infinitude of His Mind, the Omnilucence of His Holy Spirit, the Magnitude of His Universal Peace Mission Movement, the Perfection of His Word, the Chastity of His Personal Life, the Virtue of His Spotless Bride and Church, and ever give praise for being accepted as an humble subject under His Supreme Sovereignty.

We Will Exalt Him above the mountains; we will Magnify Him above the hills.

We Will continue to purify our minds, our bodies, our spirits, from all fleshly and carnal thoughts and connections with the serpent's versions, that we may be called the True Offspring of God, by exemplifying the Purity if the Christ Life.

We Will Personify the perfection of FATHER DIVINE'S International Modest Code wherever we live, or work, or play, or go to school. We will not drink, smoke be obscene, vulgar or profane; we will not accept gifts presents, tips or bribes, and will abstain from all association with the opposite sex, except strictly on a business basis.

We Will respect the Christ in others to the degree we wish them to respect the Christ in us.

We Will strive at all times to enact the Bill of Rights and extend to others the privilege of having the same rights that we ourselves enjoy.

We Will remember that our bodies represent individual Woodmonts, the perfect house wherein our Lord may dwell in a perpetual hot bed of praises, reverence, holiness, love, sweetness, virtue obedience, integrity and complete surrender to His Holy Will.

We Will not seek exalted positions or possessions; we will earn our privileges if we are worthy of any, through self denial and devoted consecration to GOD, FATHER DIVINE.

We Will always bear in mind that GOD dishonors Himself to honor us; that of ourselves we are nothing, only as it is His Holy Will and Pleasure to make us something, and that only to His Honor and Glory.

We Will reverence Him as the Supreme Godhead Bodily, and never seek to usurp undue authority over any service that has been assigned to us to do, and recognize at all times,that it is the FATHER alone Who doeth the Works.

We Will be loyal to our conviction; I know FATHER DVINE is GOD! and will never adulterate our faith and belief by listening to the serpent's subtle versions to mix mortality with spirituality.

We Will let the Holy Ghost have its way in our daily lives and affairs.

We Will not adulterate the high vibrations of the Woodmont Consciousness by indulging in destructive thinking.

We Will be willing to trample on the hearts of all those that hate GOD, no matter who they may be; but

We Will not offend the least one that loves GOD.


Above All

We Will be content to let FATHER DIVINE be GOD in all His Majesty, Dominion and Authority, freeing Him to supervise His creation and all mankind according to His infinite plan and purpose and fulfill our dispensive duty by being a real true follower from every angle expressible.

We Will be willing to crucify self by going cross-grained to every mortal preconceived idea and opinion and be resurrected in the Christ Nature and Characteristics and ascend to and remain in Woodmont, the Perfect State of Consciousness.



Knowing that if we are faithful in our consecration and deep devotion to GOD, FATHER DIVINE the ultimate result of this sincerity will be;

The Conscious Recognition of the Allness of GOD and the complete abolition of all self and mortality, as being termed matter; coming into the rightful inheritance ordained by GOD for us in the beginning of creation. as heirs and joint-heirs with Christ in GOD; a pure Chalice for Him to use to His Honor and Glory; abiding forever with HIm and with MOTHER in Woodmont, the Perfect State of Consciousness!