These Sermons Were Selected to Reflect on the Problems

That Highlight the News Today



FATHER DIVINE in Deusenberg Limousine

FATHER DIVINE in Deusenberg Limosine.

(Messages in this section will be updated or added to as current events dictate.)

  1. Young Boys and Young Girls I Know You Would Desire to Be Healthy, I Know You Desire to Be Wealthy, I Know You Desire to Have A-full and A-plenty and to Spare. The Christ in You Is Lying Dormant There, Waiting for the Stilling of Your Conscious Mentality and for You to Live an Evangelical Life. You Will Bring Forth the Christ in You to Fruition, and You Will Manifest the Christ.
  2. Harmonious or Destructive Action of the Cosmic Forces of Nature Explained by FATHER DIVINE.
    Your Own Destructive Thinking, Your Own Destructive Actions, Your Own Destructive Nature and Disposition Has Wrought Destruction on Your Behalf.
  3. To dispel the misunderstanding often given by the press you should be made aware of some facts that are available to everyone.
  4. The Overpopulation Of The Earth.
  5. The Leaders of the People Have Caused Them to Err and They That Are Led by Them Are Destroyed.
  6. The Constitution and its Amendments Have Been Drafted for the Purpose of the Protection of the American People
  7. Life, Liberty, According to the Constitution, and the Reality of Happiness
  8. We Are as Much Politically-minded and Constitutionally-minded as We Are Biblically Minded..
  9. The Personification of GOD is as the Personification of Mathematics
  10. The True Peace That Was Preordained That Mankind Should Inherit, Cometh Not by Swords, Bayonets and Machine Guns and War. - Father Divine
  11. You Cannot Expect to Have Peace When You're Studying War -Mother Divine
  12. Overcoming Evil With Good. We will eventually overcome all of the evil forces of humanity and everything that has been devised and inspired by them that are the instruments of violence, by the spirit of righteousness.
    An invention, a new discovery, a composition or something is coming from the invisible realm, and that is where GOD is bringing forth His wisdom to the children of men, bringing forth His blessings and bringing forth His help and aid to them. So GOD works in every field of activity if the people can but receive it.
  13. What is GOD? Everyone wants to know.
    Check out this answer.
  14. As with All Other Civilizations for The Last 1,500,000 Years So Will It Be With This One If They Do Not Recognize the Fundamental For Which I Stand.
  15. Victory is ours . . . Individually, Nationally and Internationally. A poem for self-searching.
  16. The Condescension of God As Revealed by Father Divine in an Interview with Dr. Lewi Pethrus, Pastor and Editor from Stockholm, Sweden. One of the most interesting and enlightening interviews ever granted by FATHER DIVINE -especially from a layman's viewpoint.
  17. A Prayer for Peace, Poise and Power.
  18. Until The Spirit of Violence, Segregation and Discrimination Has Been Eliminated The Very Cosmic Forces of Nature Will Fight Against You.