The Time That Has Been Shall Be No More.
The Leaders of the People Have Caused Them to Err and They That Are Led by Them Are Destroyed.


FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon at the Banquet Table. 20 W. 115th Street, New York City.
Friday, January 19, 1934 A.D.F.D., Time -- Noon




'Thou shalt have no other gods before Me", said GOD, to the children of men when HE spoke to Moses on the mountain. He did not ask them to have no other gods, HE said, "You shall not have them."

Such Words have not been spoken from that day to this. No man could speak them, and not even the Son of GOD Himself had the Authority to back them up.

But listen to the words of FATHER DIVINE and see if you can identify the voice.

FATHER has said in one of His recent mottoes,

'I will preach CHRIST in Words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put My Spirit in you and cause you to walk in My Statutes.'

More than ten million from all over the globe have identified it as the Voice of GOD, for they have felt the Hand of GOD causing them to walk in His Ways. The things they used to do, they cannot and do not want to do. The things they used to think, they do not think now. The things they used to love, they cannot love now, but they are finding untold joy in loving GOD with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

In cities like New York and Newark, N.J., for example, hundreds of thousands of every so-called race, creed and color, have been actually lifted out of the underworld by this Mighty Hand, out of murder, vice and crime of every sort, completely transformed in spirit, mind and body, and have been caused to stand as examples of a new people, the angels of GOD in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And so it has been in every field of activity, every world and every walk of life; there are those who have been transformed and are walking in the Ways of GOD that were past finding out until HE came to cause them to walk therein.

It was one of those who had formerly been of the underworld, confessed murderer of five or six, who had been tried in two of the cases and had spent a long term in prison on one of them, that stood in the Presence of FATHER, a new creature, at the Banquet Table in the Kingdom, 20 West 115th Street, New York City, January 19, and shouted his Joy and Thanksgiving and Love of GOD in the following song:

'All of my sins are taken away,
Glory Hallelujah to my FATHER'S Name!
All of my sins are taken away, taken away.
HE gave me a horn and HE told me to blow
HE gave me the Word and HE told me to go;
All of my sins are taken away, taken away.'

(At the conclusion FATHER responded as follows:)

PEACE EVERYBODY! Good Health, Good Will and a Good Appetite, is something that I AM noted for bringing, and it is something that I AM so well noted for giving folks -- giving them good will and giving them good appetite and giving them a good health, that I AM doing throughout the world. It is Wonderful! Even before I was known Personally, and for My Personal Activities, through many investigations I brought forth a clean bill of health. And these different investigations that did bring forth a clean bill of health, were for the foundation of the establishment of the Kingdom of GOD on earth.

For this cause I came and for this purpose I stand. Then I say, here you are and there I AM, for I AM transmitting Myself mentally and spiritually to the children of men. I AM identifying Myself with them, as they have been introduced to the FATHER and the Son. Through your at-one-ment mentally and spiritually, you become to be one with HIM physically and otherwise. Your mental and your spiritual contact, by bringing your bodies into subjection to this great Fundamental Principle and living Evangelical, the very Spirit of My Presence produces in you the CHRIST Characteristics, the characteristics of the individuals, as produced and brought to fruition and into materialization in their systems, desirable characteristics will bring about desirable conditions; undesirable characteristics will bring about undesirable characteristics; and if I had not come, you had a cloak for your sins. But since I have come and you have declared to the children of men, "All of your sins have been taken away." Though your sins have been many, yet by the recognition of this Presence, you can see them dispelling as darkness dispels before the light.

Therefore, you are fortunate to have been one of those collectively, that have been living in sin and folly, committing vice and crime of every kind before I came - - you are fortunate to have been in that state of expression before I came and not going into it now since I AM here. If I had not come you would have had a cloak for your sins, but since I have come, there is no propitiation, there is no hope of Salvation saving coming through this identical Principle that I AM advocating. You could have had an alibi and so you did; you said all men were living in sin because your teachers and preachers and leaders taught you that they were and you had an alibi, although it is true,

'The leaders of the people have caused them to err and they that are led by them are destroyed.'

Yet they had some cloak for their sins, to hide behind the teachings of the children of men that they were supposed to have been the leaders of them. But since I have come you have no cloak for your sins. The time that has been shall be no more -- hear ye the Words of the LORD, all the inhabitants of New York.

You have lived in sin, many of you; but I have heard you sing and I have heard you say, "All of my sins have been taken away." Since you recognize the Presence of GOD and have realized that your sins have been taken away, no longer will you live therein, and if you would go back in those old former things, you could no longer live.

There are thousands and thousands and thousands of people that have committed sin of the different types of its kind and yet they were protected and got away with it until I came. It is Wonderful! Truly might the Apostle have said on one occasion:

'God once winked at sin, but now He requires every man to repent.'

GOD has commanded all men to repent and come to this recognition and live thus accordingly.

Upon this Foundation I have long since been building and now I have built the Foundation of the Establishment of the Kingdom in which you are now living. I AM saying, the things that you once did, you cannot do again and get off with it. I AM just telling you! The hour has truly come, GOD has glorified His Son, and commanded all men to bring their bodies into subjection to HIM, for CHRIST alone shall reign as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings.

I was just thinking when the last speaker was speaking, I brought to consideration the tendencies or reflections of some of the people, claiming to be Followers and Believers as they have been; and some seem to think, because I got them before they committed those crimes, that they can go back and commit those crimes and get off at it. But I say nay! "He that puts his hand to the plow and looks back, is not fit for life. These are the Words of CHRIST but in another version,

'He that puts his hand to the plow and looks back, is not fit for the Kingdom.'

AM speaking these Words for your consideration. This is something on footing that is commanding the attention of men and women in all walks of life, and they must HEAR and OBEY, or HUSH! They must adhere to the Teaching that I AM giving, or depart to the place of perdition, which is misery and woe and death and they will not go much further. The time that has been will be no more! Take it into consideration.

Because there are thousands and thousands of people that were living in sin and debauchery and got by at it until I came and freed them, and they have forsaken those things and now are living free from sin; others may think they can go out and commit the crime that some of these did before they were saved, but I say nay! These thoughts are well worth considering. Therefore, you must bring your bodies into subjection. You must recognize this Ever Presence or else depart to that which is termed perdition.

'GOD in the midst of you is Mighty to save.'

The Cosmic forces of Nature, they will Obey. It is Wonderful! The Hand of Nature, it obeys; the spirit and mind of men, they must do what I say. GOD deals in the affairs of men, and they must recognize HIM, with or without a Bodily Form!

For this cause I came -- not for the purpose of doing you harm, but to save you from your sins and give you life, health and happiness. When I say, "Good Will, Good Appetite and Good Health", or "Good Health, Good Will and Good Appetite", these are some of the fundamentals that are essential for each and every individual that they may be producers and reflectors, yea, even manifesters of the unfoldment of the Mystery of GOD'S Presence. When you are living in this recognition, as the last speaker said, the very Spirit of My Presence will be with you, and if you are hungry, calling on the Name of this Principle of Whom you say I AM, with such conviction and recognition it will satisfy your every desire. It works automatically and it works systematically; it works in perfect harmony with those that are in harmony with it mentally and spiritually.

Therefore, if you attune yourselves mentally and spiritually with it, it will be in tune with you physically and materially, and the material things that you need will come forth speedily.

Remember, Jesus as a Person, came, showing the children of men how they should live, showing them how they should be. Therefore He expressed it in His physical Bodily Form, to show them that He was as they are according to the flesh, that they might be as He is according to the Spirit; and through such a recognition they too, in turn, would be able to demonstrate anything that is desirable for the common good of men.

These Words I speak in verification of the testimony where the speaker said that I said you could be like ME. But you cannot Be like CHRIST in this body or any other body, unless you bring your bodies into subjection and live according to His Teaching by producing and bringing to fruition in your systems the identical Characteristics of Jesus; the Characteristics of CHRIST. The characteristics of CHRIST produced in you and brought to fruition and made observable, they will be discerned as JESUS the CHRIST, or as the CHRIST that was in Jesus and not discerned as you. Then whatsoever you ask in His Nature, His Name, in His Characteristics, and in His Attributes, and in His Will and in His Mind, it shall be done unto you.

CHRIST'S Name consists of His Nature, His Characteristics, His Mind; in short, the spirituality and mentality of Him. CHRIST gives you His spirituality, His Spirit and His Mentality, His Mind and all things that consist of the spiritual and mental realm of Himself, if you will give Him your body of flesh. For this cause, CHRIST in the Person of Jesus as a man, disappeared, that YOU as individuals might "look and live" and be inheritors and reincarnators of His identical characteristics, and in short, His identical Spirit, His true spirituality and mentality collectively. When you become to be the producers and reincarnators of the spirituality and mentality of the CHRIST, your bodies become to be openly and manifestedly, the Temples of the Living GOD, and it is verified then, and fulfilled without and within -- GOD shall walk in you and dwell in you. HE is walking and talking in you when you allow HIM to. Did He not say through the mouth of the Apostle,

'The very Works that I do shall you do, and greater works than these . . . because I go unto My Father"?

Speaking also on another occasion, the Spirit of GOD'S Presence through the individual declared:

'Know ye not that ye are the Temples of the Living GOD, and GOD has said I will walk in them and dwell in them?'

But HE cannot walk in you and dwell in you unless you allow HIM to. Even though HE be IN you, HE cannot make it His Throne, for a person may have a dwelling place but it may not be his especial home. But when you shall have elected the CHRIST as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, then and there within you HE begins to reign, and wheresoever a King reigns, there is where His Kingdom is. His Kingdom comes within you according to the Prayer Christendom has prayed from the earliest existence of Christendom even up until this present time, asking GOD, the great Creator, the FATHER and Maker, to

'Let Thy Kingdom come.'

The Kingdom WILL come, when you do away with your will, and the Will of GOD will be done when you shall have elected CHRIST on the throne of your mind as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings

Then I say, it is essential for each and every individual to bring his body into subjection to the Fundamental Principle, or the Principle cannot rule and reflect and manifest itself in him and It cannot give him the victory over chaotic conditions of the world. But if you, as individuals, WILL live thus accordingly, the very Spirit of GOD'S Presence will be with you and will produce such characteristics as will manifest in you and in your experiences, such things as you desire.

Then I call your attention back to the declaration of the Apostle. Through his experience and experiences, he said,

'I must take heed to my body to bring it into subjection, lest after I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.'

Will you all take these thoughts to consideration? Realize the great significance and the great essential, of taking heed to your bodies and bringing your bodies into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness and not to your mortal human fancies, tendencies and pleasures, neither to your preconceived ideas and opinions, nor to the mortal versions of the children of men, but bring your bodies into subjection to HIM that liveth forever and forever, and you will have the victory.

Now if there is a question in reference to your testimonies concerning ME, it is absolutely immaterial to ME what an individual may believe, for as I have afore said, there are those that actually believe -- they say they do -- that I AM the d-v-l. Now what is that to you? If they believe it, that is their privilege. They have a right to believe what their mind tells them to believe. They will produce in their experiences the characteristics and the fruit of that which they believe, for

'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.'

Negative thoughts will produce negation and negative conditions in your consciousness and in your systems. Positive thoughts will produce harmony and harmonious conditions in your consciousness and in your systems. Visualizing the perfect picture, you can bring into materialization such as you are gazing upon vividly.

To the extreme contrary of those just spoken of, there are those of you, including many others throughout the universe, that are declaring that I AM GOD. Your versions concerning same have brought harmonious conditions within your systems and within your minds. By holding to that version vividly and enthusiastically, you have brought it forth into your consideration, in your experiences, in your mentalities and in your systems.

But it is each and every individual's privilege to think as he chooses. The thing they gaze upon vividly, they will tend to produce the characteristics from the reflections and substance of that which they are gazing upon vividly. It is Wonderful! Oh, that man could but learn the true psychology of life, the true way of living, and producing and bringing into outer expression, as the great Creator, the FATHER and the Maker, after Whose Image you were made.

GOD formed you and created you in His Own Likeness and Image. Therefore when you are copying after the fashion, being made in the Likeness and Image of your great Creator, you will create conditions for yourselves according to your vision, and YOU will have a version, instead of having someone else's version, when you shall have visualized the CHRIST Consciousness vividly; and your vision will create for you a version, as GOD, the Creator, did in the beginning.

Therefore, we do not have to go by the theories and doctrines of men, the ideas nor opinions of them. We do not have to copy after what they say nor have said, neither what they have done nor are doing; neither do we have to go by their versions, but our own vision will give us a version and we will establish it as the Fundamental of Salvation. Do you not see these mysteries unfolding every hour? Although the bud did have a bitter taste, the Flower is getting sweeter and sweeter. It is Wonderful! You can see

'the Fountain that was open in the House of King David.'

It was and it is,

'for sin and for all uncleanness".

and it is sufficient to reach the conditions of the people and cleanse them from all of their sickness and diseases, and give them the victory over all adversities. It is not only sufficient, but it is DOING it.

THEN, when I stand in the midst of you as a man, yet not taking thought what I AM going to say, the Spirit of My Presence begins to unfold the mysteries, unobservable by the most scientific and learned person of our present Civilization. It is just because it is a Fountain, a never-failing, flowing Fountain of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, and one writer caught it by inspiration and said, "The Fount of all my joy." One requested this to come. Long since it has been requested through the song,

'Come, Thou Fount of every blessing; tune my heart to sing GOD'S Praises.'

This is the "Fount of every blessing", and it will tune your hearts to sing GOD'S Praise. You can see the "Streams of Mercy ever flowing" and never ceasing. I think I had better stop!

Does it not look as though the blessings of success and prosperity unfold the Mysteries of GOD'S Love and Mercy?

'He that covereth his sins shall not prosper but he that confesseth them . . . shall have mercy.'

We are expressing the Mystery of GOD'S Love and Mercy by manifesting all success and prosperity. Do you not see it? It is plain even on the material plane! Just look at this and all of the other Dining Rooms under My Personal Jurisdiction! A-full and a-plenty and to spare, of success and prosperity, is manifested here and there and everywhere. Do you not see the great significance of the different individuals as many, collectively confessing their sins?

'He that confesseth his sins shall have Mercy, but he that covereth them shall not prosper.'

Causing you all to confess your sins and to forsake them, you find that you have success and prosperity?

You are verifying this day in the midst of the people, that which David said on one occasion -- I AM sure you all remember it --

'Surely, goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever.'

If you do not dwell in the House of the LORD and under the jurisdiction of the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST, goodness and mercy will not follow you all the days of your life. You find goodness and mercy on the without; for in the House of GOD where sins are confessed and forsaken, where you are exposing your sins and uncovering them, you shall have Mercy by confessing and forsaking them and goodness and mercy will follow you. Wheresoever goodness and mercy follow he that confesses his sins shall have mercy; but he that covereth them shall not prosper.

Therefore, when you confess and forsake them you will be successful and you will also be prosperous.

Take these thoughts into consideration if you will to. If you desire to accept of the spirit and connection of unbelief, or disbelief GOD'S Presence, you will bring upon yourselves swift judgment. As I was saying not long ago, the time has truly come that it will not be as it has been, from many different angles. The Spirit of My Presence and the Presence of My Spirit is working. It is working and it will work according to the dictates of the conscience of the individual.

'To him that is natural, all things are natural; but to him that is spiritual, all things are spiritual.'

I have long since "holden My peace" and refrained from speaking, and also from acting in a negative way against the opposers, but the Power is in MY Hand! It is Wonderful! I do not have to speak a Word Personally, but the thought of My Mind will Command and demand the Spirit of Justice to take its course, and if it does, why someone will see it and feel it, physically as well as mentally and spiritually.

God deals in the affairs of men. GOD has Dominion, and of course through the Jesus-ship Degree of Spiritual Understanding He condescendingly came, to reach the conditions of men through the spirit of meekness and obedience to HIM, the great Creator, the FATHER and the Maker; but when He ascended to the Fathership Degree of expression, it was a pre-evidence of His Dominion over all things. A parable was spoken concerning the husbandmen, how they destroyed the servants that He sent to partake of the fruit of the vineyard -- "but what shall the Lord of that vineyard do?" He shall come Himself and He shall destroy those husbandmen, and shall give the vineyard unto others. The same Spirit is speaking today, and you have declared that it is fulfilled in your hearing. The material fulfillment of same can be accomplished, for GOD has Dominion in and over the affairs of men and shall rule their physical bodies. GOD shall Rule I say, their physical bodies, and their physical bodies must be brought into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness, "or else", for it is GOD'S Reign now, and not man's, and I mean it! GOD'S Spirit shall Reign and shall have Dominion over the physical bodies of the children of men. Shall have Dominion over them! And the Spirit will take charge mentally and spiritually and physically, and will execute judgment righteously, and will deal justly between man and man, and everyone shall reap their reward according as their works may be, physically, mentally or spiritually, and the physical bodies shall be manifestations of blessings or cursings and I will see to it.

Remember, GOD is not bound to the Sonship Degree of expression, in that degree of allowing the mortal mind to function in bodies in opposition and do as it pleases; but GOD IS Omnipresent, being Omniscient and also Omnipotent and will reach your conditions wheresoever you are -- it is indeed wonderful -- and can and WILL meet you on any issue imaginable.

Now read your Bibles! There may be a question among those of you that may be critics, or that have friends that have sent you around to find something to criticize; but take for consideration the original Message given concerning this Demonstration, GOD speaking through the mouth of the Prophet Isaiah --

'I have long time holden My peace'

But the time would come when GOD would no longer hold His peace; GOD would work and act upon the impulse of the moment, mentally, spiritually, legally, socially, financially, spiritually and otherwise. That is the Mystery of GOD'S Presence, able to reach your condition and function in any plane, to meet every emergency and to meet every issue, whether it be social, financial, intellectual, political or legal. GOD will meet you on every issue! Think not, because GOD Condescendingly came in the Person of Jesus and in the Administration or Reign of Jesus, in Mercy, that HE was bound to that Administration. The Sonship Degree has ascended to the FATHERSHIP Degree of Administration, and in this Administration none had better run up against HIM!

I have heard you say and I have heard you sing -- through the mouth of the Prophet this Message came -- there was a Stone that was "cut out of the Mountain" not with hands, and it came rolling down through the ages of time, and everything that would fall upon It, something would happen. ("Yes, FATHER, it would grind it to powder", came from the assembly.) It is Wonderful! We are now entering into this state of expression in fulfillment of that which was termed "The Stone that was cut out of the Mountain." That is the mystery of this parable in this practical issue from now on.

You know, "There is a time and a season for all things." Remember, the Spirit of GOD'S Presence functioned in the fulfilling of the prophecy of the Scripture even as it was said by the mouth of Isaiah --

'Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given.'

In the "child-ship" degree of expression, in the infancy of Christendom, it was a Child but as He grew up into another degree of expression a Son was given. The same expression of birth, through the first conception, that seed idea of advancement to Perfection was growing in that Child to bring it from the Child-ship Degree of expression to the Sonship Degree; and when it became to be the Sonship Degree, after it was made known as the Son -- the spirit of meekness and obedience -- >they could treat Him as they pleased and even kill Him and that is exactly what they did. They did kill Him, that the inheritance might be theirs.

But there came forth another expression --

'He shall be called Wonderful".

That was the Degree of Expression brought to fruition in your experiences as you expressed orally. So it was in the Power and in the administration of "Wonderful". Now then, there did come a time in this parable and in this prophecy it came forth, where He should be called "Counselor". I have known some of the best lawyers to declare that I AM the greatest business man -- if I would be a man - - that they would come in contact with. After being "Wonderful", the Administration was brought to fruition, and it expressed in that Degree, and it summed itself up in.

"Counselor". That same "Counselor" went on from the Counselor-ship Degree of expression until it was made known through the declaration of the Spirit, and the Spirit's manifestation, or manifesting the Principle as it was brought to fruition that HE was "The Mighty GOD". After "The Mighty GOD" had been brought to fruition in the consciousness of the people through their conscious recognition and conviction, then came forth "The Everlasting FATHER". That Degree of Expression was brought to fruition in the consciousness of the people, and they too, as well as in the other cases, came to the conscious recognition of its being the "Everlasting FATHER". And after coming to the "Everlasting FATHER", HE had Dominion and Authority, expressly and manifestedly, and HE brought Peace on the earth. And that is this Great Peace Mission that I AM now fulfilling and bringing to fruition in the midst of the people, until they shall know it and see it as you know it, see it and believe it, and the world at large shall recognize the coming of GOD having been developed from the Sonship Degree, or "Child-ship" Degree, to the "Everlasting FATHER", "The Mighty GOD" and "Everlasting FATHER", and the "Prince of Peace.

Therefore, in this Administration, as it has advanced to the highest Degree of Perfection, it will be brought to fruition in this Administration, as the "Prince of Peace", and Peace shall Reign from shore to shore and from land to land. But that does not say we will not have the mortal mind's opposition rising up in the different individuals, that we will have to grind into powder! It is needful that I should make an example of some. That is what I will do, and that is what I AM doing. That is what I will do and that is what I AM doing I say, making an example of some. But even with the example, where there will be an expression of destruction manifested on individuals, it will be merely for an example and as a sample, and still Peace and Love will be reigning, for GOD has Dominion, and anything that gets in the way of this Peace and of this Love and of this Dominion, it shall be ground into powder.

Take these thoughts into consideration. Live in this recognition and you will not have an occasion to falter nor fear, for greater is HE that is within you, than all they that could imaginably be against us. I thank you.

(After a short interval, FATHER spoke again at the Banquet Table as follows:)

PEACE EVERYBODY! I know you are happy, for I AM glad. The time seems to be well expired, but these few brief remarks -- or many, whichever -- I hope they are jotted down in your vocabularies. I hope you all will remember,

'GOD is not a God afar off, but GOD is a GOD at hand",

And is here to defend the Cause of CHRIST, whatsoever it costs. We will accomplish that for which we came, with or without a bodily form, and these adverse conditions cannot do us any harm.

For this cause we are rejoicing continually and will unfold more and more of the mysteries as you live in this recognition and bring your bodies into subjection whole-heartedly. I thank you.

I further wish to say at this particular juncture, we are still having lost and found things coming in. I have afore said, time over and over again, it is not necessary to bring them to ME Personally. If you will advertise them through our papers, the World Echo and the New York News, the weekly papers, we will be glad to do so if you have found anything that was lost and it is not yours. We are always pleased to advertise same without cost. There are many things brought in from time to time, also, for us to advertise, and we are doing so. Yesterday there was a ten-dollar bill sent in, that was lost and found last Saturday evening some place. If anyone thinks they have lost it, you can have it by identifying some place around where you think it was lost and found. Many other valuables have been found, not merely in our own assemblies, but in many places. We are glad to advertise them as volunteer social and secret service workers, to reach the conditions of the people and to eradicate and dispel graft and greed and dishonesty from the hearts and minds of all of them as near as possible. I thank you.

I further wish to say, our Public Meetings are going on here daily, up in the auditorium. This is merely the Dining Room, and at this particular time of the day this is our private meal being served. Of course there are quite a few in the Spirit and Mind -- there are quite a few come and stand around. All are welcome, as many as we can accomplish to come into the Dining Room to hear and see and enjoy the blessings as they are given by the Spirit of My Presence. I further wish to say, our Public Meetings are going on daily at 103 West 117th Street, also at 204 West 63rd Street, and they will be soon, also, at 160 West 126th Street, New York City, near Seventh Avenue. It used to be the old Bath House. It has another large auditorium and dining room, and it will be carried on by the Spirit of My Presence, the same as it is here. Public Meetings are also going on continually, at 51 Bedford Street, Newark, N.J., as another one of our larger daily Assemblies, and also at School and Wickliffe Streets, Newark. We have also Public Meetings at 406-408 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, and also in Jamaica, N.Y. We have Public Meetings in all of the places around, as well also, as many headquarters in the different cities and towns. Remember, you are welcome to attend all or any of these Public Meetings, but you are not obligated to do so, neither do we wish you to, unless you are led by the Spirit of the CHRIST within you; for you can be blessed wheresoever you are if you will recognize this Ever Presence and live thus accordingly.

That is the great significance of the mystery of success and prosperity; not leaning nor depending on the people, neither individually nor collectively, because the Spirit of GOD'S Presence in reality is Omnipotent; it is in reality All Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, and I AM not seeking anyone for any of these qualities or blessings, for I have them all within Myself. I AM not seeking the aid nor help of the people; they are seeking ME through the different Countries of our present civilization.

When and wheresoever they come, it matters not from whence they come, from Europe, Asia or Africa, or from the lower part of America, North America, South America, or Central America; they all are welcome; but remember, I AM not seeking any individual person or persons. If you come here, you must know within yourselves, you are seeking ME, I AM not seeking you. You must know within yourselves, you need ME I do not need you.

I speak these Words because there are some at times, may come and think within themselves that I should especially look upon them with a special respect. I don't care from whence you came; I would not care if you were the international king of all of our present civilized countries; it would be absolutely immaterial to ME -- you are seeking ME, I AM not seeking you. It is Wonderful! Wealth, profession, fame, wisdom, knowledge or understanding or professional class or clan has nothing to do with ME -- all of you and all of them are seeking ME. I have just what they want!

I want these thoughts jotted down in your vocabularies, for yourselves and for this generation and for the generations to come! I AM the Same, with or without a Bodily Form! If I condescendingly come to this place wherein I stand in the midst of you, expressing and speaking in your language, remember it is a condescendence. It is not for MY good, it is for yours! It is indeed Wonderful! If you as individuals will live in this recognition, the gravitation of the earth, mentally, spiritually and even physically, will have no more dominion over you.

However, as I say, all are welcome to partake of the limitless blessings, according to our custom. All are as one, in My perception, yet remember, I AM not seeking the different individuals. If any person or persons come and are willing to take part according to the customs, and live according to same, that is their privilege and Mine, to allow it to be. Then again I wish to say further, even if you are attending these Meetings daily and hourly when they are going on, remember, you are not obligated in any way whatever to buy anything, or spend one penny, in connection of these Assemblies. You are not obligated to buy a newspaper or anything, in connection with these Assemblies, unless you wish to. You can and will be blessed just as much if you do not spend a penny. Our Spiritual and social and professional work is absolutely free to the world, gratis to mankind.

As the crowds have been coming from time to time, ever since I made My appearance in New York City Personally, I condescendingly allowed those that were connected to have Dining Rooms in connection with the different Assemblies and Meetings, for the purpose of feeding the people if they desired to eat and did not desire to go home, I especially commanded and requested all of My Representatives, or any person or persons that were concerned, in selling meals, to sell them at less than what a person could get them from elsewhere. It short, it is below cost. In that way there will not be a possible chance of one of My Representatives bringing in the spirit of graft and greed in the way of racketeering or anything of that kind. As I have afore said, in any of our Connections, if they charge more than Fifteen Cents for a meal, let ME know.

These thoughts I hope you all will jot down in your vocabularies and the same like manner in reference to the Papers. The Papers -- The World Echo at least -- is sold for three cents a copy in New York City, and out of the City for five cents a copy, yet these Papers are not My immediate publication. As I afore said, they are published by World Echo Publishing Company but I AM contributing to the paper and they have submitted it to ME to instruct them and to be a Spiritual Adviser for the Company. But it is not because I AM connected with it any more than I would be with any other newspaper if the other newspapers would have allowed My Spirit and My Mind and My Views to have free access in them and if they would have published My Messages just as they were given. Therefore I endorse the two papers, the New York News, the weekly paper, and also the World Echo, and My Representatives will READ them. Of course you are not compelled to do it unless you wish to, but I have endorsed them because they WILL carry My Message just as I gave it as near as they can, saving through printers' mistakes, etc.. There may be some printers' errors, etc., but these are in practically all papers. With the exceptions of this, we find they are willing and were willing to carry the Messages just as it was given and as it is given, and for this cause I have co-operated with them. They are also publishing lost and found articles in their columns. For this cause I have endorsed them and I will give and have been giving, each one of these papers our Lectures, so that you get as much of My Message literarily as possible by giving them each a different Lecture.

I thank you so much for your prayerful attention, and I thank you for your Love and your Devotion. You know the people will be jealous of ME because you love ME so! (At this moment the demonstrations of shouts and applause that had accompanied all of FATHER'S Words, became a long demonstration of Love, with all reaching out their hands to HIM.)

Now don't fool yourselves! Be governed by your own highest intuition and move according to your own volunteer volition, and if any of you desire to take My Teaching, and if you claim that you are teachers, representatives or leaders, and if your desire My Information -- for one and for all I AM saying -- whatsoever I have done unto you and the way I have been to you, be ye also unto others. If I charge you for any Personal Service in the way of Professional Service, in the way of Spiritual advice, or in the way of that which would be termed treatments or anything of that kind, do ye also the same unto others. But if I stand here day be day and give you My Professional Service absolutely free, and give you mental and spiritual treatments, as they may be termed --free -- without cost -- if you charge anyone anything, you are robbing GOD.