"Man Controls the Conditions of the Weather Automatically by Negative or Positive Thinking."

"Your Own Destructive Thinking, Your Own Destructive Actions, Your Own Destructive
Nature and Disposition Has Wrought Destruction on Your Behalf." --- FATHER DIVINE

FATHER DIVINE'S Message given Whilst at the Holy Communion Table 20 West 115 Street, New York City
Thursday, March 19 1936 A.D.F.D., After Midnight

20 West 115 Street, New York City

20 West 115 Street, New York City.


The song below preceded the message. Most effective and appropriate was this particular song, which was as an introduction to this great revelation from the Lord, for it was in accord with same. By the permission of FATHER , this great piece of literature is passed on to you.



'Love! Love! Wonderful love!
Love! Love! Wonderful love!
It flows like a river, forever and ever,
Health! Health! Wonderful health! Etc.
Peace! Peace! Wonderful peace! Etc.
Happiness! Happiness! Wonderful happiness! Etc.
Success! Success! Wonderful success! Etc.
Prosperity! Prosperity! Wonderful prosperity! Etc.
Joy! Joy! Wonderful joy! Etc.
Life! Life! Wonderful life! Etc.
Love! Love! Wonderful love!
Love! Love! Wonderful love!
I flows like a river, forever and ever,






("Peace FATHER DEAR!" came the happy greeting from the throng.)...Now look at you. That little song you all seem to love so well, while you may enjoy it and believe it sincerely, there are those of our present civilization who do not enjoy such a version, not only the version as it is put forth through you and in your experience, but apparently, they do not enjoy the reality of this love that flows like a river, in reality.


The Cosmic Forces Obey

While listening to that song, I thought of how marvelous it would be, if this love that flows like a river could and would have access over all mankind, as it has over these. When and wheresoever this love has full and free access in the world, there will be no more vice and crime expressed, and the sins and iniquities of your fathers and your mothers will be remembered no longer. But in these few days you may look over your daily papers, and you can behold as it were a sketch and a reflection of a reminder of the sins and iniquities of your fathers and your mothers. When this love shall have enveloped the world, vice and crime shall come to an end. There shall be no more sin for the Kingdom of GOD shall have truly come and the will of GOD on earth shall be done. Wars and race riots, divisions and confusions and all of the chaotic conditions of the day, will be expressions of the past, where GOD the sun forever reigns and scatters those conditions away, and turns all of your darkeners into bright noonday. When mankind recognizes GOD as a living reality which has come to stay, even the cosmic forces of nature, they will obey.

Why should you live in lacks and wants? Why should you be in disasters? Why should you be in floods and flames? It is all because of vice and crime and sin of every kind. When men shall have been converted from that Adamic state of consciousness and prejudice shall have been completely eradicated, destructive thoughts dispelled from your mentality, there will be no more disasters, even the experience of our present day, yea of these few past days, such an experience will not be when this love shall flow like a river through each and everybody. The cosmic forces of nature will not express themselves destructively, but will express themselves harmoniously. You may be a little skeptical, but I AM here to say, trace your thoughts back to all of MY experiences, to all of MY demonstrations, if it would be stormy, floods, or raining, or cold, the weather becomes to be harmonious, for the harmonious Mind has control. Now isn't that wonderful!


Truth Shall Envelope The World

When this truth shall have enveloped the world, and brought all mankind into subjection to the Christ as you are, then and there, it will be universal as if is here and now under this jurisdiction. Oh, it is a privilege to realize what the life and love of GOD will do for mankind. This is not merely talk, beloved ones, it is our conscious conviction and realization, for it has been openly manifested to the children of men.

'Wheresoever a king reigns, there is where his kingdom is.'

I cannot stress it too often and too vividly, for mankind seems to think we are subject to disasters, volcanoes, floods and storms. You are, so long as you live in vice and crime and sin of every kind; so long as you are subject to your predecessors' prejudices and bigoted tendencies, you will be subject to the infirmities of your father, for their iniquities will find you, but it is a privilege to realize even though GOD is a jealous GOD, visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children from the third to the fourth generation, I AM showing mercies upon thousands of them that love ME, and keep MY Commandments.

We are privileged to see and to say today, those of you who have seen your fathers' errors and have turned from them, those conditions, such as have been cannot find you, for you will be hid from them. We are not thinking about floods. We are not thinking about storms. We do not believe such expressions can do us any harm. Is it not written:

'He that puts his trust in ME, shall never be confounded?'

Then I say trust in the Lord. Have faith in your GOD, and whatsoever you desire, HE will bring it to pass. Upon this cause we can stand as one

'standing in the liberty wherewith the Christ has set us free,'

if I might speak it,

'and be not again entangled with the yoke of bondage'

- mortality, for GOD from those conditions has set you completely free.


Weather Control Is In The Hands Of Man

Oh, it is something to consider,

'If GOD is for you who can be against you?'

The cosmic forces of nature, they will work in harmony with you, even as you are harmoniously working with the Fundamental of Life. Now isn't that wonderful? But with prejudice and with bigoted minds, with destructive thoughts proceeding forth from your minds, you may expect disaster and destruction at all times. As I say, man controls the conditions of the weather automatically by negative or positive thinking. This is a scientific truth from a scientific point of view, according to the Scripture, for Jesus spoke to the seas when the storm was raging and said "Peace be still." Truly Jesus was the Wayshower, teaching you and others what you should do; how you should live, the way you should go.


Faith is the Essential

When Jesus worked a miracle, apparently the disciples marveled as it. He said,

'If you would have the faith of a grain of a mustard seed, you could say to yonder sycamine tree, be thou plucked up and cast in the depths of the sea, it would obey thee.'

This was said to verify the words I have just spoken. If you have the faith of Christ,

'the very work that I do, shall you do,'

said He; therefore, if you are in perfect harmony with GOD, GOD with HIS cosmic forces of nature, the creative forces of nature and every other expression will work in harmony with you. They will not work destructively with you. They work destructively to those and for those who are destructive in themselves, those who think destructive thoughts, holding within themselves destructive ideas and opinions. By so doing, they create for themselves an inharmonious condition mentally, and the outward expression of the hand of nature will work automatically through the cosmic forces of nature destructively, according to your destructive thinking. For this cause, we can rejoice and be exceedingly glad. If you notice the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, you will find men at times, when the very cosmic forces of nature would work in harmony with them, at times, there were those whom the cosmic forces of nature worked inharmoniously to them, because of the inharmonious attitude they had taken towards GOD and mankind.


Keys to the Hidden Treasure

Since we are producers and expressers of our own positive or negative thinking, hereafter we will think positive thoughts, we will act positive in our actions, and we will work positive works, that we might produce the positive conditions, and the desirable results will follow. Men marvel at the outward expression of the limitlessness of these blessings. Why marvel at this when it is free for you as it is for ME? This unfoldment in this dispensation, as it is put forth into expression under this jurisdiction, is as free for you as it is for ME, but remember, you must live evangelically--give your hearts to GOD whole-heartedly, do away with all prejudices and all bigotry, and allow GOD to rule and work within you.

When this is accomplished, you too, as well as I, will have the keys to the hidden treasures of the earth, we will have the keys to all life and to all health and none will be able to hinder you.

Oh! It is a privilege, dear ones, but if you will turn from the right and live unto self, as you have been, you will bring swift destruction upon yourselves. When this comes forth into expression, you will say it is the hand of GOD. GOD has called for you, or GOD has called for the "other fellow." Your own destructive thinking, your own destructive actions, your own destructive nature and disposition has wrought destruction on your behalf.

Oh! It is something to think about, when you can behold your personal conditions are but the outward expression of your pre-conceived ideas and opinions and your pre-trend of thoughts according to what you have been thinking.


Destructive Thoughts Bring Destruction

Now again, we speak of the great depression and the conflicts, limitations and the hardships that millions are undergoing today. Mankind speaking of trying to lift the present system of things out of the great depression and the hardships which mankind has been undergoing, yet when we look around and observe those who are in authority, using the destructive forces of their power, in other words, abusing their powers to be destructive instead of being constructive. I think of the act of those who are in authority, who will destroy the farm produce, destroy crops, destroy fruit and vegetables and other fruits while millions are starving here. Truly might have one said,

'He that wilfully wastes, he must woefully want,'

therefore, those who endorse it and encourage it, they shall suffer...

'A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.'

If we have a law in connection with our country that is destructive, the country in itself is destructive. Now isn't that wonderful? (Truly wonderful!" assured the throng.) GOD has moved out on the face of the deep, and GOD shall turn and overturn until HE shall throw out every official who works destructively, and put in those who will stand for righteousness, truth and justice.


No Man Is Perfect

This is something to consider. You find the different politicians, many of them with words and acts of criticism one against another, but show ME one person who will deal justly between man and man, and I will be willing to vote for him. However, I do say, qualify yourselves intellectually, politically, socially and morally to meet the issues of life, whereby you may be able to pass the literacy test for registering and voting for the person or persons you sincerely believe will deal as near just, or the most justly among the children of men. Oh! It is something to consider. As I say at times, why is it there is so much crime? Why is it men resort to crime and violence to seek for justice? It is because they have not been taught the way of righteousness. This is why I have called for righteousness firstly, that justice might follow, for if righteousness does not come firstly, justice will come and be destructive. Now isn't that something to consider? MY own zeal is stirred at times. If it were not for righteousness, I MYSELF, would be Personally destructive, but because of righteousness firstly, I will not be destructive.

This great conversion is the only essential and the only hope of redemption, for without this great conversion, why mankind can see the great depression and also the oppression the millions are undergoing. Without righteousness you would seek justice through violence, therefore you would be destructive, but by seeking righteousness firstly, we will not be destructive. We will allow those who are destructive thinkers to re-act upon themselves. Their destructive thinking causes those conditions to come upon themselves in the fulfillment of the Scripture. "The wicked shall slay themselves." Their wicked thoughts will slay their wicked bodies when they return to the children of men as a boomerang. It is indeed wonderful!


GOD Will Shake The Whole Creation

I was speaking the other day concerning the Civil Right Law, commonly known as "The Equal Rights Law," in the State of Pennsylvania. There are those in the State of Pennsylvania, who have declared this may be made a law, but they will break the law. Because of prejudice, because of hate and destructive thinking, such a tendency will cause destruction and disasters among the nations. Pennsylvania is a State that is hit with this disaster more than any other State in the Union. Why is it? It is because of destructive thinking. Those who are in authority will endorse and encourage the violence of the outlaw, those who are rebelling against righteousness, truth and justice. Therefore, GOD will step in with the cosmic forces of nature, and shake the whole creation.

I have not done anything yet to what I will do unless prejudice and segregation immediately cease in the City and State of New York. They shall feel it and shall feel it and shall feel it. For every dollar, yea for every dollar's worth this country destroys, they shall lose a hundred dollars for every dollar. For every body the lynchers lynch, they shall lose a hundred bodies for that body they lynched. For every dollar the people rob a person out of by the name of color, or for the cause of race, they shall lose a hundred dollars for every dollar.


Discrimination Is A Robber

Take these thoughts to consideration.....Now remember, even the name C------- is a robber, I say, even the name C------ is a robber. Now isn't that wonderful! The person who must use the name C------ in reference to you, they are using it consciously or unconsciously as a robber, and I will prove what I AM talking about. Your qualifications may be equivalent to any other individual, but because of your race or color, as they may call it, they would not give you the office and if they gave you the office, they would not pay you the full salary. Now isn't that robbery? Now tell them I said it. The name C------ in itself is a robber when it is used to discriminate and to differentiate between man and man for the purpose of lower-rating and disgracing the individual. It is indeed wonderful! When you hear them say,"Yes, it is such and such a man--a "so-and-so man," regardless to his qualifications or his education or classification, handling him especially by some vulgar name that your cursed ancestors named them for slavery to keep them in bondage and to keep them as slaves to serve you, those of you who would serve them for nothing, the name in itself is used for robbery; to rob mankind out of his Constitutional Rights in this great Country, under which we are supposed to be protected by the Constitution of the United States.


With Or Without A Body

Oh! It is something to consider. Truly might have one said, by the prediction of the Spirit, as he was awakened,

'Tell Israel of her transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.'

Now they desire to stop this movement. They desire for corruption, vice and crime to continue, but I have come this time to end it. If there be a question in the mind of any "How can HE end it?" I will tell you. I AM Personal and yet Impersonal. I will accomplish MY endeavors with or without a person, with or without MY Personal Body. All I must needs do is to think or speak and MY Words will go forth and accomplish MY endeavors. I AM not bothering about the Body. If I have a Body, or if I did not have a Body, I would and I will accomplish MY endeavors, with or without a Body.

When the Body called Jesus disappeared, there and then the Foundation of Christendom was established and His Mission began. Now isn't that wonderful? His Mission began as soon as HE ceased to function as a Person, therefore, GOD is GOD with or without a Body. Those who would think on Jesus, the transmission of His Spirit and His Characteristics would be imparted to them. They too, as well as you, would be partakers of His nature, of His characteristics to carry out His endeavors automatically. Now isn't that wonderful?

Truly might have one said,

'Am I a soldier of the Cross, a follower of the Lamb and shall I fear to own His Cause or blush to speak His Name?'

As soldiers you go into the battle field to win or die. If you can die on the battle-field as a brave soldier, the spirit and the mind and your endeavors would be accomplished, for it would go on further and further. It is a privilege to realize GOD as a living sacrifice for all mankind as HE was in the Son's time in the Body in which HE came.


Establishing Righteousness Firstly

Righteousness! Truth and Justice, I have established it. Justice is established in your consciousness, in your mentality, therefore, Christ is ruling o the throne of your mind, and Christ alone shall reign thereon, because you sought righteousness firstly. Christ could not reign on the throne of the mind of those who have not sought righteousness, but since I have put righteousness into expression firstly for you and for your consideration, I will carry out MY endeavors to perfection.

Why will it be carried out scientifically and victoriously? It is because righteousness was sought firstly. Men have been on the bench as Justices but not with righteousness, therefore, without righteousness Christ will not rule on the throne of their minds as Supreme among the children of men, but because we have established righteousness firstly in your consideration and in your consciousness.

'Righteousness and Judgment is the habitation of HIS throne. The earth saw and trembled.'


Christ Alone Shall Reign

Christ has been enthroned on the throne of the minds of the children of men--all who have sought righteousness firstly without thinking destructively. Now GOD can rule in righteousness on the throne of their minds, and have all dominion and all authority without endeavoring to do any person any harm, but without righteousness, I say, men would be destructive. Violence would be sought firstly to seek justice. You would feel as if though you must take the law in your own hand to gain your Constitutional Rights, to gain that which is actually due you, that which mankind through corruption and falsity has taken from you. Now isn't that wonderful? You would endeavor to seek it through violence if you u were not converted, but since you are converted, you will seek it through righteousness, and you will get justice, for Christ will give it while HE reigns on the throne of righteousness and has all dominion.

Oh! It is a privilege to live in this recognition. Dial in on the fundamental continually, where GOD alone forever reigns and scatters night away, where GOD Himself through His condescension has truly come and turned all of your night into bright noonday, and will remain here always. I thank you.

Peace Everyone:

("Peace FATHER Dear!" again responded the great mass throng.)

I believe the most of us have well dined. I hope you have, for I have. There are many things yet to be said, I will say more in deeds and in actions. I will be speaking hereafter as I have never spoken. I shall not be discouraged until I shall stir from the bottom to the top. I mean to stir up until the least shall speak and the greatest shall do the same, and all must pay attention to what I AM saying. It is indeed wonderful, but the greatest thing of all, to know ye your GOD...GOD was GOD before HE had any Body and before you knew of HIM having a Body, HE was just the same. God is the same and always shall remain with or without a Bodily Form, matters not what may try to come, I shall be eternally the same. I thank you.