We, the friends and followers of FATHER DIVINE’S International, Interracial, Interdenominational, Nonsectarian Peace Mission Movement,
which encompasses all true Religions who recognize GOD in every living creature, would like to respond to a so-called news story to increase ratings, that was aired on Wednesday Evening, November 11, 2009. Unfortunately, we find ourselves having to deal with publicity seekers
similar to “Balloon Boy” and the “White House State Dinner Party Crashers”.



The House of the Lord, Arial View

The House of the Lord, Arial view

To dispel the misunderstandings, you should be made aware of some facts that are available
to everyone in our world today. The compelling, self-evident facts are:

Woodmont, is a National Historic Landmark and has been opened to the public every Sunday from 1 to 5 PM, April thru October for many years and there are no secrets to those who come to visit in an harmonious spirit. If you need a character reference concerning FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, you could ask Governor Rendell, Senator Spector, President of City Council, Anna Verna, former City Councilwoman, Augusta Clark, Mr. Kenny Gamble, Mr. “C” and Trudy Pitts from The Clef Club, former Mayor Goode, former Mayor Street, Judge Leon Tucker and thousands of Philadelphians as well as many beneficiaries around the world. They all know the Peace Mission Movement is founded on the “Sermon on the Mount” given by JESUS CHRIST, found in Matthew, Chapters 5, 6 and 7.

For more character references see the files in Quotes. and in Facts.

For those truth seekers who want to know more, continue reading in this web site.

After doing a few hours of research, you will realize why a Beautiful Library is being built, to make available to the general public all the facts about FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE and the International Peace Mission Movement and to in some small way honor FATHER DIVINE’S Name and His Wonderful Works which includes, never having taken up a collection, feeding thousands absolutely gratis during the great depression, suffering 32 lynch mobs because HE was preaching the equality of mankind in the south before Martin Luther King was born, bringing about unity among men, teaching and encouraging men to be independent and to live just like Jesus the CHRIST.

In conclusion, all of the dollars spent in spreading the Gospel of good news and glad tidings by the Peace Mission Movement represent the sacrifice of many, many people who gave years and years of selfless service to “the poor, the tired and huddled masses”. There is no room for criticism or for glory seekers who are intoxicated with themselves!

“And that’s the way it is”.

“Peace ” Happy Holidays Everyone.

Merry Always!