"This (GOD'S) Peace Cometh Not by Cannon and the Preparation of War,
By Spending Billions and Billions of Dollars of Money for the Purpose of Making
War With Those of Whom You May Some Day Designate as Your Enemy!

"The True Peace That Was Preordained That Mankind Should Inherit,
Cometh Not by Swords, Bayonets and Machine Guns."

FATHER DIVINE'S Message Given Whilst at The Righteous Government Meeting, Krumville Extension,-
The Promised Land, New York, Saturday evening June 8, 1940 A.D.F.D., Time: Midnight

Krumville and Olive Bridge

Krumville and Olive Bridge.


This very beautiful and dynamic, scientific and instructive Message which FATHER delivered on this occasion touches many phases of Righteous Government activities; in other words, FATHER dwells on many significant points that are essential to know and consider and imbibe, before Righteousness in government can be established effectively.

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber after which FATHER speaks as follows:)


Peace Everyone: Just before the last speaker began to speak I was just thinking how marvelous it is to assemble together in such a place as this, where peace is the watchword and those who live it, they will express it more in deeds and in actions than what has actually been said.

It is a privilege to know that whilst we speak and emphasize the salutation peace, it is more stressful to be considered in each and every one of you in the actuated words of expression that speak peace and good will to each other for it has long since been declared and I re-declare the same,

'Actions speak louder than words.'

When you speak peace with your lips and even pray for peace, how do you expect to get peace by the sword, if you are praying to the GOD of mercy and compassion according to the versions of the religions and still think GOD will give you peace by the sword? The true peace that was preordained that mankind should inherit, cometh not by swords, bayonets and machine guns. This peace cometh not by cannon and the preparation of war by spending billions and billions of dollars of money for the purpose of making war with those of whom you may some day designate as your enemy!

Do you think you can bring about peace by looking over across the hill and observing another man's beautiful land, his houses and his stock thriving beautifully, and you feel as though you want to get in and you go over and hold the man up to take his land, his houses and his stock, and then holler and pray for peace? How do you expect to get peace under such a method as this, as that, whichever? It is distinctly understood, peace cometh not by the forces of arms, neither by violence, neither does it come by the way of selfish and malicious invasion but it comes through by meekness and lowliness of heart according to the promise of GOD!

It is written,

'In the world you will have tribulation but in ME, peace'


Let GOD Rule Within

When men are filled with violence, antagonism, prejudice and bigotry, it is a matter of impossibility for them to be truthfully peaceful. Cast out of your system all preconceived prejudices, all of your preconceived bigotry and every mortal tendency and allow GOD to rule within you!

It is written,

'Let the peace of GOD rule within you until the peace that passeth all human understanding shall have been developed by concentration and by reincarnation in you, in your system and in your mentality; and until the peace that passeth all understanding rule within you, there will be no lasting peace!'

Aside from that, I further say, there is a recognition to be established in your consideration. You are to firstly consider by the recognition of something supernatural, and by your consideration, by your recognition of something supernatural, the transmission of the Spirit and the Character of your Savior will be reflected within you. By this you will have that sense of brotherly love for your fellow-man with whom you come in contact daily.

This will be put forth into expression in your daily activity and you will show your brotherly love and hospitality for one another by bringing your bodies into subjection to the actual simple teaching of Jesus.

By this, the prayer you all have prayed in the Christian world,

'Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be done'

GOD'S Will and GOD'S Kingdom can and will be done within you if you will bring your bodies into subjection to a higher calling than that of yourself in selfishness. Then when those tendencies of your preconceived prejudices, human fancies and pleasures and all of your mortal versionated concepts according to your human tendencies, shall have reflected themselves and you fast from them with the spirit of sincerity and be conscientious in your fasting, you will eventually overcome those detestable tendencies, for,

'Such kind cometh out with fasting and prayer.'


GOD'S Presence Teaching Love

Why is it you all can be assembled here together in the unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose? It is through and by the Spirit of GOD'S Actual Presence teaching you how to love ye one another showing you conclusively the hope of your redemption is to copy after the fashion I have shown you on the mountain not only on the Mount of Transfiguration in Jesus and as shown Moses when he was up there to see the ten commandments and the law of GOD generally given, but as on the mountain to you I have shown. I have shown you the way to heaven.

Through living soberly, righteously and Godly your lives will be above reproach and criticism, and be above accusation if you live it and express it with the spirit of sincerity and GOD Himself will be seen within you. That is the mystery. For,

'You are the temples of the Living GOD and GOD has said I will walk in them and dwell in them.'

I further wish to say according to MY often rehearsed statement "You are the reflectors and manifestors of your Savior." You should be as the mirror to allow Christ to be seen in you! You should keep Christ reflected in you and manifested in all you say and do. By this you will be an abstract expression individually, severally and collectively of that kingdom for which you have been praying.

Individually you will express the kingdom for which you have been praying for it is written,

'The kingdom of GOD is within you!'

I could have said "The government of GOD'S Domain is within" instead of saying the kingdom. That would have been an expression that could have been understood more distinctly, no doubt, if I would have through Jesus said, "The government of GOD'S domain or dominion is within you," but I spoke it from the angle of expression in the way and according to the way they had been praying for they had ben seeking for the kingdom to return to Israel.

'Lord when shall the kingdom come?'

In other words,

'When shall it be restored to Israel?'


Not by Observation for it is Within

This was the consideration. But oh, how glorious it was when it was given by inspiration as Jesus Himself was the inspirator

'The kingdom of GOD is within you.'
'The kingdom of GOD'

said He,

'cometh not with observation, but behold it is within you.'

GOD desired to produce the righteousness of government within so that you, as human beings, might be the foundation of HIS Kingdom for which you have been praying!

'When shall the kingdom be returned to Israel?'

But oh, how glorious it was when it came forth by inspiration through the Mouth of Jesus, being the Inspirator,

'The kingdom of GOD is within you.'

I could have said in another manner of expression if I would have spoken legally or politically: "The Government of Righteousness, of GOD'S Goodness, where GOD has full control within." Although this government may be lying dormant now," I could have said, "but it is within you" just as it is with a chick in a fresh laid fertile egg but I may not express it from that angle of expression. I may say, "These are good eggs and suitable for incubation or for setting!"


Waiting For The Resurrection

So it was with Jesus when He said,

'The Kingdom of GOD is within you.'

He knew the government of GOD'S Kingdom as the seed of life in the fresh laid fertile egg was there and was within but lying dormant, waiting for the resurrection of the Christ within.

'The Kingdom of GOD is within.'

The government of Righteousness is within you. Then I say, let it come forth into expression within us as it is in heaven. Can you not see the mystery?

Then I say when this is done by living the Life and the Teaching of Jesus accurately or exactly as He lived it and expressed it, you are the reproducers and manifestors of the Life of Jesus. You are the outward expression of the Kingdom of Heaven! It has come within although it has been lying dormant, the same as the fresh laid fertile egg; there is a chicken in that egg but it is a matter of impossibility to see it if it is just laid!

Behold I unfold the mystery, for I am speaking to chicken raisers! As with the fertile egg that is just laid, even so with you; in the soil of your soul lies dormant the Christ and the Kingdom, waiting for the resurrection within you!

One Christian composer said by inspiration,

'I know that He has risen for He has risen within me.'

One writer said by the interpretation of something that came to him by inspiration:

'I know that my Redeemer liveth for He liveth in my soul.'

That was a wonderful inspiration was it not? to get the conviction and the recognition of the living Savior, the GOD of the living and not the GOD of the dead, living within your soul.


Teaching of All Religion is to Bring Christ's Government to Earth

This is to let you see and know that is the way He was to come and that is the way He was to be within thee. Hence in the teaching of every religious government or movement in the act of teaching righteousness, through the birth of Jesus Christ you are endeavoring to bring to the earth plane and into business, profession, labor and trade and into government and in all of your ordinances, the very government of Christ that was in Jesus and the government that you prayed for, through His teaching, so that GOD'S Kingdom on earth might be a reality and the government of violence and nefariousness of men might come to an end. That is what it was calling for and that is what you prayed for.

Oh, how glorious it is to observe it! But you must be willing to deny yourself firstly of all of your mortal tendencies, fancies and pleasures and every mortal sense of a human feeling that would express a sense or a reflection of selfishness, and allow GOD Himself have dominion within you by the recognition of His Presence and by His Life and His Teaching as He gave it.

On the Mount of Transfiguration Jesus was there, according to the Gospel, but He was not there alone, for there came Moses and Elijah. Even though Moses and Elijah had gone, each of them to Him returned and was seen with Him on the Mount of Transfiguration representing the Law and the Prophecy, to show you and to assure you Jesus brought with Him both the Law and the Prophecy, and each of these two great men, as they may have been termed disappeared and left Him, and Peter, James and John saw them no more. They could not see them any longer when Christ was stressfully reckoned by the Father!


"Hear Ye Him!"

Christ was stressfully counted by the Father in heaven, and they said,

'Lord it is good for us to be here. Let us build three tabernacles; one for Moses, one for Elijah and one for Thee.'

They heard a voice as though it was a voice from heaven, GOD the Father speaking, saying,

'This is My beloved Son in whom I Am well pleased. Hear ye Him.'

Moses and Elijah disappeared and left Jesus there in their midst so that Jesus might be reckoned alone, and that they might follow after Him.

I bring before you, MY hearers, followers and friends, the very self same one of whom I am now speaking, who was on the Mount of Transfiguration when Moses and Elijah left Him. By this and with such a recognition you will have peace and happiness, life and liberty, success and prosperity, for what said Jesus before He left you?

'My peace I give unto you, My peace I leave with you. Not as the world gives give I unto you. Let not your hearts be troubled neither let them be afraid.'

But it did not come by the way of the sword for what said He concerning the mystery if you please?

'Come unto Me, all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yolk upon you and learn of Me, for My yolk is easy and My burden is light, and thou shalt find rest for thy soul.'

You can only find rest through the Christ as exemplified, if the Christ you behold. Can you not see the mystery?


On this Foundation You Can Build for Peace

Then I say, build upon this foundation and you will get that rest that did remain to and for His people, and getting the rest you will get your emancipation, and getting your emancipation you will get the Peace for which you have been praying! Can you not see the mystery?

You need not go through a performance of a multitude of words in groveling attitude towards GOD, as some do, but pray to GOD in secret, with all simplicity and sincerity and lo! I will be with you and will hear you.

GOD has declared,

'I will answer.'

(Just think of it! Every prayer is heard and answered when you pray with the spirit of sincerity and in simplicity, in meekness and in obedience, for it is written,

'Before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear.'

Can you not see the mystery?

Then I say, hear the voice of GOD and heed it and sincerely believe it; your prayers will be heard and answered speedily and you will have the victory.

Victory means: that which is able to conquer; conquering; something that has conquered and given you the power to overcome that which is against you.

Wars, race riots and confusion, vice and crime and sin and debauchery of every kind all of those detestable tendencies, even though they be within they can be overcome by the Life of Jesus as exemplified among you!


The Example of Victory

This is not a supposition. As a Sample and as an Example I AM demonstrating it, showing you and showing others who believe with you, GOD Himself can and will give you the victory, for that which is applicable to one it is applicable to and for the other, and all can enjoy the selfsame privilege of this pleasure and this of victory over sickness, misery, disappointment and failure!

Then we will bring into actuality the government of Christ as exemplified in your life and manifest it to others by living soberly, righteously and Godly in all of your daily activities.

Tell your friends and your neighbors and others with whom you come in contact daily, you are representing a Lord and a Savior, the same One they all have been taught by all of the religions, especially under Christendom! Can you not see the mystery?

You have been taught to love one another; you have been taught to live soberly, righteously and Godly; you have been taught to be hospitable and express hospitality and be kind, honest and true. All of these things I AM sure you will say and do if you are true followers of Mine! You will express it in your daily activities and live it and express it so vividly others will see the life you are living. It will be a light to lead them out of darkness into the marvelous light. Aren't you glad!

Now live it and express it and we will put the very Christ Life in government, in all of our legal and civic and social and political activities; even in every ordinance of our city, of our village and even of our divers communities. We will express the Christ Life so vividly it will be a pleasure to live in such a community.

This is not a supposition. That which is expressive and is operative, if it is expressive it is just as expressive and operative for others as it is for you, as I told you.


The Meaning of Unity of Purpose

Take these thoughts to consideration. It is for this cause I have drawn you all together this evening, tonight and this morning, to let you see and know what it really means to unite together individually, severally and collectively for one common righteous and unselfish purpose. By this, beloved ones, I will show to the world the way to have victory over the wars and the crises of the European countries and the prospective crises that will follow this country; for you will be unified so effectively together if you love each other better, it would be a matter of impossibility for you to attempt to be harmful!

You could not be harmful to your neighbor if you live the Christ Life as exemplified. you would not have the energy, the ambition, the tendency to do it, for the Christ Life would take away all of those detestable characteristics and retard the advances of your malicious and prejudicial energy so effectively you would not have the power to attempt it.

I recall a place years ago in Coney Island, New York, where you could go in and there was a great bellows someplace that would blow and a man would stand by and just take a little rod and touch you and you would become calm and harmless, although you had been offended and had reflected malicious resentment. I have seen Personally men go in walking with their lady friends through the place, and this bellow would blow the ladies' dresses and the men would get so mad and turn around and this man would just touch them on the arm and they would become calm and harmless, they would not do him or themselves any harm, for this electric charged rod with which he touched them, took away and neutralized and eradicated and dispelled all of the resentment, and even took away their physical ambition and energy.

It was an electric charged rod but it did not shock enough to actually physically kill you or harm you after that touch, but it did neutralize all of your resentment and anger that you had reflected, and would neutralize all of your malicious, physical ambition of your detestable tendencies, of your resentful energy, and you would not feel like fighting then.


When Truly Converted You Do Not Wish to Harm Anyone

When GOD gives you a touch of the electric shock and reaches your heart effectively and you are truly converted, it takes all of the fight, maliciousness and detestable tendencies out of you and you do not feel like harming another.

This we mean to put into government as a great inventor. As a great genius inventing instruments and different mechanical machines and machinery for the advancement of the kingdom and for the service of humanity. We shall and we have harnessed the detestable and resentful and malicious energy and tendencies of humanity, and I have brought them into subjection to the Christ Consciousness, and I will cause those detestable tendencies and characteristics to be GOD'S true and faithful servants.

The inventor of electricity harnessed the lightning, something that was unbelievable until he accomplished his endeavors. By this he was called an atheist, because he interfered with GOD'S business. But we enjoy the service of the electric light, do we not? And we enjoy the benefit and the comfort of the same. But he was called an atheist as though he was not GOD'S friend, but yet GOD really used him.

We are harnessing the energy and ambition and the tendencies and fancies and pleasures of humanity and we are bringing them into subjection to the Fundamental for which I AM actually standing. By this we shall have a Righteous Government.

It is for this cause we assemble in the different places daily and nightly, yea, every Saturday night up here in some of the extensions, to emphasize, advocate and stress Righteousness in government; to tell friends and others how they all should put Righteousness in government in every law and ordinance. Let the Righteousness of GOD be in both it and them, for when you are sworn into any office for official duty you are sworn by the Bible, are you not? You are sworn in by the Bible or by the Name of the Almighty.


The Reason for Swearing on the Bible

It was for this cause that this custom was instituted in all legal affairs, so that they could get GOD in all government, in every law and in every ordinance. Can you not see the mystery? That is what it was for. They did not know how to get GOD in it, only through and by you swearing and kissing the Bible. In olden times you were even obliged to kiss the Bible, that whatever you did say would be the truth and nothing else but the truth, so help you GOD! This was done, as I afore said, to get GOD in all of your legal business and affairs and in every contract and in every agreement.

When you have papers notarized it is for the purpose to get GOD in what you say and get the "other fellow" out of it. The truth and nothing else but the truth is to be sealed up in it! Then that is GOD! Then I came to put GOD in government, in all of your laws of all of your country, of all of your states, of all of your cities and of all of your counties, of all of your townships and in all of your villages. I came to put GOD in all government and in every law and in every ordinance!

This is not more than what you all have been trying to do even though you were not conscious of it. You did not actually know when you took the oath by a notary, swearing that this is true and nothing else but the truth, so help you GOD that you were actually trying to get GOD in that which you were doing. You were trying to bind GOD in it and get the "other fellow" completely out of it; get the untruth out of it and get the truth and nothing else but the truth in it. That is what I AM talking about!

Then I came to bring it to fruition in you, in your business, in your activities and in every contract you sign or agree to I came to get GOD in all government and even in every ordinance! That is the mystery. .


To Bring About Righteousness in Government

It is for this cause I AM here tonight. It is for this cause we assemble from time to time in our Righteous Government meetings, to bring about Righteousness as in Jesus, in all government and even in every ordinance. That is what it is for. Then when we assemble here and elsewhere I do not blame you for not being egotistic and self-exalted, but I do consider you will leave space and place for our visiting friends and others to talk on government and governmental affairs--I mean if it is nothing but how you want the government, the city or county government to see that the highways are straightened out and made more comfortable and more safe for traffic.

Any thought that can be produced for the advancement of our present city, state or county or township government, it should be produced and represented and proposed by you. Even though you be an ordinary citizen and not an official, make your proposals to your respective representative in the governmental official office your respective proposals to your respective representatives in the state Senate and in the House of Representatives make your proposals if it is anything good you can think of. You may not be the lawmaker yourself directly, for you have not been selected and elected to fill this official duty, but it is your duty as citizens to bring before the mind's eye of those who are representing and those who are representatives of you in the Senate and in Congress, the things that are necessary for the betterment of our present city, state and county, and even our village government. That is what I AM talking about!

A thought came to ME quite some time ago. As a proposal I had considered, especially around Kingston here, that filthy, unsanitary river should be cleaned.

We as taxpayers and representatives of a better government for the people and by the people, to free our state and our county and our country of sickness and incurable germs of diseases and mosquitoes and other insects that are detrimental to our well being that prohibit a perfect sanitation, do present such proposals to our city and our state officials that they might make law to that effect!

These unsanitary streams, not only in Kingston but elsewhere in Ulster County, should be considered, and they should clean those rivers and streams and other places that are unsanitary and make a sanitation that will be a sample and an example for others!

The river, as I afore said, around Kingston--those old barges and boats and a whole lot of trash and everything in the river there as creators of germs and diseases and insects and other pests, should be eliminated, and we should petition our respective representatives in the Senate and in the city government to consider such things!

Bring those thoughts to their mind and attention and let them consider to make the law to have those places made more sanitary, for our present existence and for their posterity and for the posterity of others for the future! I thank you!




PEACE, EVERYONE: I do not wish to bore you, but whilst this thought as just conveyed is upper mostly in the consciousness of many, I further wish to say in accord and in line with the foregoing statements: Our sanitation should not be merely confined to the streams and the rivers and the creeks but we should have a general clean-up throughout this county! In all of your homes, business places and elsewhere we should have a general clean-up and make our county and community in which we live a place fit in which to live! That is what I AM speaking of!

Now these thoughts should be considered and I hope all will take cognizance of it for there are many things I have to bring you from time to time to advance our civilization and to bring about a moral betterment generally, and perfect a sanitation in your respective communities. I thank you!