"You Cannot Expect to Have Peace When You're Studying War."

"I thought that mankind had learned their lesson and really were going to work for Peace,
and they made the effort through the United Nations,
but man still studies war."--- Mother Divine

Unity Mission Church Annex, 511-517 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, PA., January 20,1991, A.D. 45 FD.





During the service commemorating the Convention in New York City in 1936 which introduced FATHER DIVINE'S Righteous Government Platform to the world, MOTHER DIVINE spoke as follows:

" Peace FATHER Dear, Peace Everyone:

"It's quite appropriate for us to be gathered here tonight, talking about GOD on earth with HIS People, bringing a Righteous Government here on earth, because the Representatives of the American people voted in Congress to use force in the Middle East; and although it was just a narrow margin it gave the President the right to open fire and create a hot war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

"These are critical times and the nation is stirred and the thoughts of War and Peace are on the lips and in the minds of almost everyone. It has caused people to think deeply along this line and to commit themselves to what they believe, or to think about what they believe. The majority of the American people would like to be in total accord with the President, but cannot when they know that war is wrong.

"In this day and time, in My way of thinking, it's really insane and it makes Me ashamed to be a human being with those that will engage in such hostility with such sophisticated weapons. Of course one cannot help but think if all of that energy and scientific inventional ability were focused on Peace for means of providing the necessities of life and giving everyone a comfortable, healthy livelihood, it would be so wonderful.

"But as followers of FATHER DIVINE, so many things are clear to us. I mean by that, we know that in World War II, FATHER did not endorse war, but HE stood behind the United States Government. He quoted the Scripture, LUKE 14:31-32.

'Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first and consulteth whether he be able, with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand? Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage and desireth conditions of peace.'

"We know all the things that FATHER has said, and certainly HE endorsed HIS followers buying bonds, and they put the Bond Drive over the top in World War 11 to support the war, but I feel Myself that when we lost the war in Viet Nam or it was such a miserable failure and created such dissension, and all that that war created, I felt that the Spirit Itself had outlawed war. And of course with the dropping of the A-Bomb I thought that mankind had learned their lesson and really were going to work for Peace, and they made the effort through the United Nations, but man still studies war.

"You cannot expect to have Peace when you're studying war, and it seems to Me that when you're so busy creating these sophisticated weapons of war, something in you wants to see if they work. You know, consciously or unconsciously, they are magnetically drawn, or they're going to materialize what they vividly visualize. So it really has thrown the nation into quite a disturbing atmosphere. We really are, as a nation, disturbed and upset because we do believe in Peace and Prosperity and we do not believe in war, and yet that is what we are doing over there in the Middle East.

"FATHER, in some of HIS Words, which I will read to you, gives us a little inkling of why they're at war. But tonight we want to open the floor for all of those who want to express themselves about what's on their mind concerning what's happening in our nation and in the world today, and we want to emphasize what FATHER DIVINE has said about Peace.

"I want to say that we have consecrated and dedicated our lives to Peace on earth. We believe that FATHER DIVINE came in answer to Jesus Christ's request that He taught us to pray, to let the Kingdom come and the Will be done on earth, that there might be Peace, and war might forever cease.

"So all of those Righteous Principles that we cited in that song ("Righteousness is Marching On," sung before MOTHER arose to speak) are creating Peace. Our lives are dedicated to getting rid of resentment, anger and prejudice and all of those detestable characteristics that breed war. We are really letting the Peace begin with us, and we have taken many active steps to bring about the unity of all nations, to make us one human family and to get rid of the greed and the! lust for money and power, and let everyone enjoy what we enjoy. Let us have things in common, because there is a full and a plenty for all.

"We have taken these concrete steps; we have denied ourselves of the mortal version of living in human affection and having families of our own, that we can love all humanity. Therefore, we can proclaim it on the housetops that we believe in Peace because we live for Peace; we have dedicated our lives to Peace. Nothing can be gained by war. Nobody really wins in a war; everybody loses in some way or other.

"So we thank YOU, FATHER, for this remnant that the Scripture is talking about; it seems such a small body of real believers and people who are really active. We're activists in the cause of Peace. So this is what we want to talk about so that we can proclaim it to the world and so we can strengthen each other that we might all know where we stand. So, if we don't know where we stand, we need to know where we stand. FATHER'S saying here in this Message:

'This Mind, this meek and lowly Mind will take you safely Home to GOD from whence you were driven in Adam, from the Garden of Eden. All humanity in Adam they were driven from GOD in the Garden of Eden. Jesus died that you might have the right to the Tree of Life. Now return to the Garden of Eden from whence you have been driven, and I will make MY Abode with you now, henceforth and forever. That is what it is all about.

"That is what the nations are stirred about; they are war-mad. They do not know why they are mad but they are mad, because GOD has come seeking HIS Own. That is what they are mad about. I say the world has gone war-mad because GOD has come seeking HIS Own, and they don't know what they are mad about. What said Jesus concerning the mystery: "Ye think that I came to bring Peace on earth? I say unto you, Nay." That is what it is all about. They are going mad, the nations against nations and people against people, families against families, sons and daughters against each other, because GOD has come.

"That is why, and they do not want to love HIM. They do not want to give HIM HIS Own, but HE came for it and HE is going to have HIS Own, if they have to kill all of themselves until they have become willing, -what little is left, - to let GOD have free access on earth as it is in Heaven, for the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Oh how glorious it is to know the truth." (Given 5/17/42)

Thank YOU FATHER Dear."

Later in the Service MOTHER DIVINE spoke again.

"Peace FATHER Dear, Peace Everyone: FATHER, YOU are the King of Peace, but YOU are also the great Commander-in-Chief of all of the Cosmic Forces of Nature, and YOU are the great General in this Army that has waged war against so many things.

"We want to honor YOU tonight, FATHER, we want to decorate YOU with praises and thanksgiving for all the wars that YOU have fought on behalf of mankind. We could never hope to understand or to be knowledgeable in all the battles that YOU have fought, but YOU fought through 42 generations before B.J., before Jesus, and never lost a battle; and YOU have been fighting right on. In this Fatherhood Dispensation YOU presented YOUR Body 32 times in the hands of lynch mobs that we might live together in Peace and Unity, and that we as individuals might get the victory over the tendencies of prejudice, discrimination and hatred in our body temple.

"We thank YOU for all the many times YOU took a stand in YOUR Personal Body and in the bodies of YOUR followers for the Civil Rights due them as American citizens and as human beings on this earth plane. We really thank YOU, FATHER, for going before us and lifting up this Standard of Equity and justice and Fair Play and showing us the way.

"Without YOUR leadership these United States wouldn't have advanced to the degree that they have, in fulfilling their Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, of one Nation, under GOD, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all. We thank YOU FATHER Dear.

"We know that whether we're fraught with war or have the blessing of Peace, we know that it's basically economic and FATHER DIVINE has waged war against graft and greed and speculation and all of the injustices that bring about economic deprivation to the people of these United States of America. We thank YOU, FATHER Dear, for Personally being a Sample and Example of coming as the poorest among men, yet making many rich.

"We thank YOU for how YOU Personally denied YOURSELF though being in a position to acquire millions of dollars if you wanted to take advantage of the people, but YOU had the inner strength to be in the midst of thousands of people and never take up a collection. We thank YOU, FATHER, that YOU were a very charismatic figure and people were calling for YOU to speak all over this country, in fact, all over the world, but YOU would not go anywhere where they would lift a collection or give a donation. YOU would never receive any money for any of YOUR spiritual and humanitarian services to mankind. Isn't that Wonderful?

"And we thank YOU, FATHER, that all of our Churches have the honor of being completely independent from soliciting and asking people for money; only the immediate members of the Churches can donate and they are never asked for anything. It has to be done of their own free will; it has to come from the within. The Spirit of the individual has to move them to do anything other than donate or pay for any material services they have received. Isn't that Wonderful?

"We thank YOU, FATHER Dear, that YOU have stood for Christianity. We're based on the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Mount says, Do not your alms before men, otherwise you have no reward of your FATHER which is in Heaven. Many have desired to do good and yet not receive praise, but FATHER said that until HE came they were unable to do it; but FATHER, YOU are that One that is the Hiding Place and we can run and hide in YOU. We can hide in GOD.

"That's why they say FATHER DIVINE owns all of this property and we give FATHER all of our money. But that's not true: it's just that FATHER has been a Hiding Place and HE has taken all of that abuse and all of those lies that have been told about HIM so that we could be free to stay anonymous and give GOD all the glory; and when we give GOD all the glory, from Whom all the blessings come, then we have tapped the Source of GOD's Infinite Supply. Isn't that Wonderful!

"That was a battle to fight. Because of that FATHER went through all of the legal-lynchings of the many court cases that came upon HIM and the Peace Mission, all because we try to live according to the Sixth Chapter of St. Matthew, and we don't want to take credit for any good that we do. It's the Will of GOD. It's a Fundamental Principle, a Law of GOD and if men don't understand it-if they live long enough they're going to understand it. FATHER has taught us the mystery and HE has been the Target so that we could do our alms and let GOD get the glory. Isn't that Wonderful!

"That really is a battle that FATHER DIVINE fought, and it"s an important battle, because we know that graft and greed and the lust for power and notoriety is a great disease. It's a cancer that is eating away at our society as well as segregation and discrimination.

"We thank YOU, FATHER, for being so chaste and so holy and to be so courageous to advocate the living of a virtuous, celibate Life. If that wasn't a battle that HE fought-if that wasn't something so great that HE took on then I don't know what is!

"Because that is one of the main things that separates man from GOD, human affection, the love of the opposite sex, which man was cursed with from the Garden of Eden. That's why in that excerpt I read, FATHER told us to come back home where GOD is our All in all, and we experience the Love of GOD, with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength.

"We thank YOU, FATHER, for standing for this Principle of Virtue, because none of us would be living in this state of Virginity and this Holiness if it wasn't for FATHER DIVINE and the battle that HE took on. I mean, it is Wonderful!

"Talk about that saying of Jesus,

'You think that I came to bring Peace, but I say Nay",

nothing stirred up man against FATHER DIVINE more than that. It is Wonderful!

"So we thank YOU, FATHER Dear, we could go on and on and talk about the great battle that YOU have fought, the great Warrior that YOU are, the great General, the great Captain of our fate. But we thank YOU, FATHER Dear, that because of YOU, this great ship of Democracy shall sail on to Victory.

"It is because YOU have created a Righteous people in this land and if it is just a few of us that will stand for the unadulterated Life of Christ, if we will put forth more of an effort now to stand in this Light that GOD has shone upon us, be true to our Conviction, be One with our Conviction and fight that battle within ourselves to cast out all those negative thoughts, ideas and opinions, deeds and actions, traits, characteristics and tendencies that we might be filled and thrilled with the Spirit and Mind of GOD, with HIS Nature and HIS Characteristics, it is not only the hope of the United States, but the hope of the whole civilization.

"We know that Jesus Christ subjected Himself to the Law of the Spirit of Life. We know that He personified the Christ and changed the course of history and caused civilization to advance, and to prepare the way for the United States to be born, based on the Christian doctrine as laid down by Jesus Christ, which made a way for FATHER DIVINE to come in these last days and gather HIS Own from the North and South, the East and the West, that we might be made up as Jewels for HIS Crown, and that we might come together as One Unified Body, the Body of Christ, fitly put together and working together according to our individual gifts and callings.

"Because of this, FATHER, we know that the Battle has been fought. We know that the Victory has been won. We know that Peace shall cover the earth as the waters the mighty deep and Righteousness shall flood the land. So we thank YOU, FATHER, that this great Ship, Democracy, shall sail on to Victory, piloted by FATHER DIVINE. Thank YOU, FATHER Dear."

As the applause subsided the Rosebud Choir sang and demonstrated the song from which MOTHER DIVINE has quoted:

This great Ship Democracy Shall sail on to Victory;
Piloted by GOD's Guiding Hand, Safe into the Harbor of PEACE.
Victory, inevitably is ours, Victory under GOD.
Victory is ours, Victory is ours, VICTORY! (Spoken:) VICTORY!