"God in the invisible realm of expression, was, and is, the
Universal Mind Substance - the invisible, intangible, infinite Power, of the Holy Ghost;
in other words, Spirit and Mind!"

"God is in reality your fifteen senses; being your five Spiritual, your five mental
and your five physical senses." ---FATHER DIVINE

FATHER DIVINE'S Letter Dated July 5th, 1956 A. D. F.D.

Rosebuds in The Welcome Center

Rosebuds in The Welcome Center.

My dear Mrs. Lane,

Your letter of the 11th ultimo is received with clipping attached.

It is wonderful to see how MY Spirit is moving in the hearts and minds of men to establish just laws in government. I have long declared that as it is on MY immediate Staff, so shall it be in government, from land to land and from shore to shore.

The amalgamation of the peoples of the world is the only solution to world Peace and Prosperity. It is the key to the physical health and safety of the people individually and collectively. It is the power that will keep the planes in the Air, the ships on the Sea and the trains on the tracks. It is the spirit of Democracy that will create International Good Will that will promote science and invention which will secure men in their stand for the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God.

Now relative to your question concerning the Universal Mind Substance and the Spiritualization of material things and the materialization of Spiritual things, biblical history informs you that

'In the beginning the earth was void and without form and darkness was upon the face of the waters. And GOD said, Let there be light and there was light.'

God in the invisible realm of expression, was, and is, the Universal Mind Substance - the invisible, intangible, infinite Power, of the Holy Ghost; in other words, Spirit and Mind. Then I say, out of nothing GOD created His Creation, and by the same Power can many worlds be created for you can create the kind of world your thoughts can produce.

In the beginning of Creation God did not have a Body, but since that time, the very WORD of Creation has become Flesh, and the children of this Dispensation can Behold the Perfection of Life in the Personified God-head Bodily Form.

Do not think for one moment that God attained His God-head because God has come among man in this latter Time and Dispensation, for GOD always was, yea, God always is and always. shall be even as you have heard the expression that God is the same today, as yesterday and forever.

Therefore in the Perfection of Holiness, through the transmission, the creation and the recreation of MY Mind and Spirit, I AM Spiritualizing material things and materializing Spiritual things. I AM making pure that which is impure, for God is a Consuming Fire. The minor prophet, Malachi, declared it thuswise:

'... But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for HE is like a refiners fire, and like fullers soap. And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the Sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.'

Through the fall of man, he became dual minded, but in this great Advent of the Father, I AM bringing the children of men back to God. I AM reversing their concepts and views and impregnating within them the beauty of Holiness according to the Spirit of MY Mind and the Mind of MY Spirit.

Thus, I AM lifting men from the bonds of death as I lift them from the carnal, mortal tendencies and pre-conceptions of their fore-ancestors, I AM splitting their mental and spiritual atoms within by awakening them to the Christ, quickening them in the understanding of the mystery of Christ in you, the hope of Glory, as the apostle explained it.

Now relative to the five physical senses, God is in reality, as it may be termed, your fifteen senses; being your five Spiritual, your. five mental and your five physical senses. By discerning God within, beholding Him with an eye of faith, your five Spiritual senses and your five mental senses, quicken your five physical senses and your body is perfected in the Truth. This is the materialization of the LORD, as it is developed and expressed in your unfoldment of the five Spiritual and the five mental sense perceptions.

By concentration, by self-denial and by consecration to God, you are quickened in the Spirit and you automatically think and speak and do that which is right. You Spiritually discern right from wrong and as you live the Life of the Christ you know the Way to go, even as I AM daily guiding and leading all humanity through MY Messages and through MY Spirit within them, and through MY Life in Righteousness, Virtue and Truth portrayed before them.

MY Marriage to MY Spotless Virgin Bride signifies how all mankind should be married to God. This is not only the Fulfilling of the Scriptural Prophecy of the Marriage of God to His Church, but it is the first step of the Marriage of God to the Land, Hear this Word in Isaiah:

'Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzi-bah, and the land Beulah: for the LORD delighteth in thee, And thy land shall be married.'

BY bringing the Christ to fruition in the hearts and minds and bodies of the children of men,, I bring the Christ to fruition in economic, social and political government. Hence, righteousness shall be in government among the nations, for, as Isaiah declared:

'The government shall be upon His Shoulder.'

Whosoever shall trust ME and shall live consciously in the Presence of MY Spirit, shall receive the fullness of MY Life and the wonderful privilege of being as this leaves ME, for I AM ever Well, Healthy, Joyful , Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form.

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM

REV. M. J. Divine, Ms. D., D. D.

(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)