"Until The Spirit of Violence, Segregation and Discrimination Has Been Eliminated
The Very Cosmic Forces of Nature Will Fight Against You."--- FATHER DIVINE

"The Name of God Is a Strong Tower and the Righteous Run Therein..."--- Bible

Our FATHER'S Message at the Holy Communion Table, Peace Center, 152-160 W. 126th Street, N.Y.C.,
Tuesday Night and Wednesday Morning, April 28th-29th, 1942 A.D.F.D., Time -- 2:20 A.M.


at The Mount of the House of the Lord

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at The Mount of the House of the Lord.

As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so it may be in many cities if the inhabitants therein will not turn to GOD, FATHER DIVINE, in Righteousness, repent and believe, but if they will, they will have nothing to fear.

The inspirational composition to which FATHER refers, is very significant, and precedes this glorious Message which can be considered as a warning to all of the nations of the earth, if they wish to have an assurance and a Protection.

LORD, we thank YOU for Your Presence here on earth during these precarious times!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the song and Message follow:)


'Safe in the Holy Heart of GOD, pulsing in FATHER'S Love,
We are babes of the future world, redeemed from guile and fashioned anew.
Held in the Holy Heart of GOD, safe from storm and disillusion,
We have found our dwelling place, safe in the Holy Heart of GOD!'


PEACE EVERYONE! Here we all are again, and yet it is the same time once and forever. At this particular instance I have arisen to say, it is good to be here, and reaffirm, re-declare and re-assure yourself of being safe in the Heart of GOD. It is written,

'The Name of GOD is a strong tower and the Righteous run therein and is saved.'
'Righteousness will exalt a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.'

If you are in Righteousness and safe in the Holy Heart of GOD, you need not fear, matters not what may come. It is written,

'Not a hair of your head will be singed.'

Oh, how glorious it is to know the Truth! Live it and express it; whilst yet living it and expressing it, many times you may co-operate with others to some extent to prevent them from failing, from waning and falling.

I was just thinking of how safe you are. In that little composition, it is an inspirational declaration concerning those who are true and faithful. Aren't you glad? It is an inspirational prediction for those who will be true and faithful. When trials and tribulations and oppositions arise, if you are safe in the Holy Heart of GOD, you need not fear, fret nor worry, for GOD truly will take care of you.

I thought of the tornado in one of the southern states just yesterday. I thought of the prejudice, bigotry and the violence of inhuman warfare, and the spirit of inhuman madness that had enveloped the masses through bigotry, prejudice and segregation, through all of those detestable tendencies and characteristics that are running rampant through the land, not only in the southern states but even in these Northern Middle Atlantic states and New England States and elsewhere. Those detestable, vile and wild tendencies that cause men to go rampant through the land motivated with the spirit of envy, malice and strife, and express the spirit of inhumanity; something that is worse than that of the beast. Those detestable tendencies of inhuman origin that have inspired men with such a spirit of violence and warfare, and bloodshed, and debauchery of every hideous and detestable tendency. Yet they call themselves human beings living in a civilization second to none, but they allow those detestable tendencies to have free access within. Hence, the cosmic forces of nature "re-organate" them -- in other words, organize them and catch up the spirit and the violence of men and play havoc among the nations of the earth. Because of the violence of men, the cosmic forces of nature play havoc with them. Hence, it cannot be stopped; it cannot be prevented, until the spirit of warfare and bloodshed shall have been curbed; until the spirit of violence and segregation and discrimination and unconstitutional tendencies shall have been eliminated. The very cosmic forces of nature will fight against you.

You will see and know definitely, O ye Americans! I mean so-called Americans. Even though you may pray to GOD, you may pray, but GOD will not hear you unless you pray aright, and in all sincerity and remember your prayer has declared in its request to GOD,

'Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, and lead us not into temptation.'

Oh, how glorious it is to realize the truth concerning the mystery, and to know definitely how you will get an answer to your prayers you have been praying, if you pray for a blessing according to the prayer of Jesus, the Wayshower for the people and the Leader and Director of the people to the FATHER! He told you to pray, but He said,

'Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.'

He said, pray to deliver us from all that is evil. You had better pray to get all detestable inhuman tendencies out of your system and out of your mentality. You had better pray for all bloodthirstiness and all maliciousness and destructive tendencies to be eradicated once and forever from within you; then you are doing some praying!

'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from all that is evil!'

That is what you said. If you did not say that, this is the prayer you should have prayed, O ye Americans: "Deliver us from evil! Cast out of our lives every tendency of resentment and anger and prejudice and bigotry." That is what you should have prayed for. "Cast out of our lives all selfishness and self-exaltation. Cast out of our lives all anger and every other tendency that would do violence to our fellow-men; every tendency and every mind that is not like Jesus."

You should have said, "Cast those things out of us, by delivering us from all that is evil; by leading us not into temptation to be tempted by the spirit of anger, prejudice and bigotry." That is the prayer you should pray, and pray it with the heart of sincerity; then when you pray, your prayers will be heard and answered, if you are conscientious and sincere, and if you will lay aside every weight and sin that so easily beset you, and run with patience the race that is set before you.

Oh, how glorious it will be when you learn the Truth concerning the mystery and concerning GOD, to Whom you have prayed,

'Deliver us from evil. Lead us not into temptation!'

So long as you have resentment, anger or prejudice and bigotry within you, you will be led into temptation; but if you pray to GOD to cast out every detestable tendency from within you that is not according to the Life and the Teaching of Jesus, and let this mind be in you that was also in CHRIST JESUS, you will be praying aright, and your prayers will be heard and answered. If you confess your sins and forsake them by not allowing them to have another chance for expression within, such kind will come out with fasting from them and with a sincere desire to GOD, which is prayer. And when this is done, the cosmic forces of nature will no longer play havocly, and destructively among our nation, for the cosmic forces of nature they are true and faithful to GOD, your great Creator, and to CHRIST your LORD and your Savior.

To prove this, you have it on record. You have read it in your Sunday School. I mean, ye of the Christian Faith; you have heard it and you have read what Jesus said when the ship was tossed about and the storm began to rage. CHRIST Spoke PEACE to the rolling waves and the storm itself obeyed. The same Spirit is speaking today. The same Spirit will work effectively for you equivalently to that of Jesus, and it will calm the tempestuous sea, and the raging storm will be at Peace and be still.

When this TRUTH shall have enveloped the world, we will have no more tornadoes, no more destructive forces of nature working destructively, for as you learn to be constructive, profitable and practical, to the extreme reverse of being destructive and violent, why, the cosmic forces of nature will express your characteristics, and the human race will express in the cosmic forces of nature as they are expressing presently. These things are done unconsciously. These things are done unwillingly, for you do not desire to be destructive to yourself and to your own national and natural resources, but you are, because of those destructive tendencies prenataled within you handed down traditionally. They get in the cosmic forces of nature and play the same havoc with you as you would play with others.

According to the press and the radio newscast, more than a hundred persons had been physically destroyed in Oklahoma, all because of those detestable tendencies prenataled in them down there and elsewhere; all because they did not conquer their own Will, and those prejudicial tendencies with maliciousness and violence, so the cosmic forces of nature would not play havocly and violently with them. For this cause tornados come; cyclones come, flood tides come, and different pestilences come such as volcanoes and earthquakes, by the cosmic forces of nature as they did in Bible times.

You could blame a person and you do blame a person when they create an inhuman warfare such as Hitler did. Can you not see the mystery? When they go rampant through civilization trying to destroy civilization for the greedy gain of filthy lucre, dominion and authority selfishly through by bigotry and prejudice. You know you can blame them in a way of speaking, but you cannot blame the cosmic forces of nature; you know it is the work of something supernatural that is causing destruction in your land by failing to Love GOD and keep His Commandments. But if you love GOD and if you get safely in the Holy Heart of GOD and be pulsing in His Love, you will be protected from all hurt and from all harm and from all danger.

You need not fret nor worry, for naught can harm you; that is what I AM talking about! If you are Lost in His Love and Pulsing in His Love, in the Holy Heart of GOD, you are protected from all hurt and harm and from all danger and from all disaster by the cosmic forces of nature, and from destructive forces that may be devised by man, by science and invention to destroy all civilization. For this cause you need not fear, all you must needs do is to Live the Life, keep the Faith and Abide in ME, and let My Words Abide in you. Just keep Pulsing in the Holy Love of GOD, and in the Holy Heart of GOD; redeemed from all sin and destruction, every bit of it. All you have to do is to love ME whole-heartedly, Obey ME and Follow ME, be true and faithful; you will have the Victory once and forever; you will not have an occasion to fret nor worry. That is what I AM talking about.

You need not fear the city being destroyed by the cosmic forces of nature, if you will turn to GOD and live, confess your sins and forsake them, and get lost in HIM, Whom you say I AM. Naught can hurt you cosmically, nor by the devices of man. Man-made inhuman warfare can harm you not -- in other words it cannot harm you, if you are lost in GOD, and GOD is lost in you. Then I say, live it and express it, and keep Pulsing in My Love, in the Holy Heart of GOD; free from all disillusion, and all destruction, for naught can harm you. Nevertheless, even though you know that naught can harm you , through our condescension, Jesus said to John as a parable for you at times,

'Suffer it to be so now, for thus it becomes us to fulfil all Righteousness.'

There are those who fear the destruction of the city, and the inhabitants of the city; they fear Hitler more than they do the cosmic forces of nature. They fear Hitler more than they do GOD. They fear Hitler more than they do the "other fellow," even though Hitler may be the "other fellow" personified, but they fear a man personified and personifying and demonstrating the "other fellow," more than they do the "other fellow" whom they think and say religiously is in the "other place," and is mighty next to GOD. They do not fear GOD, nor the "other fellow," but they fear Hitler. They think Hitler can come here and destroy the city. They Angels that were going down to Sodom and Gomorrah, they said, if they could find fifty just persons in the city, they would spare the city. Can you not see the mystery?

Now what can Hitler do if you are just and honest and true? Just think, of the little country that is not at war in the European countries, because they fear GOD! Can you not see the mystery? If GOD protects you, you are protected, and Hitler and Japan cannot hurt you. But you must live Soberly, Righteously and Godly. Confess your sins and forsake them, and cast out of your system, by casting out of your mentality, all of those preconceived hereditive tendencies and prejudice and division and Unite together and Love GOD whole-heartedly, and love ye one another! By this naught will be able to hurt you, naught will be able to harm you, for if GOD is for you, who can be against you? It could have been said, for this is the interpretation of it,

'If GOD is for you, none can be against you.'

Take these thoughts for consideration for truly that is the interpretation. I need not say more, saving to say, as I had thought to announce, you will co-operate with Civil Defense in the case of a test blackout. The test blackout will be in this city this week, so it has been said, and wheresoever you are, co-operate with the authorities and with the Defense for the benefit of them and others who are not in Righteousness, who do not know that they are protected, for I did say we would rescue the perishing and care for the dying. Some will even commit suicide as they have done before, if you do not give them your co-operation. Many lives may be lost even in the act of a test blackout, and the test air raid, for that which you vividly visualize, you tend to materialize. However, through your cooperation and harmonization in a legitimate and evangelical and merciful way of expression, by doing the thing that will not harm another, but will protect and safeguard the other, you will be a blessing to others, even though you are not doubtful, and you know naught can harm you. I thank you!