"As with All Other Civilizations for the Last 1,500,000 Years so Will It Be With
This One If They Do Not Recognize the Fundamental For Which I Stand"

Our Father's Message at the Banquet Table, 152-160 West 126th Street New York City,
Wednesday Afternoon June 1, 1938 A.D.F.D. Time: 1:50 P.M.

126th Street, NYC

 126th Street, N.Y.C.This astounding and significant information which came to us through the courtesy, through the Love and through the lips of Our LORD, FATHER DIVINE, is a rare and priceless legacy bequeathed to us as heirs and joint heirs with CHRIST.

Even ancient history could not supply us with this information which we have hereby become the possessors of on this day of Our LORD, FATHER DIVINE. Even science, a most efficient agency of the Infinite One, has not produced and could not produce such knowledge. Even discoveries and inventions, great as they have been, have not revealed the Truths that are now coming to light so freely from the Infinite Mind of GOD.

Before science and invention were, GOD IS; therefore, where human traces and historical records have been lost to civilizations in the passing of time, these facts, which are mysteries to the nations, were known by GOD, as HE permitted them to be destroyed, as it were, lost to a civilization which had forgotten GOD.

Through His Mercies, Love and Compassion, GOD is restoring man to his former estate, that he may no longer be as the "prodigal son," denied the abundant blessings of his FATHER; but through this process of restoration, he is permitted to become the Son of GOD, through the sacrifice of the Life of One Whose Love was so great that HE gave up His Life freely for the redemption and the return of man to the Garden of Eden, which is the Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose.

For thy great Love, FATHER DIVINE, Our LORD and Our Redeemer, for forgiving us our trespasses of generations upon generations, and receiving us unto THYSELF, we thank THEE, we love THEE and adore THEE. Blessed be the Name of the LORD!

FATHER speaks as follows:

PEACE EVERYONE! ("Peace, FATHER Dear"! responded the happy assembly.) Good Health! Good Will! A good Appetite, with all Wisdom, Knowledge and all Understanding, especially for the re-establishment of a Righteous Government.

This Message just read shall go forth into all the land. It is not obliged to go forth from a literary point of view especially, but it shall go forth conquering and to conquer, for it is the foundation of all government. In the future, all government shall be founded upon this of which I have spoken in this especial message. Mankind in the commercial world will learn to be governed by this system as outlined in this message just read. When they learn to be economical and yet learn to sell the best and the most for the least, the volume of business will increase ten thousand per cent and they will have success and all prosperity.

As a Sample and as an Example I stand. You can see the abstract expression of it. You can see all success and all prosperity in all of My Actions, Words and Endeavors, whatsoever I may endeavor. Why?

I AM even successful in My Endeavors as a Sample and the Example for others. Copy after the Fashion I have shown you, for what said the Epistle concerning the mystery? Jesus was a Sample and an Example for others. In other words, Copy after the Fashion CHRIST in Jesus has shown you. You will not have an occasion to fret nor worry, neither will you have an occasion to be a failure.

Righteousness Will Exalt All Creation

How marvelous it is to live in such a recognition, to build upon such a foundation! As I said:"Righteousness will exalt any nation", in other words, "will exalt the nation." Not only exalt the nation, but Righteousness will exalt all creation, but sin is a reproach to all living creatures. This statement, as a quotation of My Own, is the outgrowth of the quotation as recorded in the Scripture: "Righteousness will exalt the people, but sin is a reproach to any people." In other words:

'Righteousness will exalt a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.'

The outstanding expression for consideration is:

'Righteous will exalt all creation, but sin is a reproach to every living creature.'

Take these thoughts to consideration. Tell all of the inhabitants of the earth wherever you go, I have solved the problem for all living creatures. Even the animal kingdom must recognize the blessings they are receiving by the recognition of GOD'S actual Presence when they reckon GOD among them.


Forget About Yourself

Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery! Then I say, "Let this Mind be in you that was in CHRIST JESUS." Do not feel exalted and stop and consider you can and will exalt yourselves personally and be abundantly blessed by being one with, or equal with GOD. This should not be in your consideration. Forget about yourself! If you forget about yourself as a person and recognize GOD'S actual Presence and live in the recognition of it, lo, I will be with you.

If you forget about yourself, GOD will think about you; but so long as you remember yourself, you are not mindful of the things that pertain to GOD and the Kingdom, the Works of GOD, whichever. With or without a person, your minds are deteriorating. You are detracting from that of which you should be attached to, and from the way you should go mentally and Spiritually; therefore. your ambition and energy will be directed in a different direction. You cannot love GOD whole-heartedly, according to the first and the great Commandment.

Oh, it is a privilege to observe it! Aren't you glad? Forget about yourself! Leave yourself completely out of the picture and others will think about you while you are not thinking of yourself, but thinking for the good of others. If you build upon this foundation and recognize GOD'S actual Presence at all times, how marvelous it will be to dwell in such a recognition and to build upon a foundation that cannot be shaken!


If the Powers Are Brought Into Subjection. the Government Will Not Perish

When this is done through you righteously and in the Spirit and the meanings of that which is termed religion, when you bring it into legalization through you, yourselves, and others with whom you are connected becoming to be legal representatives, representatives of the legal system, rules and regulations of our present civilization, this great legalistic system will be converted by your conversion. For "the little leaven leaveneth the whole lump," and I will, through your contact and cooperation with the legalistic system, bring into subjection the powers that be, and the government of this country through the people, and by the people and for the people, will not perish from the earth.

But as in the experience of all other civilizations for the last one million and five hundred thousand years, even so would it be with this civilization if they do not recognize the Fundamentals for which I stand. If they fail to recognize the Light that is given them, they will eventually go back into darkness from whence they came, and the government, yea, the government universally for the people, by the people and through the people will perish from the earth.

If you retrace your thoughts back to where there were those in the Old World, some five or six thousand years ago, the Egyptians, you will find that they were allegedly very intelligent, highly advanced in civilization; but through sin and sinning, through selfishness, through prejudice and such tendencies as others of our higher-ups in this advanced civilization are representing, through such tendencies, they went back into the dark age from whence they came more than five or ten thousand years ago.

Just think of it! Think of science having discovered cities and unearthed those things that bore witness and bear witness to the mystery of how advanced that civilization was, right here on this little planet earth. But through sin, prejudice and bigotry and other detestable tendencies, such caused the destruction of that civilization. Even as a material or physical outward expression, you can bear witness by science that that civilization went down, went down beneath the earth.


There Was Life Millions Of Years Before 4004 Years Before Jesus

Things have been unearthed by science such as a few years ago; but fifty or seventy-five years ago, men would not have believed, because they thought on terms of the creation according to the mortal religious version. They believed that the creation of the world was as they say it was. They believed it was thuswise: GOD merely appeared from some invisible existing place out of the hidden mysteries of His Invisible Majesty, and said, "Let there be light, and there was light."

But they did not stop to consider, and a good many of them today do not stop to consider, that there was life existence and life substance in evidence thousands and thousands, yea, millions of years before four thousand and four years B. J., better known as B.C. But according to the religions, they had described the creation of the world as being merely four thousand and four years B. J., better known as B.C., which means just about five thousand, nine hundred and forty-two years since the creation of the world, according to their version.

Men live in such religious superstition and ignorance by the versions of others that have been handed down to them; but science, by the Spirit of My Presence, is going into the hidden mysteries of GOD'S Infiniteness to bring out something that they might know definitely GOD is Eternal. Then I will show conclusively, through the Eternality of GOD and the Infiniteness of GOD, after all things have been said and done, still we can look back through the ages and go back far beyond, or go in the prehistoric age and travel back mentally and Spiritually into a civilization far advanced compared to this one in which we are living. And what caused the fall of such a civilization?


Cause Of the Fall Of Civilization

For the disrecognition of GOD'S actual Presence; or because of the disrecognition of GOD'S actual Presence; because of selfishness, sin and sinning and civilization returning back to the earth from whence it came. All science, yea, all discoveries and all inventions went back into delusion and back into the earth from whence they came, losing all recognition by the children of men who dwelt upon the earth plane. That was the cause of the fall of civilization. That is the reason that men could not have a record and could not bear record of a civilization before four thousand and four years B. J. That is the reason why men did not have history that could bear record of it, because of sin.

Such a civilization had been forgotten until I came in this dispensation by inspiration to inspire science to go into the mysteries of GOD'S Hidden Treasures and bring out the things that were hidden for ages. Such a civilization perished from the earth because of sin and the continuance of sin, of vice and of crime and of selfishness. Such a civilization perished according to science. It went down, not only going down mentally and Spiritually and from a scientific point of view, from an intellectual point of view, from the light of a civilizational point of view, but it went down physically, to let you see and know that which goes down mentally or Spiritually will go down physically, if it continues to go down.

Then I say, except this civilization, not only this government of this country, of these United States of America, but except this civilization universally accept of My Message and refuse to neglect such a great Salvation, this civilization in which we are now living would perish from the earth. I AM not merely speaking of, nor concerning the countries, at this instance. I AM speaking concerning the Light of civilization.

"I came to convert systems," I said the other day; but I have come into consideration for the purpose of converting this international civilization. Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery! The Spirit of GOD'S actual Presence will perform it and bring it into observation, that you might observe it.

'Righteousness will exalt the nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."

"Righteousness will exalt all creation,' I quote MYSELF

'.....but sin is a reproach to any living creature.'

Reckon GOD In Every Heart Beat and In Every Beating Pulse

How marvelous it is to observe the mystery; that you might seek Righteousness diligently; that you might seek the "Right-use-ness" of all things, and especially the Righteousness of GOD, on Whom you lean; that His Characteristics, His Nature, His Spirit, His Mind and His Presence, of which I have declared to be Mine, might be reckoned in every word, in every action, yea, in every gesture and even in every beat of the heart and every beating pulse; that the motion of your heart and every move of the nerves might express GOD'S actual Presence; that GOD might be reckoned in each and every thing.

If this is done and accomplished effectively, you will overcome every difficulty, overcome all trials, overcome all tribulations continually, and the government for the people, which is through the people and by the people, will not perish from the earth.


If People Neglect Such A Salvation, the Records Of History Will Perish

Abraham Lincoln, speaking of the government of these United States of America, said:

'That the Government, by the people, through the people and for the people, might not perish from the earth.'

But permit ME to advance and extend the statement further by this great Conversion and by this advanced Light of Understanding. I quote MYSELF:

'That civilization for the people, by the people and through the people, might not perish from the earth;

for if they neglect such a great Salvation and such a Light of Understanding as I AM exhibiting, civilization by the people for the people and through the people will perish from the earth, and will cause all life's existence in the Light of Understanding and the records of history to abolish, even as such a civilization perished from the memory and the records and the consideration of the conscious mind of humanity in the years before four thousand four years B.J. "

Civilization had perished but the earth was just the same. The earth stands forever, but such civilization that is filled with hypocrisy, selfishness, graft and greed, such as we have to contend with, such a civilization will eventually perish and shall be called to mind no more. Until recent years, men did not even consider there was any such thing as a living creature before four thousand years before CHRIST. They thought four thousand years before CHRIST, four thousand and four years before CHRIST JESUS came, there was no earth, for they did not have a history concerning the mystery; for sin in that pre-civilization and in the pre-historic age, caused the death of even the civilization which the pre-historic age produced, all such a civilization, to perish. It was not reckoned. It was not considered. It was not remembered, for it was a history that was necessary to perish; for it had been polluted as in the days of Noah, when sin rose to such a pitch in consideration, it disturbed GOD on the Throne.

You may have thought as it reads "on the Throne," that GOD was sitting up on a pinnacle some place, as a great big man with great long gray whiskers. HE may have been sitting in the consciousness, or in the conscience of the children of men in that light of understanding, according to their versions, but not a physical, material expression of a pinnacle, neither such a physical, material expression of an altar. But GOD had been sitting on the altar of the hearts of men. HE had been ruling and reigning on their minds until selfishness came in among the Sons of GOD, and GOD was obliged to let them know that they themselves were men.


GOD Was Disturbed On the Throne

If you retrace your thoughts back to history, you can see, I can plainly tell you through the history.

'The Sons of GOD,'

it reads,

'...turned back and sought the daughters of men",

to marry the daughters of men. They went in the flesh. You can read it for yourself. I AM now beginning history. When they went back in the flesh, why the Scripture plainly tells you that GOD was disturbed on the Throne, because of their wickedness and selfishness; for they went into self-indulgence and returned back to the flesh.

GOD said, just before the Flood I AM talking about now. I AM speaking in your age, in the age of this present history.

'They went after the daughters of men and they took unto themselves wives among them.'

Can you not see the mystery? And GOD was jealous of such a thing, and GOD said, "My Spirit shall not always strive with men. I will let the Sons of GOD see and know they are men, and that they themselves are flesh." Therefore GOD said, "Build me an ark, for I shall destroy all flesh off of the face of the earth." Can you not see the mystery?

I think you all should rejoice in it, that from the curse and from that delusion you have been lifted, to be reckoned as the Sons of GOD once again, and GOD even calls you "Angels", no longer men. Aren't you glad? For this cause I came. In other words, for this purpose I came, and for this cause I stand, that I might lift you from the versions of men, that you might be emancipated from among them. For I did declare according to the Scripture,

'My Spirit shall not always strive with men.'

It has striven with them to get them to love GOD and to stay away from the flesh, to stay away from lust, and to stay away from self, to stay away from self-indulgence and running after the daughters of men. When they began doing that and began to take unto themselves wives, according to the custom of men, why they were changed immediately, and GOD expressed His jealousy.

'I will let them see that they themselves are men, and that they themselves are flesh,'


'My Spirit shall not always strive with men, for I shall destroy all flesh off of the face of the earth.'

This was coming on down in this present history as a sketch and a reflection of the mystery. Of what mystery? Of the mystery of what I AM telling you, of that it was a sketch. Civilization did not altogether perish, as it may be termed, the civilized world at that time, but all flesh in mortal consciousness was destroyed, having enough as a seed, as the seed of the coming generations thereafter.

But GOD'S Spirit did not always strive with men, which but bespeaks the mystery of what I have been telling you, how not only this Government of these United States of America for the people, through the people and by the people, perished from the earth, but even civilization, if they neglect such a great Salvation, this civilization by the people, for the people and through the people will perish from the earth, even as the civilized world did before the historic age, back in the pre-historic ages.


We Are Living Again In An Advanced Civilization

That civilization and many other civilizations perished. Now we are living once again in an advanced civilization, according to the Light of the children of men. But unless they bring themselves into subjection and recognize GOD'S actual Presence and live thus accordingly, the civilization that you are representing as the civilized world, through the people and by the people and for the people, will perish.

Jot these thoughts down in your vocabularies, and remember, the Light which I have so freely exhibited and AM exhibiting, it shines on the road to lead you to your GOD, where you can and will be emancipated from everything that would cause you to fall. Aren't you glad? Then I say, how dare the puny minds of men to attempt to rise in opposition to ME, when GOD through His Condescension is the Fount of your Salvation, the Hope of the redemption of all creation! Aren't you glad?

I need not say more. I believe I have said enough to stir up your pure minds. But I have lifted up the Standard; hence, all must copy after and walk in the Light I have given or else all creation will be a failure, and civilization will perish from the earth, for the Mouth of GOD has declared it. I thank you.

NOTE: The lecture which FATHER referred to in this Message is the 63rd Street Righteous Government Lecture, given on Wednesday, May 25, 1938, at 11:35 P.M.