"The Constitution and its Amendments for Righteousness' Sake Were Inspired and Motivated
by the Spirit of the Law of Christ

"When You Have Liberty According to the Constitution, and the Reality of Happiness
That the American People Have, According to the Constitution, You Will Be Free
from the Barriers of the Under-privileged and Free from All of the Terrors
Imposed upon the Non-privileged by the Over-privileged." ---FATHER DIVINE

Our FATHER'S Message at the Banquet Table, Krum Elbow, The Promised Land, N. Y.,
Sunday, April 16th, 1939 A.D.F.D., Time -- 12:00 P.M.

Krum Elbow

Krum Elbow.


So precious and sacred is the LORD, our GOD to all humanity, and so mercifully sacrificed is HE to all His children, that the very Words HE speaks, which are His Own creative Inner Self, should be our utmost consideration and contemplation at all times. In this beautiful and heart-satisfying Message, FATHER so dynamically delivered in the Krum Elbow Mansion, there is food for body, soul and mind that should stimulate the devotion of one and all in their endeavors to live this immaculate Life of CHRIST, and be more perfectly consecrated than ever.

FATHER stresses that the united meanings of the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence, were nothing less than "Life, Liberty and the reality of Happiness," to be the goal of American democracy, and in His eagerness to open wide this door for the children of men, HE reveals that the impersonal and unselfish Life of CHRIST, with a constant recognition of GOD'S Ever-Presence, is the only way to attain this desired hope and aim. For His Beloved Heart of Sincerity towards one and all, we truly love HIM!

As a forerunner to His significant Words, HE sang for us the following little revelation; given in part. Thank YOU, FATHER!


'Life, Life, Life; Life and Liberty.
Life, Life, Life; Life and Liberty.
Oh, that is what you need, etc..
If you get Life and Liberty, I will give the rest, etc..
Liberty is privilege, that is what you need,
Liberty is the privilege all are seeking,
Oh, that is what you need!
You will have an access wheresoever you may go,
If you have Life and Liberty; Success comes by
your Liberty, and also by your privilege --
I say, Life and Liberty!'


(The foregoing statements come from the transcriber, and FATHER speaks thuswise:)


PEACE EVERYONE! Righteousness, Truth and Justice, with a Righteous Judgment established!

That little composition I brought out just then as a composition, being an inspiration from the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST, as a Message for the inhabitants of the earth:

'Life and Liberty -- Life and Liberty -- Life and Liberty!'

When you have Life and Liberty, and pursue other harmonious connections or attachments, as it may be termed, to it, Life and Liberty will give you such a privilege as we are now enjoying.

It has long since been declared, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is the height of the ambition of the American people! They seek Life and Liberty, and they pursue Happiness according to the Constitution, but yet there are millions and millions under this great democracy of ours who do not have Liberty, and do not have a chance to pursue Happiness. But Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is stressed!

This particular point for consideration has been stressed politically; nationally, which is to say, throughout this country; and even internationally; for the American diplomats and representatives of the American government, not only in this country among this nation, but in all countries, they are stressing Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as the means of this great democracy, as the hope of the redemption of these territories under the jurisdiction of this government; which is to say, these United States and other territories brought into subjection to it. And they stress it as though it is logical, Biblical and Evangelical!


The Constitution Must Be Established Mentally and Spiritually

We consider it to be a reality if it is established internationally; but I consider such a document must be established mentally and spiritually within the individual, that the individuals who hear, read and learn of this statement as described under and in the Constitution, might consider it as essential and well worth considering when the citizens under the Constitution are actually partakers of the characteristics and the nature, the spirit and the meaning of such a Constitution, and all of its points for consideration; yea, all of its special requests under and in the Constitution.

For this cause I brought to the surface this morning, or this afternoon, whichever, a thought to be conveyed universally:

'Life, Liberty, Life, Liberty, Life, Liberty, Life and Liberty is a reality!'

When this is established within you, it will bring an abolition to the divisions of the privileges, and cause all people to have a privilege, for Liberty is a privilege. You will no longer be individually, severally nor collectively, under-privileged, for when you have Liberty according to the Constitution, and the reality of Happiness that the American people have, according to the Constitution, pursue, you will be free from the barriers of the under-privileged and free from all of the terrors imposed upon the non- privileged by the over-privileged.

For this cause I set up this allegation that mankind must recognize Constitutionally, for I speak constitutionally concerning the mystery of whatsoever I AM stressing!

Life, Liberty and Happiness, Life, Liberty and Happiness -- these blessings are what all humanity are seeking! They cannot come into possession of these blessings saving as they bring themselves into subjection to a fundamental, the fundamental of this country as a nation; for those who are living under the Constitution, the fundamental should be adhered to by those who are representing this democracy.


The Truth of It must Be Realized

But to bring the reality of it into actuality individually, the people of this nation must recognize the reality of the Truth back of it! The Constitution and its Amendments for Righteousness' sake were inspired and motivated by the Spirit of the Law of CHRIST transmitted to the hearts and minds of men, that the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in Him might hover over, around and about them, that the Spirit of the Law of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS might eventually be enacted in Congress throughout this nation, and those who rule and judge the people might judge the people with equity.

For this cause it was essential to call on the Name of GOD in making laws, in the making of each and every document or the drafting of it! Whensoever a law, or bill whichever, was introduced, before it went through the Senate or the Legislature, it was obliged to be recognized and considered as being true. Those who are the makers of such laws, they are sworn in by the Bible in the Name of GOD!

Hence, these laws were being made for this of which we are speaking, this of which we are daily stressing:

'Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness!'

These laws that were given by man through the Spirit from the Infinite ONE were handed down that they might have influence and dominion over all mankind to give each and every person a chance to enjoy this Life, this Liberty, and the Reality of Happiness!

When this is established in the individual, he or she will no longer be bound to limitation, lacks, wants, nor adverse nor undesirable conditions; but the very Spirit of GOD'S Presence will be with them so effectively until they will have Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness universally.

For this cause, I sang as I sat, "Life, Liberty and Happiness;" for Life, Liberty and Happiness will bring an abolition completely to every expression of the spirit of the under-privileged or of the expression or reflection, as if though there are those who are under-privileged.


Liberty Means Privilege

For Liberty actually means "privilege"! Liberty is a privilege by interpretation; when you have Life, Liberty and then the pursuit of Happiness, you have a chance to be progressive, successful and prosperous in all of your activities.

For this cause, the American Constitution, as a document to be considered, paved out the way in the beginning that the American people might seek Liberty and also pursue Happiness. Aren't you glad! This had not been considered so much in the time past by the American ecclesiastical world. Religiously, they did not stress it vividly as a great essential, but I came to stress it as the only hope of redemption for all of the American people to consider.

What a privilege to realize you cannot have this privilege of which I AM stressing saving by Life and Liberty! If you do not have Life, you will not have Liberty, and if you do not have Liberty, you will not and cannot pursue Happiness. Can you not see the mystery?

And if you do not have access to express happily and joyfully, you cannot express your privilege, which is Liberty! For Liberty came that you might have a privilege to express it and to advance scientifically, intellectually, socially, inspirationally, religiously and otherwise. "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!"

This has been stressed vividly over this nation, but the ecclesiastical world of expression generally did not stop and consider it effectively. But I came to bring it into the recognition and the re-consideration of this people, that the document as the Constitution, as drafted and established as the Foundation of a great document, came not by the will of man, nor by the will of the flesh, nor by the will of the blood as a nation, but by the will of GOD by inspiration.

Hence, I say, "Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness!" We have it and we shall establish it! Liberty means a privilege, I say! Those who have been under- privileged, I came to give them a privilege, and those who have been non-privileged, I came to give them a privilege! Can you not see the mystery?


Right Living Is Necessary

But this can only be accomplished by right living, by living exactly according to the Constitution and its Amendments, and by living exactly according to the Declaration of Independence! How can you expect to express the true spirit of Americanism under the Constitution and its Amendments, and under the Declaration of Independence unless you produce the spirit and the meaning of these two great documents and the amendments of them?

How can you expect to be real American citizens politically unless you have and seek Life and Liberty? By seeking Life and Liberty and pursuing Happiness with the spirit of sincerity, you will eventually evolve into the reality of a democracy coming not by the will of man, nor by the will of the blood, nor by the will of the flesh, but of GOD!

When those who were called the forefathers, came to this country, they were seeking what? Religious Liberty, seeking a religious privilege of expression, which is Liberty! Can you not see the mystery? They were seeking that through which, by inspiration, the Constitution and its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence were drafted, that we might have a Foundation upon which we can build, and the hope of redemption of all of this people, by living Constitutionally, and by expressing their independence. Can you not see the mystery?

Then I say, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition! We shall not be discouraged, neither shall we be disturbed by any means whatever until the true spirit of independence and the Constitution and its Amendments shall have been brought to fruition in each and every American citizen, that they might be American citizens characteristically and naturally, but being converted to true Evangelism, that they might go forth by the Spirit and the Characteristics of the Savior, evangelizing all humanity. That was the mission of this Constitution! Can you not see the mystery?


The Hope of the Redemption of Humanity

It was firstly to establish its own individual independence by living righteously, godly and soberly, and by producing that of which I AM now stressing: Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness! When they shall have pursued it and brought it to fruition by expressing it, and to its citizens it shall have been rightfully given, why, there and then, the American citizenry will be considered universally as the hope of the redemption of all humanity . . . the hope of the redemption of all of the political world; not only in this country as a democracy, but in all countries universally wheresoever politics shall have been represented in this advanced civilization.

Not only in the civilized world, but this democracy, as a true Evangelized state of perfection, shall go forth unfolding the mystery of Righteousness from this angle of expression, according to the spirit and the meaning of the Constitution and its Amendments, and according to the Declaration of Independence.

When this is established, what a glorious privilege it will be universally, for all of the inhabitants of the earth to recognize a principle, as a Standard that has been lifted, no longer to merely be documentally considered, but to be intuitively considered as an "inspirator," one that can and also will inspire others with whom it has been connected. Can you not see the mystery?

This principle as described, shall be brought into expression, and the spirit and the meaning of this Constitution and of the Declaration of Independence shall go forth into all civilization, and lift up a Standard for this people, and bring about a universal brotherhood for all mankind, that they all might recognize and realize their GOD!


Bringing Liberty to Fruition

Then I say, "Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness!" We are no longer merely stressing Liberty, but as we bring it forth to fruition individually, severally and collectively, we shall establish it universally, and this Liberty will lift you from being in a place in consciousness where you are non-privileged, to the privileged Liberty of which the Liberty will produce and bring in your experience, that you might have the privilege or Liberty, whichever, such as you had not had before I came!

What a privilege to live in such a recognition! Now, do not think I AM speaking of mortality nor mortality's version politically, merely speaking of a privilege and a Liberty for a limited few. Those who think at times they are privileged, and think they have an expression of the superlative or superiority, it is a matter of impossibility for one to express supremacy or either to express the True Liberty of which I AM stressing, saving by coming in harmony with the Supreme ONE, and by bringing his or her body into subjection to HIM!

When this shall have been done, the very spirit of supremacy and the Supreme ONE will give such an individual Liberty and Life, which is a privilege transcending the limitations and the barriers of men. Aren't you glad!

Then I say, live in this recognition! Build upon this Foundation and consideration individually, severally and collectively! Life and Liberty should be considered, and should be the thing or expressions of life you all should be seeking. You cannot expect to receive it by merely seeking it selfishly. You cannot conceive the true idea concerning the mystery so long as you have a self-conceited or a selfish desire for self-exaltation, or for self-honor or for self-praise as an individual or as individuals or as a nation.


We Must Become Impersonal

For what said I concerning the mystery?

'Charity seeketh not her own!'

But to take on the Life and the Characteristics of GOD, you must become to be very impersonal by nature. Hence, you have an expression for all humanity, yea, for all of GOD'S Creation, and you have a desire for expression of love and mercy and compassion for all humanity.

When this shall have been established within you, you then yourself, will bring an abolition to every tendency of selfishness and self-conceitness, and consider, as was declared by the Gospel:

'He came not by the will of man, nor by the will of the blood, nor by the will of the flesh, but of GOD!'

As CHRIST came not by the will of these limited, mortal concepted and complex desirable expressions of the mortal version, even so will you come forth into expression; not by the will of any of those limited, mortal concepted ideas and opinions, for they were conceived according to the mortal version selfishly.

When you conceive an idea you want to do something for your race, your creed, your color, your group or your party, all of these extractions or divisions are but the outward expression of selfishness. They have their destination! They cannot go on eternally; they are not by nature infinite, and they cannot work successfully continually. That is the mystery!

The only success for the political world, the only hope of the redemption of all mankind consciously or unconsciously, is to become to be non-sectarian religiously, become to be non-partisan politically, become to be international, nationally or racially, and become to be interracial nationally.

When this shall have been established within you with the spirit of sincerity, when each and everyone of you can speak conscientiously from the Spirit of your own soul by your own individual religious conviction, then and only then will you be fit subjects to represent a national people consisting of more than one individual people or group or organization or race or color. Can you not see the mystery?


All Mortal Tendencies Must Be Eradicated

You cannot rightfully fill official duty so long as you live in selfishness, so long as you indulge in human affection or human tendencies, mortal fancies or mortal pleasures, and it is a matter of impossibility for you to express effectively according to the Constitution and its Amendments, and according to the Declaration of Independence,


You cannot express effectively and righteously until you shall have brought an abolition to every mortal tendency of selfishness within you, until you shall have taken on the Characteristics and the Nature of your Savior, of Whom express infinitely impersonally and un-individuatedly from every angle expressible. It transcends your individual consideration for yourself or for any other individual from a mortal point of view . . . It goes into infinitude, the end you cannot vision when you shall have taken on the Nature and the Characteristics of your Savior, for you are impersonal then by nature, and the creative forces within you from the Creator will be the expression and the manifester of His accurateness, and will cause you to express and act and judge the people with equity.

But how can any official representing just one race, or just one nationality, or representing just one organization, be an American official to serve the American Republic? For the American Republic consists not only of one race, one nationality, nor of one creed or denomination, but the American Republic consists of practically every nation, every language, every tongue and every people according to the Gospel, yea, according to the revelation which is according to the Gospel.


John Saw All Nations Represented

For John saw a number coming up who had washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb, of every nation, of every language, of every tongue and of every people! Therefore, you can see the very Revelationic prediction of this dispensation in which we are now living, representing the American people, was not confined to one nationality nor people alone, but those that John saw were these people of which we are daily coming in contact and teaching and being taught by, of every nation, of every language, of every tongue, and of every people, in short, "E PLURIBUS UNUM!"

Evangelically, I quote Jesus:

'I pray that they might be ONE even as we are ONE!'

The Kingdom has truly come and now His Will is being done, for I have answered Jesus' prayer as the prayer in the 17th chapter of Saint John. I have brought you all of every nation, of every language, of every tongue and of every people, into ONE, that you might have no longer have strife, prejudice, resentment and anger with your fellow man because of your alleged different nationality or racial difference, but that you might realize, according to the Constitution and according to the Gospel: "GOD created all of the nations that dwell upon the face of the earth, of one blood."

And according to the Gospel,

'I pray that they might be ONE even as we are ONE!'

I have brought you all together in ONE, as a sample and an example, to prove to the world conclusively, there is a reality in the Life and the Teaching of your Savior and your Redeemer and the Savior of all humanity.

In whomsoever and wheresoever this Light of true Evangelism shall be established effectively, from that angle of expression and from that Sample and Example, there shall go forth the law of all of the nations of the creation, and it shall bring all humanity into subjection by this great conversion. Can you not see the mystery?

This has been established! You all recognize it! You all are now realizing Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness! I have actually established it, that you might get it effectively and express it to others. Aren't you glad!


Live the Life

You need not try to express it theoretically, neither intellectually, for the words of the human language of all of the different languages in the divers vocabularies of each and everyone are inadequate to express or explain the mystery as a person or as persons. But by the life you are living, putting forth into expression the Truth concerning the mystery just as I tell you, you can tell them more effectively in deeds and in actions than you can tell them in words.

I will preach CHRIST continually in Words, it is true, but this will not do universally, neither will it do for you. Just to preach CHRIST in words is insufficient -- it is not sufficient! But if I preach CHRIST effectively continually in deeds and in actions characteristically and dispositionally, and even naturally by the interchanges of your characteristics and the transmission of GOD'S to you, and by the reincarnation of these qualities and attributes of your Savior, and by reproducing them among you, I will preach CHRIST so effectively, all will be obliged to see it, and get it, that GOD is your Redeemer and your Savior, and each and everyone will have Life and Liberty.

This is not confined to the political world alone -- it is not bound to such a thing! It is not confined nor bound to the spiritual nor to the religious world alone! It is not bound to either one! But by My SPIRIT it reaches all mankind where the conscious mentalities of men function. I say, where the conscious mentalities function.

If they have consciousness, why, the SPIRIT OF MY PRESENCE must reach them from THIS angle of expression! For, unless the Spirit of My Presence from this angle of expression reaches them and converts them, all will be failures, and even civilization itself will perish if they neglect such a great Salvation as this one that I have brought to fruition in My Followers and in this Movement. I thank you.