"Condescendingly I Came as an Existing Spirit, Unembodied until Condescendingly
Imputing Myself in a Bodily Form In the Likeness of Men I Came.

"Joy to the World the LORD Has Come." . . . FATHER DIVINE

FATHER DIVINE'S Remarks Given at the Banquet Table, 20 W. 115th Street, New York City,
Tuesday, January 16th, 1934 A.D.F.D,
Time 12:00 Noon. Taken from the January issue of The DIVINE Light.

FATHER DIVINE at the 115th Street Peace Mission Extension

The 115th Street peace Mission Extension.


'I Am the bread of life . . . except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His blood ye have no life in you'

Thus spoke JESUS Christ to the people nineteen hundred years ago, but they did not wish to be born again, and partake of His Bodily condition by living His Life, hence they went on in sin , sickness and death. Today, however, there are more than ten million followers of FATHER DIVINE, who can sing "You are in another day, praise GOD, you are in another day," because He has come with power to cause them to partake of His Life by walking in His Statutes. He has said, "I will preach Christ in words, but more so in deed and actions, and I will put My Spirit in you and cause you to walk in MY Statutes." As a result, multitudes from the underworld have been taken out of their conditions of vice and crime, and actually transformed in body, mind and spirit, so that they who were of the most desperate character, have become angels in bodily form. Those that were in the last stages of incurable diseases, the lame, the crippled the deaf, the dumb, the blind and the physically deformed, have been lifted out of those conditions and actually given bodies that are not subject to such diseases and afflictions. Those that were of different races and nationalities have been made one by the eradication of such distinctions from their consciousness and from their systems, and the Christ that was in JESUS now lives in millions of bodies so that they act the way He acted and live the way He lived. In short, the Kingdom of Heaven has actually been established on earth, notwithstanding every opposition that could arise, and millions are living in it , free from lacks and wants, limitations, fears or worries of any kind, and the Scripture is fulfilled where it said of the New Heaven and the New Earth,

'And GOD shall be with them, and they shall be His people, and He shall be their GOD.'

Today, however, they are more than see to be enough for GOD and they come to FATHER DIVINE as they did to JESUS, saying silently if not audibly,

'What sign showest thou then, that we may see and believe Thee? What doest Thou work?'

There are those who have visited FATHER Personally in New York and sat at His beautiful banquet table laden daily with good things to eat which have been bought in the markets with genuine Americans dollars and prepared by FATHER's expert cooks, and for reasons of their own have carried out misleading reports of all sorts, one being that the banquet is bare when the angels sit down, but that FATHER causes a mist to form, and out of the mist, silver, dishes and food appear, after which the table is cleared in the same way. Hearing these report many come to FATHER DIVINE who are primarily interested in such expressions, and caring little for the Life of Christ and the Love of GOD working in the hearts of men as the Savior of them Consequently, a great throng assembled around the banquet table at 20 West 115th Street, New York City on the morning of January 16th, 1934 including many visiting friends.

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber and FATHER sang and spoke as follows.)

Joy to the world for the Lord has come,
Let earth receive her King.
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
Let heaven, Let heaven and nature sing.
Let heaven and nature sing.
Joy to the world for the Lord has come,
Let earth receive her King.
No more doubts, there are no more fears; etc.
Joy to the world for the Lord has come,
Let earth receive her King.
All the way from Heaven to earth; etc,
Joy to the world for the Lord has come,
Christ came and manifested Himself in the Flesh;
Let earth receive her King. etc.

Good Health, Good Will, and Good Appetite to one and to all! This is the Message of the Lord and the Blessings combined with these; I bring and unite them to all mankind, that they too, as well as you, might come to this place in consciousness that these qualities of Spirit and Life and Love, the desirable Characteristics of the Christ and the Attributes of GOD, might be personified, you as individuals being the personifiers of the limitless blessing that I have called to your attention. It is Wonderful! I AM not merely calling your attention to these things, but I have brought them forth in your experiences, that you might both hear and see them. You can hear them with your ears as they are put forth into expression in words, in deeds and in actions through praises and thanksgivings to the great Creator. Aren't you glad!

'Joy to the world for the Lord has come.'

There is something condescendingly coming from the Heavenly state of expression, out of the mortal versions of men, from the Spiritual Realm down to the material plane that they might recognize the actual materialization of every good and desirable blessing.

For this cause I came, and for this purpose I stand as a Living Sacrifice in the midst of the children of men, yet not more than each and every one of them should be. It is an expression that some have not brought forth to fruition in their experiences, but it has been beseeched by the spirit of GOD through the mouth of the Apostle, that each and every individual might bring his body

'as a living sacrifice...unto GOD",

that each and every person and all persons combined, might come to this recognition; that they are bought with a price and they are not their own and that each and every individual might learn the great significance of giving his body as a living sacrifice to GOD, that GOD might live and rule and reign in him. As they will to give Him their bodies GOD will give them His Spirit and His Mind.

Condescendingly I Came

Condescendingly I came, as an existing Spirit, unembodied until condescendingly imputing Myself in a Bodily Form in the likeness of men I came, that I might speak to them in their own language; coming to a Country that is supposed to be the Country of the Free, where mankind has been privileged to serve GOD according to the dictates of his own conscience; coming sponsoring this Peace Mission and this Spiritual Revelation in the hearts of the children of men, and establishing the Kingdom of GOD in the midst of them, it is wonderful, that they might become to be living Epistles as individuals, seen and read of men, and verifying that which has long since been said,
'The Tabernacle of GOD is with men, and He shall dwell with them, and GOD Himself shall be with them, and shall be their GOD and they shall be His people.'

(Note: The above are also the words inscribed on the inside walls of the Shrine To Life.)

We are rejoicing because we are bringing into materialization and into physicalization, the very Scripture and the Gospel, that was spoken through Reveal-ation of the Spirit in the Prophets, Apostles, and Epistles.

The Spirit of GOD'S Presence is sponsoring this great Universal Christ Consciousness Mission, that mankind might come to the recognition of GOD'S Presence and be conscious of GOD'S Presence on the material plane even as JESUS as a Person was. Through this consciousness, JESUS as an individual did have the victory over adversities, He had the victory over those that seemed to be adversaries to the Principle that He was advocating. Hence, being willing to sacrifice His physical Body for the Principle that He was advocating for His version concerning GOD, HIS FATHER, the great Creator He brought into materialization and physicalated, the very Principle Itself, hence

'The Word was made flesh.'

But remember, it was not made flesh merely for an individual to be observed, but not enjoyed by all. It is Wonderful! GOD condescendingly came and made Himself Flesh on the material plane in the Name of JESUS, that they that lived on the material plane and would come after Him, might "copy after the fashion" of His materializing expression that He had manifested to them. Aren't you glad!

For this cause we are rejoicing and we are exceedingly glad. These Truths are being materialized and are being personified by those that will live in this recognition. After having realized that GOD has been materialized, visualizing the thing vividly, you become to be a part of it, and becoming to be a part of it the "little leaven" will leaven the whole lump; for greater are the Creative Forces of this Spirit, and this Power, through this recognition, than that of the material deteriorating degree of expression that is in your systems. It is Wonderful! Greater is that great Creative Force of Nature within your system than that deteriorating and degrading degree of expression which will come to an end as the advancement of the spiritualizing process goes on in the hearts and lives of men.

Then I say, the "little leaven" has in reality leavened the whole lump. It is indeed Wonderful! It has really leavened the whole lump, and your bodies have become to be the personified expression and manifestation of the identical Christ, the Fundamental Principle that was without a body in the beginning. Aren't you glad!

Spirit of Transformation

Do you not see the great significance of this recognition? Through this recognition, the Spirit of transformation is going on in your consciousness and in your system. It is transforming you, according to the Epistle, by the renewing of your minds, and your bodily forms are being purified. It is Wonderful! That is why you are coming from far and near to hear the insignificance of ME. Through visualizing that which you cannot physically see, the spiritualizing process will go on in you, and you will begin to materialize that which you observe mentally and spiritually, until eventually the very materialized process of the Spiritual angelic expression will be fully materialized in the transformation of Spirit and Mind, to Flesh and Bones of which it was said by Him,

'A Spirit hath not flesh and bones.'

HE transformed Himself from Spirit to Flesh. Mankind has been observing spirits long enough. That is why HE said, "Fear not." It is Wonderful!

Do you not see the pre-interpretation of this extension and of this unfoldment that has been brought to the world in the last time? When JESUS said,

'Fear not ...Peace be unto thee",

that was after the Resurrection.

'Handle ME and feel ME, and see that a spirit hath not flesh and bones,'

said HE, calling them off the psychic plane and from the Spiritual Realm in their imaginations, that they might come to the conscious recognition of the actual materialization of GOD Himself.

'Handle ME and feel ME, and see.'

Condescendingly I came, allowing the Religious world, the social world, the intellectual world, the political world, the legal fields, and the financial world, to

'Handle ME and feel ME",

and see that I AM not a spirit. It is Wonderful! All of these worlds and fields of life, are but the personification of doubting Thomas. Being the personification individually and collectively, they are the organization of doubting Thomas. The materialists seek to find something from a material point of view, but Christ in the midst of you has brought for your consideration the actual materialization of Spiritual things, and the spiritualization of material things, that you and they might realize, GOD in man is in reality materialized and has been brought into outer expression, that you can handle Him and feel Him, and see that a Spirit has not flesh and bones. It is Wonderful! Coming as a Sample and as an example, I AM not answering in words, deeds or actions, the "magicianic" expression of the mortal version that is termed in the religious world the d-v-l. I do not answer those "magicianic" expressions with which they may question ME, "Command these stones to be made bread." In the wilderness, when Jesus was led thereto be tempted by the mortal version of the human mind, as being termed the d-v-l by the religious world, it was but the same identical expression claiming to be spiritual, yea, even the metaphysicians and others, claiming to be leaders and teachers of truth, are seeking for me to express something on the material plane in a "magicianic expressionic" way. Buy GOD did not perform those magicianic actions and miracles to appease the mortal conceptions of the mortal version, that which is termed the d-v-l in the religious world. It is indeed wonderful!

'Command these stones to be made bread, that thou mayest eat.'

There are those of the metaphysicians, and different representatives of the metaphysical field coming saying "FATHER should," or "does draw forth food and other stuff to the material plane, out of the ether," performing some "magicianic" expression. That is to appease the mortal conception of the material version of the human mind as being termed the d-v-l in the religious world; and the same spirit is trying to request ME to do the same thing it did in the body called Jesus, "Now if you are God, let something, make something, appear, or make bread out of the ether" Don't you see that is the same spirit? That is the same spirit that was called the d-v-l by the mortal version of the human mind in the religious world. Of course in science and in Spiritual understanding, you may call it the mortal mind, you may call it the mortal version or you may call it misunderstanding; but some folks call it the d-v-l. It is wonderful! Therefore, tell all of the metaphysicians and all of them that are seeking "magicinated" expressions to appease there mortal versions, that I AM not performing that kind of miracle to appease them. Aren't you glad! I came to make practical and real the Presence of GOD on the material plane, that mankind might handle ME and feel ME, mentally and spiritually, intellectually and investigatingly, "and see that a spirit has not flesh and bones."It is wonderful! GOD in the midst of you is mighty to save, being the master of omnipotency and the controller of your destinies, being Omnipotent and Omniscient and being omnipresent, putting forth Himself in expression wheresoever HE is most needed. You see the mystery? For this cause we are rejoicing and we are continuing to establish the Christ Consciousness and not that "other fellows" consciousness that desires ME, and you also, and others to cause stones to be made bread. I AM not studying about trying to appease that "magicianic" expression of the mortal versionated views of the magicians to satisfy their desires. It is wonderful! Now you will notice that in Egypt, they did have many magicians in Pharaoh's time, for Pharaoh was a great magician himself. But GOD in the midst of the children of men,working and functioning through and by HIS own hand, as being termed Moses, expressed and expression that Pharaoh could not understand. GOD'S expression through Moses, in HIS mighty power and hand, swallowed up the "magicianic" acts and expressions of Pharaoh, and they had no longer existence in the land. Coming on down the line through the ages, you can see the magicians expressions, and there actions, being performed among the people, and how they would seek the spirit of GOD to be brought down under their jurisdiction to perform some magic expression to appease their mortal conceptions. Then coming to Jesus, you can plainly see, as afore said, how that same spirit led Jesus up into the wilderness, there to be tempted by some "magicianic" expression. That same old idea had lingered around that was in Egypt with Pharaoh. The spirit had crossed the Red Sea. Although Pharaoh was lost, his spirit still lingered. It led Jesus up into the wilderness, there to be tempted. But the Spirit of GOD'S Presence being with Jesus, it sponsored the cause and gave Jesus, as a person the victory over the mortal version of the "magicianic" conception and their suggestions. Therefore HE spoke as one having authority saying, "It is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of GOD." It is indeed wonderful! That is why the people are stirred up: because all the black magic and white magic,and the blue magic and every "magic" version have come to naught at the recognition of MY Presence. It is wonderful! Therefore, they can no longer function in the midst of the people. that is why they are coming to an end faster and faster and faster, wheresoever I AM. GOD alone shall reign! Aren't you glad! Leading Jesus, also upon the pinnacle of the temple, the same mortal "versionated magicianic" expression came to Him saying: "If thou be the Son of GOD, cast Thyself down." quoting the Scripture to Him to appease the mortal conception of the human mind. Leading Him also on the exceedingly high mountain, that was on of the same mortal versionated "magicianic" expressions, showing Him all of the kingdoms of this world and the glory thereof, saying, "All of these things I will give you," I will make you and international king, so to speak, if you will fall down and worship me." What said Jesus to that "magicianic" expression or suggestion? It is written

"Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy GOD but Him only shall thou",

all of you magicianic expressions and suggestions,


It is indeed wonderful!