Precious Gems of Wisdom That Can Be Used by Every Person, City, State and Nation to Help Them
on the Road to Perfection

Short Remarks from the Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE

"In poems, in songs, in psalms, in hymns, in mottoes, in poetry and in rhythm,
I come as the Redeemer and Savior of all mankind." - FATHER DIVINE


On the Sundeck, The Mount of the House of the Lord

On the Sundeck, The Mount of the House of the Lord






  1. Political Subjects; Americanism, Righteous Government, Etc. Index
  2. Social Subjects; Unity, Integration, Responsibility, Etc. Index
  3. Harnessing the Hearts and the Minds of the Youth of Today.
  4. Honesty. Deal with Every Man Justly and Honestly; and Give Him a Chance Instead of Charity, Etc.  Index.
  5. There are so many reasons we know FATHER DIVINE is GOD
  6. The Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus.  Index.
  7. Appreciation. Testimonies of Visitors and Friends, Etc. - Excerpts.Index.
  8. Religious; Thanksgiving.  Index.
  9. The Condescendence of God.  Index.
  10. A New Dispensation, A. D. F. D.
  11. I Have Gone upon the Mountain and I Am Dispensing the Modest Code down to the People.  Index.
  12. We find it divinely impossible to cover the magnitude of His Work and Mission however this is a synopsis of a few historic events.
  13. Godliness Is a Mental and Spiritual Battle in Your Consciousness.  Index.
  14. Faith and Trust  Index.
  15. "Be Conscious of God's Actual Presence."  Index.
  16. Healing. "Civilization Must Advance Spiritually as Well as Scientifically."  Index.
  17. Positive Words, Deeds and Actions Produce Desirable Results.
  18. An excerpt a day - A thought for every occasion
  19. Words of Life
  20. Christ Is Rich and All You Need.
  21. Learn to Unlearn.
  22. Better Not Know So Much.
  23. Assistant District Attorney Huber
  24. FATHER DIVINE saves the City of New York about $2,000,000 annually
  25. The Everpresence of GOD.
  26. Millions and millions of Blessings.
  27. "The Time Cometh and Now Is, Personality and Individuality Will No Longer Be in the Consideration."