"We all know there is a great disturbance in the earth today.
This is because a Spiritual Nation is being brought to birth."

MOTHER DIVINE'S Message To The Universe On The Fiftieth Anniversary Of Her Marriage To The Reverend MAJOR J. DIVINE
Known Throughout The World As FATHER DIVINE, Founder, Bishop And Pastor Of The International Peace Mission Movement



The Bride


Peace to all the people of the world!

Peace FATHER DIVINE, as we recognize Your Ever and Omni Presence.

It brings ME great joy in the year 1996 on this, the Fiftieth or Jubilee Anniversary of My Spiritual Marriage to FATHER DIVINE on April 29, 1946, to introduce on the World Wide Web the Life and Teaching of Reverend MAJOR J. DIVINE.

It brings ME great joy, because I know that the solutions to the most simple or the most complex problems for both individuals and nations can be found in FATHER DIVINE'S Words, Words which HE lived to perfection and demonstrated as a blueprint for humanity through His followers and through the International Peace Mission Movement.

Within four years, we will have completed the two thousandth year of the Christian Dispensation. At the arrival of the Twenty First Century, we expect change. FATHER DIVINE said:


'Because it is a New Dispensation, . . . it automatically changes systems; it automatically changes customs and rules and regulations. Because of the change in the Dispensation, it causes a new inspiration and a new spiritual awakening to take place in the consciousness of humanity, and civilization from that angle of expression will make its advances by the Spirit as it is unfolding in a deeper unfoldment of this Dispensation.'

Spoken August 18-19, 1940, 2:45 a.m., found in THE NEW DAY, January 7, 1967, p. 24, col. 3


We all know there is a great disturbance in the earth today. This is because a Spiritual Nation is being brought to birth. FATHER DIVINE says

'There is a birth . . . and there is a disturbance anytime anything is to be born. . . . Because the seed of man has to be born now and not to be born by the will of the flesh nor by the will of man, but of GOD there is a disturbance. . . . The seed of man must be born out of materialism, must be born out of mortality, must be born out of the animal appetite and be born into the glorious Liberty of the sons of GOD.'

Spoken August 3, 1932, 3:30 p.m., found in THE NEW DAY, October 4, 1975, p.16, col. 3


This transformation that is taking place is as powerful, if not more powerful, than the resurrection of vegetation in the spring of the year. No one or no thing can prevent it or stop it in any way. The Spirit of GOD is being awakened in humanity, and humanity will evolve to a higher state of expression. The way a chick picks its way out of the shell that was its home and protection during its development stage is a parable of how mankind is letting go of the old traditions and embracing new concepts that are for the benefit and advancement of the whole human race. In 1973, Dr. John Platt, of the Mental Health Research Institute of the University of Michigan, stated that changes taking place since the splitting of the atom at the close of World War II

". . . have been like ten Protestant Reformations and Industrial Revolutions rolled into one and occurring within a single generation."

Found in the 1996 Commemorative Issue of THE NEW DAY, p. 46, col.1


The development of computers and a whole new world of technology that, through improved communication and transportation has brought peoples and nations closer together, is making eminently necessary the evolutionizing of the consciousness of humanity. FATHER commented on this evolution.


'Without a righteous judgment, mankind would start a revolutionary war, and would overthrow the different governments as they stand, but with the right concept and the recognition of GOD'S Presence, we will not overthrow them, but we will transform them. We are not here to overthrow the Government, but we are here to insert and inject the Righteousness of CHRIST in it! That is the mystery because CHRIST must reign on the Throne of all Governments; hence, we will insert and inject the Righteousness of CHRIST in them. That is the mystery! Not to overthrow, not a revolutionary, but to evolutionize the consciousness of the children of men, that they might rise from the beast mind, from the mind of brutality and cruelty, that they might live in Righteousness and Truth . . . evolutionizing spiritual concepts and ideas and opinions in the consciousness of the people, that they might rise from brutality to the Standard of the Living GOD of Mercy!'

Spoken January 19, 1935, 3:45 p.m., found in THE NEW DAY, March 16, 1985, p. 24. Col. 2


In FATHER DIVINE'S thoughts, ideas and opinions, we find the directions, the perfect Plan for the peaceful evolution of all mankind. The solution to every problem is there. HE enunciated it clearly. No one need question or doubt the Truth HE expounds. It is so plain! There are no gray areas in His thinking or in His demands for righteousness, justice and truth. Right is right and wrong is wrong! The Truth of Life brings desirable, positive results. It is Spiritual Law translated into physical reality that effects the positive evolution of mankind.

The Peace Mission Movement, with its organized and incorporated Churches and the Cooperative System with its many businesses providing the necessities of life at reasonable price, have been governed by values, rules and regulations that FATHER DIVINE has required of all that come under His Personal or Spiritual Jurisdiction. This gives mankind a blueprint that can be applied to the life of any individual, business or government. It is Americanism scientifically lived and put into practice in the daily life of mankind.

FATHER DIVINE speaks with authority, the authority of The Supreme One. HE does so because HE does not advocate personalities, but a Principle that HE Personified, demonstrated and advocated. This Principle is the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST JESUS. FATHER DIVINE has said that when it was made known to the inhabitants of the earth that Jesus was crucified, dead and buried, and then HE was resurrected and ascended.


'. . . all mankind, together with all Christianity, can declare in reality, CHRIST in the Person of Jesus was really a Master. Those who do not wish to call Jesus the CHRIST, they are obliged to believe that HE was a Master among Masters, and the Super Master among them.'

Spoken April 19, 1937, 1:15 P.M., found in THE NEW DAY, September 14, 1985, p.8, col. 3


When FATHER DIVINE articulated and interpreted the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS that made HIM free from the law of sin and death, HE made it abundantly plain to all that it is the inheritance of mankind, made in the image and likeness of GOD, to also be free from the curse of sin and death. HE also made plain that Heaven is a state of consciousness, and that the United States, through its Fundamental Law the Constitution and its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence is the Birthplace of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, because here we have the Freedom and Liberty to develop and bring to fruition our inner highest potential the CHRIST within.

FATHER DIVINE rightly speaks with authority because HE sacrificed HIMSELF in every way for His religious and political convictions. What HE actually did as a Benefactor of mankind is a great phenomenon, and it behooves everyone to stop and consider what HE has done and what HE offers as a free gift to all who will accept of it.

It has been an honor and a privilege to introduce FATHER DIVINE'S Words of Spirit and Life to you. I hope you will take advantage of this splendid and unique opportunity that the INTERNET has provided you to tap into the Secret Of The Ages.