When to visit The Mount of the House of the Lord and How to Get Here

The House of the Lord

The House of the Lord

Open house at The Mount of the House of the Lord generaly is every Sunday from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October from 1 to 5 PM with the exception of two or three days during the last week in April and the First week in May and the first week in June. On these days we are observing our religious holidays at The Bible Institute 16th and Oxford Streets, Philadelphia in April and May and In June we are In Sayville, Long Island, New York.

For access to the Shrine the Dress Code requires modesty —

Ladies should wear a dress or skirt.

Gentlemen should wear full lenght trousers and a shirt.

Special tours are available by appointment. Phone: Miss. Edna Mae Claybrook, 610-525-5598

Directions.to Woodmont.

Exit the Skuylkill Expressway at Conshohocken. At the traffic light at the bottom of the exit ramp turn right onto 23 east. Pass two quick traffic lights and proceed to the top of the hill. Turn left at this traffic light onto Spring Mill Road. About 3/4 of a mile as you approach the Philadelphia Country Club, club house is Woodmont Road..( Our mailing address is 1622 Spring Mill road which is at Ginko Lane, the next left turn, but the main entrance that is used during open house and whenever we are expecting visitors is on Woodmont road.) Turn left on Woodmont Road past three sets of iron gates on the right to the pair of double iron gates with the name Woodmont on the center post. Pass through the gates and you are on The Mount of the House of the Lord.. At all other times use the Genko Lane entrance.

Alternate routes would be to use Conshohocken State Road to North on Spring Mill Road to Woodmont Road or Lancaster Avenue to Villanova and then North on Spring Mill Road to Woodmont Road.