Supplements to The New Day Publication Contain Information For Anyone
Interested in Learning about the Peace Mission Movement.

"I Would like to Say, the Supplements That Have Been Given out with the Copies
of the New Day, They Are Bespeaking My Work and My Mission in Simple English."



  1. "All Nations Shall Recognize the Presence of GOD on Earth Among Men." - FATHER DIVINE.
  2. "MOTHER DIVINE and I Actually Produced Honesty, Competence and Truth." - FATHER DIVINE.
  3. "A Marriage of this Caliber Can Exist Eternally, for it Is Founded on the Spirit of Purity, Peace and Godliness and Inspired by the Desire to Lift up a Standard for the People." - MOTHER DIVINE.
  4. FATHER DIVINE'S Work and Mission of Righteousness and Virtue. - Testimony.
  5. FATHER DIVINE Lives, Teaches and Demands Each and Every One of His True Followers to Live a Virtuous, Holy, Pure, Chaste Life. - Testimony.
  6. His Sacrifice Alone Has Given Me a Determination to Lay My Life, Though Nothing, at His Feet, a Living Sacrifice." - Testimony.
  7. Rosebud Testifies to the Happy and Virtuous Life of the Peace Mission.
  8. FATHER DIVINE in a Letter Explains Why HIS Followers Do Not Accept Tips and Gifts.
  9. "I AM Universalizing Myself in the Hearts and Lives of Men." - News Clippings.
  10. "My Spirit Causes Them (My Followers) to Be Individually Independent" - FATHER DIVINE
  11. "Millions of dollars have been repaid City, State and the Federal Government through the influence of MY SPIRIT and MY MIND." - FATHER DIVINE
  12. "It is essential for you, and the only hope of your redemption and the redemption of your nation to make and unconditional surrender immediately!"
    FATHER DIVINE'S V-MAIL Letter to Emperor Hirohito of Japan.
  13. FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Stamps. Sent out by the Wayshower as messages and ambassadors of peace to the world at large.
  14. "Let There Be A Secretary of Peace in' the U. S. Cabinet."
  15. "The Sermon on the Mount Is Sufficient to Solve Your Every Problem and to Adjust All Matters Satisfactorily for You and Is The foundation of the Peace Mission Movement." - FATHER DIVINE.
  16. Newspaper Items Evidence The Fact That Father Divine's Spirit Is Bringing Into Actuality Throughout The World His International Modest Code!
  17. "I Am a Real, True American, One Hundred Percent"
    FATHER DIVINE Replies to Communist Appeals for His Support.
  18. "Has Not God Chosen the Dumb Things of this World to Confound the Wise, and the Things That Are Naught to Bring to Naught the Things That Are?"
    'The World by Wisdom Knew Not God." - FATHER DIVINE.
  19. Statements by Judge Daniel D. White. and Eugene Del Mar, Noted Lawyer, Lecturer and Teacher's Significant Pronouncements after Having Contacted Father Divine in Sayville, Long Island, NY.
  20. No Man Need Lack In GOD'S Abundance." - FATHER DIVINE.
    'Behold, the People Is One and They Have All One Language, and this They Begin to Do: Now, Nothing Can or Will Be Restrained from Them to Do, That Which They Have Imagined to Do!" - Genesis 11:6
  21. Where There is Division There is Strife.
    Prejudice and Inequality Cited by FATHER DIVINE in Two Letters Are the Cause of Airline and Other Disasters.
  22. "The Time Is Out for All Limited Concepts of Men in Using Discriminatory Words in Illustration" - FATHER DIVINE
  23. By Their United, Unquestioning Acceptance of Father Divine's Leadership They Represent a Power with Which We May Have to Reckon in Our Political Life. - -Newspaper Article.
  24. The Mountain of the House of the Lord in Philadelphia at Woodmont. - FATHER DIVINE.
  25. "Hold Fast to the Truth of Righteousness." "True Christianity, True Judaism and True Buddhism - the Principles of These Truths Are Synonymous." - Correspondence.
  26. Biblical prophecy in Isaiah 2:2-3: "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD'S house shall be established in the top of the mountains."
  27. FATHER DIVINE'S One Eternal Christ Mass And New Year Greeting.
  28. Sylvanus H. Hart, N. Y. State Official Pays Glowing Tribute To FATHER DIVINE'S Work and Mission.
  29. "FATHER DIVINE Is the First and Only Person I Have Ever Heard of or Known Who Absolutely Practices What He Preaches. His Conduct Is Beyond Reproach from Every Viewpoint." - Eleanor V. Stevens, California State Teachers College.
  30. Remarks of Atty. J. Austin Norris Member of Board of Tax Revision and Newspaper Editor
  31. Remarks of Honorable Harry I. Huber, - Assistant District Attorney, Jamaica, N. Y.
  32. Lambert Fairchild, Former New York City Alderman and Prominent Politician. "He Saves the City of New York about $2,000,000 Annually on its Home Relief Bill and an Enormous Amount in Police Administration."
  33. Judge Myles A. Paige - Special Sessions Justice, New York.
  34. "I Wish We Had Many More 'Fathers' like Him!" - Judge Louis Goldstein - Kings County Judge.
  35. "I Have Never Yet Sent One of Father Divine's Followers to Prison." - Assistant District Atty. Wilson, Kings County. New York.
  36. Bishop David H. Sims - "The Foremost Leader in The World That I Know is FATHER DIVINE!"
  37. Remarks of Dr. John P. Turner, Physician and Surgeon, Member of the Philadelphia Board of Education.
  38. The Hon. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. re: FATHER DIVINE.
  39. Why I Follow FATHER DIVINE. Testimonies.
  40. "There Is No Man Who Can Honestly Say He Has Ever Given ME Any Money or Anything of Value" - FATHER DIVINE
  41. Most Reverend William Francis re: FATHER DIVINE.
  42. Wanamaker, New York, Receives Payment of old Account--$737.02