Copy of the letter from the Library of Congress on catalog heading for Father Divine

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Letter says:

Library of Congress
To: Mother Divine
Date: March 26, 1982
From: Ben R. Tucker, Chief, Office for Descriptive Cataloging Policy
Subject: The Library of Congress heading for Father Divine

The Library of Congress heading created in 1936 for Father Divine under the spurious name “George Baker” had been corrected. Our heading now reads Father Divine.

The change was initiated in 1979 and is being reflected on all records going in to our catalog that we began in January 1981. This means that as of this date, March 26, 1982, there will be no further use of the spurious name as a heading for Father Divine.

Signed by Ben. R. Tucker








  1. Michael Green says

    Now there is Wikipedia. I know that the entries can be modified by almost anyone but I don’t dare. Maybe someone from the Peace Mission staff could officially correct the false and wrong information contained in Wikipedia. I Thank You FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE!

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