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Father Divine's International Peace Mission Movement

Father Divine

Parables and stories told by Father Divine

This volume merges the contents of Parables and Stories Told by Father Divine, a privately printed anthology put together in the 1970s, and Stories Father Divine has Told, originally published by The New Day Publishing Company of Philadelphia, Pa. You can order a printed version here.

Download (PDF, 790KB)

Life in the kingdom of heaven on earth

This is an informal group interview with Father Divine given on April 10-11, 1953. You can order a printed version of it here.

Download (PDF, 657KB)


Book: The word of god revealed

Farther Divine’s words from the notebook of John Lamb.

You can read or download pdf file below or order a printed version here.

Download (PDF, 4.62MB)


Book: Rediscovering God our international treasure

Rediscovering God Our International Treasure by Lavere Belstrom, Ed.D.

Dr. Belstrom was a follower of Father Divine for over 50 years. He held the ED.D. degree from the University of Colorado.

You can read or download his book below. You can also order a printed version of it here.

Download (PDF, 1.21MB)

All government desires to unite the people of this democracy for the common defense, yet government and those who represent it continue to allow mob violence to go unchecked

Father Divine’s message given at 1887-1889 Madison Avenue, New York on January 31, 1942 at 6:10 p.m.

Download (PDF, 91KB)

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    "Pure religion is to heal the physical sick and care for the physical destitute. Pure religion is to rescue the perishing and care for the dying. This is MY Work and MY Mission for which I came; to institute pure religion in every activity of mankind."

    "For this cause MY religion of which I AM representing and yours combined under MY Teaching, is a religion of Salvation, a religion of Practicality and a religion of every activity. . . Our private banquet table is the place where we take our daily Communion. That is our system of our religious ritual. This is GOD'S Holy Communion Table! In your churches the ministers and the representatives give the Communion to the immediate members!. . . to those who are the partakers of the selfsame faith and profession, or those who wish to partake of the Communion, according to the religious conviction of the respective creed or denomination represented. But here we have our Communion as a daily repast, as a Work and as a Mission sacredly established as something for the sustenance of our bodies and for the benefit of our souls, to keep our bodies and souls together accurately that we might live personally religiously and be true and faithful to our religious conviction personally."

    -- FATHER DIVINE, New Day 10/19/57

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    Father Divine, Rockland Palace, Harlem, New York, September 23-24, 1939 Special Banquet for the Dedicated, Consecrated Co-Workers of Father Divine's Peace Mission Movement

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