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The Clay and Electricity

Physically you cannot tell GOD from man

GOD formed man, in other words, created man in His own likeness and image. Externally and from a visible point of view if you would have seen Jesus whom you declare to be GOD, even as you see ME, you would not or could not have told Him or tell Him from any other man from a physical, material point of view, but one is of the earth earthy among you, and the other is the Lord from Heaven.

There is just as much difference between GOD and man, though you cannot see the difference with your physical eye and you cannot tell the difference with your physical hands by feeling them, but there is just as much difference as there is in electricity and something that is just like water.

Fill one of those bulbs with plain water or any other matter-like expression, it would be quite a difference from that of the light that is in those bulbs, would it not? That is the difference. And there is just as much difference in GOD’S Body as it is in a bottle of water, or a jar of sand from the bulb that is filled with electricity, with a thousand watts of current in it. That is the difference. Though these electric bulbs are bottles.

You may take some bottles and fill them with water or fill them with dirt or sand or clay. How much light will they give you? What good will they be to you? GOD in a bottle or in a Body is as electricity in a bulb, and you – – mortality in a body, as dirt or clay in the sand lot.

Truly might I have said to Adam, the same I AM saying this evening, but not in the parable as I AM speaking; I said it to Adam directly: “You are of the earth earthy, and from dust thou art and to dust thou shalt return.”

I AM just calling mortality’s view of mind back from whence he came, and allowing mortality to see and know you are of that clay – – just shut up in a bottle in the exact likeness of the electric bulb filled with the current. And it is plain to see and know by self-experience.

GOD is Spirit just like electricity – – just like electricity, I say, for the invention of electricity, others and even Benjamin Franklin could not tell you the mystery, because the bulb was not filled with it, but since it is filled with it I can show you yourself.

Fill up another bulb with clay or with sand or any other ordinary dirt, the earth, and then fill one with electricity and you will see the difference. That is the mystery.

Father Divine

New Day 3/2/68;p4,c1-2