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Bodies as Radios

Then as I said, you are breathing in the very broadcast message – – not only mental and spiritual, but you are breathing in the broadcast message of that electricity transmitted through seven hundred and ten kilocycles – – that very broadcast message from and through and by electricity, you are breathing it in, and you are exhaling the same, although you do not understand the mystery! Therefore, you have not concentrated in that direction to the degree that your physical body, your structure could catch it and express it as accurately as the mechanical receiving set could manifest it.

The mechanical receiving set can express it accurately and in your own language, the same as it was spoken when it was broadcast from that station; but your physical bodies are not developed in consciousness whereby your mentality can catch it and your physical bodies express it accurately as the mechanical invention, the receiving set, can express it. But it should be as operative and as expressive in you as a mental and spiritual mechanical invention, as you could except it to be expressive by a physical expression of the hand of art, as a mechanical invention made by man . . .

Hence, the time will come when you will be able to speak and express as accurately by the transmitted message from one to the other, as the radio broadcasting system has become to be practical, real and apparently essential.

Therefore I say, as I have said, the mystery of GOD is now revealed, He came to bring to the surface that which was hid and mankind must arise from that mortal concept of things and discern things far beyond the visible expression of invention, for the visible expression of the invention cannot express a percent of a percent of a fraction of a grain of all of GOD’S Omniscience. But, as you bring your bodies into subjection and recognize the Allness of GOD and the nothingness of matter, the inspiration that will come from the Almighty will teach you wisdom transcending all human information and all human understanding in this advanced civilization.

Father Divine

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