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If Any Other Person Has a GOD That Will Cause the People to Do More than I Cause Them to Do, Bring Him Forth And I Will Worship HIM

Father Divine’s Message Given While at The Banquet Table Musical Fund Hall, 802 Locust Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tuesday, September 5, 1939 A.D.F.D. Time: 2:26 P.M.

Father and Mother Divine at The Banquet Table.

Sayville, L.I., N.Y.

All hail the power of Father’s ,

Let angels prostrate fall,

Bring forth the Royal Diadem

And crown him Lord of all.

Bring froth the Royal Diadem

And crown him Lord of all.

(Father Divine speaks as follows:)

PEACE, EVERYONE: It is a privilege to realize that little composition has been sung throughout this land and country–not only throughout this land and country, but it has been sung throughout other civilized countries and especially ong the English-speaking people who recognize Jesus as the Redeemer and the Savior. The only difference in the singing of that little song with these of  followers is that they say:

All hail the power of Father’s !

Can you not see there is a supernatural power in the  of God your Father? Not only supernatural but it is psychological and it is logical when you observe the mystery, to see what God has actually done for this people.

Then we say with the melody even to the composition as it was:

All hail the power of Jesus’ , “Let angels prostrate fall, “Bring forth the Royal Diadem “And crown him Lord of all.

If you stop and consider, Jesus mentally or spiritually declared:

Father is greater than I.

If Jesus had a body, God his Father has a body! …for as with the son, so with the father; and as with the father, so with the son. As with an individual, so with a nation!

Then I say, jot these thoughts down in your consideration and remember, that which I have declared in Jesus, I, in these  followers and following universally,  the Fulfiller. If you consider the  of God, as I say, your mortal thoughts concerning God from a mortal point of view, and discern the mystery of that composition we just sang to you, consider, if you please, the very Message as it was given the power of Jesus’  and the transposed version of these  following:

All hail the power of Father’s ,

for Jesus said:

Father is greater than I,

but He did say:

Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you.

When you realize there is a supernatural power, when you realize that power is not confined nor bound to mortality, to matter nor to personality, that power is just as expressive with a body as it is without a body. It would not be almighty if it was bound to the invisible, supernatural realm alone, but as you prayed in your prayer commonly known as the Lord’s prayer for the Christian world, you asked God to let his Kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Some writers revise it:

Let Thy Kingdom come in earth as it is in heaven.

Can you not see the mystery?

If the kingdom of God is to come on earth, can you not see it is essential for God to be earthly expressed and expressive earthly, that others might observe HIM as being ONE with those of the inhabitants of the earth? It is written:

In all of their afflictions He was afflicted, but the angel of his Presence healed them.

I often tell  followers, coworkers and friends, if any person or persons on the earth, especially as  believers, should be sick, I  the One. I have taken upon self their infirmities by taking the  of God, whom I , whom they all have declared and imputed their infirmities unto me. By this I  the one who should bear the infirmities and the diseases, according to the Message, and they should be free from every expression of a condition that reflects infirmities.

But if you consider,

The  that charms your fears, The  that bids your sorrows cease, It is music in a sinner’s ears, ‘Tis life, ‘Tis Health and Peace!

You have heard people talk about the  of God before, but what has the  of God been to the children of men? I Ce to cause this  Whom you say I , the  of God that is a POWER, of which you just sang, to cause you to no longer desire to commit sin, no longer desire to commit vices and crimes, to be emancipated from all sorts of undesirable conditions. That is What  Mind, has actually done and still is doing for this people!

Mind, spirit and teaching,  Religious Conviction, if you please, will cause all unjust officials to learn to be just and judge the people with Equity!  ,  Mind,  Spirit and Spiritual, Religious Conviction and  Version will cause the people to pay all of their just debts and owe no man.  Mind,  spirit and   will cause each and every one of these who have been on the Welfare to take relief no longer!

Mind,  spirit,  conviction and  version concerning religion will cause men to cease to be dishonest from any angle expressible; go back and pay all of their old rent bills–bills they owed before they knew me, fifty or seventy-five years ago when they were put out of doors in the street and were obliged at times to sleep in the hallways and in the alleys and in the courts and the lanes–yet  spirit and  mind will cause them to go back and pay those old bills. Now, aren’t you glad!

Now, if any other person has a God that can and will cause the people to do more than what I cause them to do, I say, bring him forth. I say, even if the chief executives of this country and all other countries, do not believe  followers’ version and if they try to condemn their version and prohibit them from serving God to the dictates of their own conscience, I say, tell them to produce another God, one who will do right, one who will cause the people to do right as much as these  following are doing at  command! Produce that God and I will worship him! Tell them I said it!

Tell any of the leading nations or other people, if they wish to criticize  followers’ version concerning  divinity, concerning  deity, tell them I said to get one that will cause the people to do half as much as I  causing them to do! Tell them I said, produce Him and bring Him forth and I will get  followers to worship him! I said, tell them to produce him and bring him forth and I will get  followers and as many others as I can, to worship him!

Now, if your God cannot and will not do for you and for the general public more than what I  doing,  followers shall continue to know I  God! Unless you produce someone and bring them forth, who can and will do much more than what I  doing and have caused  followers to do,  followers will still declare that I  God!

If every critic, if every unbeliever and every unjust official who desires to deny the reality of what  followers have declared, cannot produce and bring something better for the good of all of the people, then they will continue with me! Unless they give them something better, all of the critics, all of the preachers and all of the leaders who desire to criticize  followers and  followers’ version,  version and  declaration, if they cannot give the general public and all creation something better,  followers will continue to say:

All hail the power of Father’s , “Let angels prostrate fall, “Bring forth the Royal Diadem “And crown him Lord of All.

They will continue to say:

Let every nation…all of the warring nations and every other nation–

…every tribe, “On this terrestrial ball, bring forth the Royal Diadem, and crown Father Divine…Lord of all!

I thank you.

Father Divine

The New Day: September 21, 1939 A.D.F.D., Pg. 21