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I have proved that it is more blessed to give than to receive


At this instance I would like to say, as usual, we have visiting friends. We wish to extend to our visiting friends the privilege to speak if you desire to; speak or sing or pray or whatsoever you are led to do. We endorse the Freedom of Speech as a real democracy, but on the other hand do not feel as though you must necessarily speak because you are here with us; you are not obligated to do so. You are free and welcome to be here so long as it is agreeable, but you are not required by obligation to do so just because you are here. As I have often said–I would like to make this statement here for the benefit of MY friends–I have often said, I do not expect any special consideration because of what I may cause you to benefit or profit by MY Presence. I AM not seeking remuneration for that which I may benefit you.

As I have often said, when one can save whatsoever they can save on getting a hair trim–where you can get a hair trim for ten cents wheresoever they make a charge for the service– whatsoever you save on that barber work you have done, it is MY SPIRIT gave it to you, whatsoever it may be. And if you get a shave for five cents, and if you have to pay any more than five cents elsewhere, whatsoever you have saved on that shave, it is through MY SPIRIT. By the Presence of GOD, HE is giving it to you!

That is MY Work and Mission and that is MY Business, which I AM doing. I AM not working for compensation for MY Service to the children of men; I AM a Free gift to the world, gratis to mankind!

Before MY Followers purchased and owned and operated properties and business places, whatsoever I did for the people was absolutely gratis. And then they said. ‘Where does HE get so much money from?’ You have been taught from your early existence,

It is more blessed to give than to receive;

but the people do not believe it.

I have proven it! Any time you can give something for nothing, it is more a blessing than what the compensation would be, if you were receiving compensation for it. I recall telling several ministers, about twenty-two or three years ago, when I composed a song and I was offered fifty thousand dollars for the composition, and some, a good many of the ministers said,

YOU are foolish not to take it up!

I said CHRIST said,

No man has forsaken all of these things lest he gain an hundredfold more in this present time!

I will gain an HUNDRED DOLLARS for EVERY DOLLAR for RIGHTEOUSNESS’ SAKE I sacrifice! I will gain a dollar, if after the manner of men I speak on terms of dollars and cents; I will gain the VALUE of a DOLLAR for every penny sacrificed for Righteousness’ sake, or denied for Righteousness’ sake, and ‘OF HIS Kingdom and of HIS Peace and of HIS Increase, there shall be no end!” I gain an hundred times as much as I could receive seeking compensation for whatsoever I give!

“It is more blessed to give than to receive!’ ‘Give to the world the BEST you have and the BEST will come back to you!”

Now I will make an amendment to that little statement:

“Give to the world all you have and all will come back to you!”

I thank you!

Father Divine