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Creeds of the Peace Mission Movement: The Rosebud Creed

Within the Peace Mission Movement, in the six incorporated Churches, are three groups.

The Rosebuds are the feminine youth group who form the Rosebud Choir – the official singing ensemble of the movement. They pattern their lives after the virginity of Mary and the holiness of Jesus. Their Creeds reflect the Life of Virtue which they live.

Lilybuds are the senior feminine group. These are the sisters who have been redeemed from the mortal life and made virtuous as the Rosebuds are.

The masculine group are the Crusaders. They, as well as the Rosebuds, model their lives upon the Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus. Their Creed sets forth the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in Christ Jesus, and is a document which government can use as a pattern by which to fashion its laws for the welfare of the people.


A Rosebud’s Heart

A Rosebud’s heart is submissive, meek and sweet;
Is your great REDEEMER’S Throne;
Where Christ alone is heard to speak,
And where Christ alone reigns within;
Where Christ has been selected by them
To reign as lord and king;
Where every other thought of person or mankind
Has been completely dethroned for him.

A Rosebud’s heart is a heart of Love,
that is lost in the will of God;
That will not doubt and will not fear,
But will sacrifice their all to God.

A Rosebud’s heart is a heart that is Willing
To suffer hardships and oppositions;
That will stand even with all the world of criticism
Being focused directly at them.

A Rosebud’s heart is a heart so kind,
That takes God in their minds,
And never, never, never, never
Will attempt to leave him behind.

A Rosebud’s heart is a heart so True,
That will do what Christ says do,
And will not doubt a word he says,
No matter what others do.

A Rosebud’s heart is a heart so Strong,
That cannot be changed by men;
That looks diligently on the Lord,
And accepts him alone as King.

A Rosebud’s heart is a heart where Christ alone shall reign,
Since Christ in thought
And in all their minds
Has truly been enthroned.

A Rosebud’s heart is a heart so True,
That will not murmur nor complain;
That will not doubt and will not fear,
Matters not what others think.

A Rosebud’s Heart is a heart that LOVES
The LORD with all they have.

A Rosebud’s heart is a heart for God,
That is what you all should claim.
You all should have a Rosebud’s heart,
That is PURE, MEEK and SWEET;
A heart as the fertile, VIRGIN ground of Salvation
Where Christ will take His Seat.

A Rosebud’s heart, it is so FINE;

A Rosebud’s heart is filled with JOY,
That has the LORD entwined.
In the Rosebud’s heart evermore;
That is, if they but will be TRUE
And do what I bid them do.

A Rosebud’s heart that really is TRUE,
It takes no thought what it should do,
But will follow the LORD.
It is willing to suffer hardships and pain,
It is willing to labor and toil;


Father Divine, God ALMIGHTY,
We Pledge Our Hearts to Love You,

Our Strength to Serve You,
Our Minds to Be Focused Directly Upon You,

Our Lips to Praise You,
Our Lives to Be Sacrificed Unto You,
Our Sacred Honor to Acknowledge You in All Our Ways,
That We May Be With You Throughout All Eternity,
One Spirit, One Mind And One Body,
Lost And Absorbed, Once And Forever, in Your Holy Will!


1. The ‘Sweets’ shall forever obey, cherish, respect and praise their LORD and Savior, Father Divine, above all else.
2. We shall always have a kind word and smile for others.
3. We shall keep guile from our lips.
4. We shall have one mind, one aim, and one purpose – God, Father Divine.
5. We shall rejoice at the blessings of others.
6. We will endeavor to let our every deed and action express virginity.
7. We will deny ourselves and consecrate our heart, mind, soul and body to the Cause.
8. We will stand by our Conviction to love God even if all others oppose us.
9. We will never, no never condemn or find fault with anything our Savior may say or do.
10. We shall at all times recognize the all-seeing Eye of our LORD and be the same, knowing that HE is always in the midst of us.


Real True Rosebuds are at all times submissive, meek and sweet; they have hearts where Christ alone is heard to speak and where Jesus reigns alone.

These are set apart and have made themselves a living sacrifice to God; therefore at times they are called ‘The Sweets,’ whereto all True Rosebuds are required to attain. If they fail to come to this place in consciousness, and fail to express the Holiness of Jesus and the Virginity of Mary, and become to be the reproduction and re-personification of both it and them, the attributes and characteristics and Life they lived, they are not expressing a Real Rosebud’s classification, neither are they Virtuous and Holy unto God. To be Real, True Rosebuds you must reproduce and re-personify the very Virtues of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus, and much more is required of those who are Real ‘Sweets’.

To be true Virgins according to your real classification, you must be Virtuous in Spirit and mind as well as in your bodily form. Therefore, the bitterness of anger, resentment and jealousy would destroy all of your Virginity, physically, spiritually and mentally; hence, Real True Virgins, which are Rosebuds in reality, they will not allow resentment, anger and prejudice, nor any other detestable tendency, to spoil their character. If you are corrupt mentally, spiritually and physically, the honor of your Virginity, Honesty and Virtue will be completely annihilated, for you must have a Virtuous Spirit and Mind and be untouched by the Wicked One, and absolutely undefiled to be as MY Spotless Virgin Bride, for if you are not Virtuous in spirit, heart and mind, you cannot be Real ‘Sweets.’

Therefore, I hope all who are concerned and interested in a Spotless, Virtuous Life will take cognizance of “The Sweets’ Endeavor” and be able to reproduce and manifest in the fullest measure, all of ‘The Sweets’ Endeavors’; for this is your calling, all True Rosebuds, whereto you are called. Therefore, abstain from all appearance of evil; refuse to anger, use obscenity, profanity or vulgarity. Serve the LORD your God with all your might and refuse to use any of your energy to fuss or fight.”

Father Divine


To copy after Your Ways, being not different nor odd;
To prove it is truth, when we say YOU are God.
To live pleasing to YOU is our hearts’ desire;
To do only the things that YOU would admire.
To trust YOU in all things and never, never doubt, but
To know we’ll always be cared for and never go without.
To follow diligently as YOU pave the way;
To never shrink, or even take a thought to go astray.
To uphold and stand with YOU, FATHER, no matter what may come;
To let Your Thoughts be our thoughts; yes, let all be one.
To hold back not one thing, ‘though it may seem small;
To be not selfish, resentful or jealous at all.
To respect everyone, child or adult;
To never anger, never pout and to never sulk.
To claim not a thing, but be willing to share;
To be not aggressive, greedy or unfair.
To say not a word for selfish justification;
To keep Holy and Divine our every conversation.
To blame not another but repent for our own faults;
To stay ever in harmony in words, deeds and thoughts.
To speak only words we would want YOU to hear;
To think only thoughts we would say in Your ear.
To smile only smiles pleasing to YOU;
To touch only the clean things as YOU would want us to.
To step where Your Spirit has stepped before;
To give heart, mind and body for they are all Yours.
To write not a word we want YOU not to see;
To breathe not a breath hidden from YOU in secrecy.
To take not an object, then to YOU would not show;
To read not a word we wouldn’t want YOU to know.
To make over others neither admiration or fuss, but
To show appreciation only to YOU, for what’s done for us.
To listen not to idle gossip, what others might say;
To take no thought, nor plan for the next day.
To taste not a crumb that has been hidden from Thee;
To be ever thankful for things already received.
To spend not a moment if we thought YOU knew not where;
To make not a motion, made if Personally YOU weren’t there.
To love, honor and reverence YOU wherever we may be;
To let YOU bear record of our presence or our absentee.
To make every word we speak real and true;
To ask not of another, but ask only of YOU.
To let nothing ever break us apart;
To keep YOU forever, The Sweet of our hearts, and
To be by all these things, united forever
To YOU; this is the Sweets’ sincerest endeavor!


Blessed is the Rosebud that cherishes her FATHER’S Love above all else.
Blessed is the Rosebud who has and portrays momently a Rosebud’s Heart.
Blessed is the Rosebud who has naught against her fellow brother.
Blessed is the Rosebud in whose mouth is found no guile or idle chatter. –
Blessed is the Rosebud who expresses her virtue in her daily deeds and actions.
Blessed is the Rosebud whose mind is staid in a positive direction.
Blessed is the Rosebud who is not wasteful but is practical and profitable.
Blessed is the Rosebud who does not always have the last word
Blessed is the Rosebud who denies herself with gladness.
Blessed is the Rosebud who is the sample and example of the teachings of JESUS Christ.
Blessed is the Rosebud whose happiness is the Body of God.
Blessed is the Rosebud who is respectable, quiet, sincere and truthful.
Blessed is the Rosebud who walks in the statutes of True Americanism.
Blessed is the Rosebud whose “All and All” is her Beloved Father Divine.

We thank you, Father and Mother Divine!

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