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Aaron Hermes Enaharo

Aaron Hermes Enaharo


Buddhism says that if the God or ultimate one does not appear physically, it is not real, but only imaginary and superstition.

Edgar Cayce put forth that ultimately a virtuous life is necessary in order to be at one with God as he spoke of an incarnation as Ra Tau, The High Priest of Egypt, circa twelve thousand five hundred years ago.  He also said that the Christ (God in a body) was on earth among men during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Further, his readings of God’s Book of Life indicated that if mankind did not change their ways, the cosmic forces would bring about earth changes causing large portions of America to break off and slip beneath the sea with millions of people as had been done in prior civilizations

These consciousness altering pronouncements brought me to a level of preparedness to hear that God was incarnated on earth again, coming fifty years early to save some flesh.  He had also come firstly to uplift those who had been victimized by slavery and to deal with the brutes and barbarians of humanity who had committed their horrific sins against the Slavic people for over four hundred years.



It was wonderful to discover that God had appeared as the least of these and submitted His own body to lynch mobs in the southern United States, not one, two or three times, but thirty two times, once for each year that Jesus was on earth.  This was done to break down the practice of lynching African people in America and save the nation from destruction.

God in the Fathership degree condescended to come down into man’s filthy cesspool.  He came doing everything that Jesus in the Sonship degree had done and far more.  He fed millions of the hungry during and after the great depression.  He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, made the lame to walk and raised the dead from hospitals, homes and morgues.

He controlled the cosmic forces, bringing retribution to the wicked with tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and storms, even with scalding hot water from the sky, and numerous other devastating occurrences. 

He came teaching His same words, the truth today, yesterday and forever.  He had come to set the prisoners free, open every barred and shut door, and solve all of their problems.  He came telling them what they did not want to hear, that sex and money were the two greatest curses on earth. He also said that the sons of God should not be running around acting like animals in the forest chasing stinky bodies in lust and passion and human affection.

I had thought that sex was where the other fellow (the d-v-l) would hide, for He knew that man would never give it up, thus, He would have a permanent hold on man.  He offered freedom from the enemies, mortality, carnality and materiality, and demonstrated that nothing could hinder him.  He upheld all true religions, put forth the sermon on the Mount and the need for virtue in order to be at one with God and bring the Christ from within.  He came doing away with races, creeds and colors and clearly explained the importance of what Jesus said, “if any man come after Me, tell him first to deny himself, pick up his cross daily and follow Me.  He must deny his fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters and sons and daughters.”

It is something to know that due to the sins of one man all men became sinners.  Once one realizes that man’s current behavior was inherited prenatally from the mistakes of thousands of years ago, it is easier to get some understanding.  Man spreading sins and curses down through generations as Adam and Eve had started in violation of the God principles.  This lead to man being born the wrong way with the serpent’s seed, with man and woman as father and mother instead of the Spirit, God.  But it has a strong hold and man with his animal appetites would rather try to kill God first or die in his sins.



Father Divine warned His followers to learn to transcend gravitation or you will go down with the earth when the cosmic forces take retribution. How wonderful, the all in all, the Alpha and Omega, the universal mind substance, Emanuel, God had put on a perfect bodily form to walk among men and show them how to live, the way to redemption.  The Father with many mansions had come to get His prodigal sons out of the hog pen slopping in the mud with the hogs, to take them back home in consciousness to feast at His table and enjoy His bountiful blessings. 



In April 1994 I attended my first anniversary banquet celebrating the marriage of Father Divine, the lamb to His spotless virgin bride Mother Divine.  The event was held in the sacred banquet hall of the Divine Tracy Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a majestic setting with a magnificently decorated five winged table accommodating one hundred fifty to two hundred people.  There were many courses of the best quality food served, many wonderful spiritually nourishing songs, and many soul stirring testimonials.  The highlight was remarks by Mother Divine and the recorded message of Father Divine.

I heard Father Divine’s booming voice saying “come up higher and I will show you the mystery, the bride, the lamb’s wife.”  I was greatly inspired and moved to testify that the whole world needed to come up higher, what a great occasion.

Then as I momentarily excused myself from the banquet hall, Mother Divine, the spotless virgin bride, came out into the reception area to talk to me.  She began telling me about Father Divine and His mission on earth.  I thought what a great person She was and what a great mission She had.  It would be wonderful to help Her if I could, but I was already on a mission.



Inspired more and more day by day, I read and studied all I could get by and about Father Divine.  I went to every banquet I could find, four times a week, hearing Father Divine’s spoken messages and being in the presence of those who had personally walked with God in a body.
What a privilege, what a glorious opportunity to step into such a realm of consciousness and as you find the truth walk therein.  The allness of God and the nothingness of man and matter, your source who lives, moves and has His being in you as you live, move and have your being in Him.

The spirit was talking, slip out of the filthy grave clothes of the learned earthy self dripping with the putrid odor of graft, greed and corruption, carnality and mortality.  Get rid of that claimed self that Jesus spoke about and let God take its place, the old man becoming a new man with a new mind, a new name, a new nature, the mind of Christ materializing heaven on earth.  Heaven, wheresoever you may roam, trodding the soil, sailing the sea or flying above or beyond the earth, then spread your wings and fly, go to the farthest reaches of the infinite world and enjoy the beauty.



There are no accidents, no coincidences, things do not just happen, they happen just.  The transformation had already started to remove me from the world.  Cataclysmic changes in life with seismic proportions were moving about me.

The Buddha said that all suffering comes from attachment.  It was as if a great storm raged around me ripping and stripping all things that I valued away.  It was like a hurricane, a tornado, a cosmic karmic storm rolling in from the remotest past carrying out what was destined to be done.  Then it set me down at the perennial crossroad in life saying choose again.  This is your chance to be nothing, a nobody and let God be you.  Why fight battles that He will fight for you?  Why experience lacks, wants, and limitations when you can enjoy the abundance of the fullness of all good things that no space is vacant of the fullness thereof?  Claim it like the only begotten, rather as if you are the only begotten.


The Scudder Falls Bridge on Interstate Highway #95 on the road to Philadelphia - Three Head-on Impacts

Sometime after my first banquet where the anniversary of the marriage of the lamb and the bride was celebrated, some of the brothers invited me to travel with them to the Central Avenue Church in Newark, New Jersey.  By this time I was consuming all available reading material and attending every activity I could in order to learn.

The large five or six story building, like a hotel, had an expansive banquet hall on an upper floor.  The beautifully decorated massive table was heavy laden with the best of food and more kept coming from the kitchen.  There was a great gathering of diners, singing wonderful songs, dancing, and testifying.  What a wonderful spiritual/material happening.  God was certainly there.  At the end of the service a short recording of Father Divines’ voice was played in which He said in part “as you go home take me with you, think on the actual presence of God and I will be with you to protect you from all hurt harm or danger.”  The voice was strong, emphatic and resonating as if penetrating your soul.  It made a great impression on me.  There was a slight drizzle and occasional snow dusting as we started our return trip to Philadelphia.  There were four brothers and two guests.  I believe that all the brothers had personally known Father Divine for more than a half century each and had deep faith in Him.  I was sitting in the front single passenger seat of the van, for the first time in maybe twenty five years, not wearing a seat belt. 

About forty five minutes later we were rolling along at about fifty five to sixty miles per hour.  All lanes of traffic merged into two lanes as we left New Jersey onto the Scudder Falls Bridge, crossing the Delaware River to Pennsylvania.  We were in the inside passing lane with cars rolling rapidly with us in the right lane.  All of a sudden as if in slow motion in a movie, things began to unravel fast.  The sports car in front of us slipped on ice, went out of control, spun around and was going backwards.  I thought of the Indianapolis 500 Car Race.  The cars on the right were accelerating and scrambling to find an opening to get by.  Suddenly the car in front of us got wheel traction and shot as if from a cannon back at us hitting the front of the driver’s side.

The van (our van) on impact made a ninety degree angle right as if going to the river.  We jumped the concrete walkway and struck the three and a half foot bridge siding.  I just knew we were going into the icy river and I could see helicopters vainly searching overhead looking for survivors.  It was like I had recently read about the ending of an individual’s prior lifetime in an icy river.

Meanwhile, I was literally flying around in the front of the van with nothing to hold onto, crashing into things.  The windshield began to fly out.  “Oh no,” I shouted for I thought I would go through it.  Then the door next to me tried to fly off.  It actually pulled away from the vehicle.   I could see sky over the top of it.  The lock and the hinges were holding on. 

There was the screeching and crushing sound of metal on concrete.  I could hear the sound of the other fellow’s voice (d-v-l) saying I got you now!

   There was nothing I could do, certainly we were going to flip over and go into the river.  Even in all of my challenges and seemingly endless flying around, I thought about the other brothers, some having been on earth pushing a century this time.  I looked and saw that the side window behind the driver had crashed in on one of the senior brothers.  The rain was coming in.  However, it was an impressive site, for both of them were sitting stoically firm.  I knew that they were in touch with God, and began refocusing on my battle.

I heard another voice.  It was Father Divines from the recording, “take me with you and as you think on my actual presence, I will be with you to protect you from all hurt harm and danger.”  At that point I knew we would be alright.

I had been concerned that we would be hit by the onslaught of heavy traffic behind us but the miracle was still unfolding. A tractor trailer driver behind us hit his brakes and the ice sent him out of control. His truck jackknifed, blocking both rows of traffic and pinning a car against the right side of the bridge.

The journey continued.  The van hit the bridge siding (railing like) with such force that it was turned around, sped back across the two lane highway to crash head on into the bridge’s center barrier and then bounced backwards blocking both lanes.  The van came to a stop upright.  There was a lot of indescribable rejoicing by all in that vehicle.  The light of God was shining brightly within and without.

There we sat in the middle of the bridge.  Everyone was alright.  I had a slight scratch on a finger.  The windshield on the van was about broken out.  The passenger side front door was about ripped off.  The left side front wheel was about destroyed and there was a calm quiet all around.  The threatening traffic sat blocked off one hundred feet back.

We toured the bridge by foot, examined the crashed cars and the truck and talked to the people.  They knew that they had witnessed God that night.



The state police from New Jersey and Pennsylvania showed up but could not help.  It was surprising to hear from them that because we were sitting in the middle of the bridge we were beyond their jurisdiction.  The bridge authority had to be summoned.  About an hour and a half later, a tow truck pulled us off the bridge and dropped us off at a comfortable travel center just across the bridge in Pennsylvania, where we called Woodmont, the Mount of House of the Lord in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, from whence an angel was dispatched to rescue us.  Man met his extremity on the bridge and could not help.  But God was there.  Man’s extremity is always God’s opportunity.

I trust that some may find solace or inspiration in this story.  I will share with you that as I reflected back sixteen years to describe the bridge experience, tears flowed profusely from my eyes.  Maybe my road to Philadelphia was the equivalency of Paul’s road to Damascus.

To God Be The Glory.




Miss Rosalyn Rome

#1. In 1933 Mr. Zedie Bryant and Virginia Burnum Bryant and their baby son Melvin,believers in FATHER DIVINE, were leaving by auto from New Jersey and going to Georgia. They had been warned by some followers of FATHER'S not to take some non-believers who had spoken against FATHER along on the trip but they did not heed this warning. On the way, the Model T Ford they were using hit a bump in the road and turned over. There were tools in the rear section of the car and when it turned over the tools struck the non-believers and injured them. The shoes of the baby they were carrying were severely damaged by gasoline that spilled on them but the child's feet were not affected.

#2. In the 1930's Mr. Seaborn Bryant. a follower, was passing out New Days (A publication carrying Messages of FATHER DIVINE) and one of his relatives Mrs Florence Woodley took the paper and as she saw what it was , said, I'm not going to read this, I'll throw it in the garbage can. She went blind instantly and never saw again. Mr. Seaborn Bryant has a very interesting history. He was introduced to FATHER DIVINE in Macon Georgia. He was blessed to buy himself out of slavery and migrated from georgia to Roselle, New Jersey and lived there to be 104 years old.

#3. 1930's. A believer and a non-believer were washing clothes in an old fashioned wash machine at 19th Street, Linden, New Jersey at the home of Virginia Bryant. Maggie Pearl Burnum, her mother, and Virginia a believer, during a conversation Virginia remarked : "You know, FATHER DIVINE is GOD". The returned remark was "Oh no he is not." The Non-believer, Mrs. Burnum, told later that something came over her and she froze, she couldn't move or say a word." After that she never again said a negative word about FATHER.

#4. 1950's. Virginia Bryant was telling Mrs. Josephine Youngs of Potters Crossing, now called North Edison Township, about how much she loved FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE and stated that FATHER DIVINE was GOD ALMIGHTY. Mrs. Youngs gave a very negative response and the very next day while she was working in her garden she hit herself in the head with the garden hoe. Thereafter she never said anything else about FATHER. Mrs Youngs lived to be 103. FATHER blessed Mrs Youngs with the knowledge of the use of herbs for medical use.

#5. Mr Jackson was another follower who lived in Potters Crossing, New Jersey. He attended meetings at 545 Central Ave, in Orange, New Jersey where I heard him testify that FATHER DIVINE healed His dog of the mange.

#6. 1930's. A baby,Freddy Bryant, inflicted with infantile paralysis (polio) Was taken by Arthur Bryant to FATHER DIVINE, in Sayville, Long Island, New York, to be healed. When they left Sayville the baby was completely healed and was nursing from her bottle.

#7. 1950's, The home of Zedie Bryant and Virginia Bryant , believers in GOD, FATHER DIVINE, on Inman Avenue, Potters Crossing who did not take out insurance, burned down. No one was hurt and by evening they all had a place to stay. In the end they received 100 times as much as they had lost. Thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER DIVNE!

#8. 1990's. In Islin, New Jersey where five ministers lived that were told about FATHER DIVINE by Mr Stanley Bryant who lived on the same block and whose wife was a firm believer in FATHER. That block was invaded by a plaque of Locust so thick they needed external help to get rid of them.

#9. 2003. Then, in that same block in Islin, Beverly Bryant,who operated a State Day Care Center spoke negatively about FATHER . One of the children in her care murdered an 11 month old baby.

FATHER DIVINE is the same GOD today as HE was long ago.

#10. 1975. Rosalyn Bryant Rome, a person that was a harmonizer and believer, was diagnosed with cancer. She was told that she had to have 25 radiation treatments. She heard that MOTHER DIVINE was going to be at the Divine Riviera Hotel in Newark, New Jersey, she asked for an interview with MOTHER and told HER the whole situation. MOTHER told her, "Go, and just see GOD in all of the doctors and nurses and FATHER will bless you". On February 14, 1975, Valentines Day, she was finished taking the 10th treatment when the technician said to her, "This will be your last treatment". It was as though the weight of the world was lifted from her. That is why she proclaims that MOTHER DIVINE is ONE with FATHER DIVINE, who is GOD Almighty.

#11. 1970's. A harmonizer and believer in FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE Barbara Spigner from East Orange, New Jersey was visiting some relatives and her baby boy became very sick. The relative, Rosalyn, who was also a harmonizer and believer in FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE drove the sick baby to the hospital blowing the horn to get through the traffic and calling on FATHER and MOTHER all the way. The Doctors and nurses took the baby right away and when the mother of the child came out she said the doctors said he is in very bad shape. We called on FATHER and MOTHER continually and they saved the baby. That's why we know FATHER DIVINE is GOD and MOTHER DIVINE is ONE with HIM!

#12. 1980's A veteran, mr. Arthur J. Bryant, a believer in FATHER DIVINE was in the Veterans Hospital in East Orange , New Jersey because as the Doctors said, "his kidneys have stopped functioning". A call was made to MOTHER DIVINE, Miss Edna Mae answered and said she would give MOTHER DIVINE the message and a day later this believer's kidneys were working again. Now isn't that wonderful?