This is a listing of installments of The Word of GOD Revealed
that contain references to miracles performed by the
Spirit and Body of GOD, FATHER DIVINE in the 1930's


The Everpresence of GOD, The Shrine To Life

The Everpresence of GOD, The Shrine To Life.

  1. The following article is the introduction to 70 installments of a series entitled "The Word of GOD Revealed." Reverend M. J. DIVINE's Words from the notebook of John Lamb. Within part 2, the Advent of FATHER DIVINE, the pioneer of civil rights, etc. are references to some of these miracles.
  2. Releases from confinement, paralyzed man healed, and the vision of "Oh to be nothing" are all miracles.
  3. The miracle of fish where there was none and the alarming incident are found here.
  4. FATHER DIVINE says "Nothing can stop ME."
  5. When and how FATHER DIVINE will appear.
  6. Suicides after the Town Hall Meeting and a lady was healed and walked again. A growth on a woman's neck disappeared immediately.
  7. Hundreds healed, affidavit, etc., etc., etc.
  8. Many testimonial letters.
  9. Retribution. Cash multiplied.
  10. Galveston flood.Tar on Rockaway beach.
  11. A storm of hot water.
  12. The miracle of Rebecca Branch
  13. Healings in cities in New York and New Jersey. A man saved from the electric chair.
  14. Healing
  15. Prisoner freed from electric chair.
  16. Healings.
  17. Healing.
  18. Minister's wife healed.
  19. Healed of blindness.