as adopted by the International Righteous Government Convention Held in New York City,
January 10, 11, and 12, 1936 A.D.F.D.

(Editor"s Note: A large portion of FATHER DIVINE'S Righteous Government Platform has already been put into practice
by local, state and federal governments.

Under the Economic Section note: the prices mentioned would not be in effect today, due to the increase in cost of living.



PEACE TO ALL! We, the inter-racial, inter-national, inter-religious, inter-denominational and non-partisan coworkers of FATHER DIVINE"S PEACE MISSION and its Department of Righteous Government, greet all mankind with PEACE in the Light of this New Day and Dispensation in which we are now living since the advent of FATHER DIVINE
Whom twenty-two million have recognized as their Savior come to earth again in Bodily Form
we are advocating Righteousness, Justice and Truth in every walk of life. Therefore, we request the co-operation of all governments in Legalizing these Qualities, and the participation of all right-thinking people in universalizing a Righteous Government.

Rockland Palace, New York City

Rockland Palace, New York City


For this cause we are assembled in a great International Righteous Government Convention in New York City these three days, the tenth, eleventh and twelfth of January, 1936 A.D.F.D.,with delegates from many different countries and states. The Righteous Government Department of FATHER DIVINE"S Peace Mission Movement has adopted a Platform embodying some of the more important issues of its Righteous Stand. This Platform which has been verified and endorsed by FATHER DIVINE, with His Personal signature, we are privileged to present to you as follows:

In presenting Righteous Government to the world at large, nothing more fitting or far-reaching could be said than what has already been said by Him Who is the Founder of it, Who has already introduced it to every field of life by establishing it in the lives of twenty-two million followers living in practically every civilized country on earth. A few of His Personal words on the subject, as He addressed thousands of His followers recently in New York City, were as follows:

"It has been through the ages, that religion and the religious eaching have caused man to be submissive, meek and obedient if they were religious, but obedient to wickedness, obedient to dishonesty, obedient to unrighteousness.

"Therefore, it profited you nothing to be religious and obedient. What profit would it be to us today to bring you into the Spirit and the action of Righteousness, unless we have a Righteous Government? That is why there are so many of the different individuals that have resorted to violence, and refused to accept of the teaching of religion.

"They have striven to keep the CHRIST from the political world. Through the different religions you have been taught that religion and politics will not mix, but I AM privileged to say, without the true concept of CHRIST and the Recognition of His Presence among the politicians, the world will continue to be filled with corruption, and it is a matter of impossibility to receive your deliverance saving through this great Conversion.

"Righteousness, Truth and Justice shall become to be a living reality, and shall be established universally through legality, and every nation, language, tongue and people shall accept it as the Fundamental."

We believe in these words because we are among the millions that have already been impregnated with these qualities by FATHER DIVINE. Through the New Dispensation of GOD on earth in Bodily Form, we already have a Righteous Government, for Righteousness Justice and Truth are now reigning in us where unrighteousness, injustice, and untruth once held sway. Therefore we set forth some of the Principles of Righteous Government already established in our midst, and some of the issues involved, that they may be legalized universally.



That the whole human race is essentially one, and of one blood GOD formed all nations, has been attested both by scripture and by science. The Righteous Government of FATHER DIVINE"S Peace Mission stands for and actually produces such an organization of society. It is founded upon the recognition of the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of GOD. Its watchword is Peace, and it actually establishes Peace among the nations by eradicating prejudice, segregation and division from among the people and promoting the welfare of every living creature. From this angle we emphatically protest against the persecution of the Jews in Germany and all other countries, and the oppression of all minorities.

This Movement stands for and demands an Equal Opportunity for every individual without regard to race, creed or color, in accordance with the declaration made in the Constitution of the United States, that all men are created equal. It stands for the life and teaching of JESUS CHRIST exactly as HE lived it.

We realize that the division of society into political nations has led through the ages to continuous warfare and widespread poverty and distress. Therefore we do not identify ourselves with any nation or people, but we do endorse and support the Constitution of the United States as the Foundation for all governments to build upon. Under the Constitution of the United States all men can worship GOD according to the dictates of their own conscience and are guaranteed the right to individual liberty. This has been indicated by FATHER DIVINE as a Divinely established order for the coming of the Kingdom of GOD on earth.

On every hand however tendencies can be seen that are undermining the individual liberty and equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They are creeping in behind prejudicial and discriminatory laws and ordinances; through the New Deal legislation, and through such laws that deprive the individual of the right to sell his goods for little or nothing if he chooses; through the compulsory insurance laws; the intimidation of workers by the labor unions; the laws imposing compulsory medical treatment, and the like. Concerning the preservation of the Constitution from these reactionary tendencies, FATHER has recently said:

"There is an issue today observed, that had not been observed so vividly as it is now . . . Laws and bylaws of practically every kind have arisen through the prejudiced representatives of politics among the politicians, that are actually undermining the Constitution of our great country. Just think of laws that are not according to the Constitution, and brought about UNDER the Constitution, which are in complete violation of the Constitution. If GOD would allow it to continue they would eventually undermine the Constitution completely, and the government of our civilization would be a failure."

On those issues we stand uncompromisingly for the rights of the common people and FATHER"S Activities continue silently and unceasingly to eradicate such autocracy. Much of it has already been eliminated. HE is speaking continually in deeds and in actions more than in words, but at various times HE vividly stresses these issues to the masses in words. Concerning the compulsory insurance issue, HE has spoken emphatically. When one of His followers and her bondsman, operating a small industry, asked FATHER the question, "Must we take out compensation insurance, as four of us in the shop will have to sign up as partners? If we do not they will not give us licenses, FATHER replied:

"We will have what we want to have just the same, if we have to get it just the same as the bootleggers and moonshiners do. If they do not give us the right to do what is right without compensation insurances, we will BREAK the LAW. If they do not allow us to have licenses by the law without taking out insurances, we will run our industries without the law, we will break the law and do it anyhow without any licenses
they just as well to know we will not take out any insurance compensations.



"It is not justifiable to try to force someone against their religious belief, and our religious belief is that we should not take out insurances, and we will not do it. We are willing to get licenses as required by law for anything that is necessary to have licenses for, in a legal way, for the maintenance of the city government but in regard to insurance compensations and such as that, we will not tolerate it, for it causes men to mistrust GOD, and is not according to our Teaching, and is in violation of our religious belief. For this cause we take a stand in opposition to such, but we will get licenses if they choose to give us licenses according to the regulation of the law . . . for the maintenance of the city government and up-keep of the other necessities
official duties, etc., for the city, but not insurances to mistrust GOD and visualize disappointments, failures, accidents and disasters. As far as taking out insurances, we will not tolerate it and I would tell the President so."

On another occasion, when the question of compulsory medical treatment was brought to an open issue by the authorities, FATHER addressed His audience thus:

"According to the law of our state in which we are now living, it is a misdemeanor for a mother or a parent of children under the age of sixteen, not to have a physician, when the cases have been diagnosed as essential for a physical examination and for a physical operation. But I put forth a commandment as for a legal proceeding, to go in the statute books parallel with that which for parents sets up their obligation and a penalty for not having a physician.

"If for any cause My Spirit and My Mind and My Impersonal Presence, cannot reach your afflicted or sick children or those that are concerned and heal them, you can have a physician and SHOULD have one. But remember, the physicians must guarantee the cure and guarantee the life and health of the individual . . .This is a law within a law and I put it forth as a rebuttal to that of medical science. If they will try to bind mankind in their rulings, they must be subject to a ruling also.

"The physicians and doctors must guarantee a cure, and a complete cure, and the lives of the individuals. If not, they will be held responsible, and sued for the death of the person or persons. Remember, this is Righteousness and Justice and Truth, and we must HAVE it. If we cannot get justice on the side of the common people, we will not give it to the officials. The law is not worth a dime, that is not giving equal rights on either side. The movement is right, but there is another side to it that has been overlooked, and I AM here for the common people. For the masses collectively and universally, I Stand.

"Thousands of people are homeless, thousands of them are motherless and fatherless, yea, even family-less. It is indeed Wonderful! Whole families have died by operations. Whole families have been forced to have physicians and still they died, after the physicians and hospitals had taken all their money. It is indeed Wonderful!

"When the physician takes charge of you physically, he must guarantee your health and complete happiness, and cure from that affliction and all of the diseases for which they are treating you
if GOD will permit. This is not confined nor bound to this state alone, but any state or country that makes it punishable by law for a person not to have a physician. Hence, this amendment I request for the statute books, as applicable to any person or persons that would be so involved, and to all that are concerned, wheresoever such laws are enacted."

We are unalterably opposed to such unjust laws and such infringements on the rights of the common people, and we ask all legislators and all right-thinking people to co-operate with us in breaking them down. But there is a far more important issue by which the rights of millions are being undermined. We refer to the oppression and intimidation of workers by the labor unions. This we will not tolerate. The unjust and autocratic rule these officials and organizations have usurped over the masses, must cease. Extracting hard-earned money from the workers in the form of heavy membership fees and giving them nothing in return; fining them for the slightest violation of union rules; attempting to regulate the personal affairs of individuals on the jobs; limiting union workers to so many hours a day and five days a week, yet giving them no assurance in return of even that amount of work,
such outrages must cease. A rule that does not work both ways cannot be endorsed. Righteousness, Truth and Justice must be observed by all. Speaking to thousands of His followers in New York City on this subject, FATHER DIVINE said Personally:

"At this juncture I further wish to convey a thought to the public at large, for which I may have an occasion to call together about fifty thousand for the purpose of universally establishing same, and that is this: Practically all of the different unions, they think they have dominion over the people, and force them to work or force them not to work, and yet give them nothing. I have risen to PUT IT DOWN. Every union in the United States of America must deal justly among the people, or else I will Strike on them! Just as they have been striking, I will call the laborers together to strike on the unions. It is indeed Wonderful! If you belong to a union, the unions must have a law to see that you get so much work, if you must pay your union dues. If they cannot and will not guarantee you five days" work a week, why then you should withdraw from the unions. It is indeed Wonderful! That is the mystery! That is, if you desire to have the victory!

"Why should the unions try to control the people and put them in slavery? They must deal justly, and it may undoubtedly be a battle on hand. In the places where they work in different factories, talking about the unions coming in and snatching men and women up from their work, when they are working getting an honest living! It is Wonderful! I will call a strike on the unions if they will not deal ;justly. That is what I will do! I will call a strike on the unions! They have oppressed the widow and the orphan, and the hireling in his wages, long enough. It is indeed Wonderful! Going under the name of unions, and will not guarantee work for the people!

"Every union that tries to bind the people and put them back in slavery and prohibit them from working when they are trying to get an honest living if they do not pay their dues
how dare they put their hands on an individual! Now tell them I said keep their hands off! This country does not belong to the unions, it belongs to GOD. It is indeed Wonderful! The very idea, talking about going into men"s shops where they have paid for, and paid taxes in this city, and pulling men and women out of the jobs. I will put a stop to it! Now tell them I said it, and I mean it!

"Who are they that you should pay money to, anyway? What have they to do with it? . . Talking about a man cannot work unless he belongs to a union, and then joining the union, and they will not give him work to do! If the union does not guarantee five days to the work according to their regulations, according to other workers" five-day week, why, I will withdraw you all from the unions. I mean what I am talking about! . . . We are going to have work! We are going to have work with or without the unions and if the unions interfere, we will withdraw from the unions and we are going to work anyhow! That is what we are going to do! I hope there are some representing every union, under the sound of My Voice
every union in the United States of America; I want them all to hear it.

"If the labor unions that limit workers to five days a week will guarantee the workers five days" work each week, and will guarantee to pay them what they are demanding from the employers when they call them out on strike, we will endorse them. Otherwise, we will not tolerate them."

In the cause of Righteousness, Justice and Truth, we demand that such infringements on the Constitutional rights of the people be eliminated. We request the lawmakers to make laws and provide machinery to enforce the laws, to safeguard the rights of the common people, and we ask all law-abiding and right-thinking persons to cooperate in observing all righteous and just laws.

We do not mean to say that men can be made Righteous, Just and Truthful by law, for It is not by power nor by might but by My Spirit, says the LORD. It was not the law that caused millions of people to return stolen goods, to pay up old bills, to become honest, competent and true and be law-abiding citizens when they were just the opposite before they knew FATHER DIVINE: it was His Spirit and Mind entering into them. However, the time is at hand for Righteousness, Justice and Truth to be Legalized and for those that are unrighteous, unjust and untrue and will not observe the Righteousness of the Law, to be designated as criminals. Therefore, we demand the following:




Immediate repeal of all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, local and national, in the United states and elsewhere that have been passed contrary to the Spirit and meaning of the constitution of the United States and its Amendments.


Immediate legislation in every state in the union, and all other states and countries, making it a crime to discriminate in any public place against any individual on account of race, creed, or color; abolishing all segregated neighborhoods in cities and towns, making it a crime for landlords or hotels to refuse tenants on such grounds; abolishing all segregated schools and colleges and all segregated areas in churches, theatres, public conveyances, and other public places.


Immediate destruction by both nations and individuals of all fire-arms and instruments of war within their borders, saving those that are used for law enforcement. The true followers of FATHER DIVINE will refuse to fight their fellowman for any cause whatsoever.


Legislation making it a crime for any newspaper, magazine, or other publication to use segregated or slang words referring to race, creed or color of any individual or group, or write abusively concerning any.


Repeal of all laws or ordinances providing for compulsory insurance: employers" liability, public liability, or any other form of compulsory insurance.


Abolishment of capital punishment in all states and countries.


Legislation in every state and country where laws or ordinances now exist requiring children or adults to submit to vaccination, operations, or treatment by physicians,
the new legislation to impose equally binding obligations upon the medical authorities and the physicians. From the moment the authorities or physicians take charge of the patient physically, they must guarantee a complete cure, and guarantee the life of the individual, or be liable for damages in the event of his death.


Legislation to abolish lynching and outlaw members of lynch mobs, in all states and countries.


Legislation making it a violation of the law, to withhold any kind or classification of work from any Civil Service employee on account of race, creed or color, provided he or she is qualified to do such work.


Immediate return to owners of all stolen goods or their equivalent, not only by individuals but by nations; this to include all territories taken by force from other nations.


Legislation making it a crime for any employer to discharge an employee, even though a subordinate, when even circumstantial evidence can be introduced to show that it was on account of race, creed or color.


Legislation establishing a maximum fee for all labor union membership, causing them to accept all qualified applicants and give them equal privileges regardless of race, creed, color or classification; also providing that any labor union which limits the hours and days of work per week, must guarantee at least that much work per week to its members, and if it calls a strike, pay its members while they are out of work, the full amount they are demanding from the employers; otherwise all obligations for dues must cease.


Immediate repeal of all laws and ordinances, governmental rules and regulations requiring individuals to designate themselves as being of a race, creed or color in signing any kind of papers; this to apply especially to immigration, citizenship, passport or legal papers.


Legislation making it unlawful for employers of skilled or unskilled, technical or professional help, to have different wage scales or salaries for what they term different races, creeds, or colors; or to discriminate in any way in the hiring of help.



The Righteous Government Department of FATHER DIVINE"S PEACE MISSION bases its plan for universalizing prosperity upon the Fundamental Principle Personified in FATHER DIVINE, that has made millions prosperous. It has taken His followers off the relief and made them independent, thus saving the government millions. Not one of His true followers would accept of relief in any form, or even so much as go on the relief roll, in order to get a job. We demand the abandonment of the government regulation requiring the people of America to declare themselves destitute and go on the relief rolls, in order to get jobs.

The DIVINE PLAN calls for Equal Distribution of Opportunity, and giving every man a chance to be independent, but not so much charity. In the experience of millions who have accepted FATHER DIVINE, all economic and unemployment problems have been solved, and they are actually enjoying the ideal conditions others are striving for. HE has made it possible for those who are cooperative and meek, especially in this country, to live well on five dollars a week or less. HE has further supplied them with part-time jobs at least, to earn an independent living, while causing them to desire to serve their fellowmen in all their waking hours. Speaking of His Personal Activities in New York, FATHER said:

"I have been feeding the unemployed in a number around about from two thousand five hundred to three thousand a day, but this is not My great Aim in Life. This is not the greatest expression. The great expression according to My Version, is to help you to be Independent. I will cut out so much feeding of the unemployed as I have been. I have opened ways and means whereby you can get jobs, whereby you can be independent, self-supporting and self-respecting. That is what I AM desiring to see you all do and be.

"Therefore I have made the way possible for the last three years or more, in the City of New York and elsewhere, that you might be able to get by, at from four to five dollars a week and be independent. If you come here, or go any place and get a meal for ten or fifteen cents, you do not have to feel as a beggar. You can feel independent, for that is the price, or those are the prices for the meals in all of our connections, not only here in New York City but all the way across the country in all of the places
fifteen cents is the maximum fee for a meal. I wish to further announce . . . hereafter our barber shops will not charge but ten cents for a haircut for men, and five cents for a shave . . . We shall make similar cuts in the dress shops in proportion, and in the grocery stores, and other expressions of our industries."

Naturally the cost of these facilities is greater than the income from them, and no man could continue indefinitely to carry them on, but as they are the Gift of GOD to mankind they are amply provided for. FATHER DIVINE takes no collections, accepts no donations or financial support whatsoever, and has never been known to do so. On the contrary, HE is constantly giving.

Another of His Personal Activities for the benefit of the masses has been a free employment agency. After operating His Own private agency free for many years. HE recently opened up a public agency to get at the intolerable conditions in the employment field.

Regarding these conditions, HE recently spoke as follows:

"I call your attention to an incident just happening now here in your midst which I AM in, and that is this: I took over and opened up The Busy Bee Employment Agency. The law has been for years that the employees and the employers are supposed to pay ten percent to the agency . . . but I learned since I have been in it, that the employers will not pay a penny. They have been forcing the employees to pay their ten percent and the employers not paying anything. It is indeed Wonderful! But I will not have it that way longer.

"That is one of the outrages that has been manifested or concealed here. . . where they would force the employees to pay their fees, but would not force the employers who have millions, to pay a fee. Many of the employees did not have bread to eat, neither a place to sleep, seeking work to be honest, competent and true, and yet if they got a chance to get a position, they could not have it unless they paid their fees, yet the millionaire that was hiring them as the employer
they would not charge him a penny. It is indeed Wonderful!

"In every little simple expression, you can see the outward expression of the oppression of those who are as the hireling and the fatherless, the poor and the needy. The laboring class of people. It is indeed Wonderful! As I said some time ago, . . . I will get you positions if you are competent. If you have good references I will get you positions, Free of Charge. I will let you go Free
the employee
but the employers can pay their fee."

Following FATHER"S Example, others of FATHER"S Movement endeavored to open licensed employment agencies and cooperate in the same work of helping the masses, but the commissioners showed every evidence of a desire to uphold and perpetuate the old system of squeezing small sums out of the poor and letting the employers go free and they would not grant licenses. FATHER spoke in this regard as follows:

"It has been distinctly discerned that wheresoever there is an application put in for an employment agency, the prejudicial officials in connection with the administration, are trying to keep My co-workers or anyone who is connected with ME, from having an employment agency. It is because they know within themselves I will cut the cost of living. They know I AM here as a help for the meek and lowly. They know that I came as a swift witness against those who will oppress the widow and the fatherless, and will not come nigh ME. That is why they are trying to keep My Connection out of it. I will put it through if I have to put them out of office! That is what I will do! Everyone who comes in opposition, everyone who will rise in an endeavor to oppose My Endeavors, I shall put them to an open shame. Every prejudicial official who is in the commission, and connected in any way in this administration, who desires to prohibit ME from having an employment agency Personally, I shall put him out of office. There are thousands of people out of work, without food and shelter and I can see the oppressed,
the widows and the orphans, the hireling and his wages, and I will bring swift judgment to the offender."

Unlike other plans that have been declared economically unsound and impractical on account of the tremendous expenditures involved, the DIVINE Plan requires nothing that is not already available. It is based on co-operation, Equal Opportunity, and the recognition of the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of GOD. Wealth, if it is to continue to exist and prosper in this New Day, must be continually used for the benefit of humanity, and not for selfish gains. If all idle plants and machinery, and available lands now costing billions in taxes and upkeep, were immediately made available to the workers, they would soon become profitable, and the eleven millions now said to be unemployed in the United States, would soon be employed. The DIVINE Plan means Work, and more Work, with prices of commodities reduced to a minimum.

As a sample and example of how wealth should be used, FATHER is buying large tracts of land in one of the best parts of the State of New York and making homesite's available to the people free. Speaking along this line at His Righteous Government Forum in New York City recently, FATHER spoke the following Words to the masses assembled:

"The earth is the LORD"S and the fullness thereof, but yet HE does not claim everything Personally. At the Day of Pentecost, they had all things in common, did they not? I AM not asking you all to buy, neither to help ME buy a piece of property. I have purchased the property,
several places and they are all free and clear. If perchance you have the means, or will have the means to build a home, the ground, the land, the lots will be given to you free of cost, and you will have your deeds for them without a string tied to them. This is an abstract expression of the idea of making all things common, claiming nothing for yourself as an individual, refusing to hoard up riches for yourselves for a selfish purpose, but give everybody a chance to enjoy some of it."

The followers of FATHER DIVINE in every community, state, province, colony and nation, have the opportunity of becoming an example for all governments, by co-operative living and a universal pooling of all of their interests. They can become an independent unit even as these in New York City, according to the example set by FATHER"S Personal Activities. HE has made living accommodations of the best available in the world"s most expensive city, for from one to two dollars a week; bountiful meals of high quality for ten and fifteen cents, with dress shops, tailor shops, grocery stores, bus lines, boat excursions, special trains and other facilities, available at similarly low prices.

Advocating Equal Distribution of Opportunity; a chance for every man; plenty of work with good wages; prices reduced to a minimum, and all of the advantages for the masses, we are now enjoying these things and we know they can be enjoyed by all. Therefore, we request the following:




Legislation prohibiting employment agencies from collecting fees or remuneration in any form from employees, but authorizing them to collect the present legal fees in full from the Employers: also the establishment of a minimum wage scale prohibiting agencies from sending out workers for less than their respective minimum rates.


Governmental control of all idle plants and machinery, tools and equipment, where owners are unwilling to operate them at full capacity; such facilities to be made available to workers on a co-operative, non-profit basis under supervision of government experts, with temporary provision for materials; workers to be paid a living wage until income exceeds expenses, then the wage scale to be increased and maintained at as high a rate as conditions permit. The owners would have the privilege of operating the plants at any time they are willing and able to operate them at full capacity, until some arrangement is made for change of ownership.


Immediate abandonment of the government regulation requiring individuals to be on the relief rolls in order to get work on relief projects.


Immediate provision, under government supervision, of work on useful projects, for every unemployed worker according to his qualifications, with suitable pay for amount of work accomplished. Expenditures for many such projects, such as high speed tunnels, express highways, or whatsoever it might be, could quickly be regained by tolls, as in the case of the Holland Tunnel in New York City.


Immediate abandonment by all states and countries, of government crop control, destruction of foodstuffs and other products and the establishment of an efficient and equitable distribution system. The spectacle of hungry people in a land of plenty is worse than uncivilized.


Laws to be altered so that Equal Opportunity is allowed to all, that every worker be allowed access to the land, to the tools and materials needed for the carrying out of his individual talent, for the welfare of himself and of society.


Abolition of all tariff schedules and obstacles to free trade among the nations. Trade among all the peoples of the earth should be left as free as is now the trade among the various states of the American Union.


Legislation limiting the amount of profit to be made on any article or product, but leaving the individual free to sell it for as little as he chooses.


Government to print its own money and make it illegal to hoard it. Government to redeem all its bonded debts and to lend the money to the co-operative non-profit enterprise; abolish all interest and make it a criminal offense to take usury or interest, or to receive dividends that exceed 3-1/2 percent, or money without labor performed or practical service rendered.


Government ownership and operation of the financial system.


Legislation making it a criminal offense for any individual to spend money except for necessities of life, while he owes a just debt to any other individual or organization.

The followers of FATHER DIVINE will not owe another, and will not buy on the installment plan.


Immediate destruction of all counterfeit money by those who have acquired it, rather than attempting to pass it on; and a change in the currency to eliminate all counterfeits in circulation.

The followers of FATHER DIVINE destroy all counterfeit money they find in circulation, at their own expense, rather than pass it on to another.

FATHER said in a recent message:

"Now in reference to counterfeit money: whensoever one has a counterfeit dollar, a counterfeit fifty-dollar bill, or counterfeit of any denomination of a bill or money, it matters not what it is, if it would be a thousand dollars, if you find out that it is counterfeit, this counterfeit expression should be destroyed. If someone else happens to pass a counterfeit dollar on you, destroy it immediately. If you find that it is a counterfeit dollar, and you are convinced that it is counterfeit, you should destroy it, for it is false; therefore, you should destroy the false.

It is not claimed that the recommendations contained in this Platform will solve every economic problem of the world at large, but the Fundamental Principle WILL. In FATHER DIVINE is found the solution of every problem that may arise. Neither is it claimed that legislation alone can solve the problem, but as we have already stated, Righteousness, Justice and Truth must be legalized, and all unrighteousness, injustice and untruth, outlawed.

The Principles advocated are just a few of those that FATHER DIVINE has established in the lives of millions. They have changed underworld characters into upright citizens. They have changed dishonesty and good-for-nothingness into honesty, competence and truth; making millions prosperous and independent of relief, causing them to return stolen goods and pay old bills they never intended to pay. Thus FATHER has saved the government, public utilities, companies, department stores, and business as a whole, millions of dollars annually, and caused millions to seek justice through Righteousness when they might have sought it in unrighteousness, through force of arms.



Speaking of politics and politicians and His participation with them, FATHER has said:

"They have striven to keep the CHRIST completely out of politics, telling you GOD and religious people would not be in politics; in the corruptibleness of the politicians and the wickedness of the wicked; HE would not function in their expression,
but HE came among them to convert them. For this cause I AM and have as much right in politics as I have in the church, and really I have MORE right in politics than I have in the church. As politics elects officials to rule the people, GOD mist be in it, as GOD must rule THEM. If GOD does not rule them, you are ruined.

"Righteousness, Justice and Truth among the politicians must be LEGALIZED. Non-partisan ism is the great expression through which GOD can express. Even though you be of a special party, as I said the other evening, your only hope of expressing Truth, Righteousness and Justice, is to have non-partisan ideas and opinions
the same as a family. You may be of one family but you are not qualified to be an official elected by people to serve the people unselfishly unless you leave that idea of your immediate family and serve all humanity.

The followers of FATHER DIVINE belong to no one party or organization, though they may co-operate with many, under FATHER'S Leading, in the cause of Righteousness, Justice and Truth. They vote for the candidate who is best fitted to fill the office, regardless of his political affiliation, if they are convinced that he will deal justly, with Truth and Righteousness. If his public or private life has ever shown prejudice, bigotry or discrimination, vice, crime, or opposition to the reign of CHRIST; if his record shows tendencies of selfishness, graft, greed or political corruption, they don" want him in office regardless of his promises. A very efficient research department is maintained in the Righteous Government program, to gather this information and record the stand of the officials of our city, state and Federal government on the various issues, and this information is available to all.

Through the Righteous Government Department"s political activities FATHER has qualified many thousands to register and vote intelligently, who never had voted and never would have voted otherwise, and many more are being qualified now. Those who needed citizenship papers and had no means to pay for them, FATHER has paid the fees Personally, provided they entered the country legally. When the lower courts and the Board of Elections of New York refused the new names of the followers, FATHER carried them through the Supreme Court and had them legalized. The Supreme Court reversed the decision of the lower courts and now it is legal to register and vote in any name under which a person is known, regardless of how peculiar it may sound to the officials. FATHER has caused millions to take a new interest in voting in the cause of Righteous Government, and though HE insists that they follow their own highest intuition as to whom they vote for, they would move as a unit at His slightest Command, or upon His endorsement of a candidate. Even without His Spoken Word, they are unified in the one Spirit and Mind, to vote the right man into office, and the wrong man out. This will be done anyhow, for FATHER"S Mind and Spirit have access in the hearts and minds of the masses.

For the advancement of Righteousness, Justice and Truth in the political world we request the following:




That all candidates, including candidates for president, be nominated entirely by the people, and that they be required to meet specified requirements, to prove their qualifications for office, not as politicians but technical experts.


Immediate abandonment of the political patronage system and appointment of all civil Service employees strictly according to their qualifications and service, and their standing on the list, without regard to party, race, creed or color and without the intervention of political leaders.



Through the educational program of the Righteous Government Department, those of the masses who are not already qualified are being qualified to pass the literacy tests, to register and to vote intelligently, to pass Civil Service examinations, and to fill any office they might be called upon to fill. They are attending the evening schools in such numbers, the local schools in the City of New York have not been sufficient to accommodate them and extra facilities have been provided. In the Kingdom and its extensions, private schools have been established under the direction of regular teachers, to care for the needs of those who are otherwise engaged during school hours, and there are many such schools throughout the country.

For the advancement of real education and culture among the people, we request the following:


The doors of all educational institutions to be open and free to all for universal education, with same rights for all to higher technical and professional training.


The abolishing in all educational institutions, and from books used for educational purposes in such institutions, of all references to racial conflicts or differences, and national glory through military feats, etc., with legislation making it a misdemeanor for any educator to teach such to his classes.

The abolishing of the conventional form of greeting H-e-l-l-o from all educational institutions, and substitution of the word PEACE. We also request the co-operation of the telephone companies in this respect, that a generation with PEACE on its lips instead of what war has been said to be, may come into being.

In concluding our educational platform, we could not do better than to quote the Words of our Beloved Savior, FATHER DIVINE, Who has come to us again in this New Dispensation, bringing Peace on Earth, and Good Will to Men, whom we have recognized as the same identical CHRIST with All Power and Dominion, Reigning now and forevermore as the Everlasting FATHER and the Prince of Peace in Bodily Form.

HE has said:

"We will get just what we demand from every angle expressible, and we shall get it through legality by the Ballot, and not by the Bullet. For this cause I have encouraged and stirred the nation with the desire and ambition to seek a better education, that you might be qualified to pass the literacy test in whatsoever state you are living; that you might be able to go to the polls and cast your ballots on the days of election, and vote IN that one you are convinced will deal justly, and vote OUT the unjust official. . . We will use the legal and political Guns, but refuse to use those that are the expressers of destruction, for we are not conceivers of destructive ideas and opinions. Therefore we will not resort to violence through destroying mankind nor the visible things that pertain to this life, but will destroy every endeavor or act of an unrighteous official and put them out of commission, that they might have no longer an existence among the people in unrighteousness and corruption.

"Righteousness, Truth and Justice must become to be a Living Reality, and as I have brought it thus far through legality it shall be universally established . . . and every nation, language, tongue and people shall accept it as the Fundamental."

We thank You, FATHER!

Righteous Government Department

FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission Movement

Verified and Endorsed by:


(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)








Legislation imposing the penalty for first-degree murder on all members of lynch mobs killing or fatally injuring any person, together with a fine of ten to twenty thousand dollars to be paid by the county wherein the lynching occurs, to the estate of the injured or deceased person.


In bringing forth this amendment and speaking particularly of the Costigan-Wagner Anti-lynching Bill, FATHER said: "I just wish to say in reference to the Anti-lynching Bill, if this is not inserted in it, it is not severe enough. This of which I AM about to say, was and is
if one person will murder a man without the law, he is subject to punishment to the extent as being termed a murderer. If two men will commit the same crime, many of them have been charged as a murderer and received the penalty of the same. This should be in the Anti-lynching Bill. Every man in a lynch mob should be convicted as a murderer
not one alone, but every one, for they are all murderers, and if we would tolerate it they would continue to indulge in wholesale murder by getting together by the hundreds and by the thousands. Therefore I say, a lynch mob does murder. It is an organization, an organized body of murderers. Every member of a lynch mob that would lynch a man should go to the same place wheresoever men are supposed to go when they commit that crime."



The adoption of a universal language by all nations, languages, tongues and peoples,
all governments to assist in establishing it by including it in the courses of study in all public schools and colleges.

Concerning this subject FATHER has Personally spoken as follows:

"For the purpose of bringing all men together, I came to convert all of the systems. There shall be no division after a while in language. There shall be ONE LANGUAGE. Now isn't that Wonderful! Firstly it was essential to eradicate and abolish divisions among us as races, creeds and colors supposedly, but for the Perfect Work to be accomplished there will not even be divisions in systems, languages, tongues, nor people, for they all shall understand each other with the one language we are speaking.

"Now I did not say especially, it must be broken English as I AM speaking, but whatsoever language DIVINE Love and GODS Omniscience finds sufficient and quite efficient, for the purpose, will be adopted, and all people shall talk it. I AM not especially trying to justify the American language as broken English, neither AM I especially trying to adopt it as the international language, but as a Representative of Righteousness, Truth and Justice, I AM seeking a language to be spoken that will be of more effect, and more suitable for all nations, languages, tongues and people."

We thank You, FATHER!

Righteous Government Department FATHER DIVINE"S Peace Mission Movement

Verified and Endorsed by: REV. M. J. DIVINE

(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)