Testimony of Dr. Sutcliff of Australia Re: Miraculous Spiritual Healings

"Rid Yourselves of All Individual Greediness and You Will Rid the Coming Generation
of All Graft and Greed."--- FATHER DIVINE

Our FATHER'S Message at the Banquet Table 152-160 W. 126th Street, New York City
Sunday Evening and Monday Morning October 30th-31st, 1938 A.D.F.D., Time -- 1:00 A.M.

Australian Lillybuds

Australian Lillybuds

The very broad scope of our Savior, FATHER DIVINE'S Work and Mission on earth was clearly demonstrated on this occasion when Dr. Sutcliff of Australia and his secretary, Miss Law, came in our midst to enjoy the Personal Presence of the LORD and bring us news of miraculous healings in that part of the world through FATHER'S Holy Spirit transmitted.

In addition to FATHER'S beautiful Message, Dr. Sutcliff's testimony has been transcribed in these pages, that men may see the evidence in the working of the Spirit through mental and spiritual contact.

FATHER, we thank YOU for Your Holy Love.

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)

PEACE EVERYONE! Here we all are again and there I sit and stand. I think it has been quite well explained, the mystery of one man universalizing himself at one instance and at one time for the future to come. Abraham believed GOD and it was accounted to him for Righteousness. By the belief of Abraham transmitted, millions are sincere believers and by the conquering of his own will and bringing himself to subjection, millions have become to be partakers of his teaching, his faith and belief in the Almighty; have become to be reincarnators of his nature and become to be as though they are his children. Abraham's seed! It is a wonderful thought, beloved ones, to see what one man can do through his belief.

I would just like to say at this instance, as I attempted to explain in that Lecture, because you are greedy at home by your fireside, you may cause millions and millions, yea billions to die by your petty greediness that you express here and now by your fireside.

Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery and to see how undesirable conditions are contagious and transmitted and handed down from one generation to another through the ages, by which millions are affected by that contagion. For this cause we are rejoicing to know, if the negative and undesirable are true, how about the Positive among you?

'In Adam all die, so in JESUS CHRIST (the Positive One) shall all be made alive.'

Then I say, a step for consideration I AM stressing in this present Dispensation: rid yourselves of all individual petty greediness and you will rid the coming generation of all graft and greed, of all strife, division and every other detestable tendency created by humanity. Then I say, you should rejoice and be exceedingly glad to be in this great scheme of things, eradicating and dispelling every simple tendency of greediness.

If you are greedy as a little infant at your fireside or at your table, in your kindergarten, you may cause many nations of the earth to be destroyed by your greediness as you exemplify it now. When it is developed and transmitted to others and grows up in you and others, the nations of the earth in the future might be partakers of it. The graft and greed that have caused all of the nations of the earth to be at war, it came through and by the little simple petty greed by individuals indulging the children as infants in being greedy and teaching them to be greedy.

If you get at the cause of all evil, root it out of your system and out of your mentality, it cannot harm you. If you rid yourself of it from a psychological point of view and destroy the root of it from your infancy, in the future it will do you no harm. Graft and greed is commonly considered and understood to be one of the destructive forces in the mentality of humanity that have caused many wars, race riots and other confusion by the very Spirit of GOD'S Presence with the eye of an eagle.

As I heard Christendom say,

'Give me an eye of an eagle that I might see danger at a distance and shun it as deadly poison.'

GOD in Wisdom and Mercy, yet pity, came with the compassion on mankind, teaching them Wisdom and understanding, how they should shun those things that are deadly poison to them that are always ready to destroy them. What a privilege to observe the mystery and get at the cause, and the effect of such conditions will wane of their abnormal weight; for it is not any reality in negative conditions. If you get at the root of negation and all negative thoughts, words and actions, the reality of such conditions will wane, for they are not real when you get at the root of them and destroy those things.

The spirit of independence, of which I AM stressing daily, when it shall have been developed in all humanity in this Dispensation, we will lift ourselves from graft and from greed automatically by becoming to be honest, competent and true; and by being independent we have nothing to be greedy for. Why should I be greedy when I have a-full and a-plenty? But the scarcity of things causes men to be greedy when they would not be greedy, if they can and will get the spirit and the nature of greediness out of them.

They would no longer be greedy when they have a-full and a-plenty; neither would they be wasteful or destructive with that which they have. For this cause we are rejoicing and we are exceedingly glad to present to the world the method by which all humanity can be saved. All of the creation can be saved and completely emancipated from all of these existing undesirable conditions and all mankind can revel into the glorious liberty of which I AM daily stressing and causing others to enter.

What a privilege it is to live in such a recognition by firstly starting at the fireside! Start wheresoever you are -- in other words, start where you are now -- and rid yourself and rid yourselves collectively and universally of all selfishness, graft and greediness and we will rid ourselves almost overnight of all race riots, wars and confusion of every kind, and the Kingdom of GOD will be reckoned among men.

Just look over this vast audience as it may appear to be. It is something more than mortal to command, to cause these as you see them daily coming, sitting and standing around. It is something more than that of mere words of philosophy; for the words of the human language in all of the vocabularies of civilization are inadequate to express or explain a percent of a fraction of a grain of what we are actually enjoying. We are enjoying the Actual Presence of your GOD!

As I thought for consideration in the auditorium when I heard the speaker speaking, speaking of politics and the politicians, speaking of government and the Righteous Government, I thought of if you do not have the government in yourself, you will not have a government on earth. The governing forces of nature must be reincarnated in you and the governing forces of nature within must be in harmony with the Infinite One. The Creative Forces of Nature must enact its expressions of Righteousness within and control you as the governing forces should do.

When this is done, there and then you have a Righteous Government, regardless to politics. But through My Condescension, with Love and Mercy and tender Compassion I came, introducing a Righteous Government Platform. Many may try to ignore and criticize the Work of GOD among men; but they shall not and cannot do a thing without Him! Aren't you glad!

As I hear them say as I did this evening in the Righteous Government Meeting, "I AM with you", or "with the Righteous Government Platform." Who are you to be with anything, unless you are born again? -- and especially when you come and bring something to ME and expect for ME to accept of you. Produce something that is worth considering! At least, produce and bring into expression someone else besides yourself as a person, especially if you are leaders, if you are leaders in the political world, leaders in the social world, leaders in any field of endeavor, I expect for you to

'bring forth fruit meet for repentance",

as said John in the Jordan. Aren't you glad!

Think not to say within yourself, "I have Jesus, I have Jesus for my FATHER", nor "the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST." Matters not what you may say concerning the mystery, I say,

'Bring forth fruit meet for repentance";

for I will take stones and cause them to be children. That is what I AM talking about! That is what I AM doing! I take stones, I say, and cause them to be children; therefore you need not come talking about anything unless you bring something.

'By their fruits ye shall know them.'

Then I say, "Bring forth fruit meet for repentance!" If you repent and confess and forsake your sins, I may hear you as well as also hear them! What a glorious privilege to live in the Actual Presence of GOD! I AM not bothering about what men think or say! I AM Going through! I will do what I came to do and I will not be hindered! My Advances shall not be retarded, for the Mouth of the Almighty has spoken it!

Live in this recognition. As with ME, so with you; and as with you, so with the people. The Spirit of GOD'S Presence will work mysteries and seeming miracles; will do that, as I have often heard them say, which is absolutely impossible. That is what GOD is doing today!

I came at the extremiation of man and at the extremiation of the progressiveness of time. Aren't you glad! At the time of depressions, lacks, wants and limitations; at the time of all sorts of adverse and undesirable conditions existing and having dominion over the people I came, at this and at that time, giving them their real Emancipation. When they had come to their destination and had no other hope of Redemption, saving that from the Invisible, I appeared on the scene conquering and to conquer, and I shall continue. I thank you.

PEACE EVERYONE! I did not rise to speak, but you pushed ME out in the deep. When I get out there I AM obliged to swim or to sink; therefore, I would not tolerate sinking in the midst of the people.

Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery! Now you are happy! Now you are glad! I said, now you are happy and now you are glad! And so AM I! That is what it is all about! As with the negative, so with the Positive! As with the undesirable, so with the Desirable! As I AM happy, I transmit it and you get it and contagionize your minds with it. That is the mystery! Therefore, you are Happy!

I would just like to say, as usual, we have visiting friends with us. I have to cut it short because I will be off again. We have visiting friends with us as usual -- those of whom have not been introduced to us and a few who have come forth and made themselves known as visitors. We are pleased to have you all with us. If you wish to speak, you are welcome to do so. Speak and move spontaneously as we do, if you care to; if you do not care to move as we do, we will gladly introduce you according to custom, if you will but give us your profession and name. I thank you.

Of course as I said, there are a few who have come forth and allowed us to personally know and understand that they are here. Representatives of the divers walks of life, as missionaries, speakers and representatives of the different types, we are pleased to have you. It happened to be at this time Captain Bloomer is here with a party of his guests. We are pleased to have them as usual. Of course, if they desire to be introduced, they can be; and if they desire to speak volitionally, they are welcome to do so. I thank you.

(Captain Bloomer spoke at this juncture, and spoke of having just come from a country club dinner where FATHER'S Works were much discussed. As he closed his remarks he introduced the next speaker, Dr. Sutcliff of Australia, whose very interesting experiences to the Glory of FATHER DIVINE are recorded as follows.) Dr. Sutcliff:

Peace, FATHER! Three years ago I attended for a whole week FATHER'S various Meetings in different places. I thought I had been busy before, but we seemed to be never ending in our worshipping FATHER and at different times and places. Since then I had been in different parts of the world, endeavoring to pass a few of the crumbs that fall from the MASTER'S Lips to those who are not as favored as you are here, to receive His Message through the Spoken Word.

When I went to China and Japan, I was very impressed with the thought that if only this Message, this Teaching, this great Spiritual Movement could have been introduced into both Japan and China, there could not possibly have been any war. War could not have occurred when PEACE was in the minds and on the lips, as FATHER has so constantly impressed it upon those who listen to HIM.

Ever since I came here and was with HIM for that week I have been most impressed with the depth of the Message that HE is giving. We often think that only intellectuals can give a message to guide the world. We often think that only intellectuals can receive the Message calculated to save the world; but I am assured that that which is coming from the FATHER'S Lips is that which will assuredly save the world.

One of the most illuminating things I have ever heard in my life, was to find that although FATHER is speaking some of the greatest and deepest truths, His Followers hear and when I was here three years ago, I found they understood perfectly, just what HE was saying. It is one of the most remarkable things that you here, who may not have had a college education, can understand these Words of Truth; and it seems to me that we must look to this Peace Movement and Righteous Government in order that China and Japan, Germany, Russia and Italy and any of the other nations that are building their philosophy on war and hate and greed -- we have to think that they can only receive the Ascension into the Understanding of GOD by coming right here.

From Japan and China I proceeded to Australia, from whence I had come some years ago, and during that time FATHER was going through certain experiences and tests to have His Godhead. As usual the ignoramuses of the world were misinterpreting the Message, but that is to be understood by ignoramuses.

I had the very delightful honor of speaking to large audiences in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and evidently and about that time things were being put in the paper derogatory to this great and wonderful Movement. I dare say you can understand just about what would be put in because you have experienced it here. I felt most impressed to say at the first available opportunity, that if anyone had read reports in the paper about FATHER DIVINE and things that are derogatory, that they should disbelieve every statement that was made in the paper. I made no bones about it at all. I said, "I have been here and I know what I am talking about; the papers do not." I feel sure that I was aiding a little to the breaking down of this criticizing, this debility of mind which is apparently ruling the world and which FATHER has come to save.

I would like to pass on to FATHER the statement that in Sydney I was invited to speak to His Movement which meets, even in Sydney, in the heart of Sydney. FATHER isn't forgotten in Sydney! When I entered the room after deciding willingly and joyously to go, the first thing I heard was the music that I came in contact here. One of the most wonderful things, I think, in living in the Kingdom, is to get that marvelous rhythm which will stir the soul and absolutely churn the Spirit into matter; and as I was going through the door, they had already started the music and it was good to behold. Just as I have found here through FATHER DIVINE, through those who have got the inspiration and through those who have never seen FATHER DIVINE but have heard HIM speak through their own soul, there were healings, wonderful healings of body and deformities of body.

Yes, in Sidney one child, for instance, was absolutely deformed. This child suffered from spinal meningitis. It had a deformed spine until there was a definite curvature and the head was deformed; and within one week that child had become whole! I will just finish; I must not keep you long.

(FATHER said, "Talk on", for all were enjoying the praises and glory extended to HIM for these wonderful healings.)

Dr. Sutcliff continues: From thence I went to Melbourne and there I was invited to speak for Dr. Young. Dr. Young had received a marvelous inspiration. He is a medical doctor, a young man of about thirty years of age, who has found that medicine and the ordinary methods of healing were not sufficient and he had to call upon this POWER that was pouring from this center, or FATHER'S CENTER, into Australia. He got it! It transformed him and all his patients because instead of giving them dope, he gave them FATHER DIVINE! This is perfectly true! And on many occasions he proved the Spirit and the Presence of FATHER DIVINE and it entered right into the bodies of those who came for dope.

When I went there to speak, the place was so packed I could not get in the place -- it was a smaller room than this, but they were so packed in that there was not enough room to place my body almost -- I had to climb on the top almost -- and I want you to remember there were educated people and there were poor people; it didn't matter who it was. We started songs and I don't know whether we were shaking ourselves up, but we found a little more room. The joy and the gladness when Dr. Young brought in a child just on his arm -- I did not see this case first, but I saw it after -- and he said, "This child two years ago was nearly dead and deformed and look at it now!" And there was a perfect child about three years of age! Can you just imagine the songs, the beautiful music; but more especially the SPIRIT! The SPIRIT was marvelous -- I tell you, we began to sing and shout and I had to get on a table to express myself.

And so it was, and I made all the corrections possible; and again I want to say that in that small Island there, of New Zealand, twelve hundred miles from Australia, the Message of FATHER is read throughout from North to South. They are reading the Message and they are open-minded and they recognize that FATHER DIVINE has come to save the world.

And what has helped me a great deal in giving this supporting evidence is that they cannot get anything on FATHER DIVINE. You have supported me a lot and I have been bold enough to tell them what I thought over there and to stick up for this marvelous POWER. HE is backing me up!

And I do want to say in closing how delighted I am. I only came to New York yesterday and here I am at the first opportunity. I do want to say how glad I am and I thank YOU, FATHER!

(Very softly FATHER sang this little song as Dr. Sutcliff resumed his place:) "I AM here and I AM there, I AM here and I AM there, I AM here and I AM there, I AM everywhere!"

(After the song had been sung several times, Captain Bloomer again stepped forward and introduced Miss Dorothy Law, the Secretary to Dr. Sutcliff, who also expressed her pleasure at being in FATHER'S Presence.)